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BROOKLYN, NY — April 6, 2015 — ACORN may be defunct, but it still gets a reappropriation in the budget. ACORN, which was closely tied to the labor-backed Working Families Party, was reconstituted New York Communities For Change, based in Brooklyn; ACORN’s former head, Bertha Lewis, started her own new nonprofit, the Black Institute. Will the Governor do the right thing and use his veto pen on this line item?

ACORN’s cash was a reappropriation of money not spent yet, however, beer, onions and pit bulls are granted monies in this year’s budget among other well-known entities like the Buffalo Bills.

E. J. McMahon opines on Albany’s biggest, juiciest capital pork pie, the mysterious State and Municipal Facilities Program that just keeps getting bigger and bigger here.

Here are more ways your tax dollars are being misspent.

Nicole Gelinas writes about labor ‘peace’ – through trickery.

The NY Post editorial opines on Obama’s big success and is well worth the read. On Friday, they wrote in part, “Obama also promised Thursday to “fully brief” Congress on this dubious deal (the Iran deal) and said he welcomes “a robust debate.” And he may even get that debate from some in New York that are democrats, but Senator Schumer seems to be ducking the discussion. Strange that he is, since he has a hard time ducking the press most of the time.

The New York Sun writes about Hamilton and the Iran Deal.

New Jersey’s stunning appellate court decision that seeks to free Sundiata Acoli despite a sentence — life plus 24 to 30 years, to be served consecutively.

Liz Cheney writes in the Wall Street Journal about the end of history, part II, an article all parents and those involved with educating our children should read. Parents and grandparents would not recognize what our children are being taught in today’s history classes.

Frank Vernuccio writes in the Examiner about alternatives to Obamacare and Russian nukes in Ukraine signal danger for the West.

Stephen Moore writes in Heritage that there are jobs available and explains why they remain unfilled.

eHeziConservative Party of New York State Updates By SHAUN MARIE

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