Amtrak Derailment Injures Over 200 People; 7 Killed By HEZI ARIS

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amtrak-logoTrain Travels at 100 MPH, Twice the Speed Limit

YONKERS, NY – May 13, 2015 – Investigators report that the Amtrak derailment that occurred Tuesday night on the train destined to New York City’s Penn Station exacted over 200 injuries, presently treated, some critical, an unknown number unaccounted for, and has exacted the demise of 7. Philadelphia Mayor Michael A. Nutter described he had “Never seen anything like this in my life.”

The Wall Street Journal asserts the train may have been travelling at a rate of approximately 100 miles per hour as the train approached a bend in the track toward the right. The maximum speed is noted to have always been 50 miles per hour. A woman who survived the derailment with her son noted that she felt a shudder as the train was traversing the bend.

The New York Times advise that the “black box date recorders” have been found and in the process of being delivered to Amtrak’s operations center in Delaware to download pertinent information that will have recorded the train’s speed, and the operator’s conduct at the controls.

Live video feed of the derailed train and the scene of train cars scattered about peppered with metal, luggage, and other items strewn about exacting pain, broken bones, and mental anguish. First Responders were quick to attend the scene. Police, Fire, and Ambulance were overwhelmed by the task at hand. Even so, First Responders were efficient and proficient in the task at hand to their merit.

Amtrak service from Philadelphia to New York has ceased to operate with bus service picking up demand to travel the leg from Philadelphia to New York City and vice-versa.

eHeziAmtrak Derailment Injures Over 200 People; 7 Killed By HEZI ARIS

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