THE HEZITORIAL ABSURDITY EXCLUSIVE: Yonkers 2nd Deputy Mayor Sue Gerry Partakes in Perks of Privilege By HEZI ARIS

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ehezi_charicature2YONKERS, NY — July 7, 2014 — There was a time, only a mere 30-months ago that Sue Gerry, a northern Westchester resident, was designated to be Yonkers Deputy Mayor. During the standard vetting process, Ms Gerry shared that she would indeed take up residency in the City of Yonkers when asked of her residency status by members of the Yonkers City Councilmembership. Her husband, we were told, was engaged in business that saw him traveling to New Rochelle during the mid-week, and now, with Ms Gerry employed as deputy mayor in the City 0f Yonkers, the young family would look for schooling for their daughter in Yonkers.  Thirty- months later, Yonkers Tribune learns that 2nd Deputy Mayor Sue Gerry is indeed seriously thinking of enrolling her daughter at Pearls in Yonkers. Residents of Yonkers are not charged to take the entrance test requirement to be permitted attendance at Pearls. If one is a non-resident, which is attested to by Ms Gerry’s status having been diminished to 2nd Deputy Mayor, she would be required to pay for her like-wise non-resident daughter to undertake an entrance test exam for the Pearls School program to attend future classes  Steve Levy now holds the position of Yonkers Deputy Mayor. Despite her non-resident status, Sue Gerry has chosen not to pay the entrance examination fee. Were Ms Gerry a resident, she would be in possession of a New York State Driver’s License with her Yonkers address ascribed on it. Since both Ms Gerry and her daughter reside outside Yonkers, Ms Gerry is required to pay the application testing fee. Ms Gerry believes she is entitled to the perks of privilege despite the fact that she does not qualify. Perhaps Ms Gerry is poorly compensated; worse still, she believes she is entitled to that which she has earned no entitlement.  Nevertheless, Ms Gerry would rather rip-off Yonkersites than pay the minimal fee demanded of non-residents. Does that suggest that Ms Gerry’s daughter will also not pay to attend Pearls should she pass the test and be desirous to attend the unique and well-respected educational program? Residents do not pay extra for attending Pearls. Nonresidents must pay!

At issue then is what did Ms Gerry have to do to attain the perks of privilege? Tell us how it went down Ms Gerry. Spare no details. We can handle it. We’re Yonkersites! And you are…

A thank you and a tip of the hat to those who were instrumental in getting this story to us. 

eHeziTHE HEZITORIAL ABSURDITY EXCLUSIVE: Yonkers 2nd Deputy Mayor Sue Gerry Partakes in Perks of Privilege By HEZI ARIS

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  1. Gerry’s daughter didn’t even have to take the PEARLS entrance exam, nor pay the fee, much live in Yonkers. Yonkers nepotism at it’s finest. News 12 should be on this.

    1. Any Yonkers parent whos’ child did not get into the Pearls program should sue, the Mayor and the Bd of ED. Oh wait they are the same now!

  2. Looks Like She is Doing a Great Job. Who’s Afraid of The Big Bad Wolf ?
    I get a kick out of how you try and demonize civic minded people on this web site.
    Where do you get your ammo from and what is the Agenda ?
    It is taking a lot of team work to clean up this pile. Lets see where it all goes.
    Out with the Old and in with the New…….. Good job Sue.. Good Job….

    1. Jimmy, you are right. Almost all of the employees of City Hall, along with Mike & Co. hold the big GED diploma.
      Education is not necessary at City Hall. Actually, if you have one, you are not welcome there.

  3. Actually it is a good thing that potential residents of Yonkers be allowed to take the PEARLs test so that they can know if they got in before they make the investment to move to Yonkers. These are in general the type of families that Yonkers needs more of.

  4. Whether someone pays an application fee or not is not the real issue. The real issue is why Yonkers allows non-residents to use the PEARLS program at a tuition rate that is far less than the $21,000 a year that Yonkers spends per pupil. Every non-resident student is subsidized by the taxpayers of Yonkers. Even worse, because there is a waiting list for PEARLS, every non-resident student is taking a spot from a deserving Yonkers resident. These are serious questions of policy that the City should be looking at, and are far more important than whether the deputy mayor got a break on an application fee.

  5. Spano is a pandering puppet. Go back to your do-nothing assembly spot in Albany. Oh, I forgot you have to kiss Cuomo’s pinky ring first.

  6. Deputy Gerry was another Cuomo position that cannoli mayor was told to fill. Nothing happens in YO without the ok from the puppet master in Albany.

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