LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Nefarious Accusations Against DISABLED Yonkers Firefighters By BARRY McGOEY

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Barry McGoey, Esq., President of the I.A.F.F. Local 628.

Barry McGoey, Esq., President of the I.A.F.F. Local 628.

Instead of sending DISABLED Yonkers Firefighters Christmas Cards this year, Mayor Spano sent them a letter telling them that he was going to be reducing their monthly benefits by hundreds of dollars a month.

Many of the Firefighters who received the notices are suffering from disabling injuries and illnesses including Stage 4 cancer, serious burns, and 9/11 illnesses, along with crippling injures to their legs, backs and various other body parts.

These Firefighters and Fire Officers have been found to be fully disabled due to job-related injuries by BOTH the City of Yonkers and the State of New York.

Despite Mayor Spano trying to make nefarious accusations that there may have been some impropriety or illegality in the granting of these benefits, the record will show that these benefits have been legally and justly paid for over 30 years with the full knowledge and consent of the City of Yonkers. In fact, this same very issue was litigated in the NYS Supreme Court which found the payments to be proper and justified.

The City’s outside legal counsel on this issue are upstate New York attorneys who have made a fortune off of trying to deny disability benefits to police officers and firefighters throughout the State. It appears the City’s Inspector General fully relied upon the opinion of this “outside” legal counsel and never gave the Firefighters Union’s counsel an opportunity to be heard and present him with various legal opinions and decisions and other evidence to support the Firefighters’ legal position. Regardless, we intend to challenge the legality of this outrageous action taken against our DISABLED Firefighters by the City of Yonkers and we will present ALL of the evidence in Court.

We are confident we will prevail on behalf of our DISABLED Firefighters and those Yonkers Firefighters who, God forbid, may become disabled tonight, tomorrow or any time in the future trying to save the lives and property of the citizens of Yonkers.

This Christmas may not be so Merry for these DISABLED Firefighters but Local 628 will do whatever we can to to overturn this action by the City and to bring as much joy and comfort to these DISABLED Firefighters.

Barry McGoey
Yonkers Fire Department
I.A.F.F. – Local 628 President
Yonkers, NY

eHeziLETTER TO THE EDITOR: Nefarious Accusations Against DISABLED Yonkers Firefighters By BARRY McGOEY

Comments 165

  1. Hezi you haven’t reported that McGoey beat Spano AGAIN. The City just got the bad news that they LOST the case that has been in the courts for almost 6 years where the City was denying payments to disabled fire retirees. With back pay and interest that will be close to $10 MILLION the City will have to cough up. No more appeals left. No more delays available.

  2. Fire Commish is One Big Liar.
    Eyewitnesses saw Darcy charge O’Connor
    who was across the room.
    Now We Add Liar to your Resume !

  3. Michael, I heard your looking in northern westhester for a home, next to your deputy mayor Sue’s house or Hilliary or Puppet Master cuomo? Btw, Phil says hello.

    1. Well after all that bs, seems like the union lawyer is gonna make a nice buck, it seems the union is going to let the city appeal one case at a time, 500 a clip,60 guys that’s 30,000dollers for the lawyer how does a union allow the city to go after each man, instead of a class action were we are all one, instead it’s divide and conquer, so the police union gave away their 207 a city win, 628 is not appealing as a group,we go one at a time another city win, I have a feeling all the unions are losing power each and everyday

      1. lawyer up .,pay up. or shut up .that’s whats in front of you if your a lawyer or you play one in the theater of you mind by all means represent yourself. if you want expert legal advice hire the attorney . or just go back to bed and pray it will all go away . it will along with your monies f lee bailey

        1. Itsgot nothing to do with paying, we should be represented as a group of one, not one man at a time,the city is wasting mony by having 60 appeals or 5 a day. This should be a class action law suite against city, and it’s fucked up that a union lawyer is going to make a score off the disabled backs, 500 x 60 30,000 way to go

          1. Most of us retirees who are in this mess understand and appreciate the support of the active members! No one is stopping my fellow retirees from organizing and hiring our own representation as a group. So far I appreciate the help that has been available from the active guys. If you don’t want the help that is being offered you don’t take it. The more you whine the less support you will have among the active, DUES PAYING members.

          2. never learned to keep his mouth shut and he wonders why nobody misses him

            Editor’s Note: impersonators will not be accepted. Please do not steal other people’s identity. Kindly, Hezi

        2. I hear the union is in court with the city right now fighting for. 207, I hear a lot of online ff are getting denied benefits from Pomco that scum bag firm upstate, we all thank 628 and the men for helping us in any way thanks 628

      2. If your smart pay for private council.
        Be in wheelchair with oxygen mask and health care worker pushing you into court. Good luck C.O.Y. has unlimited funds .

        1. Why would anyone be so stupid to make such a comment, oxygen wheelchair, go find something to do with ur life asshole, you show you know nothing, so stay stupid asswipe

      3. Also known as three sides to the truth. He’s got a big mouth and a small brain.

        Editor’s Note: Allegation over one individual or another should be validated not simply thrown put as if gospel. Kindly, Hezi

        1. Stupid dope should have kept his head away from the utensils and should have shoved it in his mouth before he started running it.

          Editor’s Note: Revised by Hezi Aris as presently unsubstantiated. iF true, prove it to me. Kindly, Hezi

  4. Michael, I heard you’re looking in northern westchester for a home. Would that be near your deputy mayor Sue’s home or near Hilliary or better yet near your PUPPET MASTER cuomo? We all know in YO that political business is never on the level, time will tell. BTW, phil says hello!

      1. Almost every Commissioner and appointed pposition is held by out Rolf towners. Another stupid Spano trying to make a point but sounding like a moron.

      2. Another nice day in Yonkers you are pipe dreaming, crime is rampant in the city of slums.the schools are terrible and the east side is decaying just like the west. Only the animals will reamain.

        1. Find a job in your city good luck . Mayor Mike stronger than ever! You out of towers are self hating and destruction is not far away just look at all the hate you have for each other .

          1. Mayor fatman don’t look to good today October 15 2021 he has a big fn L on his forehead as in a big fat LOSER

  5. Michael, with the new year brings your last term. Maybe you can be an Uber driver when your term is up, if you can pass the background check. Or, you can work as a bus boy at your restaurant in boyce development. Better yet, doesn’t nick have a non for profit spot you can hide out and not have to face people. Hearing the wife is looking at homes in northern westchester?

  6. You firefighters talk a good talk like every one else in the city but no one ever does anything. Where were you during the mayor’s reelection? chirp….chirp…crickets.

    Where were you when the city council was giving itself a raise? Oh, that’s right, your officers (including you, McGoey) were groveling at their feet asking them for a contract while they gave themselves a 40% boost in pay. Pathetic suckers.

    And now you’re all swagger, talking about how much things will change come 2016. Nothing will change. You’ll all tow the line because you’re all a bunch of cowards in a city full of cowards. No one talks. No one steps up. No one in Yonkers has the b@lls to take on anyone. You poor saps are fighting each other and the mayor is running roughshod over everyone because he can.

    You and the cops are all big tough guys but when push comes to shove no one say boo to anyone about anything. Assume the position – the mayor’s going to give it to you again and again in 2016. And you’ll take it again and again because that’s what you do. You take it, always have, always will.

    1. This poster seems to have mistaken patience and wisdom for weakness. True warriors know the cost of battle and seek to avoid it until it is the only option. The most dangerous animal is one who has been backed into a corner and that seems to be the case with the Fire Officers now. This may get very messy and very interesting soon.

    1. The last time only Nick got bagged. The next time it will be Nick Mike Joe and then a couple of “advisors”

      You fucking low life’s are going to get what you deserve.

  7. All The Little Birdies on Disability Street
    Are About to Sing (to)
    Soon ta See Ya All on The Front Page.
    My other car is a Mercedes.
    90% SCAMMERS!
    5% May-bes !
    5% Legit !

    1. You fucking uneducated classless white trash welfare scammers just plain suck even on Christmas Mike Nick and a few others will be answering questions under oath soon enough till then just suck it

  8. Silver Bells,
    Spano Smells,
    It’s fleecing time in this City!

    Public payoffs,
    development ripoffs,
    And a cover up or two.
    This is how we roll in the City!

    We’re the power,
    Of the hour,
    But our time is short lived.

    In just time we’ll all get arrested.

    Well, one can hope for a nice Christmas present from Preet!

    See what happens when I have a bottle of wine?

    Hey “MIKEY”, Hey “NICKY” I hope you get arrested for Christmas!!!!!

    Piss off!

    Fucking Wankers!!!!

    1. Not likely silly firemen!! Now go do some laundry

      Luckily you guys were right, mikes term is over. Because 628 sowed their power and did everything they could not to have spano re-elected!!!

      Lolololololololol silly hoser.

      1. 628 did NOTHING to help or hurt Mike Spano this past election. That mistake will not happen again according to Barry and our Board. Hope you enjoy the show on January 1st. I hear 628’s air force will be doing fly overs all over the city in formation. Knowing Barry it will probably look and sound like a WW II movie. Just the beginning. Of the end.

          1. the moron and his skells actually think he could be county executive or governor or president of the united states. its so funny. wait and see.

          2. Smart enough to win his firefighters lawsuit and the fatman once again is nothing more then shit on the sole of my shoe, October 15 2021 , can’t wait to get paid you loser

          1. Free laundry no water bill or con ed
            Free garbage pickup just bring work no waste management bills
            Free dumping of bulk at recycling center
            Free toilet paper to bring home
            Just Wondering are those guys bringing in 5 gallon water bottles to bring home up north to cheap for water bill
            Free WiFi for entertainment petting zoo.

      2. Silly hoser won our lawsuit against the fatman and the city , can’t wait , to you and the rest of the assholes who back the fat man , go fuck yourselves

  9. From someone who knows firsthand, these men who claim to be injured, ARE. God Bless all of them. I know justice will prevail, it didn’t for us, but I pray it will for you! Frank Callace I hope you are doing ok. Merry Christmas! Christine

    1. Well thank you Christine for the kind words merry Christmas to you and your family, and to address the coward up top who says 90percent are frauds,I have no problem with seeing preet or any other doctor this rat city wants to send me and to the rat coward who wants to call us frauds it’s a shame you hid like the rat piece shit you are, state your name ass swipe coward,

  10. No news media in Yonkers to investigate the corrupt nepotism of Mike Spano. So what does the moron do? He continues to try to go after people who are smarter than he is. You should have run with the football when you had a chance Mike ’cause you’re gomma get sacked.

  11. Yeah man ! Heard Firemen and Top Brass are dropping like flies !
    Explain that ?
    Oh yeah just heard that a Fire Chief thinks that he is Batman.
    Except when he has to turn away a Fire Engine.
    Fucking Batman !

  12. Closing of Yonkers Fire Headquarters IS
    Just another FEATHER In
    Commissioner Darcy’s Hat.
    Sucka’s done been played by da Playa………..
    SUCKA O’CONNOR SUCKA been Played…………

    1. Why is capt. John Halpin still employed by the city of Yonkers fire dept, if found to be fact that Capt. John HALPIN falsely claimed he was the victim and that all was fine while LT oconner was lying out cold and foaming at the mouth, Capt. halpin has to be arrested and fired for lying during the course of a criminal act, Yonkers tax payers deserve to be represented by professionals not no good lying pieces of shit

      1. I hear that he represents the officers Union, so he thinks he could ly and cover up, why is this lying piece of shit still have a job never mind representing the fire officers Union and the city of Yonkers, FIRE THIS BUM

  13. It is not a spano commenting , it is one of their own, and a dpw guy. Nice, they degrade that which they belong to. Oh well, keep talking fellas, we are learning more with every post.

    1. Questions should have been asked before a hit job was done on the fireman instead their all no good,I pray a lot of you never need 911 you might change your opinion about firefighters have a nice nite

  14. Who is Joseph Spano?
    Where does he work?
    What is his title?
    What does he do?
    What “projects” has he worked on?
    How much has he been paid?
    UFOA members want to know.

  15. That petition is hysterical lol firemen get the best contract in the city but the greed is too much for them. They want more and more and more. If I was the mayor I would have never given them that contract!! It wasn’t deserved and all these childish games prove that. Shame on ya. Just look very silly with this petition

      1. At least Barry didn’t sell out his entire membership for a car and a job for his sister a week after you gave away 207c. Nothing but solid facts scumbag rat. The Firefighters don’t eat their own. They at least want to kiss before they get fked Fat scumbag “union ” Rat.

      1. The Yonkers PBA Union President used an online petition to save the second coming John Mueller from being transfered. It sure worked then. That was started by kEIth oLson. Remember boys unity.

    1. Well Duh, it is a good thing that your not the Mayor!

      Your writing skills read like you are part of the SpaNO camp (It would not surprise me in the least.)

      If you think that this is about greed, then you statements are proof positive that you do not have the ability to “think” at all!

    2. Yea 7 years without a contract 7 years same rat pay, we get a contract after 7 years and we’re no freakin good, shame on you, let you husband risk his life nite after nite with no contract For7 years, you would be the first screaming that’s if you have one

  16. An online petition has just been created by Citizens of Yonkers calling for Mayor Spano’s resignation, effective immediately.

    If you agree with the points raised in the petition and disagree with the direction that Yonkers has taken while Mayor Spano has been in office, then consider signing the petition and sharing it widely with Yonkers colleagues, friends, family, neighbors, businesses, public workers, and anyone else for whom it might be of interest. Among our many goals, we aim to collect more than 16,041 signatures (i.e. the paltry number of votes Mayor Spano received in November’s election).


    1. Mount Vermin??? There’s a real well run city huh? Privatization because there’s nothing left to mishandle and steal! I wonder who owns the company they’re going to use? Idiot!

  17. Mayor Spano should eliminate the fire department in his next budget and replace them with volunteers. We all know that the vollies can handle the 5 fires Yonkers gets a year at a much cheaper rate.

    1. volunteer to be the first to jump off the new tappan zeee hey you will be infamous .or just keep your enthusiasm to what you do best keep shining mikes ball bag . well take care of the rest .

  18. I am calling BULLSHIT here fellas !
    One name comes to mind Augie Nigro !
    You know as soon as stand up Comm. Sweeney left,
    Comm. Darcy signed his 207-A.
    Looks like it, smells like it, tastes like it, IT IS BULLSHIT.
    especially NIGRO, BULLSHIT.

    1. Nigro was in the passenger seat of a FD SUV when it was responding to a call and broadsided by another vehicle. as a result, he sustained injuries which he has never recovered from. What’s your problem with that? Did he stage the accident and time it better than a Hollywood producer? Did he substitute his X-rays and MRI with ones from an airplane crash victims? What’s you point? You obviously are one of the dopey Spanos because no one else would even know about Nigro.

      1. Hey Jimmie don’t name names unless you want people to know about upcoming porn charges, yea their are plenty of rats in city hall,that tell everything have a nice nite asshole

          1. Ha ha ha you rat, I hear thru the rats at city hall first week after the new year and it ain’t preet coming for your rat ass you better get in your rat hole and hid like the rat you Are

  19. Hi, I’d can only imagine how to do my job with a REAL commissioner watching over me! Fellas are doing a great job as Con Ed helpers, keep up the good work!

  20. As we prepare to mark the two-year anniversary of an alleged arson in our building, we recall the extraordinary efforts of the Yonkers Fire Department. Back in January 2014 Yonkers firefighters battled a three-alarm fire in our seven-story building, which broke out on the top floor during a bitterly cold winter night. With an outside temperature of 0°F and frozen hoses, Yonkers firefighters still managed to extinguish the blaze, rescue two people who are believed to have started the fire, and save the building and the homes of its tenants.

    While we do not know if any firefighters suffered injuries that night, we do expect the Mayor and City of Yonkers to uphold their legal responsibility to take care of each and every Yonkers firefighter whenever they are injured or disabled while serving and, in some cases, saving the public.

    As a small gesture of our appreciation, we’ve written on our blog in support of your current efforts against Mayor Spano and his administration’s contemptible actions.


  21. Give the Mayor, his administration, and his cronies hell – publicly, relentlessly, mercilessly.

    Good luck in your efforts, thank you for your continued service, and have a safe and happy holiday season.

    A Yonkersite

  22. Mike Spano is so stupid he even fed Phil Reisman the wrong information. But who cares? It does t matter. Phil Reisman is a tool and a fool. Just like the Journal News.
    The New York Times won’t get too many of their facts wrong.

  23. I was really feeling badly about this thinking the Mayor did something wrong and couldn’t understand what money Yonkers was giving these disabled fireman and now taking away but I found this story (http://www.lohud.com/story/opinion/columnists/phil-reisman/2015/12/11/reisman-disabled-firefighters-overpayment-probe/77154132/). Now I do not feel bad at all because as a taxpayer why should I have to pay for fireman who obviously are too disabled to work to still get things like uniform allowances when they no longer need uniforms, holiday pay when they are no longer work holidays, night and weekend shift differential, and incentive pay for good attendance. I would support this if they were still working and I feel sorry they are hurt but now they are all taking advantage and being exceptionally greedy. Why should I continue paying for this? The Mayor is doing the right thing!

    1. You were misled by the Reisman article, NY state law 207a says firefighters who are deemed disabled should be kept whole. What that means is they should receive is everything they would be getting if they were still working, also many of these so called items were negotiated in lieu of raises in salary. Reisman only hears with the dirt bags at City Haul tell him. Spano is going to feel the wrath of 628 before this is over and will wish he never started this fiasco

        1. If you know then you know the city has lost this case in the New York Supreme Court, so what’s changed a crony administration, local628 will school the liberal rat coumo’s hatchet man,coumo the baby killer will answer one day

    2. I am no longer confused.

      I read THE URINAL NEWS.

      Everything they write is true.

      I love Spano.

      Everything Mike Spano says is true!

      I am a Fucking Moron!!!!!!!!

      I also vote.

  24. jimmy dorite just wipe that white stuff off your mouth before you go out in public. I know it’s acceptable at the Onaps family functions.

  25. Audit: Yonkers schools misplaced $225,307 in gear
    A state audit found yonkers schools officials misplaced at least $255,307 in equipment. Just what you were talking about this morning Barry

  26. Great job on the interview this morning Barry,I am sure the moles from the Mayors office were all tuned in, especially the convicted felon who is really running the circus. I just hope Prett gets to Yonkers after he is done with the Governors investigation.

  27. fuck you mike spano. we all hate your guts now and we will stop at nothing to destroy you and your political shit ass career. It’s over you stipid fat lying dick.

  28. You done gone to far this time Mike. You waddle around Yonkers like a jolly fat guy shaking hands and smiling under your sweaty lips and over your double chins. But now the people of Yonkers and beyond are going to get a much clearer picture of just whats behind the cheap curtain. It’s not going to be pretty but it’s going to be fun to watch.

  29. Taking money away from disabled firefighters is going to be the worst mistake your lousy administration ever made. You will lose every way.

    1. Let’s be real. Anyone around these “disabled” workers know that the majority aren’t really disabled. They r just looking to collect tax free and then some. You all know who the fakers are you all don’t want to say anything, cause some day you may want to play the same game.

      1. The majority aren’t really disabled?


        You know this for a fact?

        Prove it!

        You can’t because you are a Spano plant.

        Do society a favor………………………………..

  30. This makes absolutely no sense. If these firefighters are disabled, don’t they get social security disability as well as a disabled pension from the state of New York? What money then would the mayor be taking away because cities don’t pay that stuff.

    1. Not all disabled firefighters receive social security, its under the discretion of a judge .These disabled firefighters are not allowed to work!

    2. So if social security disability denied them, they are not really disabled? I’m legitimately trying to understand. Maybe I missed the first story? What money are they disabled firefighters not getting from Yonkers? Are they not retired and not receiving a pension?

    3. That’s why we have contracts, the city and union do their negotiations and both sides must abide to the contract, this is still America, the gov can not send hit men into city hall and make up their own rules, this is why we have unions, to protect all members active and disabled and if you don’t like tough noggies and get a life,

  31. You expect us to believe the mayor is trying to take money away from stage 4 cancer patients, 9/11 sufferers, and firefighters with “crippling” injuries (e.g. unable to walk or move properly). Really? No one in their right mind would even think of doing this, let alone a mayor (even a Spano). If what you say is true, every firefighter (and anyone with a conscience) should be outside City Hall every day calling for his resignation.

    Far more likely is a situation in which there are questionable disability claims. If some claims are illegitimate and are costing taxpayers money, then the YFD should own up to it without the smokescreen of cancer, 9/11, etc.

      1. The Reisman article mentions 60 retired former firefighters as the point of contention. No one else seems to be covering the story. Are all of them legit disability retirees? Has an independent agency examined them?

        I have to say that Spano’s move looks incredibly cynical and smacks of desperation. Aside from hotel ribbon cuttings, he has no idea about how to lure businesses to Yonkers and now he’s plugging budget holes by raising the sales tax, applying hotel-occupancy tax (maybe the reason for the hotels?), installing red light cameras (another form of taxation), and going after firefighter disability payments. Talk about morally and financially bankrupt.

        And meanwhile those no-show bums on the City Council just voted 7-0 to give themselves a pay increase of 35-40%. How much are their new part-time salaries costing the city?

        1. Good evening Sinking Ship:

          Please stop getting your news from that rag! It is just an extension of City Haul and they are not truthful nor accurate!!!!

          The Spano Admin wrote Reisman’s hit piece about the disabled FF’s and Reisman (AKA Spano’s yes man) scampered back to his cubbyhole and regurgitated that story on his computer like a good little Minion!

          To answer your question about the legitimacy of the disabled firefighters, let me assure you that not only does a firefighter get screened, examined, and tested by the State of New York, Mike Spano (and Company) wasted your tax dollars by sending these firefighters to an independent (Friend of THE FAMILY) Doctor MULTIPLE times in order to create a “Medical Controversy” trying to disagree with the State of New York’s determination. Every time a firefighter was ordered to to see this “Doctor”, it cost Yonkers over $500.00 a visit.

          Imagine how “disappointed” Mike became when HIS OWN DOCTOR agreed with the STATE!!!!!!!! Do you think that would stop him????


          If “you follow the money” to this upstate law firm, you will be able to connect the dots of who is making a lot of scratch and how they fit in to the “Power Elete!” Cumo sent two SKANKS down to Yonkers (that the taxpayers are paying for.) Their sole purpose is to keep throwing shit against the wall while generating a lot of money in “Billable” hours from this law firm representing the COY.

          Spano will loose this case, but that does not matter. The real losers here are the Yonkers taxpayers (never mind the hardship and stress this is most likely causing to those who proudly served the city and are permanently disabled.)

          628 will win……….

          “Nice Guy Mike” will flip and spin this story to his advantage or simply throw some sacrificial moron on the sword……………..

          The two Cumo SKANKS did their jobs by generating a few million dollars in revenue for “the upstate law firm”…………

          Notheing to see here folks, move along, move along.

          You know, Mike sent out the “confiscation letters” before the election and subsequently withdrew it a few days later in order to wait for his re-election. I am not at all surprised at all that the letters went out last week. Just a good old fashion “X-MASS FUCK YOU!” is all.

          What a steamy pile of excrement Mike Spano is!!!!!

          Now I know there are some FD haters out there and frankly, I would not waste my time rebutting them. Karma can be a real bitch!!!!

          But you Sinking Ship are 1,000% correct about our useless City Counsel voting themselves a pay raise for Christmas. Well, at least their happy.

    1. You missed the point that these injured Firefighters went through the whole process required and did prove their disability claims already. And with the experience of dealing with that upstate law firm they have no problem with going after Firefighters suffering from disabling injuries and illnesses. Actually more taxpayers should demand investigations into that lawfirm.

    2. You expect us to believe the mayor is trying to take money away from stage 4 cancer patients, 9/11 sufferers, and firefighters with “crippling” injuries (e.g. unable to walk or move properly). Really?


      Who’s us???????

      Far more likely is a situation in which there are questionable disability claims.

      Really? So I guess the claimant did a really good job faking out all of the different doctors he had to get examined by to support or deny his disability.


      1. We got pictures of most and videos of some. Shit even happened in City Hall All over City Hall as a matter of fact. Shit that would embarrass Bill Clinton even.

          1. Ur time is coming jimmy federal porn charges, looks like your the piece of shit, I hear it will break right after the holiday jimmy boy,let’s see how fast the rats at city hall, all your pals will run from you and you’ll be left like the RAT you are. Happy holidays jimmy enjoy ur last days

  32. I know 628 will prevail Barry, Mayor Spano and his mob of idiots like to fight losing battles just like his big brother did in court. The 207a law is quite clear on this issue.

  33. They will all be back to work the next day .
    How’s the weather in Florida guys I heard the fishing is bad this year. See yah all better get a shopping cart and pick up them bottles and cans or just work more hours off books
    Maybe Mikey got spies watching all you phonies on the jet boats and jogging on those nice beaches would doubt it he needs your funds for all overtime in the $250,000 club .

    1. Wow listen to this asshole, I myself 2 major neck surgery, 3 shoulder surgery, 2 major back surgery and never mind about my mental health dealing with pain 24/7 yea my life is wonderful u fool. Frankie

      1. you think your job is tough try sitting behind a con ed truck with your lights on.I got a paper cut from the news paper,sprained my finger from texting,and almost choked to death on a donuts.

    2. Hey you jackass firefighters put their lives on the line everytime we hit the firehouse, we have lost many men who did not make it, I know guys who have been thru hell 30 40 90 surgery , others so crippled they lost their families due to being injured on the job, I gimp around everyday in pain and know of none of ur bs 250,000 maybe that’s what mike spano is making or hitting on the side in some private acc. To all we will die for you your mother or your son, because that’s our job,’ and what do you do loser sit behind a desk yea your a real coward

  34. This is the most greedy bunch of people I have ever seen!!! These firefighters are overplayed as it is and now they are still milking the city dry!! I’m glad the mayor is going after these payments!!

    1. That’s funny. Almost as funny as Mike Spano being Governor. As for the firefighters everyone will just have to sit back and wait to see how it turns out. Based on past history my money will be on the firefighters.

    2. Some people are just cowards, they rip and accuse firefighters as being phonies but the cowards will not put their name on their posts, if your to scared to put your name on your post then you are a COWARD plain and simple

    3. Just remember this…… When your “ASS” is running out of a burning building along with the ROACHES, firefighters run in no matter what!

      1. susan face the facts they are nothing but a bunch of people who passed a civil service test with nothing going on in there lives now all the sudden the sun comes out of there assholes there not heroes it`s there job pls stop the bullshit

        1. I’m confused. Do you mean passing civil service exams as opposed to the traditional manor the lowlife friends; family; goomadahs do it?
          Lets see, one group takes a comprehensive mental exam, than a series of physical tests to prove their competency and has to risk their bodies and their lives as a job description and justification for a fair wage.
          The Spano group barely makes it through high school and/or is a relative, or had performed some political accommodation, OR has performed some OTHER form of accommodation (either in the office or not) with such high degree of satisfaction as to deserve a taxpayer funded job…..
          Is that the comparison you are making???
          Lets see what you say when the perp walks finally begin

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