THE HEZITORIAL: School Infrastructure Prospects Obscure Spano Family Fiscal Gains – Another Distraction By HEZI ARIS

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Charicature of a younger, better looking Publisher / Editor Hezi Aris.

Charicature of a younger, better looking Publisher / Editor Hezi Aris.

YONKERS, NY — September 29, 2015 — John Carr, Executive Director of Facilities at the Yonkers Public Schools (YPS) was this September fired and rehired. Earlier in the month Joe Celli, Deputy Commissioner at the Yonkers Department of Public Works, overseer of maintenance of city-wide facilities was also likewise fired and rehired. The firing of each was illegal. They were each reinstated to their position. Why the coverup? What is at stake? And how are City of Yonkers personnel treated?

A “zone of silence” over the prospect for reviving and rejuvenating school buildings is known among elitist circles. Some Yonkersites in the know advise that Democratic Majority Leader Senator Andrea Stewart-Cousins, Senator George Latimer, Assemblymember Shelley Mayer, Yonkers Board of Education Board Trustee President Dr. Nader Sayegh, Esq., YPS Superintendent Dr. Michael Yazurlo, and YPS Deputy Superintendent Dr. Edwin Quezada have each been given their marching orders to support a $2 billion school infrastructure revival in Yonkers. Recognizing the $2 billion conjectured cost, and knowing that the City of Yonkers (CoY) is reimbursed to the tune of 65% of total buildout by New York State, as opposed to the 98% enjoyed by Buffalo. 65% of $2 billion = $1.3 billion New York State is stipulated to pay out of the $2 billion total cost, assuming that figure will not change. That being the case, $700 million would need to be paid by the taxpayer. Over a 10-year period, devoid of any financial carrying charges, it would cost CoY taxpayers $70 million every year for 10 years. For every $3 million in debt, the taxpayer’s burden is increased by 1%. $70 million divided by $3 million = 23.33%. The tax cap is 2%. That won’t work.

Like the Public Private Partnership for Education (P3forE) concept promoted as the panacea for resuscitating the YPS school buildings by former Yonkers Superintendent Bernard Pierorazio and his then CFO Bracchita, the concept was promoted without facts and figures. It failed only because the Mike Spano Spano Administration was not privy to the deal with the financeer intended for the project at that time; the Australian based Maquairie Group. It was not about education or the kids then or now. It is about the money to be made off the project.

Yonkers present circumstances make this plan unaffordable.

The coverup hides those financial institutions that are said to already be engaged in the presently mentioned $2 billion project. It will not be divulged with whatever nuances are attached or detracted from its inception until being publicly revealed in the early days of 2016 after this reading. Will the financier of such a project have political ties to members of government, such as those affiliated to family and friends? Why haven’t the potential financiers been vetted in public? How many financiers were made privy to the development? Who are they? When will the public be told? After all, it is the taxpayer’s wallet, isn’t it?

Will the project be capped in total costs? Is that a covenant that is part of such an agreement? Will the financier accept the financial responsibility of error on their part in calculating the final tabulations? Will there be a bond to guarantee all financial burden throughout the process of development and beyond by 50 years after completion of the project? It must!

Millions of dollars are at stake. Money for financiers, lobbyists, friends and family employment prospects, etc.
I suggest the histrionics on this project is only meant to appease the desire for schools to be upgraded. Yonkers will suffer many more years of waiting or suffer the onerous tax burden that will cost much more than it should to pay off the graft. The process of discussion and hiding information from the public will cause another generation of students from failing to have an opportunity to learn.

The Mike Spano demeanor has evidently not been carried out with respect to how personnel are treated. First off, neither Carr or Celli were known to be civil service workers, which demand standards and protocol be followed that speak to their not doing that required of them. In each case, Yonkers City Hall had to take them back. In the process, they shamed each of them before their colleagues. In so doing, it was a loud admonition to all who are aware of these circumstances that every employee either toe the line as directed or they may lose their employ. Scary and draconian conduct anathema to civil conduct.


Telephone inquiries to which there has been no response: Johnn Carr, Joe Celli, Yonkers City Hall. Simply silence!



eHeziTHE HEZITORIAL: School Infrastructure Prospects Obscure Spano Family Fiscal Gains – Another Distraction By HEZI ARIS

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  1. John Carr is the biggest snake in the grass of them all! But he’s also no idiot! Amicone didn’t train no fool!

    See, when Mikey was laughing and licking his chops after he bent the people over and rammed the IMA (Inter-Municipal Agreement) up everyone’s asses, when he was allowed to run rough shod over personnell, Civil Service, and basicslly union rape by Dom Savarese and Lionel Turner, (Inept fucking Scum Bags!)
    You know, right after Pierorazio ran (Slowly ninja walked uninterrupted without ANYONE saying SHIT! **news12**) for the Hills with lifetime family health benefits, remainder of his contract paid out, (including $3000 per sick day up to 300 days) $195,000 a year Pension and I guess a $55 MILLION Dollar severance bonus!!? (All simple math and Public Information)
    Well, John Fucking Carr… He was smart enough, that BEFORE the City Council or BOE Trustees voted on the IMA, he had HIS title of “Executive Director of School Facilities Management” switched over to the untouchables list! (Yes, a title that exists NOWHERE else in COY Civil Service)
    “Untouchables list”… That’s the list that has all pedagogical titles covered,… Teachers, Principals, Asst Principals, School Psychologists,Guidance Conselers, Social Workers, and School Administrators. All of whom, as stipulated in the agreed upon IMA, are NEVER to be under the direction or supervision of the CITY! So in that way, ONLY the Superintendent could fire them / him!
    Spano, most likely intended on a few “transfers” aka, hiding friends… Celli to the BOE maybe..? Only a Spano knows at this point… But John Carr was ahead of him on this one.

    No matter what though, John Carr is a nice guy. Does his job well, and tries his best to keep it…….simple. Therefore, under a Spano Regime, He has lasted 4 years too long!

  2. Be prepared, fellow citizens! This massive construction project will represent huge amounts of self-dealing amongst the Spano family and those that are close to the center, or as we have long come to know…alias (the felon). The long list of familial connections will come out of the woodwork for this one. All the different Spanos of a different sir name will be all over this project like puppies at feeding time. Only in this case, there is little regard for the health of the taxpayer who has to maintain the flow of funds to all of the animals feeding on the government tit.
    Watch your back, fellow COY taxpayers!!! These bastards have already begun the supper secret phase of the project, where we will know nothing; be able to change nothing; and rape of the city will continue unabated. Unfortunately, this has the feel of one of the Mexican drug cartels that just blatantly flaunts the law, bribes who they have to bribe and transact their business with impunity, while law enforcement turns their back.
    But you have to give them credit for their success to this point. Look at the homes, the cars, the vacation homes; the circle of friends; all procured by a continuing flow of money and power, while we have to show up for work every day and pay, what these bastards determine we have to pay.

  3. Our previous Y.P.S. supt pierazio, that was scapegoat to bring in mayor’s boy, had an infrastructure plan? Why did that disappear? Old bldgs. that lack roof and general updating will lead to current state of major repairs necessary. Doesn’t everyone remember cityhall repairs. Now every other bldg needs that attention.

  4. Well you need to vote for bill nuckel. I spoke to him and he’s actually a pretty nice guy but one of the things that stayed with me is that he would have the balls to stand up to 456 and keep these guys working till 3pm like they should be!! Part time 85k jobs about to end at least I’m hoping for it. I’m voting nuckel u should do the same.

  5. The rfp that started all of this was put out years ago under Amicone. I attended that pre RFP conference. I believe it was Mr. Carr who stated professionals with NYCSCA experience wouldn’t qaulify.
    Really… New York City School Construction Authority. The model agency in the country isn’t good enough for Yonkers….go figure and look at who the contract was awarded to…..

  6. I would have thought yonkers contracting was out of business. I haven’t seen a fukking greasy teamster int laborers union dago in ages sweating his grappa out from the night before paving roads here in foreward election year in one day 9 29 2015 I saw more roadwork done in morgan st hoover rd nepperhan ave than ive seen in years . holy shit batman are they raising the price of ashphalt? thanks for the work from the workers. happy election day confuscious say errection day my favorite holiday

  7. You can literally run wild in the DPW and only get fired engaged in very serious misconduct.

    Talk about job security !!! What ever became of any refroms after the last Inspector General’s scathing report on the DPW??? Remember that one ???

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