BREAKING NEWS EXCLUSIVE: Dr. Michael Yazurlo, Superintendent of Yonkers Public Schools Resigns Asserting Personal Health Concerns BUT It Is Instead Alleged to Be About PORN By HEZI ARIS

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Yonkers Public Schools Superintendent Dr. Micahel Yazurlo

Yonkers Public Schools Superintendent Dr. Micahel Yazurlo


Yonkers City Hall, including Mayor Spano’s Administrative Staff, Have Not Returned Inquiry of Them for Over 100 Minutes.

As of 4:30pm, It is Now Over 2 Hours Later and Still No Response from City Hall!

4:32pm – Yonkers Board of Education Spokesperson Jerilynne Fierstein Issues Statement Delineated Herein Below

PORN UPDATE: Sunday, November 22, 2015 @ 3:30pm found Below

YONKERS, NY — November 20, 2015 — Dr. Michael Yazurlo, Superintendent of Yonkers Public Schools today submitted his resignation, effective immediately, citing personal health concerns. Dr. Yazurlo’s resignation has by its very pronouncement, not yet divulged, initiated an immediate focus toward succession. An Interim Superintendent will be chosen; Deputy Superintendent Dr. Edwin Quezada will step up to shoulder those responsibilities as Acting Superintendent while the search for a permanent superintendent will move along an ancillary path in search of a successor.

Yonkers Board of Education Board Trustee President Dr. Nader Sayegh, Esq. is a logical consideration and less costly than a nationwide search undertaken at great cost in search for a successor to Bernard Pierorazio’s stepping down. Dr. Sayegh looms high at the top of the list of successors because he skillfully directed the succession process that brought Dr. Yazurlo to the Yonkers Public Schools district at a time of great contention and concern that was bereft of the leadership he brought to bear.

On other Yonkers Board of Education matters, the outgoing Yonkers Board of Education Board Trustee Andrew Api has been replaced by Mayor Mike Spano’s appointment of Edgar Santana.

November 20, 2015 @ 4:32pm

Superintendent of Schools submits Resignation for Health Reasons

Statement from Jerilynne Fierstein, spokesperson for the Yonkers Board of Education

Superintendent of Schools Dr. Michael Yazurlo today submitted, with regret, a letter of resignation to Dr. Nader J. Sayegh, President of the Yonkers Board of Education. Dr. Yazurlo’s resignation, citing health reasons, is effective immediately. Deputy Superintendent Dr. Edwin M. Quezada will serve as acting Superintendent to maintain stability and continue the District’s forward moving path.

“Dr. Yazurlo brought a steady hand and vision to the District when he came out of retirement to take the helm,” stated Dr. Sayegh. “His advocacy and leadership as a teacher, as principal of Roosevelt High School and as Superintendent of Schools made a difference in the lives of the students we serve. The Trustees and I wish him well in his future endeavors.”

The Alleged Porn Connection Update

YONKERS NY — November 22 ,2015 — Dr Michael Yazurlo expressed pride in telling all willing to hear that he would be offered an additional 2-year contract extension to serve as Yonkers Superintendent of Schools. A soon as he basked in knowing of his good fortune, he was confronted with trouble; and it was allegedly of his own doing.

Over the past week Yonkers Police have been seen at the offices of the Yonkers Board of Education (YBoE). Computers were apprehended in search of the machine that was the portal for watching porn during the school day. A $2,600 plus bill was traced to a card used by then Yonkers Superintendent Dr. Michael Yazurlo. In the past, should a porn site have been engaged, when a bill was presented, the YBoE forwarded the amount to be paid to the payer, the City of Yonkers (CoY). It seems Yonkers Public School Central Office can order films, including porn from their Internet service Provider (ISP). In the past, CoY was often unaware of the service(s) rendered. For example, an individual could have watched a porn site, but the name of the firm that would eventually be paid did not posses a name that would have necessarily suggested the business they were engaged; the City of Yonkers depended on the Yonkers Board of Education to engage the services necessary for the purposes of educating the student population.

Why Dr Yazurlo believed he was entitled for the YBoE to pay for his personal perks is outrageous and appalling. What else is the taxpayer expected to pay? Or, could it be that circumsantial evidence placed Dr. Yazurlo at the wrong time and the wrong place by which it seems as he allegedly engaged the porn programing. Dr. Yazurlo would seem unlikely to have engaged in ordering porn knowing that it might unsettle his daughter’s employment as a principal at one  of the Yonkers Schools. Even though Dr.Yazurlo will now no longer return, who will be designated for the future pecking order  and how will the YBoE benefit? Or is it Yonkers Mayor Mike Spano who benefits?

Yonkers Tribune will reveal the facts over the coming weeks.



eHeziBREAKING NEWS EXCLUSIVE: Dr. Michael Yazurlo, Superintendent of Yonkers Public Schools Resigns Asserting Personal Health Concerns BUT It Is Instead Alleged to Be About PORN By HEZI ARIS

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  1. I havent seen Dr Yazurlo in years but we were childhood friends. He was and Im sure is still an upstanding, honest and trusting man that truly loves kids. From reading different comments, it seems that the superintendents, etc. that were in fact, dedicated to their kids were the ones that were ousted. Dont these people realize that at the end of the day, its the kids that suffer. Im not from Yonkers but this Spano guy sounds like a rag. I think the school district and the city of Yonkers needs a complete overhaul. Dr. Yazurlo will prevail. Chris C.

  2. Yonkers Board of Education Board Trustee President Dr. Nader Sayegh, Esq. is a logical consideration and less costly than a nationwide search undertaken at great cost in search for a successor to Bernard Pierorazio’s stepping down. Dr. Sayegh looms high at the top of the list of successors because he skillfully directed the succession process that brought Dr. Yazurlo to the Yonkers Public Schools district at a time of great contention and concern that was bereft of the leadership he brought to bear.

    1. If you help the schools to get books, supplies, fix broken computers and clean up the backed up CSE evaluation from the past two years, the job is yours.

    2. We welcome your leadership and vision for our students. If you don’t have children attending the the schools, this is not your time for a platform. We need a leader who cares, this man has been around, knows what to do and cares. If someone who has been retired and now has a change of heart, can wait in line as we must give the appointed new superintendant a chance.

    3. The mayor and board really wanted you to have this job not Sayegh. First thing, change the board members. Second clean up the waist in management everyone hired under Yaz has got to go!

  3. This was all for the Spanish vote. Spano wants Spanish to vote for him for county in 2 years. They did not pick the most qualified. Shame On Spano !!!!!!

  4. The board appointed Dr. Edwin M. Quezada Interim?! Why didn’t they investigate this fraud educator…Here are few things that the school board should look into:

    -why did Dr. Quezada change student test scores while as a principal? Speak to his former staff they can tell you all about it.

    – how can you have him even in the role as deputy and now as interim?! He barley spent time as a guidance counselor and went straight into school leadership role. Pathetic that you have someone who spent zero time in the classroom. Does he even know what common core is?

    – should we even be calling him Dr. Quezada? He bought a doctorate from an online/proprietary school. Can you please do background check?

    -Why is he only hiring people who are Hispanics, family member, or his friends? I guess in this new role he can bring his entire family to work for the Yonkers public schools.

    1. That’s the way it’s just done here in the city of seven hills. They come and they go. This whole drama is just interim, temporary. The city is filled with nasty people that bite like Pit bulls dogs. They bit Bernie and Yaz. You should know by now they don’t stop biting once they lock jaw.

    2. He’s not the person you describe. He is a tough guy, not a push over. He’s been working like a dog hoping for a chance. He’s made friends in the right channels and knows how to help others. He hasn’t had a chance to appoint anyone yet. I’m not sure how this is gonna work out for him in this city with a history of racist overtones.

    3. no wonder the schools stink. . .ass kissing is the norm in Yonkers. . .no what you know but who you’re related to. The mayor’s office is one of the worse offenders.

  5. Congrats to Edwin Quezada just appointed the new Interim Superintendent of Schools. Good luck you will need it especially with Nader still on the Board pulling strings and the mayor and Guerry calling the shots!

    1. Petrone was first adored then humiliated and hung out to dry. Perrozio was golden, then after his usefulness was worn out, his reputation was intentionally tarnished. Yazurlo was too trusting and for that reason he was taken advantaged of by those he trusted the most. Isn’t interesting how each leader becomes all of a sudden damaged goods afterwards.

    2. As a YPS employee, i think this was purely political. Nader went to YHS with my brother in 70, and his girls where my students. I think you needed someone who knew the system from all perspectives. I don’t think this new guy lives in Yonkers? Does he have children? Did they go to YPS? Race aside, we want best man for the job! this is baloney!

      1. that’s the problem with spano they don’t know who to choose the right person for the job, Edwin cant even be compared to nadir’s resume.I mean here are the facts Nader has 2 masters, knows the system in side out as a student as a employee of the BOE,he is a product of YONKERS but no spano makes another bad move

  6. We will later find out that this guy Yazarulo did nothing wrong…you will eventually see his replacement be someone who assisted SpaNO on his last campaign…Yazarulo will also sue the COY for defamation and get PAID$$$$$$$$…ONCE again you sheep will get fucked…..

    1. It was all an elaborate plan with actors following a script and players to make a good guy look like mud! It’s a shame but that’s how it’s done today no one gets thrown in the river, just mud in the face of public opinion

  7. Do you know understand that your stupid disclosure puts our lives at risk. Someone can look up details, loved ones or follow as we proceed to do our jobs. It’s bad enough that we deal with danger everyday, now we have to wonder what further damage your stupid idiotic revaluation brings to us down the line.

      1. This town is made up hard working individuals and want better for your children. This town is not for you. If you don’t like the way things are done here move. We don’t want your lazy ass kind around here.

          1. I feel bad that this on line magazine decided to tarnish your good name based on limited lies without the facts. We know the truth that you were the third superintendant made to look bad and set up with lies so that no one sees the truth. The truth is all of the three last superintendents were fired before their contract was up but each was paid the whole remainder of their contract, quietly so no one is the wiser. Why? It’s a contract with non disclosure agreement. This whole blog was a falsehood to keep everyone away from the real issues. Why does this keep going on? Three supts are fired? Were they all bad? No, what’s really going on! Transparency, yeah right when pigs fly. What are you doing? Where’s the money?

  8. A few final thoughts:

    The situation with Dr. Yazurlo reflects broader issues within Yonkers, including perennial budget deficits in the YPS and elsewhere, unethical behavior, unaccountability and lack of transparency in the Mayor’s office, and overcompensation of public servants. The elephant in the room is public employee compensation.

    Yonkers lacks sufficient funds each year to meet its budget targets. Nevertheless, almost three hundred public servants make more than the Mayor, including the Yonkers Public Schools Superintendent who receives twice as much (to stay on topic). In a city with perennial budget problems (such as the disappearance of $55 million due to an accounting error), taxpayers should and do have a right to know how their taxes are being spent. As it turns out, many in the police and fire department earn over a quarter of a million dollars each year, which is more than four times the median household income in Yonkers ($56,782). Being a public servant, whether police, fire, or otherwise, doesn’t mean you are beyond reproach or above scrutiny.

    In fact, being a public servant means that you are subjected to public scrutiny in order to ensure accountability to the public since the public pays your salaries through direct taxation. The public has a right to certain information and New York State law is unambiguous: “every agency is required to create a payroll record which indicates the name, public office address, title and salary of every officer or employee of the agency. See FOIL §87(3)(b).” If anyone disagrees with State law on this matter, then concerns can be raised with local representatives. If the law remains unchanged, there are alternatives such as working in the private sector.

    It’s quite instructive that even raising the issue has resulted in such furious condemnations and attempts at silencing the matter. It’s even more instructive that some of those who have taken an oath to uphold the law are either ignorant of it or wish to contravene it, which brings everything full circle (back to transparency and accountability).

    One can only hope that the law is used to restore Dr. Yazurlo’s tarnished reputation as a result of what now appear to be baseless accusations leveled by an abject administration and/or its lackeys.

    1. “As it turns out, many in the police and fire department earn over a quarter of a million dollars each year” . Not to say some don’t make a very good salary but since you printed the list of salaries, not one you printed, much less many, made over a quarter million dollars. That is just an inflammatory statement not backed by your own facts. Also when you figure out the mayor’s salary please include all the jobs he gave and gives to family and friends.

      1. You must be working for da man, cause you only presented your nasty platform and not about the issue. You’re a greedy jealous nasty bastard who needs to get off your knees and work hard for a living.

      2. Youre disgusting and should never be able to have a right to hurt others to make your self feel good. You obviously give yourself way too much importance on this little blog.

      3. I’ll scratch your back if you do my dirty work and post shit so people will forget what we did by hurting an old man cause we could do anymore without him telling on all of us old dogs.

      4. Get everybody of the topic of the superintendant and get everyone to fight with one another instead of the real issues in town. Put one little guy against the other, forget transparencies some one might see the wool over their eyes and realize this is the job of the friends and family net work. One goes ten buddies of my choosing will comeback in his place….

    2. It’s sad how they set up Dr. Yazurlo.Why couldn’t they just let him resign? Why is it that they always blame it on the police or inspector general doing an investigation.They have eliminated many good people, teachers, administrators and principals with trumped up charges tha have left Yonkers. Politics as usual….Yes and the president of the board will probably be the next superintendent, the same person who handed the budget over to the mayor when he got appointed and allowed him to consolidate the city departments.Interesting that NS is the superintendent of a Muslim school in Yonkers (Andalucia) which does not allow anyone who is not a Muslim to enroll in their school…In this day and age, do we need this in the Yonkers schools?Isn’t this a conflict??? Oh well what do you want;Yonkers -the city of hills where nothing is on the level.

      1. In sole reference to your last comment , my Uncle is not the superintendent of the Andalucia school anymore, and hasn’t been for a few years. Even though this needs no explanation I would like to point out that they asked him to help kickstart the school after his retirement, because of his experience as an administrator. I also personally know someone who attended the school who was a Christian, and got a fair education like all students , without having to attend any religious activities. Very unfair to use the current national debate on Islamophobia like that to steer any ill feelings towards him. Next time in your comment you should also point out that my Uncle Nader is a born and raised Proud Christian who helped establish and has served the Virgin Mary Church of Yonkers For 45 years. Muslim, Jewish, public or Christian schools, would have made no difference In in any job taken by him. I’m sure you didn’t know that, and as a Yonkers High school graduate and his nephew I wanted that to be clear. God bless you and hope you had a good thanksgiving Ed-u-cator. If you have any questions he’s a nice open guy just call or go see him, I’m sure he doesn’t need a fake name to give his opinions on any issues. On another note his voluntary non paying job as president of the board of education prevents a lot of us from spending time with my Uncle Nader, he gives up a lot of his personal and family time for the district.

        As well not in reference to your comment but those below about a lot of “political favors” in the form of city jobs for his family is nonsense. I have only one first cousin working for the city who is completely certified and waited for their position fairly. None of his nieces or nephews have any city jobs in Yonkers. We are a Proud large strong Jordanian American community and frequently refer to each other as family as a result of distant relations, common backgrounds, parishes, and ancestral tongue. Just like you would see in many cultures or old movies like the godfather how they treat the entire community like a family. We won’t apologize or be shy about having a strong close base that pushes for higher education and close kinship. There may be plenty of people with the same last name working in the community, we may or may not have distant relations but think of the surname like Rodrigues, Smith, or Chan. Assumptions are made because maybe we don’t take the time to explain how our community works. I do not want to be bias about what the real conversation about the schools leadership and would like to keep that out of this statement. So all other political issues aside, you all can state your opinions, maybe your right , maybe your wrong, just wanted to give some background information that I think is fair to know. I hope YPS and Mayors office make the up the best possible decisions for the students of Yonkers. I got a great education in YHS, and so did my Dad in 1972. I am bulldog and Yonkersite for life, that’s way I was raised, and hope the best for our city always. It’s great we all care, everyone wants their guy in the seat, best luck to everyone. Any fair non vulgar questions just Facebook me, we all want the same thing for YPS, a brighter future.

          1. Don’t list your name on this site, the people are fighting here are just evil from hell. Its not worth it. They are nasty communists trying to get people mad cause they weren’t bright enough to get a real degree in college to make a higher wage for themselves. Now they are jealous because they don’t know how to work for an honest day’s pay.

      2. This is not the time for racist comments. Let us come together in the name of education and in the best interest of students to serve this district. Nader Sayegh should be appointed as the next Superintendent Of Schools. As a former Yonkers principal and BOED President, Dr. Sayegh would indeed be the best man for the job at this time. Let’s move forward as a community. Happy Thanksgiving to all!

        1. Nader is a wonderful person but was a terrible principal. He was always MIA from the building. What can he give our students to bring this district out of its hell hole that Bernie and Mike got this district in to. His school at 13 was failing during his tenure. The entire district will be beyond his ability. Everyone knows what he’s made of and nothing will get done.

          1. Hey ABC, do your research before commenting with false and offensive accusations. Dr. Nader Sayegh was called specifically to troubleshoot failing schools and turn them around; such as School 13, School 9 and School 22. During his tenure at School 13, Dr. Sayegh as a principle increase test scores, school pride and parental involvement. His leadership developed collaboration and transparency among the entire School 13 family. If you were to get your facts straight, any student, parent, and faculty member would testify to his remarkable turnaround in the school. What happened to the school after his retirement is not his fault. Now that you’re fully enlightened with the facts, feel free to take your biased and tainted opinion and run with it. Have a wonderful day!

          2. Unfortunately for you, all you need to do is look up the test scores for Schhol 13 at the website and you will see how poorly his school performed during his tenure.
            Mr. Sayegh was unable to remove his school from his designated SINI status. Now he’s leading the charge to improve schools. Give me a break!!! Nader is a great person but incapable of fixing the mess Pieorazio got this district in.

    3. Let’s be clear “earnings” ARE NOT “salaries.” The difference is OVERTIME. Without overtime, the salaries for these jobs and positions are less “eye catching.”

      1. A large percentage of overtime earnings is funded from sources other than the Yonkers taxpayer. Federal and state grants, neighboring municipalities, private contractors, and corporations fund overtime. Case in point, last week in Newburgh, NY 15 firefighters were hired under a FEDERAL GRANT. When that grant expired, these firefighters were going to be laid off until the federal funding was renewed.

    4. Each has studied and worked hard to learn the skills needed to be on the job.
      Over the years salaries accured and with overtime pay can earn more to take care of their families, while paying taxes.

      Stop the campaign for equality because we know that’s far from your racist reality. You’re idea of “distribution the wealth” is to put more money in your own pocket, out of someone who worked hard to earn it. Your ideas are like those of a thief. Since you can’t earn it, then no one else should. You’re sick and your ideologies are absolutely ridiculous.

    5. It’s racists individuals like you that go on a site like this to scandalize an issue which was about the superintendant and tried to manipulate the topic of conversation for your own importance. Get of your soap box you socialist.
      You had no right printing names of others, you are not a member of the press. Cut the bullshit that the “people”have a right to know. You have hate and pure jealously, that’s why you printed it and evil inside. You decided by yourself or maybe after some lunatics whispered in your ear, that it would be a kind gesture to print the names and salaries of hard working veterans. You idiot. You know you must be one big peice of a shit for a human being, loathing after what someone has, while others put their lives on the line for punks like you. A public servant works hard dealing with danger while serving the public. I’m sure you’re not a loyal hard work employee or a good provider. You lie so much, that you don’t even believe in half the venom and gossip you speak of. Go find a temple, church or Mosque as you have condemned your soul. You’re cowardly acts are the despicable acts of a disgusting human being.

    6. Don’t give us your bullshit lies that the people have the right to know.
      Who died and made you God. You’re not a member of the news.
      You are NOTHING…. A NOBODY. … Just an envious greedy ass too dam lazy to get a job sweat work 12 hours a day. Stop talking so much shit and get off your lazy ass, go to work double shift and you can get paid too.

    7. It take a big dick to change a topic on this forum to your own campaign for your own agenda to show off to your buddies. You are not in Cuba! Get a life, get a job. Put on your big boy pants on and grow a pair. Don’t bring others down to make yourself feel good. These people who’s names you printed work hard.
      I dare you to put your name address and salary here, you asshole. Just because you can doesn’t mean its the right thing to do. Obviously, you’re not MAN enough to earn your keep, doesn’t mean that no one else can.

    8. You accept the protection from those who serve and then have the audacity to talk shit while you stay snug in your home knowing if there’s a fire you’ll have us to save you or a crazed burglar inside your home with a gun, we’ll sacrifice our lives for yours with out a seconds thought for our children. Now that you don’t need us at this moment, you have the nerve to whine and complain and then in the same breath say we need more police, crime is up, we need firemen, too many fires in the news. You have the nerve to say how much we should get paid for all that we do, so you can sleep at night and spew this garbage.

    9. If you spent more time thinking how you could work harder, you could earn more. Instead of being a crybaby worrying who makes better pay than poor you.

    10. You’re a puppet you have no thoughts of your own. You talk a lot of crap. If you made overtime you would make more, your one of the three stooges., everybody knows you’re jealous and just talking shit.

    11. Negative bullshit that no one believes, SOYO ! Your a puppet and someone has their hands so far up your ass that you don’t even notice your head bobbing up and down.

    1. NY State law states the following:

      “The people’s right to know the process of governmental decision-making and to review the documents and statistics leading to determinations is basic to our society. Access to such information should not be thwarted by shrouding it with the cloak of secrecy or confidentiality. The Legislature therefore declares that government is the public’s business and that the public, individually and collectively and represented by a free press, should have access to the records of government in accordance with the provisions of this article.”

      If anyone disagrees with New York State law, then they should contact their local representatives and voice their concerns.

      As this business with the former YPS Superintendent reveals, Yonkers citizens can only benefit from greater transparency and accountability among their elected and appointed public servants. To suggest otherwise (namely censorship and secrecy) is undemocratic and, in this case, illegal according to State law.

      1. You are a very irresponsible and obvoiusly dont worry about anyone else but your agenda. You are a fine example of what’s wrong in this city today, do as I say not as I do.

        I guarantee you you are not man enough to reveal your name. I’m sure the police and fire are longing to find out who you are. You are not a member of the press. These people have the right to get to know you and see who you are and what you earn.

        1. Shame on you for posting names of police as fire, I’m sure you are the most hated within your family, at work and now most hated guy in Yonkers.

      2. Unfortunately the ones who need to comply most with this law are the ones who shirk from it. The legislators themselves. Remember the Moreland Commission?

        “The commission was discontinued by Governor Cuomo in March 2014, after a package of ethics reforms was negotiated into the annual state budget by the New York legislature.[6] The commission issued a preliminary report of its findings on December 2, 2013.[7] During its work and following its dissolution, the governor’s office was accused of interfering with and restricting the investigations of the commission. Media reports alleged that Lawrence Schwartz, the secretary to the governor, barred the commission from issuing subpoenas to organizations with ties to Governor Cuomo, and that the commission was not permitted to investigate any improprieties on the part of the executive administration. In response, Cuomo argued that the commission was an executive body that was not independent, and the Moreland Act under which the commission was convened allowed him to monitor and control its activities. In quotes reported by Crains New York, Cuomo said “It’s not a legal question. The Moreland Commission was my commission,” “It’s my commission. My subpoena power, my Moreland Commission. I can appoint it, I can disband it. I appoint you, I can un-appoint you tomorrow.”
        Everything else is designed to get the voters looking away from the politicians.

        1. You raise a good point regarding the Moreland Commission and corruption higher up (both legislatively and geographically). It seems that the City of Yonkers is merely a microcosm of the systemic corruption on the State level (New York is one of the worst offenders according to some reports).

    2. HEZI please read this.

      By disclosing names with no regard to anyone’s safety you fool. Get off your soap box the 60s are over you jackass. Anyone who’s name you posted who purchased a home can be searched since YOU decided to list all the names of undercover cops. Not too long ago, one of my buddies on the job had some one walk by him and whispered to him while he was with his family, “I’m out”
      Meaning he was out of jail. Search engine is not the same as listing names one by one you asshole. Take this shit off

  9. Does anyone know who the new interim superintendent will be? Will there be any criminal charges stemming from this police investigation?

    Or do you just bitch about taxes and salaries here?

    1. On the school’s website, Edwin Quesada is listed as the new interim superintendent of schools. As far as the investigation goes, word has it that Yazurlo has veimently denies all alligations and has hired an attorney to address a case of defamation of character.

      1. No name was linked to the computers. The whole this was a vindictive ploy because he gave John Carr a JOB. The superintendant was taken by surprise by those closest to him to force him to resign.

    2. Hey Raghead,
      Just because your boss is taking it in the a$$ up in prison you don’t have to slander good old boys making 10 times your salary. Yaz is a better man on his worst day than you will ever be… STFU

        1. Dr. Yazurlo did not deserve the lies spread all over this city. That’s what the nasty low life’s do here in this city. They pilar the city and convince everyone else that it’s the white collar worker that’s “BAD” when reality it’s them stealing and lying left and right. Then to add insult to injury,they makeup blatant lies about an individual with a doctorate over 30 years in Education for no reason, just to be vindictive and bring a good guy down like Dr. yazurlo.

          1. Idiots compare a doctorate to a high school diploma. A worker with a high school diploma should get to be the leader and run things into the ground. Shouldn’t make the big bucks either, the whole thing is laughable.

    3. None are true. When the mafia wants you out, you’re out. It’s doesn’t matter how it gets done. If they have to plant stuff to set someone up they do it.
      There’s something to say about the dirty expertise one learns behind bars.

    4. Check out this article from The Journal News:

      Yonkers turmoil: Police probe, school chief quits

      Hey Hezi Aris make sure to put this up on your amazing blog… You need to submit a new breaking news exclusive apologizing to Dr. Yazurlo! And as for SoYo, you also need to apologize!! Puppets believing everything you’re force feed… Trying to make a fool out of the ONLY man that actually cares to make a difference, you people are disgusting

      1. The whole ruthless stunt was a big lie and show. The boss call friends who send the boys in blue to pick up computers. They spread gossip pretend and lie to say something might be on the computers which will magically disappear. Why you ask? Because a man said NO to the Don

      2. Any public worker, especially a former retiree, pulling in two times what the Mayor makes (and perhaps the highest salary in the City) deserves scrutiny, especially if he oversees an agency that is perennially in the red and has to beg Albany for funds to make ends meet.

        Why pay someone more than a quarter of a million dollars in public money to run an agency that does not have the money to fulfill its sole responsibility, which is to educate the City’s children?

    5. Bernie was blamed and made out to look the other way while the city that never sleeps did what ever they wanted to do. Once he wore out his usefulness, he was paid the balance of his contract with a signature for non disclosure. If any of this were true the Feds would have said it all. Same thing with Yaz, he was paid the remainder of his contract salary for his silence. The only problem here is no one said to him that he had to accept a character assassination.

      1. This is not true Bernard had four years left on his contract. He was just paid from Feb – June. He had every right to collect the other four years salary but that is not who he is. Get facts straight!

    6. They admit they were wrong and will never apologize to you. You were betrayed by cityhall who turned their backs against you so fast Dr Yaz

    7. Please remove data of hard working citizens off this confidential site in the middle of this page of comments. It’s not fair that we are dragged into this.
      Below are two links and a long list of private citizens names and salary earned please remove it before it goes into archive forever. Thank you.

  10. Scammers beware, mayor is discussing a plan similar to cuomo, no employees will make more than mayor. It’s time the fat cats get on a treadmill, LOSERS

    1. I’m sure this would t be a problem if you were making this salary! It’s ok for you but no one else can earn a living in most expensive county. Bunch of cry babies! You must be a Spanhoes! This is not communist country. We do not have a class system here! The Govenornor’s job comes with lots of perks! Stop your jealousy. Take a test, earn a skill, go back to school put lots of backbreaking overtime and you can get paid too! Get of welfare and work for a living. No body is stopping you lazy deadbeat! Stop mooching off society looser. You must enjoy being a disappointment to your family. Stop worrying about everybody else’s business This city is full of nasty backstabbers. The misery you spill on to others with your jealousy does come back to you.Take care of yourself, stop waisting your time and go to work and get a real job and stop crying!

    2. The whole story is as phony as a three dollar bill. Anybody who knows the Superintendant knows he’s a dedicated family man who’s dedication was first and foremost to the children of Yonkers. He is completely shocked by this betrayal from all he trusted and vows to clear his name.

    3. Just hard working folks on the job busting their butts on the job to make sure this city is safe. We’re understaffed over worked and gotta do a lot of extra work
      I paid my dues to earn my keep. The only fat cat is you and maybe one day we can meet to discuss our mutual philosophy. Until then stop talking crap.

      1. There are plenty of fat cats. Look at the list of greedy bosses. Ohhhhhh wait, shhhhhh, you are definitely a boss. Or Joe Mahoney. You greedy bastards will never understand. Stay under the radar. If you are locking up criminals and taking bad guys off the streets then kudos to you. Unfortunately the bosses have become so greedy that there is no money left for the beat cop. The YPD will survive with less bosses. After all they put slips in on the backs of the PBA. And the PBA leader lobbies for the CLS. It’s a vicious cycle.

  11. Roughly 44% of city workers in Yonkers make over $100,000 per year (i.e. 937 out of 2,125 public sector jobs pay a six-figure salary – too many to list here, unfortunately).

    While Albany had to bail out Yonkers with $25 million to close its Public Schools budget deficit for 2015-216, there never seems to be a shortage of taxpayer money to cover six-figure salaries for unelected public servants.

    Meanwhile, the search continues for the next $300,000 YPS Superintendent.

    1. What’s the matter Nancy, are you afraid of working hard, overtime long hours not seeing your family, sacrificing to take care of my family. I earned my keep on the job. None of these folks have a GED diploma. The hard working folks put themselves on the line everyday. These are the leaders who serve and protect and have 20 plus years on the job. They have a skill and are great in what they do. That’s why they are at the top. Get a life and get back to work.

      1. Gold brought for Pennies on the dollar changing hands every five minutes by the big boys just like candy. Everyone keeps crying about salaries, you suckers follow the crumbs to create a diversion and division. Meanwhile you have no clue. There’s real money moving about and no body is none the wiser. Fools.

  12. This a garbage story, with garbage writing and garbage reporting. Have some pride in your own work before you go throwing ridiculous ccusations around.

    1. For a breaking news reporter you should really use spell check, and proof read your writing… Also anybody that knows Dr. Yazurlo knows he has no idea how to use technology, so get you information right before you accuse

    2. This is an unbelievable story that an older man with years of an unblemished record in two school districts would damage his reputation in this way. I don’t believe it for a minute. Where’s the proof? It’s a set-up worthy of a legal investigation for false alligations defamation of character. I hope Yaz stands up for himself with a lawyer. Who are these evil dangerous individuals who could bring forth such an elaborate set up of hatred? who’s responsible for these scandalous lies, how did they do it and why now?

    1. Its unbelievable the lengths some will go to to deliberately harm the honor of the former and present superintendant for no reason other than greed!

  13. Stop all the nonsense and move plain and simple not one person in yonkers a $hit about you or your children.
    Its all about my paycheck the bigger they brag about all day .

    1. Please notify the police of the disclosure of employees by an individual who wishes to cause harm. Please identify the URL of SOHO to shut him down.
      Please remove all the links and all the names and salaries of city employees. There are criminals that could create problems for our workers.

      1. I would be the last person to wish harm on anyone, city employee or otherwise. I have to ask you how posting someone’s name and his/her salary creates a scenario conducive to physical harm, especially with such limited information. By the way I am a former city employee and it is MY tax dollars being used to pay for these salaries. OMG, some of them are making more than the comptroller of the state of New York.

      2. All this information is public record. Those who don’t want it publicized here don’t want the citizens of Yonkers to see who’s getting overpaid. Hezi, how can you condone suggesting that this information should be censored on this site? This is just what people need to see, the names of those who are milking the taxpayers dry.
        How many names do the readers recognize? Didn’t know so and so was pulling in $200K as a City employee? The City of Hills….

    2. Please extend the courtesy to remove the names, salaries and work location salaries below from this site immediately for safety concerns.

      1. There is NO need to remove any of it, it is all public information. What are any of you afraid of? Like not wanting family & friends knowing how much your salary is. You can’t be serious…..

    1. Thanks for the link. As of 2015 there are 279 Yonkers public employees making more than Mayor Spano ($151,654).

      Police & Fire (192)
      Public Schools (70)
      General Employees (17)

      Doyle, Richard J $244,515 Police & Fire
      Fara, Charles F, Jr $238,189 Police & Fire
      Mahoney, Joseph G $234,047 Police & Fire
      Hellthaler, Fred W $229,292 Police & Fire
      Monaco, Joseph M $228,672 Police & Fire
      Nassar, Kallid $227,306 Police & Fire
      Mendelson, Mark J $223,729 Police & Fire
      Venturino, Louis J $222,065 Police & Fire
      Byrne, Patrick J $221,557 Police & Fire
      Bubbico, Frank A $220,369 Police & Fire
      Moran, Brian K $219,403 Police & Fire
      Butler, Peter $215,866 Police & Fire
      De Matteo, Charles J $215,786 Police & Fire
      De Satnik, Adam $214,790 Police & Fire
      Perrotta, Christopher $212,352 Police & Fire
      Olcese, Piero $212,047 Police & Fire
      Sawchuk, Robert L $211,801 Police & Fire
      Twomey, John A $211,303 Police & Fire
      Treacy, Daniel W $209,938 Police & Fire
      Potanovic, Edward C $208,083 Police & Fire
      Ward, Thomas $207,581 Police & Fire
      Mc Gartland, James D $207,230 Police & Fire
      Hodges, Timothy J $206,949 Police & Fire
      Mueller, John J $205,539 Police & Fire
      Murphy, Michael T $201,560 Police & Fire
      Solicito, Joseph $201,536 Police & Fire
      Behan, Brian P $201,519 Police & Fire
      Mullins, Sean E $201,254 Police & Fire
      Ruyack, Richard R $199,209 Police & Fire
      Reagan, Joseph F, Jr $197,987 Police & Fire
      Mc Cormack, Brian J $196,400 Police & Fire
      Hernandez, Fred $196,072 Educator
      Fitzpatrick, Timothy J $195,345 Police & Fire
      Mc Laughlin, Andrew J $194,808 Police & Fire
      Crane, Suzanne M $194,780 Police & Fire
      Antulov, Robert A $194,577 Police & Fire
      Itzla, Robert A $194,342 Police & Fire
      Russo, Matthew P $194,236 Police & Fire
      Bladel, Michael T $193,208 Police & Fire
      Cavorti, Emil J $193,148 Police & Fire
      Oakley, Marvin R $191,900 Police & Fire

      1. Reilly, James P $191,606 Police & Fire
        Barbato, Justin R $191,544 Police & Fire
        Maher, Christopher S $190,958 Police & Fire
        Sharp, Jade R $190,833 Educator
        Mazzola, Steven R $190,708 Educator
        Mesler, Lawrence J $190,623 Police & Fire
        Cioffi, Anthony A $190,607 Educator
        Recine, Joseph $190,434 Police & Fire
        Quezada, Edwin M $190,216 Educator
        Medlar, Daniel $190,030 Police & Fire
        Kreso, Michael J $188,787 Police & Fire
        Moriarty, John M $188,735 Police & Fire
        Oakley, John $187,710 Police & Fire
        Wissner, Mark T $187,442 Police & Fire
        Cariello, Frank C $187,329 Police & Fire
        Baiocco, Anthony F, Jr $187,246 Police & Fire
        Leahy, Edward J $187,181 Police & Fire
        Cassino, Michael A $186,773 Police & Fire
        Mendelson, Todd E $186,387 Police & Fire
        Digneo, Miriam L $186,367 Educator
        Kressman, Richard $186,357 Police & Fire
        Kivel, Michael T $186,343 Police & Fire
        Trabucco, Henry A $185,408 Police & Fire
        Menton, Brian P $185,068 Police & Fire
        Mccue, Gregory A $184,928 Police & Fire
        Naber, Sanah S $184,909 Educator
        Sullivan, William J $183,980 Police & Fire
        Travers, Brian $183,509 Police & Fire
        Dronzek, David J $183,195 Police & Fire
        Piedade, George H $183,052 Police & Fire
        Chiarella, Anthony F $182,854 Police & Fire
        Intervallo, Francis P $182,446 Police & Fire
        Mueller, Michael V $182,433 Police & Fire
        Dechent, Edward A $182,421 Educator
        Cucolo, Edward $182,331 Police & Fire
        Mc Cormack, Patrick J $182,001 Police & Fire
        Malek, Alice $180,673 Educator
        Citrone, Joseph M $180,659 Police & Fire
        Hanley, Michael A $180,508 Police & Fire
        Mc Intyre, David W $180,500 Police & Fire
        Brown-Anfelouss, Marjorie $180,436 Educator
        Banks-Williams, Sharon $180,252 Educator
        Dunn, Lawrence G $179,973 Police & Fire
        Mc Guinness, John A $179,752 Police & Fire
        Pisacreta, Geraldine $179,636 Educator
        Moreira, Steven $179,317 Police & Fire
        Gower, David H $179,111 Police & Fire
        Campanini, Daniel M $178,942 Police & Fire
        Ford, Kevin P $178,924 Police & Fire
        Messar, Michael B $178,828 Police & Fire
        Levine, Robert $178,780 Police & Fire
        Vernagallo, Louis B $178,722 Police & Fire
        Rice, Paul G $178,698 Police & Fire
        De Lasho, Joseph J, Jr $178,591 Police & Fire
        Baiocco, Marc P $177,075 Police & Fire
        Bock, Robert R $177,067 Police & Fire
        Solimene, Don N $177,011 Educator
        Gratzon, Stephen A $176,736 Police & Fire
        Meehan, Brian W $176,601 Police & Fire
        Collins, Philip A $176,399 Police & Fire
        Curtis, Brian M $176,006 Educator
        Brady, James O $175,726 Police & Fire
        Foley, Thomas P $175,723 Police & Fire
        Cordero, Alfred R $175,680 General Employee
        Frascone, Nicholas $175,676 General Employee
        Carozza, Ralph $175,626 Police & Fire
        Gardner, Charles N $175,378 Police & Fire
        Creighton-Thiam, Tracie J $175,198 Educator
        Baker, Charles P $175,147 Police & Fire
        Darcy, John J $175,087 Police & Fire
        Mclaughlin, Meredith $175,007 Police & Fire
        Cave, William J $174,739 Police & Fire
        Beglane, Edward T $174,465 Educator
        Langan, Patricia $174,318 Educator
        Campanaro, Kevin M $174,217 Police & Fire
        Morehead, Rita $173,968 Educator
        Urban, William J $173,710 Police & Fire
        Eisner, Cynthia B $173,687 Educator
        Martino, Joseph F $173,677 Police & Fire
        Griffith, Scott M $173,377 Police & Fire
        Di Donato, Denis, Jr $173,335 Police & Fire
        Di Dio, Vincent J $173,239 Police & Fire
        Borrelli, Dennis M $173,121 Police & Fire
        O’Leary, Kieran P $173,043 Police & Fire
        Komar, David J $172,521 Police & Fire
        Walder, Marilyn F $172,416 Educator
        Joyner-White, Gail $172,135 Educator
        Crowley, James K $172,122 Police & Fire
        Davis, Kim R $171,955 Educator
        Aitcheson, John A $171,920 Police & Fire
        Joao, Christopher M $171,872 Police & Fire
        Torp, Martha I $171,613 Educator
        Hand, Leslie G $171,547 Police & Fire
        Washington, Taren L $171,511 Educator
        Cromwell, Neal O $171,423 Police & Fire
        Rivera-Shapiro, Eileen E $171,246 Educator
        Higgins, Daniel E $170,998 Police & Fire
        Starkey, Vincent W $170,881 Police & Fire
        Costabile, Steven P $170,800 Police & Fire
        Riccuiti, Robert F, Jr $170,379 Educator
        Fierson, Susan V $170,027 Educator
        Fazio, Peter J $169,960 Police & Fire
        Kerner, Stephen $169,464 Police & Fire
        Taylor, Florence E $169,412 Educator
        Barca, Joseph A $169,037 Police & Fire
        Lane, Andrew M $168,549 Police & Fire
        Flynn, John F $168,337 Police & Fire
        Amendoeira, Antonio S $167,942 Police & Fire
        Montero, Christine $167,767 Educator
        Smith, George S $167,710 Police & Fire
        Fitzpatrick, Thomas F, Jr $167,602 Police & Fire
        Fitzpatrick, James M $167,550 Police & Fire
        Potanovic, Joseph V $167,549 Police & Fire
        Hacaj, Robert K $167,099 Police & Fire
        Folkerts, John $167,078 Police & Fire
        Sapienza, Christopher L $167,073 Police & Fire
        Popper, Susan G $167,055 General Employee
        York, Patrick J, Jr $167,009 Police & Fire
        Widman, Christopher S $166,832 Police & Fire
        Telyczka, Roman S $166,679 Police & Fire
        Meier, Thomas G $166,639 General Employee
        Flynn, Daniel P $166,455 Police & Fire
        Girardi, Anthony M $166,273 Police & Fire
        Squazzo, Frederick A $165,835 Police & Fire
        Levy, Steven J $165,572 General Employee
        Craft, William F $165,448 Police & Fire
        Bonanno, Thomas $165,391 Police & Fire
        Berardinelli, Daniel M $165,346 Police & Fire
        Reyes-Vega, Tiara L $165,184 Educator
        Reing, Mark E $165,157 Educator
        Montalvo, Roberto A $165,153 Police & Fire
        Pappas, Bryant $165,064 Police & Fire
        Bonanno, John C $164,935 Police & Fire
        Occhiogrosso, Anthony T $164,704 Police & Fire
        Perez-Mejia, Elda $164,602 Educator
        Connolly, Rachel Mercadante$164,237 Educator
        White, Dianne C $164,160 Educator
        Romero, Alexandra $163,375 Educator
        Iturriaga, Christine E $163,332 Educator
        Como, Thomas J, Jr $163,309 Police & Fire
        Murray, Brendan M $163,121 Police & Fire
        Alaimo, Richard $163,095 Police & Fire
        Brady, Patrick J $162,993 Police & Fire
        Mullin, Dennis $162,848 Police & Fire
        Simone, Michael V $162,766 Police & Fire
        Akey, Robert J $162,734 Police & Fire
        Manzo, Anthony P $162,718 General Employee
        Barca, Christopher J $162,585 Police & Fire
        Fernandez, Frank D $162,526 Police & Fire
        Farina, Michael V $162,452 Police & Fire
        Sherman, Ian M $162,248 Educator
        Mc Auley, James W $162,222 Police & Fire
        Medlar, David B $162,130 Police & Fire
        Preni, Victor $162,070 Police & Fire
        Modiano-Woychowski, Ada $161,867 Educator
        Hernandez, Isabel $161,863 Educator
        Lien, Arthur W $161,629 Police & Fire
        Williams, Christopher J $161,262 Police & Fire
        Koch, Michael M $161,151 Police & Fire
        Walsh, Brian M $160,967 Police & Fire
        Coyle, Gregory M $160,760 Police & Fire
        Ospina, Elisa $160,663 Educator
        Sokolik, Stephen $160,455 Police & Fire
        Fitzpatrick, Robert E $160,164 Police & Fire
        Hughes, Albert J $160,021 Police & Fire
        Rooney, Patrick A $159,816 Police & Fire
        Tolbert, Tanya R $159,330 Educator
        Pataky, William J $159,292 Police & Fire
        Pina, Jose A $159,198 Police & Fire
        Spano, Gerard N $159,109 Police & Fire
        Murphy, Steven E $158,878 Educator
        Dronzek, Kenneth C $158,619 Police & Fire
        Crouch, Sabrina N $158,563 Educator
        Liszewski, John A $157,784 General Employee
        Curti, Michael V $157,784 General Employee
        Marello, John T $157,064 Police & Fire
        Fernandez, Greg $156,768 Educator
        O’Connor, Michael J $156,559 Police & Fire
        Summerfield, Paul $156,544 General Employee
        Schneider, William J $156,544 General Employee
        Mc Grath, Brendan J $156,544 General Employee
        Cavanaugh, L Wilson $156,544 General Employee
        Cacace, Robert W, Jr $156,544 General Employee
        Hartsfield, Yvette E $156,544 General Employee
        Hurley, Richard W $156,508 Police & Fire
        Jenkins, Tonya M $156,478 Educator
        Mahoskey, Raymond J $156,255 Police & Fire
        Benefico, Gail D $156,176 Educator
        Barksdale, Stuart A $156,117 Police & Fire
        Rodriguez, Luis J $156,005 Educator
        Dematteo, Donald D $155,922 Educator
        Politopoulos, Dean T $155,670 Police & Fire
        Weinberger, David H $155,563 General Employee
        Fogarty, Sean P $155,547 Police & Fire
        Torres, Eileen $155,492 Educator
        Davy, Natalie L $155,268 Educator
        Baiocco, Carol A $155,262 Educator
        Reis, Sharron $155,163 Educator
        Hippolyte, Karl J $155,109 Police & Fire
        Honeywell-Ayabaca, Jelia L $154,859 Educator
        Johal, Kumari U $154,811 Educator
        Moran, Carlos A $154,683 General Employee
        Trizano, Steven P $154,616 Police & Fire
        Cannady, Teresa C $154,551 Educator
        Henry, Matthew C $154,547 Police & Fire
        Celio, Enrico A $154,535 Police & Fire
        Turner-Nash, Beverly $154,494 Educator
        Walker, Charles J $154,450 Police & Fire
        Salierno, Patrick J $154,438 Police & Fire
        Murray, Jimmy $154,313 Police & Fire
        Mc Cormack, Grace $154,139 Educator
        Mulvey, Michael G $154,124 Police & Fire
        Falcone, Antonia R $154,118 Educator
        Marolla-Bernstein, Terriann$153,847 Educator
        Sanz, Pablo C $153,767 Educator
        Geiss, John T $153,758 Police & Fire
        Bell, Gina $153,483 Educator
        Barrow, Will E $153,382 Educator
        Dzikovic, Maria $153,345 Educator
        Block, Lawrence J $153,282 Police & Fire
        Viviano, John $153,109 Police & Fire
        Nehrebecki, Edward M $152,997 Police & Fire
        Tobacco, Louis G $152,940 Police & Fire
        Fava, Maryann C $152,893 Educator
        De Vita, Dominick $152,728 General Employee
        Phelan, Thomas F $152,698 Police & Fire
        De Santis, Christopher M $152,445 Police & Fire
        Gray, Brian S $152,428 Educator
        Hartley, Shaun M $152,420 Police & Fire
        Mc Laughlin, Mitchell $152,373 Police & Fire
        Foto, Lisamarie $152,259 Educator
        Manousos, Michael A $152,170 Police & Fire
        Guzman, Domenica G $152,157 Police & Fire
        Sikorski, Patricia F $152,145 Educator
        Hughes, Dale A $152,089 Police & Fire
        Lorio, Jennifer M $151,997 Educator
        Fitzpatrick, Maryellen $151,939 Educator
        Perkins, Suzette C $151,902 Educator

        Spano, Michael J $151,654 General Employee

        1. I do 5 titles and make $50,000 As a csea worker. i am disgusted. I am told to take comp. Time because there is no money. Of course not look where is going.
          Spano cut from the top. Don’t be rediculous. There are aids working as secretaries and bosses look the other way. So they don’t have to hire clerk one or two. Shame on you. I thought spano was different. I guess not.

        1. Yazurlo’s salary as (former) head of YPS is illustrative of the excessive, unsustainable public sector salaries that are crippling Yonkers, which never seems to have enough money despite a billion dollar budget for a city of 200,000.

          “Three of every four Yonkers public school students are classified as economically disadvantaged. Many do not receive the minimum level of art, music or physical education instruction required by the state. The staff is so decimated that the district has one guidance counselor for every 827 students, one social worker for every 2,405, and one librarian for every 3,307.

          Lacking the required resources, more than 400 of the district’s approximately 4,000 special education students are sent to private schools or programs in wealthier districts at taxpayer expense.

          Many Yonkers schools have class sizes of 30 or more — five more than the statewide average. Funding is so limited that some state educational requirements are ignored just to provide basic reading, math and science instruction.”

          1. The city has been fighting with the state over unfair funding for as long as I can remember, how come that never changes? One of out state reps when asked about it said she has to worry about the rest of the state not just Yonkers and she keeps getting voted back in. How about getting rid of unfunded mandates? How about an ouside audit of the BOE just to see where our money is going?

        2. Supt Yaz is doing what friends n family and politicians have been doing for decades in YO, screwing around – now it happens to be porn sites – while the kids fail out and tax base continually weakens

    2. Dear HEZI :

      Please assist our right to some protection and privacy. Please remove the above link which discloses our job location and salaries which places all parties at risk of harm. This forum is an annonimus site.

  14. I won the mandate in the election, now hit the road to all the deadbeats and slackers that hide behind a desk or push the work off to someone else. It’s rampant in our school district. You get the school ready for school of the month, then it’s back to malaise and complaining.

    1. I wish you would do all the wonderful things you promised to do! We believed in you and still have high hopes that you will sit down with Police, fire, civil service and teachers to fix the problems in this city once and for all. You could do this if you wanted to. We really though you cared about the children of this city and the schools! We invite you to visit any school and walk into any classroom at anytime to see for yourself how hard we work and how much we care!

      1. I agree, there are problems with PD and FD. But I also say fuck the BOE too. You assholes get summers off and make just as much money if not more so go sell your bullshit elsewhere. I’ve been in your schools and have seen with my own eyes the type of students my money and taxes are wasted on. And I see the waste of money that happens when you must spend every last penny of your over inflated budget. Dr. Yaz stepped down. Get over it. There’s no set ups or conspiracies here, just an educator that has stepped down for health reasons. Lmao.

    2. If the alligations herein are true, the attorney general is responsible to file for an official investigation into the alledged violations to determine any misconduct, ethics violations or misuse of public tax dollars.

      1. Dr. Michael Yazurlo is a very learned man and should have known that his “Destiny ” was determined the moment he accepted the job as Superintendent. His time in “the seat” was up and by any means necessary he had to go. “They” will use you and then spit you out like a wad of Bazooka chewing gum. Responding to any allegations or hiding behind claims of health issues only serves as useless fader for what is really taking form. All should rise up against this form of tyranny.

  15. Yazurlo earns over $300,000 per year as a public servant and either 1) he watches porn at work or 2) he’s innocent but lacks the integrity to defend himself.

    I’d like to see a list of public employees in Yonkers, their salaries, and their qualifications. If they receive public money, then their employment details should be made public for all to see.

    1. I’d also like to see how these salaries compare to salaries for analogous positions in cities of similar sizes (population ~200,000) and with similar budgets.

      If there are discrepancies (e.g. if salaries in Yonkers are substantively higher), then the Mayor himself should be made to justify in a detailed, transparent way his administration’s allocation of public money for the hiring and remuneration of public servants.

      1. I’d also suggest a cap on the Mayor’s salary, with no one in government allowed to earn more than the Mayor.

        If the Mayor is the top position in the City and thereby its most important, all other positions are therefore of lesser importance and should be paid accordingly.

        Syracuse looked into this very topic and it was an eye-opener.

          1. Well, it should be pointed out that I’ve been called a “socialist” on this site. If anyone is in favor of well-paid jobs for police, firefighters, teachers, sanitation workers, et al. then it’s me.

            HOWEVER, there appears to be a taboo when it comes to questioning whether these workers are actually making more money than workers in similar cities with similar populations and similar budgets. If they do make more, then they should provide justifications. If they cannot provide justifications, then they are just costing the City money. Greed is universal.

            The starting salary for a Yonkers firefighter is $71,000, while a NYC firefighter starts at $39,000. Why?

            The starting salary for a Yonkers police officer is $57,000 while NYC cop starts out at $42,000. Why?

            Before we all genuflect before our public employees, do most of them even live in the City?

          2. Would you run into a burning building for 71,000 while everyone is running out? Would you put on a Police Uniform for 51,000 and patrol Schroeder street at night? I don’t think so! They are worth every dime! Yes, the socialist ideals are just fine ideals that are conviently used to start political propaganda. What do you do for a living? if everyone thought like you, SOHO, no one would be able to afford to live in Westchester. I bet I can train someone else to take your job! What do you
            do for a living? Is your position obtained by the
            friends and family network? Maybe you do not
            have enough experience in your position or
            perhaps your not qualified to do and make too
            much money! There’s a superintendent job open, why don’t you apply for that job?

            Hope the PBA and the teamsters convince you to stop the hate you’re trying to spread!

    2. The list of salaries is already public. Most teachers have a bachelor degree with masters degree or doctorate will have a higher salary. Many teachers have 10 and 20 years which raises their salary. A long term Custodian can earn $65 grand per year, and a long term clerk secretary can earn the same. All government employees earn a living based on their years of service and degreeof education. Civil service employees receive an increase every year and receive accrued salary. Salaries are competitive depending on what job you have. If you work for many years as a police officer fireman or hard sanitation worker or mailman you are entitled to a pay raise for the experience you provide on the job. We have had a few city leaders with only high school diploma who have the friends and family package with lots of perks and nice salary too!

      1. Kindly point me to where these salaries are made public – website or otherwise. As far as I am concerned, this should be easily accessible on CoY’s website.

        As to the comment about the Mayor’s rudimentary education, the solution is to avoid voting for someone with only a high school equivalency diploma.

          1. No one cares about anyone one’s feeling or safety. I’m a single mom working in this city living in this city for many years. I don’t want my salary printed, and if something happens to me I’m gonna get a lay suit against you. I live in a rough part of town. Everyone is always looking to backstab and be nasty to one another why do we have to always hurt the next guy, it’s gotta stop!

          2. To put things into perspective, the Yonkers Public Schools Superintendent makes almost as much as President Obama.

            What if, for example, the YPS Superintendent were to take a voluntary cut in pay, say $150,000. Over two years, this pay cut, which would still provide an exceptionally high standard of living, would save the City $300,000. That would be putting the children of Yonkers first.

            Earlier this year Hezi reported the fact that Yonkers Commissioners were expected to receive a 5% pay increase (“THE HEZITORIAL INVESTIGATION: Yonkers Mayor Spano Ties His Reelection Bid with a 5 Percent Pay Increase Plus More Perks for Every Commissioner in the City,” March 14, 2015). I’d like to hear about how such an increase was justified, especially in light of the fact that the vast majority of wages for Yonkers residents (and Americans in general) have been stagnant for the past four decades.

            The fact is that “the system” is swimming in public money (as the Syracuse article revealed and a look at Yonkers salaries would reveal) but there is virtually no accountability or transparency in how our money is being (mis)spent. And it is “our” money since these are public jobs that are paid for by tax dollars.

      2. Not really one can be on a list waiting for a tittle until the list expires unless a grandfather comes along. I’m living it now. soon to expire clerk 3. My friend #1 on d list was skipped.

  16. “Low Expectations = Low Results” the Yonkers motto for decades, while the rest of NY has dealt with the same issues, that YPS use as excuses for every years failing test scores. The state will come in and takeover the entire school district and away goes the union-backed stronghold policies that protect the LAZY and INDIFFERENT!

    1. You have no clue what really goes on inside every school. Each one has so many children with such complex issues. We have a high number of students with learning disabeled adults who can not help their children at home. We have great number of special needs children who supposed to be in a class of 12 but are in a class of 18 which is against the law. Children have difficulties reading and need extra help. Many students come to school angry, some with weapons gang-bangers who have drugs problems. Stop blaming the teachers. Volunteer and spend a day in any of our schools. I promise you it’s not easy and no one is lazy. It’s hard work. Don’t blame and open your eyes. Why

      Mount Vernon is doing better in the schools than Yonkers. Why! Follow the money. Don’t be a hater! Be a part of the solution.

      We know that’s the plan for city is to let the state take over to make charter schools organized by the higher-up to give the friends and families jobs. If that happens, it’s all over, you’re gonna have to pack up and move! It took TEN long years for the charter school to get a little better. They did so by acting like a private school. They have the ability to kick kids out who have any learning or conduct issues! The rest of the public schools can not do that!!

    2. You sound so Grimm!!! Enjoy the charter school nightmare, it will be another desegregation case all over again!

      They would visit the schools regularly to make sure the schools had extra staff All the central office middle men/women could get into the schools helping to find solutions to make the schools function better.

    3. Did you vote for change at the last election?
      Are you doing anything other than jabber!

      If you are in the position to create change, then do so in a positive way!
      Every teacher in fourty schools is to blame. What about in New York City teachers, are they all awful too! What about the four other largest school districts with low test scores, are the teachers all horrible too! Come on!
      We need people to stop the teacher bashing! You know what’s sad that the school scores were better when we we under the desegregation era. The children had more supplies, more staff, after school programs, tutorial services and the funding was watched carefully. You have no clue!

    4. MJS, You need help to raise your own expectations as you seem to have delusions of grandeur. You need a therapist because it’s obvious that you are in need some serious help. Not just any kind of help but a team of therapist, a round table of doctors to dissect and review your case to come up with a treatment plan. Get we’ll soon!

    5. Do away with free public education. Nothing in this world is free. Let the people that are crossing our borders and renting apts instead of paying property taxes, pay for educating their own children.

  17. They should investigate the asstant Superintedent of Special Ed Dr Rodriguez who was Mike Yarzulo’s next door neighbor. Came from NYC schools as a director of a committee. Mike made him an asst. Supt. gave him a salary of $165,000. when he was only making $90,000 in NYC. He was hired to clean up special ed but he has only spent more money than ever and they are so out of compliance wih their cases. He has 6 administraors working for him when the past administrator only had one! Let’s see if Edwin Q cleans that up! Also investigate all the part time teachers working in that department some making over $60,000.

    1. Right now there are over 3,000 cases interim cases pending for an evaluation and pending review. PS …Mr. Rod has hired three more since then. He does return calls and locks the door!

      1. If you are so upset with the system and think you can do better please teach the teachers how to teach! The first time you have a student tell you some disgusting degrading things and you still have to keep him in your class even after his mother threatens to beat you is an everyday realty. Yes, we’re sooooo lazy! Lady, it’s a jungle, no security guards open up a newspaper. Please join us, MJS come and teach!

    1. In every school district teachers live in this city and in other towns.
      So if my collegues don’t live here, that means they don’t care! That’s not true. What’s your problem! You have leaders in this city some who live here some care and others don’t care!

  18. I Guess it Has Nuttin Ta do Wit Reedin an Writtin.
    Lets get out the whip and make the horses run(teach).
    Carpet Bagers !!!!
    Crack That Whip! Whip em Good!
    Rawhide Time! Get Them Doggies Rowling!

  19. Watch out Eddie quezada. Feierstein and Nader will be looking to move you out. It is all about Christine Montero.

    It is time to shake up the board of Ed. Starting with Nader.

    1. You are right she would sell ANYONE down the river as long as she gets to continue to work- even though she is a retired administrator collecting a pension, social security and now a BIG salary as a part time worker. She is making 100,000 dollars plus! Was schedule to even get a raise last month but the resolution was pulled. Why is she still meddling in the YPS business she should be fired along with all those part time teachers working in special ed department- where is the YFT when you need them.

      1. Funny how ignorant key pounders can find the time to attack educators who have devoted their entire life to a broke and corrupt system. You pounders should really check your comments before submitting your empty chatter.

      2. Retirees friends of friends got jobs earning 100 grand doing nothing! Put um all back to work inside a school or tell um to take a walk!

    2. This is definitely a frame. Probably by a wanna be superintendent and her cop hubby. No secret Montero wants to be superintendent and this is her way in. It can’t be on her brains or merit. Just listen to her talk, she says a lot of nothing. The community needs to speak up and fight if she is to appointed. The district will fall deeper into the hole it is already in. A national search is needed.

  20. This is just an unbelievable story. I hear the self proclaimed next superintendent Nader Sayegh was conspiring with feierstein about how to spin this.

    The boe public info officer is a part of this.

    She blew the whistle about dr y. “Sleeping” in his office every afternoon.

    This is some conspiracy. You could write a book about this.

    1. As long as “The Spanos” continue to control the YPS purse and the “Friends & Family Employment List” nothing will change! Continuing to whine about high salaries, bloated union contracts, and competency levels of those in cushy jobs will only become material for the Last Comic Standing. Those who have “facts” should step from the shadows and share with the US Attorney Office, Southern District of NY. Only then will change come about. “If you see something – say something!

    1. To work within the City of Yonkers it is “understood” that you will become a “willing participant” in the “game” of keeping one’s mouth shut! At the end of the day it becomes a toss-up between supporting your family or begging for loose coin on South Broadway. Go figure! Until someone is courageous enough to “come forward” everyone else will continue be kicked to the curb in a City where very little is on the “up-n-up!”

  21. The truth is we need change in Yonkers Schools. A direction where lazy and lacking teachers and support staff leave the school district, for new energy that is competent and will make a difference.

    1. Everyone is busting at the seams. People are working like dogs covering several positions at a time. We are not at full staff, everyone wasn’t brought back.
      Are you for real? We have supervisors walking through evaluating us daily, measuring via APPR and student growth data! You obviously don’t know how hard we work and how tough the kids are!

      1. Thats Bull and you know it, teachers in Yonkers are overpaid and they abuse the district through their strong union.

        they said the bad staff should go, this shouldn’t upset you unless you’re one of them.

        1. Bad staff huh! What if I was your Boss and all of a sudden I didn’t like you! Not based on your performance, just YOU!!
          That’s the real world here and everywhere!!!

          1. Still to the issue! It’s not the teachers silly, it’s from the top to the bottom, they don’t want to fix it to make it better. Don’t you know the difficult families and students who fight daily and cause disruptions in the schools. STICK to the issue. Don’t you realize this whole blog is to discuss someone who WAS caring about the children and was doing his job. Do you see that didn’t make a difference. HE WAS working hard got canned anyway.

      2. Mount Vernon has 16 schools with the same teachers same population. There are no schools under receivership and only one focus school. Why! They brought all the staff back, they do not have teachers covering several schools. They brought new books and materials. Do you half of our schools have outdated books, limited materials. Most classrooms have five computers! We get the funds and then it doesn’t get to the kids. Wake up!

        1. Mt. Vernon also did a residency check several years ago and found around 10% of the students did not live there. Yonkers refuses to do the same, why?

      1. The board is still hiring teachers and support staff. Come on down!
        One just quit last week after only being on the job for 20 days, the person had experience but couldn’t deal with the day to day realities of calming violent students and daily aggressive threats from parents.

    2. Go to school get your degree and become a teacher if you think you can do better! PS. The stones that will be thrown at you are one of the perks free of charge that come with the job, Namaste.

    3. From the top down all you can hear is the corruption taking away from the children of Yonkers. The truth is my dear, if a child decides to fight everyday in a classroom he/ she can only be removed for a short time and then is entittled to return to class. If the child has an IEP or emotional problems, you must allow him/her the opportunity to provide them with help so they can have an education. We have many children with a multitude of problems that can affect a classroom. If you add a few more children with problems that affects the school, grades and overall score!

      1. Face it YPS, it’s time to bring about major change and most don’t like change. Custodians and support staff will not be excluded.

    1. It says that Spano runs the show outside of Teachers and Administrators! It says that the CHIEF ADMINISTRATIVE OFFICER position in the BOE is now HIS!

      And it says he can add ANY DEPARTMENT of the School Districts to be under his supervision, or the supervision of HIS APPOINTEE, and any positions within departments that he sees need filling, can be filled with persons of HIS CHOICE at anytime in the future as long as the Board gets 1 WEEK NOTICE!!

      He can take office space as he sees fit from the BOE, and relocate or co-locate the personell in it to wherever and however he wants….

  22. Quezada is the Supe for the next 4 years, at least until he says “No” to Spano…. The Hispanic Superintendent is the way to go right now.. ESPECIALLY in Jonkers!

    Nader is waiting until he is finished getting ALL HIS RELATIVES high paying jobs! He’s not Spano!! I mean Stupid….
    He knows that once he is Supe, he can’t give his 14th cousin on his Father’s side a job Teaching two chairs to talk to eachother, in Yonkers High Schools Basement! Or his nephew of his cousins 7th sister a job as a Plumber!!! Some people…… lol.

    Anyhow… Spano was and still is PISSED that Yaz allowed John Carr, the Board of Educations “Executive Director of Schools Facility Management”, (fancy title that out of nowhere under then Mayor Amicone ,replaced the Civil Service TESTED and much simpler title of “Supervisor of Buildings & Grounds”) to get his title on the list with the Teachers and Administrators!

    Ya see… The MAIN language in the Yonkers IMA is ALL THAT ANYONE in City Hall gave a shit about! And that language is as follows:

    (Pay attention crony union “leaders”, the only thing that matters in contracts and LAW is language!! Not the numbers..)

    “ALL titles and departments listed herein effective July 1 are under the SOLE discretion of the Mayor and are so in PERPETUITY.” (That means forever knuckleheads!)
    Well, NOT JOHN CARRS title! See, the YFT would only allow this bullshit IMA if they were left out of the local bullshit, as NONE of them live in Yonkers nor give a fuck about Yonkers or its students!
    So came the LIST! The list of titles that would not ever be affected by the IMA, or have any member of the YFT under the power of ANY MAYOR / POLITICIAN… It starts with “Administrator of Elementary” then “Teacher” and ends with “Superintendent of Schools”.
    John Carr, being IN CHARGE OF ALL OPERATIONS the day before the IMA was made A LAW, slid his title right in the middle, knowing he’d make at least himself, UNTOUCHABLE.
    And since the Mayor found that out, and hasn’t been able to fire him and put Joe Celli somewhere within the top of B&G (yes, there’s still a B&G, John Carr just felt he was too good for that title…..Seriously, he did.) He is letting Quezada run the show! Because the difference between Quezada and Yazurlo is IMMEASURABLE!
    Yazurlo was (and is) a nice guy, a Spano “family friend” Quezada is NOT! Spano wants in further and more control , and doesn’t want to have to hurt Uncle Mike by pushing in…. Give Quezada the bump, and leave him there! He steps out of line, BYE BYE!!! Mike won’t even blink..

    Quezada is accountable to NO ONE for his accomplishments and desire! He don’t owe anyone SHIT!
    And THAT is what the BOE Needs! A boss that can make men quit the tittiest of jobs… Because Spano needs more room! And a Supe that will look the other way when told.

      1. No… The opposite! Everyone BUT THEM can be fired AT THE MAYORS DISCRETION!

        All other Civil Servants are entirely at the service of the Mayor!

        Teachers and administrators are under the supervision of their Building Principal → Administrator of (the level education they’re teaching) → Superintendent of Schools → and then if need be, The Commissioner of the NYS Dept of Education.

        The YFT got the Mayor out of their way! Plain and simple.

        And yes…. Control of TOTAL FUNDS of course is motive! You go from a $490 MILLION Dollar budget under your control, to a $1 BILLION Dollar + budget! And with ALL the problems and financial discrepancies already placed upon the PRIOR Superintendent, without ANY QUESTION in the “REAL MEDIA” about it?…… Might as well be watching Days of out Lives or some shit!!

      1. Correct!

        But check the rough draft of the IMA against the certified signed IMA….

        That title of John Carr’s, which i guess hes had for 4-5 years long, it didn’t appear on the final document until 4-5 HOURS before the Board voted for it……

        One point being: if the list was made for pedagogical purposes, why is the guy who is essentially in charge of getting the grass cut, ir tge grass cutters, toilet cleaners hired, or toilets cleaned,.. and making sure that our dilapidated buildings apparently remain that way, because NOTHING has gotten ANY BETTER with him around… SOOO, again, why is he on a list that was meant to preserve the integrity of the educational rubric and stop the interference of political hacks in the educational process?…

        He doesn’t even know where half of “his” schools are without using his GPS!!!

      2. And no….. It is : “Executive Director of School Facilities Management”

        Not, Exec Dir of Ops…..

        BUT…… His “Assistant’s” title IS, Deputy Director of Operations.
        He actually took a test, SCORED in the top 3 and was selected! Yes, he got his job on the up and up!!!! Can you believe it!!?

      1. Nobody said he was! Read it again fool….. I really hope youre not a “teacher”.
        He is on the list of titles that are NOT under Mayoral control as per the IMA… The lists purpose is to keep EDUCATION separate from all else….. And my point is: what in the world does he have to do with educating ANYONE?…

  23. Election is over.
    Mikey is term limited.
    Yazurlo was used for his stature during first term to make Mikey look like he cares about education and students.
    County Exec race is next.
    Yazurlo is professional but couldn’t raise a dime for Mikey in Exec race.
    Nader and the Jordanian crowd kiss Nicky’s ass and raised a bunch of $ for Mikey this time.
    Jordanians want Nader as Superintendent to honor their community.
    Deal is cut.
    Nader for Super in exchange for Bib Bucks from Jordanians for Mikey in Exec race.
    Yazurlo got thrown in the garbage.

    THINK LIKE NICK SPANO. Evil, greedy and corrupt.

  24. If history is any indication, there’s a good chance that the next YPS Superintendent will resign before the end of his contract.

    Joseph L. Farmer resigned in 2002; Angelo Petrone resigned in 2005 due to his indictment; Bernard Pierorazio resigned in 2014; and Yazurlo has just resigned.

    1. It’s like a bad soap opera, When the tables turn”! Last time on the soap opera When the tables turn, some sleezy girl was working her way up while the Goya boy was spending all his dough! They all had a weekend at Bernie’s which turned sour! Suddenly, he’s lost at sea! Let’s see who gets betrayed next and by whom.

    2. Farmer was a joke and was the first superintendent to get the district designation of DINI by NYSED. Petrone’s leadership established the Yonkers IB program at Yonkers High School and as superintendent supported those schools that were failing accomplishing a remarkable turnaround in Yonkers. Pierorazio had one of the best schools but unfortunately under his leadership as the principal, scores were dropping drastically. As superintendent, the budget was 50 million short. Need I say more. Yazulo was a zero as a principal at Roosevelt and ditto as a superintendent.

      Yonkers has reached rock bottom and I feel sorry for our children. They are the ones that lose as the adults and politicians take advantage of taxpayers and the future of our children.

  25. Let’s get it straight… Mike was put there to be Spano’s puppet. He did what he had to do. He was so bored all day doing nothing that he got caught watching porn on his computer and Pay per view TV. Now Spano will appoint Nader Sayegh to helm – even more of a puppet, he must have donated plenty to Mike’s Campaign. He was a terrible principal. He was never at his school he was always practicing law and never to be found. Now watch the other Nader appointment Christine Hater Montero be elevated to a Deputy Supt. what she wanted and she will get it as a relative of Sayegh! Why doesn’t the mayor look for a qualified administrator who could actually move the district as Pierorazio Team did (Consantino and McPartlan included) When are the citizens/parents of Yonkers going to wake up!

      1. We know it was an ugly lie, a make believe orchestrated shake down to force his hand to resign. He’s innocent everybody knows he’s too old to play ball! He’s getting his contact pay! This was a deliberate take down! The city never sleeps and they made up stuff and sent the boys in blue to cause a shake down! If this was real it would make national news! It’s a good old fashioned bluff to take Yaz down. He was taken over by the ones he trusted the most! Don’t feel bad it’s kind of ironic That he played the same game before. Its Sorta payback!

    1. City hall is ROFL !!! Wow, you do know what’s going down! Now, Eddie and Chrissy Munster will let it all go down hill and they’ll get canned too!
      Stay tuned!

    2. The city of seven hills where nothing is on the level. You can pull the wool over anyone’s eyes! Best friends one day and banned the next!!! Its a holiday movie ! Let’s call it Home alone number Four! It’s Corruption 101 at its finest. Its all a mess now the lunatics will be taking over the asylum, it’s all down hill from here!!

    3. Pierorazio and his team was the worse combination of clowns this district has ever seen. They turned this district into a failing educational system. No one respected those clowns. 50 million short on a budget. 18 failing schools with some in single digit rates in ELA and math. Give me a break!!! They are the culprits to this mess.

    1. Animals! All animals Evil bunch of backstabers, loyalty means nothing.
      Ill take of you if you take care of me! But watch out for that blade turning at your backside. It’s Chicago Doggie-Dog? Politics Yonkers Guido Style.

      1. This “Departure” was set into motion weeks ago. It’s obvious by all accounts that Dr. Yazurlo was the last person to get the “Memo.” As is said, “you lay down with dogs, you get up with fleas!” Ergo – “health issues.”

    1. Yonkers has a way of using people making then feel wanted. Eventually a snake or two circle eventually biting you in the rear and spitting you out !!!

    2. So this is the deal, Da-Man wanted changes! Rumors were flying for a while that yaz would be out! They set him up to walk. Papers were served, evidence of computers were taken! It was all staged and Fake to make him look like a dirty dog got caught. All set up!! They are all fools! The next one will get the same or worst treatment from Da-Man! The next chump in line to the throne will be chewed up by the witch and “Da-Man”by within a year! And you can take that to the bank!

  26. These Spano jerks and relatives actually believe that Mike Spano can be Mayor. They are clueless and are drunk on the kool aid. Just like when Nick went to jail. Most of his family had no idea until a couple of days before he plead guilty. But hey, why not? Say it slowly Governor Mike Spano. Ha Ha Ha. Keep dreaming.

    1. Governor??? I piss pants laugh when I hear County Executive!!! Everybody in Northern Westchester laughs just as hard. Hasn’t got a China Man’s chance!

      1. This is a caring city full of dedicated hard working citizens who put the American tax payer first. The leaders of this great school district all work with honor before duty. This city’s leaders are trustworthy individuals. This city is filled with love and warmth. Every city and government employee is treated with dignity and respect. Ha ha ha!
        Ha Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha!

  27. You really think he resigned due to sudden health concerns? Lol. Word has it that wasnt the case at all. That would be way too easy. Stay tuned.

  28. Did Fat Mike Spano cut a ribbon or hand out a proclamation in a $3.oo frame for the occasion? And was glee club Mike Sabatino on hand for a photo op? Saw the dopey duo on TV painting a line for the Christmas parade at cross county. Sickening.

  29. The good Dr finally realized that Nick and Mike Spano are BAD BAD BAD people who don’t give a crap about anything or anybody except themselves.

  30. Infected with the Spano virus Dr Y had no choice but to cut the cancer out. Everyone who deals with Mike Spano gets the disease after a while. Watch for many others to also come down with this Spano disease.

  31. Mikey Y is and always was, a Spano stooge….. he quietly and quickly did whatever they wanted him to do… whatever this is, its smells of something other than a split between the Spano and Yazurlo….. they are joined at the hip

  32. Dr Y couldn’t take the mental abuse of Sue Gerry and the other Spano schmucks constantly interfering with him doing his job. Simple as that.

  33. All a scam they were looking to fire Mike so they got him to resign! Look into the Optimum investigation! This was a plan to put Nader Sayegh in power. He was a terrible administrator out doing law most of the time what kind of superintendent will he make.

      1. Once a LAW is enacted, that supersedes any part of Union Contract.. YES, they can!

        The “Yonkers IMA” was enacted into law, and is now part of our city charter…. So yes…. Mikey no like you, goodbye you!
        As troublesome is how the Union Leadership which represents the School Districts multiple non-teaching employees, apparently are much more interested in their own financial future and “guaranteed” employment to even speak up against this and DEMAND what happened to $60 million in taxpayer money!!!
        No!…….. Just take it over and divide the entire staff! Bring morale to an all time low, and let the guy with only a G E D run the whole show!!

          1. Yes, the Mayor of Yonkers is the recipient of a General Education Diploma. Look it up!!!…..

            And my prediction is that not many heads will roll at all…. I think this was all intended to get more city “managers” into the BOE’S B&G Department, Quezada can’t stand John Carr and will not go to bat for him against the Mayor!
            Heads won’t roll bc all the “Heads” that should roll, were put there by Yaz, per Spano’s directive.

            More Heads are coming IN!

            This time to take over the entire Maintenance fleet, B&G Dept, and anywhere else they can fill positions with friends and family that don’t have more than a G E D or HS Diploma….

        1. Stupid you put people at risk! Idiot. We deal with the public and there are lots of criminals and angry unbalanced people who read the paper and act out just because.. You Stupid ass

          1. This city has a 54 percent of Latino student population. Our children deserve a Hispanic school representative.

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