HEZITORIAL ANALYSIS: Mayor Mike Spano’s Re-election Win Remains Devoid of Serving Yonkers’ Public Interests By HEZI ARIS

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Charicature of a younger, better looking Publisher / Editor Hezi Aris.

Charicature of a younger, better looking Publisher / Editor Hezi Aris.

The numbers to which Mayor Mike Spano leans, 82 percent over challenger Bill Nuckel’s 18 percent, is touted as the delivery of a mandate to which Yonkersites have bequeathed upon Mayor Spano another four-year second term in office.The numbers are false, not for their tabulation, but for the acceted interpretation. The numerical results are the outcome distilled from a paltry 20 percent of registered voters. Voter turnout did not serve Yonkersites in the aggregate. Instead, it served an outlandishly large patronage employment mill of “the family and friends” network, whether relatives or political allies and their “family and friends”. Underserved are Yonkersites who were dismissed and disenfranchised by an administration unconcerned over public sensibilities.

Media is quick to kowtow in submission to the spin expressed and espoused by Yonkers City Hall meant to embellish issues given expression in the name of Mayor Mike Spano, but are not always his own.

Can Mayor Mike Spano be blamed for Yonkers’ four-year electoral cycle dysfunction when the processes and outcome have been regurgitated without a broader concern for Yonkers’ viability?

Yonkers’ societal injustice is exemplified by past, albeit recent fiscal incompetencies as revealed over the not yet proven $55 million shortfall at the Yonkers Board of Education (YBoE), now a department of the City of Yonkers. The assertions made to blind the public of the lack of financial scrutiny of the YBoE does not diminish the concerns that are too often diminished by plausible deniability as opposed to transparent third-party audits. Further, the lack of school buildings to accommodate the federally funded, four-year Pre-K program has shown City Hall to be unprepared to serve the Yonkers Public Schools (YPS) district well. School libraries have been gutted in order to accommodate the Pre-K populations that is displacing the older student population causing increased students per classroom, so as to maintain the federal grant.

Another concern is that the Department of Justice has advised the City of Yonkers (CoY) that it has recoiled from the 1986 YBoE desegregation case with respect to the Special Education Needs Student. On top of that, there are principals among the YPS district designated “proficient” by New York State, but designated as “not proficient” by CoY. Those principals can each state they preside over teachers regarded as “proficient”. The principals on the block to being dismissed are African-Americans. If these principals were deficient, why has this issue only become an internal concern in the past month and still not divulged? Are African-Americans to be replaced by Hipanics? Is City Hall’s intention prudent or racist?

“City Hall”ers have little concern whether reassessment will be imposed in 2016. Taxpayers will be told next year when they should have already been told.

Why has City Hall not advised that the $70 million deficit predicted for 2016 will be bonded? Does this outcome not prove failure because there does not seem to be another option presently considered, much less studied to thwart a growing debt concern.

When will a proven and public revelation of stated economic development create a revenue stream that presently lags well behind the city’s needs?

Kudos to Mayor Mike Spano for his win. At issue for the Yonkers Tribune is when will CoY benefit from the “talk” that he failed to meet? Whether the Yonkers Police Department can become effective against crime encroaching on Yonker’s safety and quality of life concerns is wanting. Where are the neighborhood “foot patrols”? When will Mayor Mike Spano own up to the reality of the escalating crime statistics? When will Mayor Spano allocate the funds for a larger police force?

Yonkersites were promised a culture of acknowledgement and inclusion over four years ago by candidate and eventually Yonkers Mayoral-elect Mike Spano. Upon acceding to office, Mayor Mike Spano failed to deliver on his promise. Will he and his office, now reminded, focus on keeping his promise to serve Yonkersites, not just those he employs?

Does Mike Spano know how to deliver on his promise? Does he want to? If so, how soon before Yonkersites recognize the change he promised will be delivered?

eHeziHEZITORIAL ANALYSIS: Mayor Mike Spano’s Re-election Win Remains Devoid of Serving Yonkers’ Public Interests By HEZI ARIS

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  1. Good luck, you’ll need it when you put idiots in charge of finance and city departments, that are not qualified. It’s a sad time to live in this cesspool city.

  2. The more you doubt him, The higher he goes!
    The more you doubt him, The better he manages!
    The more you doubt him, The higher he goes!
    Up! Up! and a away to the Governors Mansion!
    No doubts in our minds, No doubts.

  3. This site has been sooo wrong for far tooooo long!

    Highlight was the poll that he reported saying mike Spano had a 40% approval rating lol now that was funny. So I ask, why report things when they aren’t true. Oh and has anyone heard from Delma aka fatty or is she still kicking rocks in the parking lot saying “one day I’m gonna win something one day” I bet she made the good people at Burger King happy. Heard she’s been going there daily. Oh and what about that gap teeth sidekick? Pretty tough to look at that duo. Losers

    1. Actually, Mikey has an 18 % approval rating as certified by the percentage of voters who supported him in the election. That’s a FACT.

      So Hezi was wrong. He gave Mikey too much credit.

      Nuckel was such a weak setup thanks to Nicky & Tubiolo that he got less than minor party candidates in least election.

      Don’t think the Governor’s Mansion is within reach.

    1. OMFG, I really am laughing my ass off at the gubernatorial references made here… Hahaha!!!

      True Story:

      My wife and I attended a charity dinner a while back where not only was Mayor Spano the honoree, but he was also (lucky for us and by pure chance) seated at our table!
      Someone during the early courses of dinner asked Mike about the possibility of running for Governor one day, so Mikey then says…”That’s the goal!” (Then sheepishly quiet he says..) “Especially with Mary always up my ass about moving the hell outta here! The residency clause for Mayor is such a pain in my ass. At least when I become Governer we can move to Connecticut! She LOVES that side of the city.”

      Yep!!!…. The Only sitting Mayor in our Nation with nothing further than a GED

      Slimey clan full of greasy Scum bucket “men”.
      I feel bad for the women who’ve been swindled into marrying these lying, two-faced sack full of assholes….

      – Kindly,
      Connecticut, Yonkers.

  4. I don’t know why I waste my time responding. Actually I don’t why I waste my time reading this crap. Let’s face it mike Spano brought Yonkers back pure and simple. Regardless of a handful in ingrates and losers on this site the overwhelming majority of those who voted support the mayor !
    what happened to the poll that Hezi spoke about on this site? What a joke!
    Once in a while you need to have some journalistic integrity.

    I hope someday soon we will have a credible source to get our news rather than some filtered hate seen through the eyes of losers.

    Have a nice day ! Go. Mayor mike Spano. 83?%Have a nice day!

  5. You cannot argue with success.
    We were on the brink and Mike Spano
    has brought us not only back. He is
    leading us forward.
    Amicone was a thief/hack. He left
    Mike Spano with a heap of Sh-t.
    “God Bless Mike and all the Spanos
    and God Bless Yonkers.”

  6. Soooo gathering 82% is no mandate? Lmfao!! U losers just don’t know when to quit do ya. U lost the mayor won big time. Go back in history and look at what amicone got his last election. Mike Spano got more votes. For a man to settle the labor contracts that were amicones!!!he stopped the bleeding on taxes!! He stopped the bleeding in the schools!! The city is safer and cleaner and no layoffs at all!! He has also went after deadbeat landlords and foreclosed on the property’s. He has ppl believing in this city and dvlp is on every side of the city. Hotels keep going up! Why? Because they are 90 full!! That’s why big hotels want to come here. Blds going up residential living space!! Why?? Because ppl want to live here and they also have no apts for rent!! Grow up guys !! The man is doing a great job and u know it. Sometimes we lose and sometimes we win but u need to know when to put the sword down because if mike Spano succeeds our city suceeds and isn’t that what we all care about?!

  7. So SpaNO got 16% of the vote, hardly a mandate of any kind. There was no election. The republicans did not put up a viable candidate, despite their usual cadre of operators. Lets all not forget SpaNO is a republican who became a democrat (Bizarro world).

    So if you count the actual votes all those who voted for Mike, were all city haul workers and their spouses. WTF is this Russia?

  8. The oppressed are allowed once every few years to decide which particular representatives of the oppressing class are to represent and repress them.

  9. “Underserved are Yonkersites who were dismissed and disenfranchised by an administration unconcerned over public sensibilities.”

    Really? I have NO love for Spano, but if these “dismissed and disenfranchised” did not get off their lazy asses and VOTE, they get what they deserve.

    You cannot have it both ways.

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