THE HEZITORIAL: Perceptions Within Yonkers Trump the Ugly Reality; Especially During Election Season By HEZI ARIS

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Charicature of a younger, better looking Publisher / Editor Hezi Aris.

Charicature of a younger, better looking Publisher / Editor Hezi Aris.

Mayor Mike Spano Curtails Freedom of Individual Business Owners Analagous to Failed Effort Years Ago by Then Mayor Phil Amicone to Silence a Weekly Newspaper

The South Broadway ribbon that traverses the burgeoning retail hub of District 3 continues to transition in defining itself. The stores that buttressed both the west and east side of the thoroughfare have been infused with the latest immigrant populations in Yonkers albeit not all. The restaurant owners presenting the riches of their homelands on plates of china enthrall the inquisitive palate. Banks engage in local commerce and also connect to lands abroad. Small grocery stores cater to the most recent Yonkersites with staples from far off lands or akin to familiar tastes of the Motherlands left behind in pursuit of the American Dream; for America the Free. The atrocities and maligned laws of former homelands were thought unfathomable in the new “Land”. The perception has been trounced; the reality in Yonkers harkens to historical days from abroad so terrifying that time had caused fear from the past to subside, only now to reveal itself once again in “The Land of the Free… !” decades later.

Eleven stores known to the Yonkers Tribune have recently been visited by uniformed Yonkers Police Officers who advised each of the stores visited by them that a flyer promoting the candidacy of Michael Meyer, Republican / Independence Party designee for Yonkers City Councilman, challenging incumbent Michael Sabatino who is running for re-election, was blocking YPD ability to see through their respectve store windows into their stores. Further that the flyer(s) had to be taken down, and if not, the business would face a $500.00 penalty fee. Six of the eleven stores recently visited have since taken down the poster(s) promoting the candidacy of Mr. Meyer rather than face an “alleged” city ordinance or other false telling and the commensurate $500.00 fine. There is no Yonkers City Ordinance precluding anyone from posting a flyer in their establishment. If there were a department that would have any say over what is or is not permitted with respect to this issue, it would be the Yonkers Department of Housing and Buildings. Instead Yonkers City Hall has condoned and permitted this conduct under the name of Mayor Mike Spano and / or his sycophants.

These heavy handed and illegal confrontations with and against law abiding citizenry / business owners, smacks of retaliation and retribution and instills fear in those business owners who will not kowtow and submit to directives in the name of “The Supreme Leaders”, Nick Spano, the “true” Mayor of Yonkers, and the “Happy Face” stand-in, Mayor Mike Spano.

Notice that the director and his surrogate minions believe they are cloaked from being found out. They are not. No need to read between the lines. Yonkersites can handle the truth because they suffer it daily. The suffering and draconian threats get ratcheted up tenfold leading up to and during the electioneering campaign process.

Let’s review. In the name of Mayor Mike Spano, these intimidating confrontations with business owners, carried out by uniformed Yonkers Police Officers, lest the P.O’s be demoted or kicked out of their employ for not following orders, even if it is illegal, continues because it can, and not because it is right. No other source will likely validate our telling. Fear and retribution is exacted because it can. It is also exacted because Mayor Mike Spano, or should I say, His Excellency Nick Spano, believes he can get away with it. I tend to believe he (Nick) will. What is scaring the Elect Mike Spano Campaign effort that they had to stoop to such conduct and means? And illegal at that! What are they afraid I will find out? Visit this website over the next few days to find out.

News 12 Westchester had advised the Michael Meyer campaign effort that the interview they conducted between the two candidates, incumbent Michael Sabatino and challenger Michael Meyer, would be shown this weekend, Saturday and Sunday, October 24th & 25th. Instead, News 12 Westchester has decided to show the barely contested race for District 5 in which incumbent Michael Breen is contested by Clifford Schneider, and the contest between incumbent Westchester County Board Legislator Virginia Perez, representing District 17, against Piedad Abreu, a City Hall employee who has failed her civil service exams, girlfriend to Wilson Terrero, a personal friend to Mayor Mike Spano, and another City Hall employee. Without needing to show their hand at News 12 Westchester any further, Yonkersites are quick to connect the dots. It seems the only political race of any consequence that lies outside the influence of a non-aggression pact between Democrats and Republicans is the Sabatino vs Meyers contest for District 3. Denying the showing this weekend is a hat tip and a wink wink to deny Mr. Meyer any hope of gaining notice and positive notoriety in time for Election Day, November 3rd.

So, yes, among the uninformed and politically illiterate among us, perception rules the roost. For those in the know, the need to maintain one’s employ trumps reality.

Lest anyone forget, before I took the helm of The Westchester Guardian upon the former editor quitting, an analogous incident that eventually cost the Yonkers taxpayer $500,000 because the Yonkers City Council chose to exonerate the personal responsibility by then Mayor Phil Amicone. Mr. Amicone chose to step outside his delineated permitted parameters as a U. S. mayor as stipulated he breeched by U.S. District Judge Cathy Seibel. Despite Mr. Amicone eclipsing his authority as Mayor of Yonkers, the Yonkers City Council chose to relieve citizen Amicone his responsibilty to pay the debt of $500,000 which exonerated Mr. Amicone from his debt as distilled and defined by Judge Seibel. The final deal, many times less than intially demanded was consummated by Selim (Sammy) Zherka and Yonkers Corporation Counsel. The “deal” won the consent of Yonkers City Councilmembers who agreed to pay the judgment won against Mr. Amicone by “legally” taking the taxpayers money out of Yonkers City coffers to pay the $500,000 debt owed by Mr. Amicone. While there are many allegations attributed to and admitted to by Mr. Zherka, who awaits his day in court, again before Judge Seibel, presently slated for December 22, 2015, if there is anything that Mr. Zherka was correct about, it was that Mr. Amicone overstepped his authority as Mayor of Yonkers by directing Yonkers Police Officers from permitting the freedom of the press to distribute a newspaper by hand after the metal boxes from which one could previously pick up a free paper were illegally taken off the streets to silence the newspaper’s legal rights to the freedom of speech as defined in the U.S. Constitution. This was done as directed  by then  Mayor Amicone who did not have the legal right to do so but did it anyway, because he knew he could. Legal recourse failed because then, as now, the Mayor of Yonkers, and those who speak in his name, do what they do because they can. Editor’s Note: I stepped down as editor on the day I learned of the allegations made against Mr. Zherka that had since the indictment been proven right as alleged by U.S. Attorney Preet Bharara by Mr. Zherka’s admission of guilt, a realization that I was able to piece together on reading the allegations, and gaining the empathy and receiving erudite advice from the most considerate and compassionate person I have ever met. I am beholden to that person until the end of my days for advising it best that I step down to salvage my integrity despite the financial burden.

This telling will not dissuade those who will cast their vote with the political slate endorsed by and in Mayor Spano’s name. It will however be testimony to the truth, whether validated in the political discourse among Yonkersites, other media, or eventually, by the voter. And yes, I understand and appreciate the fait accompli, as that IS the reality.

eHeziTHE HEZITORIAL: Perceptions Within Yonkers Trump the Ugly Reality; Especially During Election Season By HEZI ARIS

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  1. I love reading this site!! Makes me laugh so hard!!! What stores?? Yea you can’t write them because they don’t exists!! Lmao

    Editor’s Note: Actually I can write them but that will exact more fear among the store owners who were threatened with a $500 fine if the signs stayed on display. So I won’t d that. Respectfully, Hezi

  2. What’s really interesting is that every once in a while, we get wind of something that smacks of those good old boy administrations of the south in the 30’s, that bled their poor populations of what little they had. All the while, they depicted themselves as “one with the masses” and “a good ole boy who is one with the common man.” A couple of news cycles later, we forget the story and the most recent abuse of the public trust and fixate on the most recent report that always seems to bubble up from this Yonkers caldron of deceit; corruption and intimidation.
    We would all wish we could live; work; raise our children and participate in a government who has our best interest at heart. Unfortunately, this is not the city we live in. The heavy handed treatment of the store owners is just the latest bubble and News Spano 12 has given up its right to be referred to as an “honest news organization” long ago. This kind of abuse of the public trust has no place in an informed society; yet here it is. We, as hard working taxpayers in our city, deserve to support and have our vote counted; whomever we choose, yet here it is. The police should represent a fair application of the law and be the first we turn to when our rights have been refused; yet here it is. We deserve to have a government that hires people for what they know, not who they know, or who they share a pillow with. We deserve a mayor who has the capability; willingness and determination to administer his office honestly. We deserve an administration relatively free from the hangers on; the politically expedient, dishonest brokers and no shows, who bleed our taxpayer dollars like blood out of a cut artery; yet this is who we have; the most corrupt and self dealing government in recent history.

  3. They have been roaming city for past 14 months.They to have unlimited funds they produce 92% conviction rate most pled
    Out to deal .If not get maximum good luck to all guilty party
    All of you will need it.

  4. Hezi thank you for defending the truth!!
    I hope Meyers finds justice in defending his constitutional rights. I agree with Soyoyoyo use social media to defend yourself.
    I do have one question why do you think Mayor Spano endorced Perez and NOT Abreu in her campaign?

  5. to soyoyoyo

    Sounds good on paper but these people have ALREADY been intimidated by this act and they get the message. Someone has already obviously singled them out for a non-existing potential violation. They get the message loud and clear. And just who, besides the YTrib, is going to back them up? The so-called ‘mainstream media’ in Yonkers? Lohud won’t even report about the most recent random gunshots fired in three different neighborhoods. News12? Now THAT’S funny.

    1. Point taken about the uselessness of local media with the exception of Hezi. However, traditional media often lags behind social media, which can be used strategically and effectively.

      Meyers, Nuckel, Republican City Council members, and the Republican machinery should be ALL over this story.

      Publicize, publicize, publicize. The Mayor and his cronies rely on silence.

      1. Agree with SoYoYoYo this is the time the Republican Party needs to join forces and support Meyers against this injustice to his campaign…

  6. Everyone has a cell phone. Someone tell these hardworking small business owners to film the police or any other “official.” Post the video to YouTube. Send it to newspapers. Contact the local news. Ignorant bullies will stop their ignorant bullying ways as soon as you push back.

    Retrograde tactics from a retrograde mayor and his desperate apparatchiks.

  7. Hezi I am glad you uncover the truth about the Spano’s it’s a disgrace that those low life’s get away with it. I am saying a prayer that Preet uncovers some dirt on them and throws them in jail, one of them is already a felon and would love to see them get it shoved where the sun dosen’t shine

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