The Aftermath of Fire and Resultant Displacement Reveals Deceitful Conduct and Indifference by Yonkers Office of Constituent Services Among Other Elected and Appointed City Officials By HEZI ARIS

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Charicature of a younger, better looking Publisher / Editor Hezi Aris.

Charicature of a younger, better looking Publisher / Editor Hezi Aris.21

It has been 19 months since I first became aware of a fire that displaced Helen Haman from Apt. 5H on January 7, 2014, from her apartment at 461 Riverdale Avenue despite minor water damage. Two units were affected by water damage; Mrs. Haman is one of those affected. Although the fire is under investigation, the tenant of the unit where the fire started is known to have serious mental health issues and was not properly monitored by the program overseeing his rehabilitation. Furthermore, the landlord was made aware of that tenant’s violent and threatening behavior in September 2013, but chose to do nothing about those concerns. Yonkers Building Inspector Lawrence Donahue was demanded to inspect apartment 5H on March 11, 2014, to examine the premises for damages incurred and to evaluate and define the damage firsthand in order to make a determination regarding whether contents therein were required to be removed. Ninety percent of the items in the premises were removed. Thousands of books, furniture, clothing, and large appliances were removed with great physical, emotional, and financial burden. Legal counsel representing Mrs. Haman advised that the contents of the bedroom could remain within the premises despite the onerous and heavy-handed demeanor of GEM Management Partners, the landlord.

Despite sustaining minimal water damage, recognized to border a very small periphery of the bathtub in the bathroom, and absolutely no fire or smoke damage anywhere, Mrs. Haman, the displaced tenant, had her apartment condemned by Senior Housing Inspector Patrick Losco, who is employed by the City of Yonkers. Some people aware of the circumstances believe Senior Housing Inspector Losco worked in conjunction with landlord George Nukho, partner in GEM Management Partners LLC, in order to force Mrs. Haman from her premises.

Yonkers Tribune has learned that the Nukho brothers have earned a reputation of harassing rent-stabilized tenants through a variety of what has been termed to be “unethical and potentially criminal methods.”

Surprisingly, but not withstanding no “legal” notices ever being received by Mrs. Haman, an endless harangue of countless threats and letters citing inaccurate information about she agreed to do were untrue and nothing more than the figment of the landlords deceitful telling. These untruths reigned upon and assaulted Mrs. Haman. Even so, she responded courteously, albeit emphatically over the inappropriateness and inaccuracies of the threats and the inaccuracies of GEM Management Partners’ insinuations.

It was February 24, 2014 when the tenant met with Gail Burns, Director of Yonkers Constituent Services. Since that time, Director Gail Burns has not cajoled or demanded that GEM Management Partners engage in the necessary responsibility they have to fix and remedy the integrity of the building as required by law. Permit have or will expire to fix the building as required by law within 2 weeks time. No action and no notice given the GEM’s lack of follow through.

Despite Director Burns sharing her cell number with Mrs. Haman, when GEM Management had agreed in advance to a time and date set to open Apartment 5H so that Mrs. Haman could continue to remove her belongings, not one of the GEM partners made himself available as was said the landlord would. Despite the tenant writing to Director Burns of these issues, there has been no communication from Director Burns whatsoever!!!

GEM Management Partners, has written to the tenant ambiguously suggesting GEM is intent to return the displaced tenant to her apartment but the language used lacks gravitas and instead is disingenuous at best in its sentiment and in its follow through as attested to by the 19-months long duration so far with our remedy.

To date the tenant has neither heard from Yonkers Building Inspector Donohue’s office nor GEM Management Partners regarding the outcome of the March 2014 inspection nor the timetable for the completion of the renovation work.

It is not a stretch of any right-minded individual to infer that these 19 cumulative months of stalling and delay tactics are abusive in their nature and the Director of Yonkers Constituent Service cannot be other than complicit by her lack of arriving at a fair conclusion as can be judged by the standards set by law.

Are Gem Management Partners awaiting insurance payment before initiating any repairs? It is not even plausible that 19 months on that any insurance company would not have yet compensated the landlord. Are GEM Management Partners expecting to break down the tenant’s will so that she would consider abandoning her rent-stabilized apartment, the residence that has been her domicile for 37 some years?

Besides Apartment 7H, where the residing tenant is alleged to have begun the fire, Apartment 6H has not removed any belongs from the premises.

The three-alarm fire which occurred at 461 Riverdale Avenue in Yonkers 19-months ago did at one time receive a lot of coverage, but none since.

Since January 10, 2014, apartments remained condemned, work permits are set to expire soon although virtually no work has been done, and the building has yet to be returned to its previous condition. In strictly personal terms, Mrs. Haman, a senior citizen and rent-stabilized tenant, is among them and has been living in temporary accommodations for the past year while she awaits to return to her home of the past 37 years.

GEM Management Partners LLC (aka George and Michael Nukho), who own and operate the building, have been completely uncommunicative. Tenants have no idea if or when repairs will be made. And despite the countless requests by e-mail, telephone, and letter for assistance and intervention by both the 461 Riverdale Avenue Tenants’ Association and individual tenants, Mayor Mike Spano’s office, especially the Director of Constituent Services, Gail Burns, as well as Housing & Buildings Commissioner William J. Schneider’s office have been absolutely silent on the matter.

The ongoing plight of tenants at 461 Riverdale Avenue in the face of an intransigent management company and a seemingly, entirely unresponsive, and disinterested elected and appointed officials and their staffs speaks poorly of the City of Yonkers.


Mea Culpa: This story got lost among others and has waned for 19 months. I am sincerely sorry this has transpired. And I apologize sincerely to Mrs. Haman. Kindly, Hezi Aris, Publisher / Editor.


eHeziThe Aftermath of Fire and Resultant Displacement Reveals Deceitful Conduct and Indifference by Yonkers Office of Constituent Services Among Other Elected and Appointed City Officials By HEZI ARIS

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    1. Everyone from city hall has read this story twice they don’t care plain and simple. Maybe one day the curruption will stop just for a year or two. I know that I have done my part to help stop it. Now I to will sit and wait that all I can comment about my case.

  1. These people are a real bunch of criminals they use unlawful tactics with their tenants , and they bribe city inspectors to look the other way..they have the police in their pocket …they should be our in jail with the same people they rent too.

  2. These landlords are parasites , they load there buildings up with criminals , drug dealers , the absolute worst …they ruin the area …just going after the all night programs and government voucher , like they did at there buildings on Riverdale , South Broadway and Tuckahoe Road…
    GEM stands for Greedy Evil management !!!

  3. Same slumlord runs the low rise red brick apts on Tuckahoe Rd @ Cross Street. Loaded up with Section 8’s who wander the neighborhood breaking into cars at night, numerous drug busts in recent years by DEA, District Attorney, YPD Narco. Residents receive no heat in the wintertime with no onsite personnel whatsoever. Feds should have seized this building under drug forfeiture laws long, long ago…nice building and tenants back in the day…

  4. For anyone interested, we have been writing about the steep decline of our building under the gross mismanagement of George Nukho and Michael Nukho.

    Please get in touch with us via our blog if you’ve experienced similar horror stories at the hands of the Nukhos. We’ll compile your comments and share them with your permission.

    And thank you, Mr. Aris, for shining a spotlight on this disgraceful situation!

  5. Now every property will turn into a can of worms.Not to mention the books hope you fix it all there coming and there very good at what they do.
    Yes they moniter this site daily.
    What’s the worst that can happen somebody talks.

  6. Maybe Dr.Fred can start to make things better for this great grandmother. We know he can what a shame this is a abuse of power .Why hasn’t the other party posted a response?
    It might be better that they don’t .

  7. They just care about the bottom line, they never repair anything but if you owe them a penny they will call you a hundred times, they are turning there properties into the projects , just going after the voucher …

  8. Don’t know why anyone is surprised. Burns is a Nick Spano toadie of the first order. Always has been dependent on Nick for her livelihood and was rewarded for her loyalty with her city job. Another high school grad with a heavy duty salary; thanks to the taxpayers of COY.
    Until these criminals are out of office, we will continue to see examples of corruption and citizen abuse…… The Spanos only care about their own enrichment …. COY…. don’t make me laugh…

  9. Gail Burns is another on the City payroll who does little to nothing unless it’s something she feels will get her good press.

    1. Burns has a staff of 6+ Full time employees working for her at the CoY can someone HELP Mrs. Haman? NO accountability for the office of constituents Services!! We should all be concern as Yonkers tax payers…

  10. A corrupt , greedy cold hearted unethical management company…they must have made good campaign contributions, and some inspectors must have gone on some free vacations ! Some cops have gotte there personal vehicles worked on for free it’s Yonkers wouldn’t expect less !!

  11. GEM , the worst , terrible , arrogant and if you call Monday expect a call Friday ….very bad attitude, a bunch of RATS!!!

  12. GEM, the worst management company , and slumlords in Yonkers ….They are a bunch of idiots , very unpleasant to deal with …very arrogant , disrespectful and they absolutely don’t have any regard or consideration for there tenants ….they think the own the neighborhood , and have housing inspectors , city employees and police officers in there pocket , very corrupt management company born into a gold crib ….on there own they would have been nothing !!!!

  13. For starters check to see if they made any campaign contributions, either as a corp or individually, then keep on looking. I’m sure you’ll find some breadcrumbs!

  14. All the scams going on for the last 6 years are going to be dealt with by outside agency’s just a matter of time it’s over.

  15. This management company is a real nightmare , they never return calls, never pay attention to maintenance requests …they only care about collecting the rents …They are slumlords !!! A bunch of spoon feed brats !

  16. GEM , are unprofessional , unethical dishonest and dirty management company…They don’t care about the same tenants who line there pickets with money, maintenance requests are never answered , they are disrespectful ,and only employ dirty tactics in dealing with there tenants…conplaints to the Yonkers housing department are never answered , because they bribe city officials and police offers as well

  17. Everyone has knowledge of this I bet this crew would evict there own family members if they could profit from it.
    Shame on the building department the D.O.J. has also been notified about this case.

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