Yonkers Public Library to be Featured in HBO Series

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                                     Grinton I. Will Branch to Close Three Days

YONKERS, NY — December 10, 2014 — The Grinton I. Will branch of the Yonkers Public Library will be closed on December 16th, January 8th, and January 9th to accommodate a film production in the building. The Will branch is located at 1500 Central Park Avenue near Tuckahoe Road.

HBO, the premium cable television channel, is filming a mini-series based on Lisa Belkin’s book, “Show Me a Hero. The book tells the story of Yonkers in the late 1980s and early 1990s, focusing on Mayor Nicholas Wasicsko and the drama that unfolded in the wake of a federal judge’s housing desegregation order. The Grinton I. Will branch was the setting for some important public meetings, and the trustees of the library have agreed to permit HBO to film there over the course of three days.

The other two branches of the Yonkers Public Library will follow their regular schedules on those days. The Riverfront Library is located at One Larkin Center in downtown Yonkers, and the Crestwood Branch is located at 16 Thompson Street. For more information about the Yonkers Public Library, please visit the web site at www.ypl.org.

eHeziYonkers Public Library to be Featured in HBO Series

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  1. Hey kids forget about homework, research and your only free chance at getting an education and advancing in life. Mayor thank you mike is renting out your library to rub elbows and suck it up with HBO wannabes and fake gumbos instead of making sure school are funded , functional and safe . More time cutting ribbons delivering donuts and acting like he has a clue…..wow why not just let them use the mayor’s office so we can something out of that office beside back room deals and BOE mismanagement

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