LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Transformer Fire at Indian Point Raises More Questions About AIM Pipeline Siting By Assemblywoman SANDY GALEF

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Assemblywoman Sandy Galef (95th A.D.).

Assemblywoman Sandy Galef (95th A.D.).

ALBANY, NY – May 11, 2015 — This Saturday’s transformer fire at the Indian Point Energy Center is a reminder that we must be extremely vigilant with safety protections and oversight at this facility.  Over the past few months, I have actively opposed the siting of the 42″ high pressure AIM gas pipeline near the nuclear power plant.

I am well aware that there are numerous safety protections in place at Indian Point, with back-ups upon back-ups.  In fact, transformer fires do happen and the plant did take appropriate actions to deal with this one.

Nevertheless, to add yet another high powered energy distribution system into the equation really seems to be tempting fate.  Just because it is expedient to make this the chosen path for the pipeline does not make it wise.  This particular emergency was contained, but even with a relatively minor event such as this in the scope of Indian Point, unexpected circumstances can lead to unexpected reactions.

Governor Cuomo stated about the accident at Indian Point, “Anything that happens at this plant obviously raises concerns. A transformer fire in and of itself was not dangerous, but the fear is always that one situation is going to trigger another…”

A confluence of high energy power generation and distribution at this location is literally asking for trouble.  This is not the only option, and therefore should not be the chosen option for the AIM gas pipeline siting. I urge New York state to seek a stay from the federal government on the approval to site a pipeline at this locale.  We must conduct an independent risk analysis using research from past gas line explosions to determine if there really is no additional threat to public safety with this new high powered pipeline at this location.  The safety of our public is at stake.




Sandy Galef

Assemblywoman 95th District

eHeziLETTER TO THE EDITOR: Transformer Fire at Indian Point Raises More Questions About AIM Pipeline Siting By Assemblywoman SANDY GALEF

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  1. Thank you for raising a reasonable and credible concern.

    Many appear to be needlessly hysterical about the minor, non-nuclear related event at Indian Point, or they resent that a big, evil corporation has the temerity to operate a for-profit enterprise (hence the mention of “Entergy Profits”). I would also like to point out that the pipeline has nothing to do with Entergy or its profits, because they don’t have a stake in it. Indeed, natural gas has become a fierce competitor to nuclear in a deregulated energy market.

    The hazards presented by the location of a high energy gas pipeline, some of it exposed and above ground in a densely populated area, are what really require attention. The pipeline itself does not pose a threat to Indian Point because of the distance and robustness of its critical structures; however it poses an enormous risk to the people of the Peekskill-Cortlandt Manor area. Some people are so focused on what has become a “cause” for them that they overlook an even bigger, and far more likely, danger that is staring them in the face.

    For all of the opposition to Indian Point, and any other nuclear power plant, the fact that natural gas is a hydrocarbon and releases considerable quantities of “greenhouse gases” when it combusts is often ignored. “Alternative Energy” such as wind and solar, are interesting proposals that should continue to be developed. However, they are only a tiny part of the overall solution.

    Indian Point has been established in the area for over fifty years (Unit 1). Since Unit 2 and Unit 3 were purchased by Entergy in 2001 and 2002 respectively, the facility has continuously improved and ranks at the top for safety and reliability. It is refreshing to hear facts, rather than soundbytes, from a elected official. Thank you again, Assemblywoman Galef, for keeping the issue in focus and for your reasoned and balanced approach to Indian Point.

  2. Thank you, Assemblywoman Galef, for asking for an independent risk assessment and for FERC, NRC, Spectra and Entergy to reconsider the siting of a 42 inch diameter high pressure gas pipeline in such close proximity to the Indian Point facility. There is too much at stake and there are too many unknowns and unanswered questions for the Spectra AIM project to move forward. FERC should heed your request and the requests of Senators Schumer & Gillibrand and Congresswoman Lowey to rehear the decision to approve the project.

  3. Thank you Sandy and Linda for taking a stand rooted in your concern for constituents health and safety……..50 million people at risk vs. Entergy profits…hmmm…..

  4. Thank you, Assemblywoman Galef. An independent safety and risk analysis is a reasonable request. Seems unreasonable and perhaps suspicious that FERC, NRC, Spectra/AIM and Indian Point all are trying to sidestep or outright oppose an independent assessment of siting a huge new high pressure pipeline next to a nuclear facility.

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