Congressman Engel Announces $10,497,722 in Federal Funds for Yonkers Schools

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Congressman Eliot Engel (NY-16).

Congressman Eliot Engel (NY-16).

WASHINGTON, DC—Congressman Eliot Engel, a senior member of the House Energy and Commerce Committee, announced the United States Department of Education has allocated $10,497,722 in federal funds to the Yonkers City School District as part of the final fiscal year 2015 allocations to the Title I program.

Part of the Elementary and Secondary Education Act of 1965, the Title I program provides financial assistance to school districts for services that improve the teaching and learning of children at risk of not meeting state academic achievement standards, especially in areas with high concentrations of low-income families.

“Title I is a vital program that, over the course of its history, has allowed school districts to modernize their infrastructure, improve or maintain staffing, and provide children with additional programs and resources necessary to meet state standards in core academic subjects,” Congressman Engel said. “Title I funds have also been used to support preschool, after-school, and summer programming that reinforces regular schooling, and helps prepare children for the next level of their academic journey. I have no doubt our Yonkers schools will benefit greatly from these federal funds, which is why I will continue to be a strong supporter of the Title I program in Congress.”

These allocations are subject to potential adjustments by the Department of Education at the end of FY 2015

eHeziCongressman Engel Announces $10,497,722 in Federal Funds for Yonkers Schools

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  1. Discuss the issues professionally in a public forum.
    Stop the constant troll name calling or don’t blog.
    Otherwise you loose all credibility and further cheapen this process.

  2. Must be Christmas. No wait it’s an election year.
    No more money should be pumped into the system without accountability.
    Accountability from students as well as teachers. Let’s not forget the parents also.

    1. Thanks Eliot, for not helping to fix the underlining funding formula. Decades spent in nys and all you can do is plug holes.

      1. I think I love you…thanks sooooo much
        I get my music, Art and Sports back for sure for my high school.
        I am a proud Yonkers student

          1. You have been commenting on the school funding issue for weeks. Now you are a “student”? I thought you were a ‘teacher”? A big time union college educated teacher? If you used periods at the end of your sentences and/or stopped using “…” over and over and over… it wouldn’t be so obvious you fuckin’ simpleton.

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