Profile of Incumbent Yonkers City Council Minority Leader Michael Sabatino (3rd District)

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Michael Sabatino, Yonkers City Council Minority Leader (3rd District).

Michael Sabatino, Yonkers City Council Minority Leader (3rd District).

YONKERS, NY – July 9, 2015 — Minority Leader Sabatino Advises of Democratic, Independence, and Working Families Support for Re-election Effort to Yonkers 3rd Council District

Profile of Minority Leader Sabatino

Councilmember Sabatino has been a resident of Yonkers for over 34 years. He has been involved as an advocate in his neighborhood and is one of the founders of both the River Community Coalition of Yonkers and the Yonkers Committee for Smart Development. Michael is a member of the Hudson River Community Association of Yonkers (HRCA), NAACP and on the board of directors of the South Broadway BID and Advisor to the Yonkers Human Rights Commission. Michael first ran for City Council and won his first election to office in 2011. In 2013, Michael was elected to the positon of Minority Leader by the City Council.   Michael is committed to working for a strong education system, smart development, human rights and ensuring our seniors can continue to live productively in our community. During his first term, he has served as the Education Chairperson for the council as well as a committee member for the Rules, Budget, Intergovernmental Affairs, Municipal Operations; Public Safety Committee and Community Service Committee. He is also the first sitting councilmember to serve on the Board of Education Policy, Budget and Instructional Affairs Committees. As a public servant of the City of Yonkers, Minority Leader Sabatino has passed on-time budgets remaining within the state property tax cap guidelines. As the advisor to the Human Rights Commission he has co-sponsored many workshops including forums on domestic violence, entrepreneurship, black history and women’s history month. He is also a member of the Yonkers Partners in Education (YPIE) advisory board.

Michael is an original member of the Strive program, also known as, the Yonkers Thrive and serves on its Leadership Council. This collaboration engages the Yonkers Community, including non-profits and businesses, in improving the educational outcomes for Yonkers children from cradle to career. He has fought to secure resources for full-day pre-kindergarten and he continues to fight for additional funding for our schools, working to reestablish sports, music and art programs. English second language students is an important issue as well for Michael. Too many times ESL student are rated as underperformers because of the language barrier. He has worked hard to find creative solutions to everyday problems, there was a need for some benches for the Western Ave Senior Housing Facility. He teamed up the Saunders High School woodshop class with the Carpenters Union Local 279 as partners in this intergenerational project, to build the benches.

Michael understands the importance of preserving our environment and resources and has advocated for Green Building Standards. He voted to pass the Environmental Clean Air Standards Bill and is working with Groundwork Hudson Valley on the South Yonkers Public Greenway. Michael proposed a resolution to ban Styrofoam which resulted in the Styrofoam industry voluntarily agreeing to set up a Styrofoam recycling program at the Yonkers Recycle Center. He is also working with the industry to establish a Styrofoam recycling program in our city schools.

In keeping with the Yonkers slogan of the “City of Gracious Living”, quality of life issues are a priority. For the last three years, Michael has collaborated with the leaders of the YOHO complex (former Alexander Carpet Mill) and the Planning Department Staff to declare it an official Art District. On upper Warburton Ave a land swap is in process with the owner of 1104 Warburton to create a park on that site as an additional access to the Old Croton Aqueduct State Park. Through the Board of Education he assisted the East Yonkers Rotary Club with their School 9 playground project. To improve our neighborhoods, Michael recently introduced a bill in support of the NYS Abandoned Property Neighborhood Relief Act of 2015, also known as zombie homes. This bill will create a registry of abandoned homes and address the growing problem of vacant and abandoned homes.

Michael knows that it is important to ensure that our seniors can retire and remain active in Yonkers as they age in place. When seniors requested benches for a few bus stops in the community he worked with the county to secure them. He continues to advocate for more affordable housing for working families and seniors, and co-sponsored and voted for the Senior Citizen Rent Increase Exemption (SCRIE) which raised the income level for this exemption so more seniors can remain in their homes.

Under his watch, the long overdue Lake Avenue stair repair has finally taken place for the residents in that community and soon Lake Ave will be repaved from Park to the Lake Avenue stairs.   Due to Michael’s advocacy repaving will or has occurred in his district such as the high traffic Robert’s Ave and Warburton Ave.   Upper Warburton speed monitors were installed to reduce speeding and traffic accidents. Minority Leader Sabatino is an advocate of the Untermeyer Park Restoration Project, as well as, the Untermeyer Performing Arts Council (UPAC) concert program.

Michael is a familiar face in the community. He supports and participates in community meetings, neighborhood associations, school and PTA meetings, as well as senior events in his district and throughout the city. Last year he had the great honor of serving as the Co-Chair of the Columbus Day Dinner and he was awarded the TIP of the Hat award in 2012 by the South Broadway BID for his assistance with issues that related to improving the South Broadway Corridor.

He is looking forward to his upcoming campaign for re-election.

SOURCE: Sabatino for Yonkers campaign effort.



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eHeziProfile of Incumbent Yonkers City Council Minority Leader Michael Sabatino (3rd District)

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  1. We were once part of the 3rd district and now we are the forgotten section of the 1st district. You see the things Michael Meyers is talking about are the same things we are fed up with. We have a section of beautiful homes and I’m watching it go down hill. Liquor and beer bottle thrown in the street over night. Cars parking along the street at night and no one getting out. I’m actually scare. Good luck to you Michael Meyers.

  2. Mr. Sabatino praises himself for the paving in his district. Sure he does. And do you know why this paving, if being done, is being done NOW? It is because it is election time. Where have you been for the past 3.5 years? You’ve only been passionate about social issues, Mr. Councilmember – not what you were supposed to focus on as a local elected official. As for your legislative initiatives: Styrofoam ban? Really? Wow, that took a lot of guts. Perhaps we could have taken all of the plastic etc. and filled the Third District potholes these past years. You could have killed two birds with one take-out container.

  3. We need Sabatino out. Voters need to ask friends & family to vote on election day to ELECT MICHAEL MEYER, a community first guy who believes in Yonkers.

  4. Hezi, how come Sabatino left out all his involvement with the LGBT, the Supreme Court ruling on the gay marriage that was all over News 12 TV. You should include that in his profile. He hid it the last time he ran and now, after all his bragging since having been elected can this be left out.

  5. What 3rd Council City has he been living in for the past 3 1/2 yrs. NOTHING has been done in his District, NOTHING. But now its election time so something small gets done. Stop the bragging, you are way too late, Sabatino.

  6. Did I miss something? I live in Sabatino’s neighborhood and I haven’t seen sh*t done! Oh, oh it’s an election year, surprise!

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