THE HEZITORIAL ANALYSIS: Yonkers Union Fire Officers Know that Numbers Matter By HEZI ARIS

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Charicature of a younger, better looking Publisher / Editor Hezi Aris.

Charicature of a younger, better looking Publisher / Editor Hezi Aris.

Congratulations to UFOA President Eric Dronzek on his re-election win! 

So Does Yonkers City Hall!

The Uniformed Fire Officers Association will hold elections this Wednesday, December 17, 2014, as they do every even numbered year. With so many unions still awaiting to conclude a contractual agreement with Yonkers City Hall, one that has been left to deteriorate for 5 to 6 years, it seems Yonkers City Hall believes they will gain a more amenable partner were the top brass at UFOA changed.

UFOA President Captain Eric Dronzek exhibits an independent demeanor, satisfied in serving the union membership and gaining honor and respect from that facet alone.

UFOA Vice-President Lt. John Halpin, heavily backed and endorsed by Yonkers City Hall is challenging to unseat UFOA President Captain Dronzek. They both want the position.

The unique aspect of this election process is that the campaign is to finish the second year of Captain Chris Gioia’s administration. After Gioia stepped down, Dronzek became president. Now Yonkers City Hall is pushing for Halpin to win the vote, eclipsing Dronzek in the process.

Dronzek is satisfied with his station in life to a degree, whereas it seems Halpin is desirous of more. Dronzek is not inclined to acquiesce to pressure from Yonkers City hall; it seems Halpin is not a push-over either. The difference between the two is that Dronzek is averse to attaining greater prominence on the back of his membership, while Halpin has less difficulty crossing that line.

And it is all about the numbers. The UFOA is an older, more mature and experienced workforce. Much of their membership awaits only 3 or 4 more years to complete their service and become eligible for a pension. The UFOA reality is juxtaposed to one underwriting the younger I.A.F.F. Local 628 Fire Fighters union who have almost two decades before them.

The divide between the UFOA and Local 628 on purpose and rationale is broad.

Yonkers City Hall must believe that SEIU Local 704, having concluded their so-called negotiations with City Hall, as opposed to the fait d’accompli, a done that it was, will upon a vote of acquiescence by a lack of options afforded the union, and the potential of rattling the UFOA, scaring the membership with City Hall’s ability to intrude into so many circumstances politically will have I.A.F.F. Local 628 groveling at their feet.

Where do we stand now? SEIU Local 704 is salivating to accept any contract given them and President Dominic Savarese will not disappoint Yonkers City Hall if he intends to continue to walk the straight and narrow for the. Acceptance of SEIU Local 704 contract will be voted on Wednesday, December 17, 2014.

With the SEIU Local 704 contract agreement validated by the membership, another domino falls in favor of Yonkers City Hall. The vote by the UFOA election of officers may foretell the direction of City Hall’s success in political gamesmanship.

With SEIU and UFOA eclipsed by Yonkers City Hall, Mayor Mike Spano may believe he is on balanced footing for the mayoral contest for 2015. The missing dominoes Mayor Mike Spano will need are those of I.A.F.F. Local 628 and the United Federation of Teachers (YFT).

eHeziTHE HEZITORIAL ANALYSIS: Yonkers Union Fire Officers Know that Numbers Matter By HEZI ARIS

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  1. I thought Halpin was going to get UFOA a contract? He told UFOA needed him because Mike Spano wouldn’t give Barry and Local 628 a contract. Now 628 has a contract and the only union without one in the whole City is UFOA? Where’s Halpin now? Nowhere to be seen. He’s a nobody and always has been.

  2. We all know that Flynn is just 2014/2015’s version of Fatzy Fitzpatrick. Ball Bustin/Large Eating Officer of Department. Along with Dronzek, Halpin, and others, there isn’t a Meal Too Large for them to eat.

  3. As I sit here and read all these comments I see frustration on both sides. You can only change things when you step up to the plate. Unfortunately, for some, stepping up.means throwing people under the bus to serve themselves. Why is as adults we have to bring family members into the mud slinging? If you are not happy with who is running, vote for someone else or step up. Why do we have to resort to playground tactics. If you are not happy, speak up, like adults. I didn’t realize that Eric’s wife was running for office? Or that even his brother-in-law was trying to come back to the department. Bottom line is that the city is trying to screw all unions. Everyone needs to stick together. If you don’t like who won the race, put your name into the ring for next time. Until then, sit down, shut up and leave family members out of it.

    1. You SHUT the F#CK UP! Useless ass. Everyone knows the higher the rank, the more self-minded and devious. From the commission on down D*CK.

  4. I been around a long time . long enough too know if this is the best in front of you you my friends comrades are truelly screwed.i wouldn’t trust either one of those cats to rake leaves in my the end of the job the leaves would still be there and my rake would be gone.i will add one comment . some who write here now are so obsessed with THE CONTRACT that if you read through all these comments it is obvious to see you are not focused on that at all. PRINCIPLES OVER PERSONALITYS this is just a beat down of each other.count your blessings and not the will get a 10 year contract between 20 and 23 percent .so why bring in peoples wives their brothers familys into this shit. it has nothing to do with for whomever you want just vote or someone else will make the decision for you.

  5. Funny thing is that while we are all fighting the deputy mayor is trying to put together a strategy to select her friend from goldens bridge as deputy commissioner again.

    This time she is putting this on the table for discussion As a part of her package to get out.

    Also he is a volunteer !

    Keep fighting boys. The only good thing is that the city will finally be rid of sue.

  6. Halpin and his supporters must think the membership is stupid and has no memory of Halpin’s presidency. Why do you think a majority wanted him out? Because he was good or effective or what?

  7. Why is it always bad to have a person in office that knows the mayor? It should make communications easier with him. And everyone making a fuss over a potential new contract that is subpar., matter if Eric or John is in, the membership has to vote on it’s acceptance. I think “at this point in time”, John is the better choice. For those of you who need it said this way……he is the lesser of 2 evils.

    1. If it comes down to choosing between the lesser of two evils then it’s time to pack it in, save our dues money and forget about it all.

    2. Being “friendly” with Mike means nothing because Mike Spano doesn’t make any of the decisions. All of the decisions are made by big brother Nick Spano and carry out by Sue and the rest of Nick’s team. Mike is just a beard for the real Mayor of Yonkers Nick Spano.

  8. In 2 years as president all Halpin accomplished was getting John Flynn and the other DCs a $30k stipend. How did that go for us? All Flynn does is bust out balls w AFI and Hydrants and paperwork and emails and more ball busting than ever before. Great job Halpin. What’s the matter? Flynn wants you back to negotiate him an increase in his stipend?

  9. I just heard this from grapevine.
    Darcy tried to have Al Hannon’s family taken from him
    by calling police and child services on him, (to get Hannon of his back).
    Didn’t he do this to Faulkner’s ex-wife?
    Didn’t she get $$$ because of it?

  10. I just heard this from grapevine.
    Darcy tried to have Al Hannon’s family taken from him
    by calling police and child services on him, (to get Hannon of his back).
    Didn’t he do this to Faulkner’s ex-wife?
    Didn’t she get $$$ because of it?

  11. Hezi, I do not know your source but I can guess it is a Dronzrk or a Kielb.
    This smells of propaganda. A press release.
    Independent demeanor? Respect ? You or they/them must be smoking good shit!
    Worst type of people. They have destroyed the YFD with their devious shit games.
    Why don’t you ask Eric how his wife Joanne Kielb Dronzek, Got a big fat tax free disability
    pension from the Yonkers Police Dept. Ask him what it was for ?
    “CARPAL TUNNEL SYNDROME” that’s what it was for.
    Eric do you want to know what your neighbors are saying? It is not nice.

  12. For starters why does this caricature of a reporter always write this garbage based on the info he gets from one camp. Independent demeanor, satisfied only with serving his membership. Not inclined to acquiesce to pressure. Members read these two paragraphs again, so you can get the full range of this one sided dung. Yet, Information given to the caricature of a reporter is all you will need to inform you how to vote. So I am glad the caricature wrote it. It goes like this. Much of their membership awaits only 3 or 4 more years to complete their service and become eligible for pension. Sounds like the independent demeanor of someone inclined to acquiesce to the pressure of his own greed and that of his boys leaving in 3 0r 4 years. For all you idiots and wet rags (Which I do not believe you are), That is when this contract will end. I believe the godfathers of this man with the independent demeanor, Who in the process of running this association in days of old, also had a scheme to upgrade their station in life. It was called M2mine. In closing, I believe the other 100 of us should vote for the guy who got paid 10% extra because of Lieutenant SENIORITY.

  13. If halpin was such bad president why did dronzek beg him to be his v.p. ? Because he knows and we all know he is in waaaay over his head.

  14. Dronzek, Halpin, Darcy, Fitz, and Flynn are on a life boat together.
    Like in the Life of Psi.
    Who eats Who ?
    I think we will soon find out…………………..

  15. Dronzek, Halpin, Darcy, Fitz, and Flynn are on a life boat together.
    Like in the Life of Psi.
    Who eats Who ?
    I think we will soon find out…………………..

    1. We should leave Eric,!John, Fitz, Flynn, Darcy and a half dozen or so others on the sinking ship and abandon it. Maybe 628 will take us back and we can have a voice in an organization that stands for something and can’t be bought for a couple of measly percentage raises.

      1. Chiefs just want the MONEY, at least they’ve been consistent……M29 project could only have the knowledge of a chief to oversee the project, who was in the ufoa then?

  16. I always thought Eric played stupid.
    I hate to say it but I am wrong.
    Someone please explain what this means to him.
    Nepotism and cronyism at its worst.
    Dahh aa Duhhh !!!!!

  17. Eric Had A CAPTAINS TEST stopped one day before it was scheduled to take place. He did this
    by going with his Daddy to Mayor Amicone’s office in City Hall. The two groveled etc…
    The Mayor Amicone made a phone call right then and there and had the promotional exam canceled.
    Eric did this because he is a major self serving prick. He fucked the whole membership so as he could advance himself to Captain.
    This is right in line with his brother in law Kielb who payed off the Vulcan organization to get his Captains rank. Shit Birds of a feather ?????????????????????
    Does anyone remember when Eric was listed as one of the biggest asshole firefighters in the USA when he was photographed riding a sea-doo in full turnout gear in the Hudson River. I was in White Plains when the National Safety Chief showed the film. All us Yonkers guys buried our heads in shame.
    Those of us who discuss the situation agree Eric Dronzek is George Kielbs puppet .

  18. Classic desperate political maneuver by a disgruntled FEW to throw out a bunch of unsubstantiated accusations the night before an election. Save the men from themselves, huh fellas? Probably wasting my time addressing the accusations but heck I’ve got a few minutes. Accusation: Halpin got Deputies a pay raise. Fact: Halpin was instrumental in preventing the hiring of two civilian Deputy Commissioners (remember them fellas?). Accusation: Halpin “stole” DeSantis’ 10% stipend. Fact: Halpin was the senior lieutenant in the division at the time and was entitled to the stipend. Accusation: Halpin should have vacated the stipend when he was elected UFOA president. Fact: Stripping the stipend from Halpin would have amounted to a penalty for “stepping up” and doing the right thing (very bad precedent). Accusation: DeSantis deserved the 10% stipend while Halpin was president. Fact: DeSantis deserved a 25% stipend (dude busts his ass)! Accusation: Halpin will sell out the membership contractually. Fact: The entire UFOA will vote on any contract brought back. If you don’t agree with the contract vote NO. Accusation: UFOA member was skipped promotionally while on sick leave. Fact: This had nothing to do with Halpin. This was a Robert Sweeney policy carried over from his days at FDNY. Note: Member was promoted once off sick leave and not skipped entirely. Accusation: Halpin did nothing during his tenure. Fact: Halpin was president during one of the most tumultuous times the UFOA has faced, and he along with Local 628 president Barry McGoey fought off every challenge they faced. They may have different tacts when going about it but the job as a whole held fast (no house closures, brown outs, loss of EMS). Accusation: Voting for Halpin is a vote for City Hall. Fact: Once again, a dirty parlor trick alligning Halpin’s name with an entity that the membership is at odds with. Tomorrow nights vote is a chance for you to be heard. Don’t allow the vocal minority to drown you out. Stay safe and get out to vote.

  19. The UFOA has been riding 628’s coattails since the day it broke away from 628. The UFOA has always been in 628’s shadows and always will be. It’s no different than the CLSA being in the PBA’s shadow. The fact is there are a lot less bosses than rank and file. Don’t be upset because it’s the way it is always has been and always will be. Just come to grips with it.

      1. Yeah I’m bitter about making 36% more than you. You are a funny man. This article is about what is good for the entire department. Hezi is just stating the facts.
        I have never seen Halpin or Olson in the same room. Could it be because they are the same person. They sure tge he’ll do act the same. They are both out for the good of the job ….. Lol.

      2. can’t pass a test or cheat…..too many coincidences in UFOA, so much family brilliance PLEASE…..sell your sh@t to spano, he’s the one with a HS diploma running the show!

    1. Nice try John. You are so transparent. According to Halpin he actually did something during the 2 years he was president.

      The skipping of Roman and the threatened skipping of others was not Sweeney’s doing. It was Spano fucking w you. Problem is you were so up Spanos ass you didn’t even know your members were getting screwed. Look at Spano’s recent press release about promoting 2 cops while they are still out on 207c leave. It’s on the city’s website. I guess firefighters and fire officers and their lives are not as important as cops lives to Spano.

      You want guys to think you actually did something while you were president but there’s nothing you can point to that you did. 628 did many things you want to take credit do but you think people actually believe you did anything?

      Desperate attempt to re wright history and the 2 years you were the president. And what have you done lately as the vice president? Nothing? Everything?

  20. 11 chiefs can vote. 4 (including Commish-DC’s) can’t. About 100 other members including Captains and Lieutenants.
    If City Hall wanted Halpin as president they should have offered a fair contract while he was president. They hung his ass out to dry as they have with everyone else since they got here.
    I’ll take arbitration and a new mayor next year……Don’t accept a pba-screw your injured members-contract.
    Eric and John both have their strong points. Thanks for stepping up.

  21. This is not the time that the UFOA should be electing a President that is close with the Spano’s. If negotiations sh*t the bed, there is no way that Halpin will join 628 to blast the Mayor in the press. He will do everything he can to keep UFOA out of the fight and drive a wedge between our 2 associations. He has ZERO relationship with Barry and has surrounded himself with the idiots that think they are going to ride his coattails to Captains spots.

    Send a message to the Spano’s. UFOA cannot be bought like political opponents! Vote for Eric.

  22. PJ. Sorry buddy I can’t vote for you either because your mom works at city hall and that is a conflict for me. If things get down and dirty which is the way it looks like we are going than she becomes a liability and puts u in a bad situation. Thanks for stepping up.

  23. A lot of the “officers” are idiots……first they lambaste John for not having a contract..then they lambaste the UFOA when they are proactive and try to do something, but aren’t holding 628’s hands….. they want a contract just like everyone else…..where is 628’s contract ??

    Bottom line is..alot of the “officers” still have a “firefighter” mentality…they don’t want to lead. they want officer pay but still be firefighters…….they want to follow 628’s coattails…..if you want that..then give the promotion back and join their ranks…..

    1. Heh dip shit. John told us for 2 years he was close he was close The only thing he was close to was Vinny Spano *ock. John thinks he is one of the spanos boys. Lol. Your just a skeeming prick out for yourself. You * ucked Desantis out of 10% all these years. Halpin the prick.

    2. In 2 years what did John Halpin do? Nothing except negotiate a raise for the 3 Deputy Chiefs. And keep his 10% stipend while screwing Chris who was doing the work. Members got unpromoted and Halpin did nothing. Injured members got skipped and Halpin did nothing. All he did was bullshit the members and take care of himself and then3 deputy chiefs.

      1. Halpin and the 3 Deputy Chiefs should drop out of the UFOA and have a union just for the Deputies. It would be called IGM Local 1. I GOT MINE

  24. Voting for Scambia is the same as voting for Halpin. They both must go. They are both in it for their OWN INTERESTS and not ours.
    Nick is the mastermind behind having guys vote from home instead of coming to meetings to learn all the facts. Are u kidding me nick.
    Nick and Halpin came out campaigning together to show their unity.
    We gave Halpin his chance and he lied to us and said he was real close to a contract than when asked directly stated after 3 years he had in fact never officially sat down and had 1 formal meeting.

    FYI. Halpin went behind his own board back and is trying to get the same ” ADDITIONAL 10% stipend that the CLSA president got. So Halpin has it figured all out.

    27% stipend
    for being president
    10% stipend
    he stole from fire
    prevention from his own member

    10% stipend.
    He tried to get illegally from the city which his own lawyer told him was in fact The City Bribing him , but Halpin is still pushing for it The city would love to own him

    12% stipend
    When Spano makes him a captain for being a good boy.

    That’s a 57% Raise for Halpin not a bad job for a guy who u couldn’t get a hold of the first time he was Union president.



  25. Halpin was UFOA President for 2 years and did nothing and was unable to negotiate a contract with the City. All he did was keep his stipend from his former position and was hardly ever doing union business. A majority of us voted him OUT of office. He only wants back in so he can sell us all out (for throwing him out) and in the process Spano will promote him to Captain and he’ll keep the stipend to boot. He’ll be making more than SHALLOW did. It’s all about John.

  26. Halpin has been scheming the system since his first day in the fire academy. He’s only interested in himself and would sell his soul for a couple of sheckles for himself. Beware

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