Clifford Schneider to Seek Yonkers 5th City Council District Seat

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Clifford Schneider, candate for 5th Yonkers City Council District. Endorsed candidate of the Working Families Party.

Clifford Schneider, candate for 5th Yonkers City Council District. Endorsed candidate of the Working Families Party.

YONKERS, NY — September 16, 2015 — Cliff Schneider, a 32-year resident of Yonkers, has kicked off his campaign for City Council to represent Crestwood, Colonial Heights, Lawrence Park, Northeast Yonkers and the Yonkers section of Fleetwood stating, “the district needs more attentive representation”. He is a Democrat running on the Working Families Party who will caucus with the Democrats when elected to once again bring a progressive majority to the City Council.

Schneider is a Vietnam Veteran who was honorably discharged after four years of active duty. He is married and the father of a daughter, who attended Yonkers Public Schools from pre-K to graduation from high school, has spent most of his professional career in nonprofit administration and education. He has served as the executive director of three social service agencies, including mental health, addiction/recovery, and environmental organizations. Most recently, he was the Executive Director of Hudson River Valley Environmental Institute, with sites on the Hudson River (Beczak Environmental Education Center) and at Sleepy Hollow (Kingston Park Environmental Education Center).

He has also served as a board member for several nonprofit organizations, as representative to the former Yonkers Green Policy Task Force and for 13 years was a trustee of the Yonkers Public Library. Schneider is currently president of the Yonkers Public Library Foundation (which raises funds for the library system), an organization that he helped to create.

Schneider has devoted much of his years in Yonkers to community development and planning—working with various agencies to foster economic growth—and has been recognized by city, county, and state officials for his support and development of community-based projects as well as the Yonkers Human Rights Commission for his contributions to the city.

Noting that providing an excellent public education to all Yonkers students is of utmost importance to city residents, Schneider says that if elected he will devote much of his efforts to strengthening the school system. In addition to working to ensure that our kids get a good education, one that prepares them for college or for the workforce, Schneider will focus on making certain that other critical services aren’t overlooked when it comes to budgeting. Of great importance—the Police, Fire and DPW, as well as public transportation and senior-citizen services. With a shortage of funds, he points out that every dollar must be carefully spent to preserve these essential services.

Schneider says that he enthusiastically welcomes the opportunity to further serve the city he has already served for 32 years—this time as City Councilperson from the 5th District. For more information about Cliff Schneider’s campaign—or to ask a question or provide input—check out the web site

eHeziClifford Schneider to Seek Yonkers 5th City Council District Seat

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  1. Why didn’t Councilmember Breen apprise his constituents in Colonial Height of the mosque recently opened there without those pesky special permits or notices to the community? Anyone….anyone???

  2. How wonderful that we will have a choice for City Council. Thank you Cliff for offering your experience and knowledge. We are indeed fortunate to know you are willing to serve our City.

  3. Why assume that Cliff was not in Vietnam. He was there and Breen was not even in the armed services. Neither was Larkin, Shepherd, or Sabatino (the others are too young). Cliff answered the call of his country.

  4. Let’s be reasonable! This man has an impressive resume of dedicated service. He is willing to put himself out there in the nasty ( by your many rude comments) world of Yonkers politics to help to improve our city. Our present councilman has not served us well. Let’s hear what he has to say before judging him.

    1. Our present councilman has done absolutely nothing, he just phones iti in. if that. We need new faces and we need 2 year terms again so we do not have to suffer 4 years of useless council members and Mayors for that matter.

      Why are the democrats not fielding a candidate? This is where the pacts lie between Dems and Gopers.

  5. It is common knowledge that this guy is a shill for Chuckles the Clown. Notice how calm and productive the Council has been since Chuckie left? Well it is killing him, and this straw man is just the ticket for Chuckie to stick his finger in.

    Amazingly, this guy is going to caucus with the Democrats, yet the Democratic line is empty? They must really love him.

    I do like how the “Yonkers section of Fleetwood” was added as a seeming afterthought. Much of the neighborhood is actually Sunnyside Park, but I guess he does not know the area he wants to represent.

    “Supported by the dog-walkers of Crestwood” I think that tells you as much as you need to know. Dogs love him….Woof

  6. Sorry, but I don’t buy that he served in Vietnam. He might be a Vietnam-era veteran, which has nothing to do with having served in Vietnam. If that is so, than he is a fraud for saying otherwise.

  7. Why is it that when volunteers from the community step up to serve they are immediately ridiculed. Cliff has served this country in Vietnam and the community at the Bezcak Environmental Center and the Library Board. I hope he will have the opportunity to bring a set of fresh eyes to the City Budget and serve the community on the council.

    1. I see you fail to mention that under Cliff’s leadership the Beczak Center nearly went out of business to the point that most of the staff was laid off, including himself. If he can’t run a small non-profit how can he be trusted with leading the 5th District. He has his supporters out there who act like he is the greatest man in the world, but believe me, he is no hero to this community.

  8. I don’t know much about Cliff but I have not been impressed with the current councilman. It will be an uphill battle for the challenger but the people of the district will benefit by a full debate and discussion. I welcome Cliff to the campaign.

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