Changing of the Guard at the Yonkers Uniformed Fire Officers Association (UFOA) By HEZI ARIS

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Assistant Chief John Flynn

Assistant Chief John Flynn

YONKERS, NY — November 24,  2o15 — It was last Wednesday when Assistant Chief John Flynn was nominated to stand for Yonkers Uniformed Fire Officers Association (UFOA) presidency, among other UFOA members. All those nominated declined except for Assistant Chief Flynn . UFOA’s by-laws allows for “write-in” candidates, but by that evening’s deadline to petition to conduct a “write-in” candidacy no such candidates put themselves forward to challenge John Flynn. As a result, John Flynn will be sworn in to serve as Yonkers UFOA President on January 1, 2016 for a 2-year term of office.

No challengers were willing to enter into an election against John Flynn because he has the overwhelming support of the UFOA membership and would have handily defeated any challengers, including those who professed their popularity and influence within the UFOA to City Hall and Mayor Mike Spano.

John Flynn comes from a long line of civil servants and union leaders. His father, Thomas Flynn, was the President of IAFF Local 628 for many years and is remembered as one of the best union leaders ever to have held that position. Time will tell if the son can also rise to the occasion and become a legend among firefighters as his father was and remains.

eHeziChanging of the Guard at the Yonkers Uniformed Fire Officers Association (UFOA) By HEZI ARIS

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  1. Good Luck John. I am confident you will succed at anything you do.

    I am amazed at how many guys post but don’t have the balls to include their names. I would suggest to those in charge of this site that they toss anything that does not include the authors name.

    Lou Tomaselli

  2. Good luck Chief your knowledge, calm and leadership will be missed on the line! Thank you for showing us you care 628 is behind you too!!

    1. A guy named SOHO, printed one by one each the top names, job and salaries of fire and police on this forum Yonkers tribune. Go to the recent story about the superintendant Dr Yazurlo scroll down to almost the beginning and you can see a long list of people on the job and in government for all to see the good and bad one that we deal with daily. Then SOYO posted again and added a link with connection to more names. Write a private note to HEZI that you would appreciate his discretion and ask to remain anonymous on this site. Ask him to please remove all names to protect the nature of our jobs and to protect our families. Thanks I thought you would want to know what SOHO did to us.

    2. I am not sure what your coded gutless message meant, but the dollar signs show me, if it did pertain to John, you have no idea what you are talking about. He will make less money. As far as the other snide gutless remarks, John will do an excellent job, and is already doing that.

  3. Maybe E-313 will get their Fire Engine back.
    TL-71 and Rescue can work together again as the best team in YFD,
    like it was designed to do.
    Sounds like a “GREAT” Idea.

  4. Good Luck to Chief Flynn, But is he a Union Man? Or is he more of the same old, same old, whats good for me? Dear Mayor, Don’t demote me, just demote them, that’s good for me. He is probably the BEST line chief out there, I expect him to be an great UFOA president, but I think what he really wants is to be commissioner! What will he do to get it? Wait and see?

    1. Again a stupid jealous remark. I think John, like his father, found a nitch that is for him. If he is chosen for Commissioner at some point, he will do the same job, for the men, and for the good of the department. Wally Brown was one of the greatest Chief’s in my opinion that we had. There were no Commissioners then. The Union, and I won’t say who, was in the drivers seat at the time, wanted Brown out, so they created the Commissioners slot. I at the time was the VP of the UFOA. I told them, you will live to regret it. First, the man you are chosing is not a fair man. Second, some day, and it has happened we will bet an outsider, McLaughlin, the other bird who went back to FDNY after a year, because things change and FDNY is FDNY, but John, who I have know since a child, and didn’t have the pleasure to work with him on the job, will do great in any position he is in. John a modified version of his father, is smart and you can depend on him. I hear all sorts of things are going on in the YFD, and that to me is business as usual. McGoey if that is the right spelling and the rest of the executive board and attorneys will get it back right soon, if not, it will cost the city plenty. They never have been too bright. I am not sure what is going on with Commissioner Darcy, but I was told he was smart and moved up quickly. However he is making moves now, that are not smart.

  5. Johnny boy this is quite the devolopment- your old man was proud of you and this would make him more proud. You are very different than him in lots of ways and you know that but you have his wisdom, courage and love for the job. Don’t worry about fillin his shoes, you fill your own just fine. The job is lucky you stepped up for this. Good luck.

  6. Really Sorry to lose you on the line Chief.
    Was told that you were with the Rescue right from day one. You were there the whole time.
    Your knowledge and experience are assets. The Line Chiefs that are out there have no confidence from the membership. We know the difference. The bad are now the majority.

  7. The UFOA has sucked since day one with EVERY president it has ever had.

    628 on the other hand always seems to do a great job no matter who the president is.

    Face it boys the UFOA just sucks.

    1. So true, the UFOA exists for no other reason except to game promotional lists, isn’t that right guyett, keilb, dronzak, and every chief on the job. Oh, and kiss ass to the black vulcan society to pay them off, “donation”, if your next on the list. Isn’t that right Eric?

      1. Do Not Forget Tom Modziak. He originated the
        Vulcan Payoff. He still brags about it.
        “The Best Ten Thousand Dollars I Ever Spent.”
        He knows all the players and still does,
        because he still is one.
        Tom Modziak UFOA former President.
        George Kielb UFOA former President.
        Auggey Nigro UFOA former President.
        Eric Dronzek UFOA former President.
        PSG UFOA former President.
        Many-Many-Many More.
        The Who’s Who.. of corruption

  8. Good Luck John……..You have spent your entire career doing what you thought was right and I’m sure you will lead the UFOA in the right direction at this VERY important point in time. There is nothing more important than the health and safety of the men and women you command. I am sure you will lead your membership with intelligence, tenacity and resolve. I wish you all the best and feel your leadership is EXACTLY what the department needs at this time. Thank you for your continued commitment to excellence. Love, me

    1. PSG you and your crew is the biggest reason
      the YFD is where it is.
      Leaderless and in the Shitter.
      Pagano is also a huge culprit.
      PSG Go the f– away.

  9. A Real True Leader steps up when there is a need!
    Chief Flynn you are a true leader!
    We Thank You and Support You!
    There is most definitely a NEED!

  10. I am surprised at this and sorry to see the Chief leave the line. Flynn is a true leader who cares about people and about doing the right thing. He has his work cut out for him but maybe the job will start moving in the right direction soon.

  11. Word on the street is that his father was the greatest union leader since sliced bread. Everything that the hack Tony did was just a regurgitation of his and the Unions lawyers work. FF, Lt, Capt and Chief John Flynn has never been any resembles of a UNION MAN. Hopefully he will have a awakening and overcome his demons and finally follow in his FATHERS footsteps. God bless the YFD.

  12. We’re sure you will do your best to either negotiate a contract settlement or proceed to arbitration. But your number one goal should be to bring our membership back together and unified like 628. Good Luck.

  13. I second that!!! You immerse yourself and excel at everything you take on….This will be just another quality you have in common with your father…GOOD LUCK SIR!!!!!

  14. Sue Gerry has no idea what dog doodoo she just stepped into. To hell with the contract. It’s time to send a message and make examples out of these asses. And you’re the right man for that job. Good Luck.

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