BLUE TRUTH ANALYSIS: Yonkers PBA President Olson, Fellow Cronies, and City of Yonkers Slapped with Federal Lawsuit By HEZI ARIS

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The Blue Truth

The Blue Truth

Federal records have revealed that the City of Yonkers (CoY), the Yonkers Police Benevolent Association (Yonkers PBA), the Yonkers PBA (union) President Det. Keith Olson, among others, were slapped with a 1983 Federal Civil Rights lawsuit. The suit was filed on June 4, 2015, with the United States District Court of New York White Plains, accusing PBA President Olson, among other Yonkers Police Officers (P.O.) of intentional, pre-meditated, unauthorized investigations, warrantless searches, and intimidations of its own colleagues, that is, PBA members, Captains, Lieutenants, Sergeants Association Yonkers CLSA) members, and civilians. Yonkers PBA President Olson is no stranger to Federal lawsuits with complaints replete with gross civil rights violations.

Charicature of a younger, better looking Publisher / Editor Hezi Aris.

Charicature of a younger, better looking Publisher / Editor Hezi Aris.

The June 4th, 2015, lawsuit is unique and undoubtedly will prove itself costly to CoY and the Yonkers PBA. It could be the catalyst that will initiate the ripple effect after the recent criminal indictments of two former Yonkers Police personnel that are now serving time for misconduct while members of the Yonkers PBA when Olson was its president. Note reference below with respect to Yonkers P.O. Neil Vera, Yonkers Police Det. Christian Koch, and the Yonkers Police Department.

Did Vera and Koch suffer their fate because of Olson’s tainted reputation with the YPD? Was their criminal conduct nurtured by the arrogance of PBA President Olson, and exacerbated by Olson’s bragging about dispensing his “own justice” referring to the Florim case at PBA union meetings? Inside sources advise the Federal lawsuit was inevitable and also unfortunate, even so, it is more than a justified response to the actions of the people named, in which unauthorized investigations, warrantless searches, tampering of evidence, and methods of intimidations were allegedly implored to put a kibosh on First Amendment Rights of former PBA Vice President, and well-decorated Police Detective Raymond Montero of the Narcotics / Gang Unit.

Note that some people are more susceptible than others to stray beyond their purview. They fall prey by believing retribution will not be exacted upon them one way or the other; by their colleagues, usually those above them in ranking, or by the law itself. Are they responsible for exceeding the standards set for everyone else? Most definitely, “Yes!” Further, recognize that the system demands everyone fall in line. Police Departments are held to higher standards that were maligned internally, yet when first noted, were permitted to deviate from the norm, maligning individuals, their character, their capacity to advance within the department, shamed and ridiculed before the department, in fact, bullied in order to break his resolve. Raymond Montero evidently gave as hard as he got, perhaps harder!

True to form, Olson’s “close cohorts and accomplice’s” newly installed, controversial Acting Police Chief John Mueller, and his main “lackey” and “conspirator” Det. Sgt. Brian Moran were individually named, as well as former Yonkers Police Commissioner Edmund Hartnett. Lest anyone forget, remember last year’s allegation that Mueller threw what has been dubbed, “Mueller’s 4th Precinct Beer Fest,” which was a knee-jerk response to when Olson and Mueller fought off a direct transfer order as Mueller was handing out overtime to his “boys” like hotcakes. As the end of days approach for Olson, sources under cloak from prying eyes and the promise of anonymity advise Olson has lost his palor; perhaps initiated by ever greater stress, or shock, or illness. It is noted he oftentimes sits alone in his office frantically scrambling to scrape up some reasonable response to some of his outrageous misconduct that has intentionally targeted members of his own union and members of the CLSA.

As the paint cracks on the walls of the not-often frequented PBA Office, Det. Keith Olson is reportedly rumored (Hush, hush!), and cajoled to step down as the end of his term nears expiration in January 2016.

All eyes are on Olson; his contempt for the Oath of Office of the Yonkers PBA and the internal systems and safeguards of the Yonkers Police Department Policies and Procedures maligned under his watch have been revealed. Perhaps that is why the few who visit the PBA Office are only Acting Chief Mueller and Det. Sgt. Moran. They seem unconcerned about being seen sitting in an office besmirched and soiled by PBA Pres. Olson. It does seem that the “three Amigos” are deeply immersed, using their reading glasses in the hope they can rationalize an excuse to mitigate that which they have sown. Perhaps they are comforted by consoling each other by deluding themselves of their own purported deceit and lies.

It doesn’t seem a far stretch to imagine Yonkers PBA President Olson having attained the status of “worst PBA President” ever! PBA Olson is now recognized to have sold out his members with a ten-minute presentation with respect to a ten-year contract that was not honestly revealed to the membership, especially when viewed in comparison to the contract ratified by International Association of Fire Fighters (I.A.F.F.) – Local 628.

Olson’s tenure is peppered and soiled with allegations of video and audio equipment surveillance used to record people in the PBA Office; private property being removed from Westchester County property and tampering with potential evidence involving an all-out brawl at the January 2014 PBA union meeting when one of Olson’s PBA Trustee attempted to stop Det. Montero from leaving the meeting when his only intent at that time was to get to the men’s room to relieve his bladder!

Internal reports indicate that Olson and his 4th Precinct Trustee William Pataky made similar statements after they viewed the illegally obtained video which was found by the Internal Affairs Department (IAD). If that was the case, why did Olson attempt to engage in an unauthorized investigation himself of an incident that happened on Westchester County property? Why didn’t Olson report the circumstances to the Westchester County Department of Public Safety?

Mention also needs to be made of Olson’s successful attempts to blacklist other PBA members that chose to be or were associated with his “adversaries.” Olson employed some downright underhanded tactics; specifically, Olson denied PBA members judged by Olson to be friendly to Olson’s adversaries by denying them, though not telling those members attempting to sign onto the PBA website that they could no longer do so. Those members denied to access the Website were illegally denied access to the PBA Website. Olson used the PBA Website as a “propaganda vehicle” against members, denying others access to the Website, and also used the Website for his electioneering efforts.

Olson sent his union “henchmen” throughout Yonkers to coerce newly appointed cops to sign an Olson sponsored impeachment initiative / petition. Yonkers Tribune has learned that over 400 Yonkers Police Officers to date have refused to sign the menacing and malicious petition. Furthermore, Yonkers Police Officers were NOT permitted to vote unless they attended Olson’s “Hang ‘em High Meeting.”

To date, Olson and his “thugs” have successfully hidden behind a veil to cover up the intrigues of their “cloak and dagger” games. They have for too long believed their less than honest conduct with the police membership vis-a-vis their conduct individually or collectively, whether in elected, or appointed rankings, will cause havoc onto the department, exacerbate legal costs, among other ramifications too nebulous to ascertain at present.

It seems evident of late that Quinn Law & Associates’ Andrew Quinn, Esq., the Yonkers PBA’s legal counsel has been since the Vera/Koch case MIA (missing in action). Quinn may be MIA because Quinn cannot represent both Vera and Koch due to some conflict of interest. One must wonder if, and by whom Mr Quinn was fed a lot of hooey. Quinn usually sits in on most union meetings. In fact, he has on more than one occasion stepped in an attempt to bail out Olson’s misinformation to the PBA membership, not to mention witnessing tumultuous behavior at union hall meetings.

If there is one thing that is certain, it is that under the aegis of Keith Olson, the union has never been under such controversy, turmoil, and shortly, financial and legal stress not previously considered by the “threesome.” Ousting political rivals and intimidating civilians have not and will not work. The stench of police misconduct, the type too often described by local communities within Yonkers most recently, demands immediate remedy.

Olson’s dirty dealings have evidently backfired as Montero has garnered backing and greater support among the rank and file. Montero stood up for his Constitutional right to Freedom of Expression for himself, every Yonkers PBA member, in fact all Yonkersites, and the tenets by which this nation was founded.

Clearly the historical annals of the Yonkers Police Benevolent Association has never removed any member from voting or running for office. According to witnesses who spoke on condition of anonymity to Yonkers Tribune, Olson clearly violated Yonkers PBA Bylaws, and offered no proof, only unsubstantiated conjecture and hearsay during the illegal impeachment proceedings.

Yonkers Mayor Mike Spano will have to decide how they will legally proceed and who will be indemnified. City Hall must take responsibility for their political intrusion into the conduct of the Yonkers Police Department during the 3½ years of his administration’s governance. Newly designated Acting Chief John Mueller, installed at Mayor Mike Spano’s behest, and Det. Sgt. Moran may have to dig into their pockets; its seems they have been sued in their official and personal capacity. There are rumors, still unsubstantiated as far as the Yonkers Tribune is concerned, that more police personnel will be named.

Under Olson’s reign in office, Olson has gone out into the community and deliberately issued parking summonses to a local businessman by personally issuing the first of eight parking summonses with a marked patrol car nearby. This occurrence was captured by security cameras.

There are also allegations of Olson sending threatening texts to CLSA and PBA members demanding they meet him, “out of jurisdiction and off-duty,” threatening to fist fight members of the Internal Affairs Division, harassing relatives of Yonkers Police officers, and using his two supervisor friends to do his bidding in targeting individual “cops” with discipline notices, including the denial of overtime and transfers. All this on top of the fact that no previous Yonkers PBA President has ever been sued before.

As one can easily surmise and deduce, Olson has become a legal nightmare for CoY and the Yonkers PBA.

Sources advise the Yonkers Tribune on the down low that Olson has been implicated in the allegations mentioned herein, and also received a recent complaint filed with the Westchester District Attorney’s Office.

Yonkers Tribune has been speaking to these concerns for over two years, always respectful of the Yonkers Police Department and its membership, whether PBA or CLSA, with the expectation that its telling would afford the YPD an opportunity to take corrective measure internally, quietly, and effectively. It is unfortunate that two plus years were not sufficient to make appropriate changes commensurate with the department’s own pragmatism, culture and demeanor. Instead, these acts of official police misconduct is about to rear its ugly head for all Yonkersites to witness in federal court, the United States District Court of New York White Plains.

Yonkers Corporation Counsel, on behalf of the self-insured City of Yonkers, has no other witnesses other than the “dirty trio;” Keith Olson, John Mueller, and Brian Moran.

Yonkers Tribune has further been advised that other than a small handful of Olson’s union band members, the “three amigos” do not have the backing of department heads either.

Additionally, sources advise the Yonkers Tribune, that anything said on the record could be outright costly to Yonkers taxpayers, as well as the Yonkers PBA. It seems the lust for the once prestigious Yonkers PBA President post has lost much of its panache by the greed and lust exhibited by PBA President Keith Olson. Olson was able to transform his lust for power and control by undermining the civil rights of the CLSA and PBA membership.

Insiders suggest the strategy the “three Amigos” may consider their best defense is an offensive, albeit illegal concept to deflect attention from themselves. The take away is that no matter what their attempt to deflect from their wrongdoings, they will be left to fend for themselves.


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eHeziBLUE TRUTH ANALYSIS: Yonkers PBA President Olson, Fellow Cronies, and City of Yonkers Slapped with Federal Lawsuit By HEZI ARIS

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  1. Yonkers police face brutality lawsuit

    Eyewitness News

    WHITE PLAINS, N.Y. – —
    A man claims he was viciously beaten by police in Yonkers, and now he is suing them. “Something’s got to change, sooner or later,” said Rui Florim, who hopes a 20-million dollar civil rights lawsuit filed in White Plains will help spark that change inside the Yonkers police department.

    On May 18th, 2006, the 23-year-old came to the Tyrone house on Main Street in Yonkers. According to the lawsuit, an early-morning fight involving several off-duty Yonkers police officers spilled out into the street. Florim was forced to defend himself.

    Later that same day, Florim says two unmarked Yonkers police cars followed him after he completed his shift at Oporto restaurant in Hartsdale and forced him to stop.

    “They beat the crap out of him. Then they cuffed him to the rear, then they dragged him in front of the headlights, threw him in the back seat where the front seat cop put on black gloves and beat his face,” said attorney Jonathan Lovett.

    “Why me basically was the only thing going through my head. I mean I was more shocked than anything. I really couldn’t understand what was going on,” said Florim.

    Florim ended up at Saint Joseph’s Medical Center where doctors needed 70 stitches to close up his wounds. The emergency room report shows Florim’s request not to be discharged because he said, “They will kill me tonight.”

    Ultimately, investigators charged him with assaulting a half-dozen police officers. He was taken to the Westchester County jail. Florim said corrections officers there know he was from Yonkers. When he asked how they knew, he said they told him, “Anyone who comes up here and looks like you comes from Yonkers.”

    STORY BY: Joe Torres

    1. A message to all the Uniform personnel. I realized that I have sold the membership out on a contract that I have said was the best in the State and now I know I should have called Barry because he had it right ALL along. I also know that my office is rocked with pure corruption as I went after PBA and CLSA members. Can’t really talk about it with all these Federal Law suits and investigations. I thought I was the only union leader that could conduct them. My union meetings have dwindled down to my 20 board members and a handful of some overtime beggars like Joe Mahoney with almost 1,800 hours of it. Then again he been building up for 7 years. Check the records yourself.
      Anyway, please come to the PBA picnic that also has dwindled down. I am wondering why. Anyway let me get back to tampering with evidence and throwing members out of the union for speaking out. I promise I won’t give any tickets or search cars or apartments until after the picnic. I can’t promise that I won’t invite a civilian into the woods to fist fight. So come out and get a nice slice of your money as I have been spending it wildly.
      Now on a side note, we will be defending my former union trustee Vera to the end. He did nothing wrong. He has hundreds and hundreds of awards. What do YOU uniforms have. Now let’s get back to the cheeseburgers and unauthorized investigations. Don’t worry about the other department’s that don’t talk to me. We will download their phones too. I sending J. Donaghy to take them and blame me.

  2. so we all know keith drove the first car into greenburgh and beat the shit out of rui florem who drove the second…….

    1. Prez Keith Olson, the NAACP wants to know if your or Pataky will be along the Warburton Avenue corridor? They are just passing through and don’t want to be targeted with tickets and have their bus illegally search by you guys. Also most of them are females, so they are requesting for a supervisor to be around so they are not threaten or invited into the woods to fight.

    2. Keith. Can you help me? They want to transfer me? What should we lie about now? They think I am the nicest guy, but I need to give orders. Should we tell more lies or have a beer festival in the precinct. Ha ha

  3. The only thing is you not answering questions about unauthorized investigations, tampering of evidence, cell phones, intentionally lying, having the City question C.L.S.A members who they know, threatening civilians with parking summons,threatening female civilians, threatening Internal Affairs personnel, stealing personnel files. No worries prez Olson, bring Itzla and all the others you call liars and sickly cops. You know what Keith Olson? Your on your on and the Yonkers Tribune has it all right. Now don’t you have some lie to tell someone or don’t John Donaghy have some evidence to steal. Don’t worry you curb runner, we have all the paperwork too. Now be a man and call for depositions today so we can talk about your warrantless search warrant. We have some addresses and cases you may have forgotten. No Hezi had it right all along. Now pick up the phone and call Corp. Counsel. Now run along there belly boy and go tamper with some cheese or go ask some pedestrian for a walk in the woods you low life. Funny hairy RAT or go find these liars, they have been waiting you and the others. Maybe Vera will testify for you. Lol

    1. Does Keith or Brian Moran know where the keys are to the top floor apartment? Come on fellows the landlord needs them to fix a water leak.

      1. Hey prez Olson, please don’t get your ticket book, another civilian don’t need to be targeted. Want the DVD, go to Internal Affairs or the D.A. office. Maybe the DOJ has it too. Wow, no case, ha, ha, ha, ha. Go get a snack Prez before your sugar goes to low. You done in this town. People are tired of your lies and actions. Maybe you will send your trustee Billy Pataky to pull us over and violate our rights like those young black and white teenagers.

        1. YOU said it Yonkers PBA President Olson, Montero and the rest of your baseless attacks on others. Your defendants are all alone on this one. Who you going to bring another cop that was told to give tickets?

          1. The best of the best now getting sued. Hope the don’t start digging about search warrants Keith Olson.

        2. I did not do unauthorized investigations and tamper with evidence. I do not know who broke into the Narcotics office. I do not have Itzla’s file or Wayne’s money. That is the message for the day.

    2. Keith you throw out a lot of questions and insults but take no responsibility of what you and your cronies have done against CLSA and PBA members. You sit in that empty office of you urging others to lie and commit misconduct like you, Vera and others. No doubt that Justice is coming for you. Now go steal someone car keys and search their home or go have Donaghy play official police officer of duty and steal evidence. Oh did someone want evidence, just March down to Internal Affairs and get a dish full. Right KO. Plenty of transcripts too. What’s the matter chubby no civilians to walk with you into the woods.

      1. Who needs search warrants, right PBA Prez? Guess Vera was your best student. How did he do in the planting of evidence and court testimony classes?

  4. Hey Hezi, what are you going to say about who your sources are in depositions if this ridiculous lawsuit goes that far? In all honesty I hope it does, montero and the rest of his clowns being deposed! Crazy old coot, lol,lol,lol,lol,lol,lol,lol,lol,lol,lol,lol,lol,lol,lol,lol!

  5. Bring anyone’s cell phone to the PBA and KO will download it’s contents for a rainy day. His specialty is no search warrants necessary. No questions asked. See the guy with the cheese stain.

        1. The worse union leader in the State needs you help to tamper with evidence and search without warrants. Who knows you may even get a parking summons, but not Wayne’s money.

    1. It is obvious that these guys named in the Federal suit have some explaining to do. These members clearly are part of a rogue criminal element within the City Police Department. What else did they do?

  6. hey prez, when you and that chef Mueller go to lunch on the hill, does he give you a lap dance first? He says he don’t feel anything. What’s the matter tired of eating sushi, and want to do surveillance too. Maybe soon you will run into some real men.

    1. Next week Keith Olson will get the Worse Union leader in the State Award. His receivership of the Worse Award was for his 10 year contract sold to his membership in 4 days with a ten minute presentation. Congrats to a rat.

  7. Then we suggest you ask some civilian to take a walk in the woods so Olson can whisper sweet nothings in your ear. He can’t ask anyone else. lol

    1. I’m sorry I called all your members names and tried to oust the P.C. before he had a chance to interview. I am even sorry I dragged their families into it. This is a Federal Law suit that has a tough Judge who can see through misconduct Tommy. I promise not to ask your members to go into the woods. I also promise to stop doing unauthorized investigations against your members. You think you can lie for me?
      Sorry P.B.A. Prez., your on your own.

  8. keith is done just a matter of time he cant run anymore he got the worst contract in the state sold out the members to make his boyfriend chef Mueller, facing a federal lawsuit game over for that pos.this guy has done the most harm he went after his own members !sold out his own ! keith was it really all worth it in the end?

    p.s. don’t be surprised if your retirement party is held at danny macs or the old empire post the rooms can handle about 50 people just about all you have at your monthly rat meetings sad so sad what your legacy will be remembered as……………….lol

    1. Can’t wait until the D.O.J starts looking into Keith Olson’s term as President. Getting caught looking through District Attorney’s files is a no no. Just as sitting in a room looking and coping police personal files.

    2. It will be a cheesy party with plenty of sweater vests and 10 year contracts to go around. For desert there will be plenty of stolen files and chocolate covered tampered evidence. They will be topped off with intentional false statements and garnished with illegal searches. For those who don’t like arsenic, we suggest no drinking the Olson rule punch.

  9. No regrets to a corrupt dirty union rat leader that committed a wide arrange of police misconduct against members of the CSLA and PBA. We will use every legal means to make sure you and others will be held accountable for your actions. No justice no peace for a diabetic rat union leader.

  10. Just stop at any Limo shop and you will be able to get a copy of the biggest Yonkers PBA rat waddling up Ashburton Avenue issuing parking summons to a local businessman. Get your underground DVD now, before the Feds get them for court.

  11. Talk about what Fatman Rat Face, double ballots, or posting your ballot on Facebook before the election? No wonder the DOJ is here. Maybe you need to tell them how you and your rogue cops break into offices and steal police files and carry your own ballot boxes. Scumbag rat pussy. We will see this time. Run on your great contract for the men and women of the Yonkers Police Department. Sellout rat fink. Maybe your sister can get a raise on next election pussy boy or maybe that pussy ” I can’t get transferred John Mueller will ask the membership to kick in more cash. Smell yourself maybe you will find Itzla’s file or Wayne’s money. Creeps

    1. Maaaaaaaaa, I guess I will just keep writing parking summons and calling people names because I can’t find my balls, I think John cry baby Mueller has them in his dark spot. Maaaaaaaaa, are you listening? Don’t make me take you in the woods maaaaaa. I know you don’t hit back.

    2. Just respond to the PBA empty office on Monday and see a fat guy that smells like a rat or ask for Brian Moran or John Mueller. They will work out a plan for you and show you Itzla’s file. Lol lol lol

  12. i tell you man there will be a new breath of fresh air when that fat fuck Keith steps down cause we all know he hasn’t got a shot in hell to try and run again we all know the truth now fire men did way better.

    p.s even that prune face prick is a better choice…lol

    1. Are you going to run? No. Just like last time Keith will run unopposed. And then you’ll be saying wait until NEXT time. Does it make you feel better seeing in writing what you are afraid to say? Pathetic.

      1. no way the rat has come to the end of the road,between the contract that was supposedly the best in the state…lol and him spending our money to get his girl chef Mueller in the 3rd floor and making Quinn rich I rather see mickey mouse in his office…….wait isnt mickey a rat? nope rather see that prune face fuck face there…lol

  13. I.A.F.F- Local 628 President Barry McGoey chosen 2015 Union Man of the Year by the New York State Professional Firefighters Association.

    1. Maaaaaaaaa, I can’t keep calling people names and setting them up. I can’t keep carrying this small recorder that choke chain Moran gave me. Maaaaaaaaa, are you listening? Don’t make me punch my wall again mama. Oh Maaaaaaaaa, I know we will just tamper with some evidence. That’s how we roll Maaaaaaaaa. What’s that mama? How is Mueller? Oh he is not flipping burgers anymore or lying about other cops or supervisors, or even Internal Affairs, he is just counting paperclips mama. Lol

    2. #1 reopen contract
      #2 no searching without warrants
      #3 no false charges against civilians and false testimony
      #4 no unauthorized investigations
      #5 find Wayne’s money
      #6 no hanging of petitions about other members
      #7 no video or audio taping in the PBA office
      #8 no saving your Chief Mueller from refusing orders
      #9 no threatening supervisors
      #10 leaving for Florida with a cheeseburger with stolen police files

  14. put independent personnel in charge of ballot boxes mickey mouse will beat Olson, point is any good street cop that knows the politics of the job will slam olson or any one of his henchmen, members start fielding candidates that want to bring this job back to the days that it once was.

    1. This is what Olson, John Mueller and Brian Moran brought to the PBA:
      Unauthorized investigations against its members
      Warrantless searches of work space, files, computers ,cell phones, civilian cars and homes
      Questionable testimony
      Tampering with personnel records and the removal of some
      Missing fund raiser money for WS and JM
      Physical and verbal threats to supervisors personnel, and civilian employees
      Intentional targeting of police personnel by these rogue officers
      Tampering with evidence at crime scenes
      Intentionally misleading Internal Affairs Investigators
      Choosing who will lead their investigations
      Yonkers residents the list goes on. Olson and his cronies must be removed or the PBA will never resuscitate from almost six years of lying to the City, and it’s residents. The Yonkers PBA under Keith Olson is the most corrupt in the state.

  15. I know one thing for sure is that the rat will not run again his days are counted, hopefully some new good clean members come in and clean up shop. I also heard some rumor that a local business man is throwing the biggest party when the rat is done, did any one else hear that?

    1. Keith Olson was bad for the PBA and CLSA. Olson along with Mueller and Moran fucked a lot of good decent members with their acts of Internal corruption. The men and woman of the Yonkers Police deserve better. They certainly don’t deserve rogue cops that search their own without warrants.

      1. keith olson is not a cop,maybe when he came on the job 25 years ago and 250 lbs
        the minute when he went after his own members and sold us out with the contract he sold his soul for money not what he was sworn to do good riddance cant come any sooner dirty scumbag

  16. this internal ravage is what happens when a rogue cops are allowed to hide under a union hat. The department knew the players, but chose to either ignore it due to fear or that it would go away. Rogue cops don’t go away on their own. Now the members of the Yonkers Police Department and the COY will have to pay the price for the clear misconduct of the few. Let’s us not forget that ex-cop Neil Vera was a staunch Olson supporter and union trustee and was supported by Olson himself right to day of his sentencing. Just shows the mind set of Olson.
    Yonkers can’t have two P.D.’S operating with one system. No doubt that someone had to blow the whistle or they would be the next victim. That why Keith Olson himself cut his own members from receiving P.B.A. emails. Only the members that had the courage to speak out.

    1. Before you step down Keitb, leave everyone’s personal files behind. Also get rid of all those illegal cell phones numbers you have collected and leave the keys to your home safe so we can get Wayne’s money.

  17. The President of the Yonkers PBA Keith Olson will be holding it’s first annual trip into the woods. It’s head wilderness guide will be none other than the head woodsman himself, wearing his insect repellant sweater vest. All attendees will be personally asked by the PBA President to go into the woods. Please note that Olson only prefers to take one non combative person at a time. This is an open invitation for members and civilians. All attendees will be required to sign a waiver against mosquito bites which are a almost guarantee.
    Please no cameras and or recording device’s. They are provided with instant ice packs. Lol

  18. I have to say, Keith Olson was a bosses nightmare. I have many supervisor friends which say Olson has burnt to many bridges and confirm the contents of the article as no secret.

  19. Keith can’t wait to hear what lies you going to spew about a just and accurate law suit. Never could understand how you came to aid of your friend John Mueller over your own members. Every day our cops are transferred for one reason or another. Did you put the same emphasis in their transfers. You have left than six months to go and most guys are remembering two main reasons why you need to he dumped. 1st, the Firefighters did way better on their contract. 2nd, you set up a decorated member of this department, as well as other union members. I have been reading this site and you deserve everything the legal system brings to you and your friends. Now let me get back to handling the radio.

    1. To all city officials, police supervisors and union employees this is fast Friday, so please remember to lock your file cabinets and your office doors. This is when the Osonettes do their do diligence and start to do their snooping and collecting. Make sure you take your keys and cell phones too. A small hidden camera left behind is a good security feature. This way they can’t plant anything too. Enjoy the weekend. Watch where you park or Minnesota Fats will personally issue you a parking summons.

  20. So rat my furry gray river rat did Quinn tell you how much is going to milk the members on this Federal lawsuit??? opps I for got Quinn cant represent you he will be a witness….LOL

    1. DPW Garbagemen are on a rule book slowdown. Good luck when you put out something one inch longer than allowed, etc.

      1. Funny how the guys at recycling center got locked up years back .But these garbage men all have cash jobs all over route with Demo debris and furniture giant piles of it and the same authority’s just drive right by them loading up? Supervisor to.

    2. The Yonkers PBA President Keith Olson should have never broke the golden rule. Going after other CLSA and PBA members should never be tolerated. After Olson and Moran did an unauthorized investigation on a Detective Captain the CLSA did not throw out Brian Moran or sanction Olson. Did just held a meeting in which Keith lied to the CLSA President too. Now suck in your belly and go search some other offices and phones. How is the sow?

  21. How many more lies will you tell Quinn. He helped you sell a shit contract and help you against another member. At least Vera keeps a straight face. Lol

    1. Downloading people’s cell information without warrants,
      Searching and collecting evidence without warrants, and collecting other police officers file is no good either Keith.
      You have no support other than defendants and their drinking buddies. You truly are a crazed diabetic rat. Now take your medicine before you lose Itzla’s file that you and that wife stealer Moran put together.

      1. Hey Keith, they just want to know where you choke chain Moran and Pataky are? They want to avoid a bus stop by these guys.

  22. The article is real and to imagine that these so called cops like the PBA President and the newly appointed police Chief John Mueller were allowed through political money or clout to refuse orders, set other cops up and conduct investigations without their own police department’s knowledge is outrageous and certainly reeks of corruption. The fact that Keith Olson was behind these investigations with his supervisors aiding and abetting is clearly official misconduct. When was the department going to step in? After Keith Olson took another video, or used his position to avoid prosecution of threatening other cops and civilians with tickets. Having Mueller pick out his investigator is shameful and insults the system. Can the ordinary police officer or civilian walk into Internal Affairs and refuse an investigator because they don’t like them? Can they get fair service? Only Keith Olson and his dirty cops can, not anyone else. No doubt that someone was attempting to meddle in police business and an independent agency needs to find out who and why?

    1. I was in the fourth precinct when they had the beer festival and when Mueller and Olson sent us out in uniform to collect signatures to keep him in the precinct. I was also there when the PBA trustees were hanging up a petition to impeach another member. Mueller was mad because most guys refused to sign. So for days he stopped giving out overtime to his pets and kept his door closed. When they approached me I said I don’t even know the guy and used my phone to walk away. That was when I found out about Olson and knew if they could do it to one then I could be next. All because he spoke out about them.

    2. What could anyone have expected. Any union leader that stands up his membership and makes statements like “f–k” the Firefighters, ridicule women members and brag about dispensing Justice is not fit to lead. The meeting have dropped to an all time low in attendance. Now this September meeting he will have to I from the membership of the deserving Federal law suit. What he won’t tell the membership is the ” truth”. So go out and find out for yourselves. Remember the Firefighters did way better on their contract. Start there first.

      1. Hey Keith how long to I have to stay in my office ordering cars and equipment. I am not good at all this ordering of support stuff. Do you have anymore lobbying cash from the membership. I can’t even grill anymore. Plus I getting tired of eating sushi with the file composer Moran.

      2. Watch what you say, KO might stage a car stop with Pataky. Who knows what they will find. They may even find your house keys and do a home visit. That’s how they roll?

      3. We the former men of the Housing Unit want to personally give KO a shout out for offering us out of the budget and having Neil Vera proffer against us. By the way none of us sign the impeachment petition against Ray. If your name was on it, he would have gotten the whole unit. Your a joke. Hope Ray hits you out of the park. We stand with him.

    3. Special prosecutor ?? No doubt that Keith Olson needs to be investigate by independent probers. And quite frankly f–k that corrupt rat.

  23. Maaaaaaaaa, it looks bad, should I send the Judge an invitation for a stroll in the woods or should I drive to White Plains and give him a parking summons? Maaaaaaaaa, to bad Mueller is not the Captain of the White Plains P.D., then he can send his cops to write too. Mama, huh?

    1. This is Keith the woodsman Olson, a.k.a. rat, cheeseburger, cheese ass, liar, con artist, file stealer, diabetic thighs, shark teeth, the searcher, the planter, the key handler, his two chest growths Moran and Chef Mueller. That is who is undermining the Commissioner. If I get another term I will fix the contract and make sure you people do not need warrants to search. Just do what I have always done. Search without them. Lol just another term. Just pure unrated lies.

    1. The truth is that a diabetic rat union leader ruined the PBA with a bunch of drug planting evidence tampering rogue dirtbag cops. All sucking the fat tits of a guy the brags about fuckin other cops and their families. As for the civilians, we will let you readers be the judge of that, and union president that threatens to fight Internal Affairs Supervisors is a dirt bag and should have been stepped on like a rat.

  24. 1.worst morale in ypd history (cola armour morale was never as low )
    2.worst contract ever given (with in a week voted on with out clsa involved)
    3.most retirements (members sick and tired of the rats shit)
    4.worst relations with supervisors (thanks to the rats disrespect to bosses)
    5.most highest amounts deducted from members dues (Quinn milking us and now we have a lobbyist firm doing jack shit for us )

    1. I heard that Quinn writes his own checks, Keith is there any way you can hand out at next meeting what are expenses are yearly ?

  25. This is embarrassing to the COY and it’s residents. All I have been reading about it narcotics Detectives arrested and convicted, bogus lies for search warrants, deaths, and questionable testimony. This law suit will cost the City another $350,000 and no doubt lead to possible more arrests. As a citizen of this city I think the department needs a review from the department of Justice. Do you people think they are not reading this.

  26. Seems to me that this union leader was given an opportunity to lead but instead chose to derail his members with clear acts of misconduct. Now City officials must clean it up.

  27. Listen Keith when you get your tiny little acorns back from John Mueller’s dark patch, and when you get that cat burglar Moran together why don’t you go find these guys you talk about and tell them about their families.
    Well we know that will never happen because your spineless. Your a frighten gutter rat that only comes out at night. You fear the truth and can never match up to real men. You reek of fear and the word is spelled right across your face. Men like you hide in the shadows and get pussies like your two supervisor friends to do your bidding. Any time you want to come out of those shadows, come and find us. Maybe we can help you verbalize better. We are always waiting to help desperate souls. Please do ask.

  28. keith don’t waste time talking about the first case, this is totally on a different level a federal level you know what happens now…….

    1. By now everyone in the Yonkers Police Department remembers the night two unmarked cars left the city on a revenge mission not an official police investigation, but yes a pure revenge mission that almost jeapordize the entire criminal case. Keith and others drove to Greenburg and instantaneously dispensed justice in front of the suspect girl. That is an example of how he needs 6 other cops to do his bidding. Keith was so proud of himself that he use it as an old war story and told everyone at a union meeting. Now go call some members family a name you low life rat.

  29. Starring Keith Olson and his dirty garage band. Jon Mueller, Brian Moran and Taping John Donaghy who ties it all up. Equipment manager Bill Pataky. Guarantee the dirtiest band ever. Please, no hand sanitizer.

  30. Montero v. The City of Yonkers, New York et al

    Raymond Montero

    The City of Yonkers, New York, Police Association of the City of Yonkers, Inc., Edmund Hartnett, Keith Olson, Brian Moran and John Mueller

    Case Number:

    June 4, 2015

    New York Southern District Court

    White Plains Office


    Presiding Judge:
    Kenneth M. Karas

    Nature of Suit:
    Other Civil Rights

    Cause of Action:

    Jury Demanded By:

    1. Who are you sending Vera, Moran, Johnny boy? Who?? Maybe you are sending the cops that broke into the Narcotics office looking to steal more files…. union leader of rogue cops

      1. Can’t get support? Can’t get references? Can’t find reliable witnesses? Just go to NYS Correctons, and drop some cigarettes on the books and puff you have developed a dream team ready for any legal action. Just return them Keith. Can’t keep them like the files.

          1. Maaaaaaaaa, I am in trouble again mama. Should I called them names again or steal files and download phone numbers. Maaaaaaaaa, you listening? Don’t make me threaten another civilian ma.

          2. 4000 dollars a month, a city own vehicle, and got his sister a city job, right before elections. Although he can’t find Wayne’s cash. Maybe it was stolen with Jimmy McCabe’s money. Now please don’t threaten Hector anymore. He been in the gym every day.

      2. I don’t know about this KO, but I heard of some fuck up shit you did. Investigating your own members and asking store owners for tapes of members is fucked up, besides what you did in the department. All I see on this site is you calling people names just like a school yard bully. Grow some balls and tell them to their faces. Thank god that wacko Mueller is out of patrol.

    2. What happened with your first lawsuit? You Crazy Old Coot, lol,lol,lol,lol,lol,lol,lol,lol,lol,lol,lol,lol,lol,lol,lol,lol,lol,lol,lol,!

      1. why do you keep asking about the first lawsuit? this is the big one that counts when he wins this keith needs to resign and as far as that grill master on the 3rd floor all he bought for them in embarrassment, can you imagine a chief named in a federal lawsuit…..hope your now happy nick.

        1. What was the first one? A try out? You are a clown, you Crazy Old Coot, lol,lol,lol,lol,lol,lol,lol,lol,lol,lol,lol,lol,lol,lol,lol,lol,lol,lol!

    3. This year I promise not to refuse an order and double promise not have a precinct beer festival. In addition I will not change my story to I.A.D. and will not hand pick my investigator. I also promise not lie on another Lt.

    4. The misconduct of Olson, Moran and Chief Mueller have been brewing for a while. They thought that they were above the Law and abused their positions to manipulate the Justice system through threats of violence and verbal intimadation. They gamed the system with premeditated acts of misconduct against any members that blew the whistle. Keith Olson is plain and simple a corrupt union defect. The internal mechanism in the police department is broken. If it is broken for its own personnel, then how can any civilian expect a fair investigations into the likes of Keith Olson. If it is not broken then most certainly it is controlled. If it is control then it truly is obstruction of the law. The likes of Olson will be stomped out from the police department with public exposure.

    5. You have not answer one question at all, but think you have balls by constantly attacking family members of the CLSA and PBA. You spew verbal venom but can’t scratch your back or walk up a flight of stairs without breathing like a rat. The name RAT is most fitting but attaches to pussy boy too. The police families you verbally attack will most definitely remember your spew of verbal vernon. That is why we will run you out of town. Now run along there stake fingers and wipe the key board before it wipes you. Now answer a question or go seek those men who have been patiently waiting to give you a helping hand in raking those lies from your dirty rat tongue. Your a funny fat Diabetic Diamond back Rat. A real rare corrupt union Rat.

  31. keith was always a stubborn rat always went against the grain always mother fucked his supervisors he is now in deep shit and I am sure lots of people are now happy that he finally now has been exposed as a poor excuse for a cop, step down retire you have done enough damage……

  32. Holding any union office does not give anyone the right to break State and Federal rules. Seems like there are a small segment of rogue police officers.

    1. As a person who lives on the west side of the city, I am shocked at the actions of this person that calls himself a leader. I am also shocked that after red flags were apparently raised from citizen and and this police officer that nothing was done. Hopefully the Justice Department is following this necessary civil rights law suit. It is very obvious that these acts occurred and nothing was done about it. This so called union leader was so out of control that he even deliberately went after civilians and their families.

  33. Olson and his two crooks are trapped. No one in the entire department is going to lie for you three. The membership is done with you and know your corrupt. The whole job knows about you three. No support at all. Maybe you can knaw your fat ass out out the trap, but not from Justice. Justice is coming.

    1. Who are you going to send to steal the Judges file? Is that no balls Brian Moran from the “Cheetah Club” or John Donaghy who steals and alters evidence? Yeah he is still at it too. He still has his spot collecting evidence, go figure.

    2. Please show some respect or Keith will not invite you for a stroll alone with him in the woods. You certainly won’t get a text either.

  34. Can you tell us Mr. Olson why you and Brian conducted an unauthorized investigation against a C.L.S.A Captain? You can tell us while you shift Mueller from one side of your lap to where the other lap dog sits Moran. Oh, please check and see if you find the file too.

    1. Action should have been taken against Olson when he threaten to fight two Internal Affairs Supervisors. That’s when his trustee Mahoney got slapped around again.

      1. What happened in the first lawsuit? Crazy Old Coot, lol,lol,lol,lol,lol,lol,lol,lol,lol,lol,lol,lol,lol,lol,lol,lol,lol,lol,lol,lol,lol!

    1. What happened to the first lawsuit? You Crazy Old Coot, lol,lol,lol,lol,lol,lol,lol,lol,lol,lol,lol,lol,lol,lol,lol,lol,lol,lol,lol!

    2. Look at your self, fat, smelly and confused from low sugar. Maybe you use that as a defense why you did all that against CLSA and other union members. Will someone throw the fat man a mack truck tire he is sinking.

  35. Oh dear diabetic rat, call Andy and please have it explain it to you. Tell mama to stop helping you. Can’t make calls to Federal court there turkey tits. Maybe you can bring Pataky and Vera with you as witnesses, since they carried your silly petition dick head. Lol

  36. Hezi can you please post the results of the first lawsuit? You seem to have all the answers, the decision on the first lawsuit should be easy for you to put out and explain a lot to the uninformed.

  37. seems like the fat rat has come to the end of the line why don’t you just put in your papers you will never go to S.I.U. that’s for sure …lol

    You went after a fellow cop you had him thrown out because he had to protect himself from your thugs how did that work out for you…lol

  38. The Court House wants to know if your sending Det. JD to collect the evidence. They want to hire extra security. It’s going to be hard since they don’t take calls from PBA President’s.

  39. keith retire and let Dale take over your a mess we all know you sold us out do you really think we will vote for you after all you have done to this association ? I was a friend of yours not any more the way who will defend you in this case and will it come out of members dues?

    1. Rat Olson, we are all wondering if you are going to ask the Federal Judge to take a walk in the woods with you. You should really stop going into the woods with all that weight on. There are hungry coyotes out there.
      Can’t sell those lies to the Feds.

    1. Go to, June 4th and read it and weep Westside. Better yet stop by City Hall and pick up a copy before the Olson sends Moran to shred it. Lol

  40. Which businessman you going to invite into the woods this week dirtbags? Which Yonkers businessman is getting tickets by rogue cops? What offices you breaking into this week? Narcotics?

  41. If they can do that to another police officer what can they do to the ordinary Joe blow citizen. All stemming from their own association too. Clean up time.

  42. well again Hezi you have been solid about reporting corruption within the pba office Mueller begged like a whore to stay put in the 4th pct after 48G spent by the pba members dues to a lobbying firm one wonders why would keith do that? I mean it was not long ago the fagot chief wanted to stay put in the 4th cooking bbqs holding beer fest now all of a sudden he wants to go to the 3rd floor…lol

    now he will be a pencil pusher or staple boy for the other true bosses in my opinion he has been castrated lets see what happens to that short scumbag cop wife stealer does now,keith will step down before the year is over he is a dirty lowlife scumbag not fit to lead any more.

  43. They call themselves cops? If they did half of what they are accused of, they need to be fired. One can only imagine how they lied against others.

  44. Who is running the police department? The mayor? The commissioner? The PBA president? If this stuff has been going on for years and nothing has happened then all of the above need to go!

  45. If the Mayor had a hand with putting Mueller in power then he too must suffer at the outcome.
    The problem is the Mayor is represented by the Corp. Counsel and therefore the taxpayers must pay. What the #??#. Olsen must be forced to resign his office!

  46. Keith or Brian, can tell us where you found the file on the C.L.S.A member? You know the one you said you guys found on the PBA desk.

  47. Went past that corrupt union office and only saw Moran and that fool Acting Chief, also know as beer fest Mueller sitting in the P.B.A. office. Who are you setting up now?

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