BLUE TRUTH HEZITORIAL: Yonkers PBA Presidential Election Contest Exposes Life’s Lessons By HEZI ARIS

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The Blue Truth

The Blue Truth

Incumbent Yonkers Police Benevolent Association President Det. Keith Olson is being challenged by YPD Det. Robert Santobello for the office of president. Both recognize each others’ competitive spirit and that it may not be simple to face the competitor’s capacity to be as determined and resolute as their opponent. A face-off before the PBA membership will ignite passions and concern over the most recent two-year term in office under the aegis of Olson or it may not; it may simply not be a point of contention. The most pertinent concerns revolve about concessions over 207c, costs to lobbyists, costs for legal representation, among other legal concerns.

No matter the concerns, each will have learned that what people think of them really does matter. As in other sectors of society, looks, personality, respect and acknowledgment of others matters. Will the 800-pound gorilla on Election Day, January 28, 2016, be eclipsed by political intrusion or by the aspirations of the PBA membership? Who will be in charge of the outcome?

It seems as though Yonkers City Hall has left both contestants to their own devises, removing themselves from the situation so as not to be perceived as intrusive or coercing the outcome one way or another. Yonkers City Hall has yet to resolve their leaning toward one or the other; both candidates have gained and earned respect from Yonkers’ political hierarchy. City Hall is testing each man their resolve to maintain or accede to office. It is Yonkers City Hall’s reluctance to publicly back Olson that has given rise to the write-in challenge revealed by Santobello.

Yonkers City Hall created a fall guy in Olson when they pushed for a long overdue union contract that was sold as if manna from heaven only to be found wanting after acceptance of the contract by the PBA membership at the behest of Olson.

Will the history created under Olson’s presidency win him re-election, or will his guidance and direction with respect to cajoling the PBA membership to approve the contractual agreement with City Hall be accepted as the only option available at that time, and thereby not diminish Olson’s prospect for re-election? There are other concerns. Will they rise to the consciousness of the PBA members’ mind or not? Those who recognize relevance to other concerns are sure to slam Olson if so moved. It does seem as though Olson is encrusted with real or perceived scandal.

Can either candidate initiate a more cohesive environment for Yonkers Police Officers under their auspices as PBA president? Can morale be raised? Can a change in leadership bring best effort among the PBA leadership and its membership? Can rogues running roughshod over the membership cease to be tolerated?

Will the PBA membership demand leadership requiring responsibly of the elected winner by the eventual president underwriting, proposing, and promoting issues that benefit the membership and the residents of Yonkers? Can a PBA president become a uniting figure?

Can the Yonkers PBA under either of these candidates bring about a culture where politics, and self-serving conduct is anathema to the environment under which people want to be working? Can professionalism be acknowledged and respected? Will retribution come to an end?

The upcoming election for PBA president is an opportunity to cast aside past dysfunction with the PBA and the YPD so that working conditions are respectful of one another and where the effort of policing conforms to standards acceptable throughout the nation?

The election outcome for Yonkers PBA President will reveal the direction Yonkers will choose for its police department; it will also engrave a stamp worthy of approval by the Yonkers PBA or if not, it will continue to garner disapproval and lose trust among Yonkers’ residents.

eHeziBLUE TRUTH HEZITORIAL: Yonkers PBA Presidential Election Contest Exposes Life’s Lessons By HEZI ARIS

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  1. If Olson is so bad, Why did he win the election in a blow out? The same stuff is written about him all the time , but he keeps on winning..The feds supposedly have been coming after him for years now, but nothing ever comes out of it. Just wondering

  2. Let’s see about that. What’s the matter KO? You investigate other cops breaking every law known and then label them a Blue Truthers. You are fatter than you look. What’s that you said, the Feds are not here?
    That’s is just another incorrect statement. When they come you and your dirty union boys won’t get any good words from them.
    Let the Feds decide if you boys have not tampered with cases or evidence. Why don’t you tell some of those uniform cops that you were investigating them without them or the department knowing? Yea they are gone alright? They are talking with the families that have provided evidence to the Johnny show only to come back blank. Lol lol. Now on a side note, did you physically attack Santobello or not Keith? Did you not investigate a CLSA member by searching his office and copying and removing official police files?
    The Feds will find plenty of witnesses pal. You better believe they are reading this. So tell Johnny he may be talking again but not to the Yonkers Police but the Feds.

    1. Keith there is another businessman double parked on Ashburton Avenue. Can you waddle down there an issue a summons? Oh tell that hobo that the guy don’t have to open up his locked car without a search warrant. Did we say Vera search warrants? Every job that guy touch was a lie just like yours KO.
      Now go waddle along and steal another file or ride to Federal Court.

      1. No show pussy Johnny Mueller I want to be Commissioner. Waaaaa, I can’t show and shake a real Captain’s hand even though I asked him about the Yonkers Tribune blue truthers…..Waaaaaaawa I need a beer or Olson’s tit.

  3. How ironic that after all the years of babbling about the Feds coming and people getting locked up that it is the Blew Truth Captain that is going to jail.


  4. How ironic that after all the years of babbling about the Feds coming and people getting locked up that it’s the Blew Truth Captain that is going to jail.


    1. True, you have to be a filthy rat on this job and cry to Jim Bostic in order to have a transfer order recinded. All of these acts of retribution will cost the COY dearly.

  5. Dear Keith Olson, please answer just one question. Is that you waddling up Ashburton Avenue giving a local business man a parking summons? Or why did you and John Donaghy investigate other cops without the department’s authorization? We won’t even bring in you threatening to fight civilians or hitting another cop. Any time your ready pal. You forgot to say 140 didn’t vote so they were no votes.
    Now how about this question. Did Internal Affairs not find the Dunwoodie electronic equipment at John’s house? Did you not arrest Rui in Greenburg in front of his girlfriend? We won’t talk about the beating . How about the DD Captain’s file? Do you still have it?

    1. William Pataky 51 hours of overtime in two weeks. Where is Quinn? Oh no one gets any overtime since the great depression right? Ha, ha , ha, ha,.
      No bad for a guy that slaps around teenagers and then searches their vehicle and then slaps false charges of Disorderly Conduct and resisting. Hundreds of awards right fat man Olson. Dick

        1. Stay focus fatty. Get your facts together. The Federal Judge wants to hear all the facts. Even the job on Lafayette Johnny boy. What’s that? No not the beer festival. Maybe who broke into the narcotics office? Was that you or Brian ?

    2. 140 didn’t vote but the 347 who did decimated the 26 for Mingy. Lololololol. Even if you give Mingy 140 votes he still would would lose by a land slide. It’s fucking math you idiot. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA

    3. Well Mr. Union man, are you going to answer any of the questions?
      Just the one about you attacking another member in front of the Mayor. Did it happen or not? Was it that you were drunk? What about that jock carrier Mueller, was he drunk?

  6. Dear Hezi,

    Why isn’t there a new article on the Yonkers PBA election results? You wrote about it plenty leading up to it. We know you monitor these posts so we will be waiting for your response.
    Here they are in case you need them. You can have one of your sources verify them.
    Keith Olson 347 votes
    Rob Santobello 26 votes

    Sgt at Arms
    Steve Donahue 234 votes
    Martin Vataj 144

    1. With all the hostility expressed by those posting here, to this reader it’s quite surprising that Mr. Olson won so handily. I guess the rank and file aren’t nearly as upset with their PBA leader as are the YPD members who write the posts opposing him.

      1. What you see here is the work of 5 or so overly obsessed cowards who haven’t the courage to say ANY of this in public. That’s because they know that none of it is true. The Y Trib is the home of phonies and fakers, frighteningly, some of them wear badges and carry guns.

        1. Haha, overly obsessed cowards? One of KO’s bogus charges for throwing a member out of the PBA was for Pataky punching bag getting throat slapped for stepping to a real man. So then some time later KO does the same thing to Mingy. Only he had to sneak on a real man, what a fat rat coward amongst other things. So Ray is out of union but they still must pay his bennies and he must pay Union dues. So the only thing he can’t do is vote, run for PBA office and eat stale food at dunwoodie. So what’s the point. Oh yeah, you guys sure know how to silence the competition. Then you get sick stomachs when you wind up in fed court. Rat losers.

        1. I am not a Yonkers cop, just a Yonkers taxpayer who reads this page. I don’t even know who Chiarella is. I asked why Mr. Olson got 90% of the vote if he’s so corrupt. I don’t know if the claims about him are true or false, but common sense (which may not be the way to analyze anything in Yonkers) suggests that he’s not as despised as this site would have you believe. Why not respond to that, instead of telling Chiarella to eat shit? And sorry for all the words of more than one syllable; maybe you can get someone to tell you what they mean.

          1. Once again “Yonkers taxpayer”, hiding under the guise of that tag because you are too cowardly to say you are a cop or family member, please eat shit and with any luck get hit by a bus. Take your more than one syllable to another site that appreciates your infinite wisdom. Thank you.

  7. Dear Keith Olson really. You haven’t answered one question yet. Not one. For example, did you and Brian Moran not conduct an unauthorized investigation against a DD Captain and PBA members. Take all the time you need to answer. Don’t peddle a numbers game like that is suppose to exonerate you dirty cops.

  8. Dear Hezi,

    I agree, there should be a new article on the PBA election. You can start by interviewing Joseph Galinski. He is one of the fourth Pct. trustees. He will explain to you how he ran an honest election where the voters privacy was paramount. Then he will ask you if you’d like to buy shares in the new Tappan Zee bridge.

  9. Dear Hezi,

    Why isn’t there a new article on the Yonkers PBA election results? You wrote about it plenty leading up to it. We know you monitor these posts so we will be waiting for your response.
    Here they are in case you need them. You can have one of your sources verify them.
    Keith Olson 347 votes
    Rob Santobello 26 votes

    Sgt at Arms
    Steve Donahue 234 votes
    Martin Vataj 144

  10. based on these numbers that Olson posted I would assume if mingy was nominated he would of had his name printed and matched at least Martys votes we all know keith told his trustees to vote for Donanhue
    One thing for sure we at least know 144 members don’t like keith or his trustees based on what was commented yesterday see below

    Where’s the new article?
    January 29, 2016 at 1:00 pm


    Keith Olson- 347 votes
    Rob Santobello- 26 votes

    Olson wins with 93% of the vote

    Sgt at Arms
    Steve Donahue- 234 votes
    Martin Vataj- 144

    Donahue wins with 62% of the vote

    1. If they didn’t like Keith they wouldn’t have voted for him. They could’ve just not checked ANY box.

      347 PBA members checked off KO’s name.

      Nice try asshole.

    2. Does change a rats habit. Let’s face it fellas the guys hasn’t answer any calls for service in over 15 years. He spent the last 6 years investigating CLSA and PBA members. He was just a check mark that 4 to 5 union reps told them to check off or else. Bottom line you guys have 2 more years of a fat lying scumbag union pig. Remember we have almost 30 real cops that actually stopped and really voted. So start chasing your cheese for the next 2 years and we will be there too. Now YOU politicians make sure you speak clear and loud when your standing next to a rat pig. Make sure you show up at the 6 years of celebrating a dirty union leader. Hey we are wondering how many Blue Truthers would have checked off Santobello if he was on the ballot. Lot more than 1 KO .

  11. The Yonkers PBA and the Yonkers Chef is like a game show. One tops the other. Let’s see who will be the better performer from the Lafayette show. Will it be performer John Mueller or John Donaghy? Will let the defense. You know follow ups are hard to perform boy’s. Lol . Don’t know which one is more daring ? One was a cry baby Captain who defied an order of transfer and the other is a Irish Detective who remove electronic equipment from the Dunwoodie Club under Keith Olson’s orders. All without Police Department Authorization. We are betting on the Federal Government. Lol Now that is lower than the Yonkers PBA Union President. Real low. The ratings will be high though.

    1. Tough couple of days? You rats are pathetic. There are tough days ahead coming for the three stooges. Make sure you bring your pathetic entourage back to federal court. I heard the judge loved it.

  12. Seems like one law suit was settle for big coin and one came in. Hmm, wondering if there is any truth to a cover up there Johnny Boy. Keith Olson don’t bring a stolen file to a fresh Federal lawsuit. Keith, how much is the new one? Was JD working on it for you again? We know all about it.

  13. Keith do I sense veil threats of physical harm again? Can’t help your rat self huh? How many times must you be told to go seek that dream of a helping hand. Now we realize that you threaten to fight civilians and did sneak up and punch Santobello from behind but no one is scare of your fat smelly ass. So go fly your Irish flag at a parade or go find find Wayne’s money or the DD Captain’s file.
    Let’s see Yonkers settle $150k on your buddy Vera this week. Maybe John Donaghy can give that family their tape back. You know tampering with evidence is a crime fat boy. Now go threaten someone that sleeps with his mama. You might have a better chance.

  14. Okay, so I went to DD Yesterday to vote for the Sgt. at Arms position. I had no intention voting for Keith because I don’t like how he’s been handling Union business. I saw a blank line and asked Marvin why it was there? The answer was: “that’s if you wish to write someone in.”I left it blank cause I couldn’t think of who to write in. Today I find out the only write in was Rob Santobello. What was Marvins motivation for not telling me Rob Santobello was the only write in Candidate? The PBA and most of its board are a joke. If you can’t trust your trustees how the hell can you trust the president. I’m sure that happened at all six voting locations. I actually would’ve voted Santobello. Well this is exactly why I didn’t vote for Keith Olson. I guess having two weeks to campaign for such a position makes it to difficult to reach out to everyone. Also saw the voting numbers and at least it wasn’t like last time when we had around 482 cops and like 487 people voted. Lol

    1. so, lemme get this straight. you’re a cop – who knew of the vote (because you’re so well versed with “union business”) – who knew that only two people were running – and who “intended” to write in santobello’s name – but you didn’t because marvin didn’t hold your hand and tell you what do do??? lol, that’s about as weak as santobelo’s support . But hey, if it’ll make ya fee any better, your vote really wouldn’t have changed much, especially if youre a “cop” who can’t seem to follow basic instructions.

      1. What a babbling idiot. Keith was scaring people at midnight in the precincts with his rat whiskers saying he had an apponent. If a rep can’t tell you who the apponent is then what fucking good is he?

          1. You must’ve been the best rat at all of the spelling bee contests. Now you’re just a 14-bee. Fucking loser. Now go give KO his insulin shot he’s feeling woozy. Ahahahahahahahaahhahahaha

    2. Ha, ha, ha Rat face. The results of any election doesn’t change what Keith Olson and others have done to this job. All means is that we have a left over fat lying rat and another new one swearing to uphold more lies for the chosen one. Sorry boys but you all need to find your balls. Maybe that’s why you guys get zero overtime and a lying thug like Pataky gets 51 hours of overtime in his last check . Nice reward for doing dirty car stops. Boy you guys sure pull the wool over the local NAACP.

    3. Of course if Mingy had half a brain he would have just gotten nominated and had his name printed on the ballot, avoiding such confusion. But hey, stupid is as stupid does.

      1. Stupid sure is as stupid does, hahaha. If I didn’t witness what was happening at the fourth pct. during the vote I also would have trouble believing the PBA is dirty and rotten to its core. I’m glad though at least now I know. I knew Santobello was running and voted for him. But what I had to do makes me feel well as for lack of a better term betrayed. If you guys actually ran the voting legitimate and professionally you can walk around proud with this win. After what I witnessed I would recommend you just be glad this election is not contested.

          1. Maybe it’s just me and I’m the fucked up one, hahaha. But aren’t you rats the same rats that run around the whole City crying how these Blue Truth articles ruined the job? Then you sit and monitor this site as if it were a matter of life and death. You respond to comments on this site probabably faster than kissing Keiths bumpy ass.

  15. Mingy said he would’ve stayed for the whole count but due to the fact KO hasn’t bathed since the last meeting the stench was just awful. The trustees acted like they were looking for him cause they couldn’t take the rats smell either. How much did we pay for your bar tab last night?

    1. lmfao. nahhhhh, that’s not why mingy left. he left cause he’s a coward – plain and simple. he saw he was getting crushed, and rather than stay til the end, like a man, he walked away like the true blue truther he is. that’s their m/o.

      1. Interesting. I know how he’s been spanking you Olsonettes so go find him and call him a coward to his face. If not please shut the fuck up. Nobody and I mean nobody really cares about you idiots. Start selling now cause once the City doesn’t indemnify you boneheads you will all be living in a studio apt in Cottage. I hear cops get a deal there,

          1. What road? You never put your hands on anyone you fucking loser. Ming will lend you a helping hand. Stick to what you assholes do best and go grab a quick DVR or search a captains desk. If you wish to man up, tell us who you are and I’ll call Ming for ya. If not, continue looking in the mirror believing you’re a tough guy.


    Keith Olson- 347 votes
    Rob Santobello- 26 votes

    Olson wins with 93% of the vote

    Sgt at Arms
    Steve Donahue- 234 votes
    Martin Vataj- 144

    Donahue wins with 62% of the vote


      Money collected- $40,000
      Money Wayne received – $5,000

      Strength in Thievery wins with keeping 87.5% of the money collected

      1. Lol, don’t forget about poor Jimmy God rest his soul. After months of chasing Keith for the money he claims a DPW worker stole it from his desk. What a rat bum.

    1. Someone tried to waddle up Ashburton Avenue with a parking summons. They say it looked like Keith Olson. Can’t be, must have been a Keith Olson impersonator or stunt man. No union president issues parking summons to civilians.



      Michael Khader’s brother is John Khader, owner of Top Class Limousine. Sources have told Mount Vernon Exposed that John Khader is alleged to be a drug kingpin and has used his illicit drug proceeds to funds various development projects throughout Yonkers including Spiezio’s trash hauling business.

      A political insider told Mount Vernon Exposed that John and his brother Michael pay off Yonkers politicians and dirty cops so their illegal drug business continues to flourish without interference from law enforcement officials.

      John Khader publicly states every prom season that his drivers are safe and all his cars are drug and alcohol free when it fact, it is the exact opposite. Sources told Mount Vernon Exposed that clients book cars at Top Class Limousine because of the readily available access of any designer narcotic.

      Federal prosecutors must investigate Richard Thomas, Michael Khader, John Khader, and Joseph Spiezio at once. “

      1. Yeah, move over Nicky Barns. You rats have lost it. John Khader is as much a drug kingpin as Keith Olson is 200 pounds of solid muscle. Speaking of sour grapes sounds like old Ernie D. is looking to suck on the political tit again. Him and Olson must be brothers from another mother.

      2. so I guess besides Hezi a Mount Vernon blog also says we have dirty cops on the take wow………….sure hope the Feds are watching

  17. Good Luck Santobello. Doesn’t matter we are all winners against Keith Olson.The cause to stamp out him and others that ate corrupt will continue. That won’t be good for the association.

  18. Listen fat boy, you fked with Civilians and that’s what you get. Now they are witnesses against you in Federal Court. So you or your dirty pussy union thugs don’t scars anyone but themselves. So stop with your veil threats. Kader is more of a friend to a cop then you. He doesn’t go around threatening and punching civilians and other cops. He don’t do search warrants without warrants and he doesn’t commit perjury like you and your friends. So go find another member to set up. Your a scumbag rat union leader. Now you look for that helping hand from anyone you can thing off. Pussy thug.

  19. This comment was written by an impersonator and NOT by John Khader… Impersonating someone else is a “no, no.” Those who conduct themselves in such a fashion will not be permitted to engage in future comments. Kindly, Hezi Aris, Editor.

    next story you wont like you will see it on news 12 and journal news clear video and audio stay far away from me stop dropping my name here good night.

      1. This comment was written by an impersonator and NOT by John Khader… Impersonating someone else is a “no, no.” Those who conduct themselves in such a fashion will not be permitted to engage in future comments. Kindly, Hezi Aris, Editor.

        What, a little too much vino last night? You wake up and realize you were shooting your mouth off too much? Now you capitalize your name and say “wasn’t me!” LOL

  20. This comment was written by an impersonator and NOT by John Khader… Impersonating someone else is a “no, no.” Those who conduct themselves in such a fashion will not be permitted to engage in future comments. Kindly, Hezi Aris, Editor.

    keith specialty is spin spin spin all he replys back about how I hate members name me one one post where I say something negative about members….I only hate you keith olson don’t try and incite a riot against me im the only one that steps up to you ..I wont go in the woods with you unless I bring my back up by I promise next time we meet you wont be inviting me in the woods you caught me by surprise at the old timers now I know how to roll when I think your around.

  21. This comment was written by an impersonator and NOT by John Khader… Impersonating someone else is a “no, no.” Those who conduct themselves in such a fashion will not be permitted to engage in future comments. Kindly, Hezi Aris, Editor.

    I don’t think at all khader hates cops as far as I know always a supporter always doing the right thing he is on line telling keith what time it is..

  22. This comment was written by an impersonator and NOT by John Khader… Impersonating someone else is a “no, no.” Those who conduct themselves in such a fashion will not be permitted to engage in future comments. Kindly, Hezi Aris, Editor.

    sick and tired of fagots going back and fourth you want problems lets do it I will finish you off like the thug you are 480 members I support all of them except the few that kiss your ass you went after me ten years ago I should of dealt with you back then. you are dirty and members wont talk publicly about you name the time and place I am not scared of you I know how to deal with guys like bring it on.

    1. This comment was written by an impersonator and NOT by John Khader… Impersonating someone else is a “no, no.” Those who conduct themselves in such a fashion will not be permitted to engage in future comments. Kindly, Hezi Aris, Editor.

      Do your homosexual customers know you use language like that?
      They sure do now. Pay attention people.

      1. don’t dodge the facts I am not afraid I know exactly how to deal with guys like you step up but don’t sneak on me you want to be a thug I came from thug life I will give it to you like no other I got lawyers on stand by that will keep you busy till your a grand pa.

        1. This comment was written by an impersonator and NOT by John Khader… Impersonating someone else is a “no, no.” Those who conduct themselves in such a fashion will not be permitted to engage in future comments. Kindly, Hezi Aris, Editor.

          Homophobe, thug and a cop hater. Wow.

          1. This comment was written by an impersonator and NOT by John Khader… Impersonating someone else is a “no, no.” Those who conduct themselves in such a fashion will not be permitted to engage in future comments. Kindly, Hezi Aris, Editor.

            only hate you keith don’t spin on members lord forgive them for they do not know you

        2. This comment was written by an impersonator and NOT by John Khader… Impersonating someone else is a “no, no.” Those who conduct themselves in such a fashion will not be permitted to engage in future comments. Kindly, Hezi Aris, Editor.

          I cant figure out why the members let you get away with what you done to them I guess the pba kool aid has extra sugar in it.leave me alone I will leave you alone you want to go to war … be the last war you go to…

          1. This comment was written by an impersonator and NOT by John Khader… Impersonating someone else is a “no, no.” Those who conduct themselves in such a fashion will not be permitted to engage in future comments. Kindly, Hezi Aris, Editor.

            Now you’re insulting all of our members? No kool aid here, just tired of this Blue Truth bullshit. Even people that don’t like KO hate the Blue Truth.

          2. This comment was written by an impersonator and NOT by John Khader… Impersonating someone else is a “no, no.” Those who conduct themselves in such a fashion will not be permitted to engage in future comments. Kindly, Hezi Aris, Editor.

            lets debate blue truth keith me and you only Hezi will be moderator make it even better bring that asswipe lawyer that’s been milking the pbe memberships money for many years …crickets…. bring Quinn I would love to hear him say again the contract is the best in the state…lol

  23. This comment was written by an impersonator and NOT by John Khader… Impersonating someone else is a “no, no.” Those who conduct themselves in such a fashion will not be permitted to engage in future comments. Kindly, Hezi Aris, Editor.

    any one that knows me,knows I am a proud supporter of law enforcement I challenge keith anywhere anytime I will expose him a shit president leader yes he sucks as a president I said it JOHN KHADER ***_***_**** my cell step up and stop hiding behind a keyboard.

  24. This comment was written by an impersonator and NOT by John Khader… Impersonating someone else is a “no, no.” Those who conduct themselves in such a fashion will not be permitted to engage in future comments. Kindly, Hezi Aris, Editor.

    keith, you and your low life friends keep talking shit about me. I challenge you to a debate ..I will expose you, leave me alone, stop dropping my name, I don’t care about you or the contract. remember, you came after me. now I will finish you off in the public arena. fuck off, you don’t want me to embarrass you. I will show you how to debate. I am not afraid of you at all.

    p.s. win or lose tomorrow you still suck at being a leader.jk

    1. This comment was written by an impersonator and NOT by John Khader… Impersonating someone else is a “no, no.” Those who conduct themselves in such a fashion will not be permitted to engage in future comments. Kindly, Hezi Aris, Editor.

      Not KO but not for nothing you keep coming on this site talking shit about cops.

      Fuck you and the rest of your Blew Truth pals.

      1. This comment was written by an impersonator and NOT by John Khader… Impersonating someone else is a “no, no.” Those who conduct themselves in such a fashion will not be permitted to engage in future comments. Kindly, Hezi Aris, Editor.

        I don’t say nothing bad about cops I support them more than keith olson does God bless YPD for a great job they do to bad they have a loser like keith as a president


        1. This comment was written by an impersonator and NOT by John Khader… Impersonating someone else is a “no, no.” Those who conduct themselves in such a fashion will not be permitted to engage in future comments. Kindly, Hezi Aris, Editor.

          Don’t you realize we know you’ve been posting all this other shit about our attorney Quinn and making believe your a trustee. We know. Just go away. LOL
          And didn’t KO call you out at a party or something and you ran away?

          1. This comment was written by an impersonator and NOT by John Khader… Impersonating someone else is a “no, no.” Those who conduct themselves in such a fashion will not be permitted to engage in future comments. Kindly, Hezi Aris, Editor.

            no at the old timers picnic I told him I dont go in the woods with thugs like him plus why would I spoil a day for members that gave all their service to YPD you think a real pba leader would of done that…..

          2. This comment was written by an impersonator and NOT by John Khader… Impersonating someone else is a “no, no.” Those who conduct themselves in such a fashion will not be permitted to engage in future comments. Kindly, Hezi Aris, Editor.

            and by the way Quinn sucks too he says that was the best contract? warren roth said it sucked ask him…..

          3. This comment was written by an impersonator and NOT by John Khader… Impersonating someone else is a “no, no.” Those who conduct themselves in such a fashion will not be permitted to engage in future comments. Kindly, Hezi Aris, Editor.

            Why the hell would you comment on the cops contract? You’re not a cop and never were one.

          4. This comment was written by an impersonator and NOT by John Khader… Impersonating someone else is a “no, no.” Those who conduct themselves in such a fashion will not be permitted to engage in future comments. Kindly, Hezi Aris, Editor.

            just making a point from a civilians point of view fuck face.

    2. This comment was written by an impersonator and NOT by John Khader… Impersonating someone else is a “no, no.” Those who conduct themselves in such a fashion will not be permitted to engage in future comments. Kindly, Hezi Aris, Editor.

      You come on this site all day long, talk shit about people and then you get mad when you’re outed. You fit right in with those dopes.

      1. This comment was written by an impersonator and NOT by John Khader… Impersonating someone else is a “no, no.” Those who conduct themselves in such a fashion will not be permitted to engage in future comments. Kindly, Hezi Aris, Editor.

        I watch it just like the rest of the city does mention my name I will defend it whats your name……

      2. This comment was written by an impersonator and NOT by John Khader… Impersonating someone else is a “no, no.” Those who conduct themselves in such a fashion will not be permitted to engage in future comments. Kindly, Hezi Aris, Editor.

        really if you think its me and a few other guys get your head out of keiths ass everyone is watching this biggest expose on yonkers tribune

      3. This comment was written by an impersonator and NOT by John Khader… Impersonating someone else is a “no, no.” Those who conduct themselves in such a fashion will not be permitted to engage in future comments. Kindly, Hezi Aris, Editor.

        I support any one against you

  25. One has to say that Olson and Vera are the two smartest guys ever know to the Yonkers Police Department. Olson and Vera are both rats and cut from the same cloth. Both like to search without warrants, lie when they are confronted and blame others for their criminal acts. Sadly they are not alone and Keith Olson is probably the stupidest union leader ever know to Yonkers. We already know he is the most corrupt. Unfortunately these two rats are going to cost the taxpayer a lot of money.



    1. Nice bunch of bullshit there scumbag Keith Olson. First you sneak up on him and punch him in front of the Mayor and now you do what your good at and that is spinning real live facts. You a rat and always be rat no matter how the election goes. The only people more dumb that your 12th grade fat ass is the uniform new officers who are told who to vote for by scumbag lying trustees. So Rob is a winner no matter what happens. You have divided the union and the numerous will reflect that. So fat man go steal someone’s personnel file or go break into someone’s office scumbag rat.

      1. This comment was written by an impersonator and NOT by John Khader… Impersonating someone else is a “no, no.” Those who conduct themselves in such a fashion will not be permitted to engage in future comments. Kindly, Hezi Aris, Editor.

        You are an illiterate fool.

    2. This is Keith Olson, remember we got better than the Firefighters. Remember when I said fuck Barry and fuck the Firefighters at an open meeting? Please try to forget when I bragged about kicking the shit out of Rui with 6 other plainclothes police officers in Greenburg and laughed about it. Vote for another two years of these types of good times.
      Tony Castro is a liar.

  27. That’s the best you can do “Mingy” he is a trouble making fool who does not like to listen to the rules he’s a bosses nightmare as well as cops nightmare dragging others into his bullshit. He don’t even have balls to get nominated at the PBA meeting. Write in vote what a joke. He has to be one of the most stupidest guys on the job got thrown out of street crime because he could not get along with a few good guys. He will lose !!!!

    1. “Most stupidest”. “LoL” is such a genius. Fucking moron and grammar expert. Unbelievable “Most stupid” you moron. You sure are a guy that doesn’t do his homework.

  28. I think this has gone off base a little here are the facts you all need to know.

    1.we all know the blue truth stories as printed on Yonkers tribune are nearly 99% accurate.
    2.its not just guys that hate keith blog here and I am sure many civilians including firemen are joining with comments that shouldn’t be here at all.
    3.we all know Ray got thrown out for standing to a bully president that only took care of a few members of his inner circle.
    4.we all know now the contract keith negotiated and voted on is a bad contract, just ask any member going thru the new 207 changes
    5.babe mccauly keths friend wrote up a member out sick a few weeks ago, this is the same lt that fixed keith return to work date.

    I can keep going on and on. Members if you are tired of what’s happened to our union vote for change on Thursday

  29. Typical fat liar. Elections are here and after he Keith Olson and Harnett worked together to offer up units, now the fat lying union leader says ditch the body cameras and add more men. We say ditch Keith Olson on election day and ask the Housing Unit about Olson smart idea to offer them to the City to save 2 million. Ha ha ha ha what a fool. Keith Olson will say and do anything to stay in office.
    The only guys that need body cameras are his small group of Olsonettes. The fat man’s mouth is like a toilet, you never know what’s in it.

    1. Then when Monte asked for a vote of No Confidence against Hartnett for cutting our units, Keith joined forces with Hartnett and intentionally set him up. Then he was ousted to protect his seat. We were there on the floor with Monte Keith. Your a pathological liar. Take two chunks of cheese and call me in the AM.

        1. By now everyone knows in the City of Yonkers that Keith Olson is the wrong person to sit in the Office of the PBA. He is very corrupt to say the least and to this day has not answered disproved anything against him. He did not he answer if he struck another member or not. He will never address these issues but ask the Yonkers Police Officers to vote him in again. He has been against his own members for a while and only supports John the Baptist Mueller. Can’t have it bother ways. He has sold all of you out on the contract and now you uniform guys most vote in blocks to dump him. Rob Santobello is the name you want for fairness. He would never investigate another police officer internally. Olson is a rat liar. You truck guys are next. The issue is not dead.

    2. That’s rigjt the other diabetic Olsonette Lt. Babe M. writes up a member of service a week later. Nice going KO. Found out he was another what you call Blue Truthers? You want fools to vote for you after you target another. You should really listen to his statement too. Your name is mentioned. The membership should know you set him up too. Anyone interested in knowing the truth can call him C.T. themselves.

  30. Something is amis in your software on this site. Are you noticing that no one can write any word that has the letters “F” with the letter “I” after it? Your software automatically switches the letters around and doesn’t allow you to correct it. Such as “file cabinet” or “firm ware.” See what I mean. Whats up with that? Can you fix it?

    PS I could care less about this election topic, all these cops suck.

    1. The filthy few : Olson, Moran, Mueller, Donaghy, Venturino, Chiarella. The old Housing and Street Crime thugs. Pataky worked alone so it was just his story. As for Galinski, let’s just say the steroids made him beat his wife. It didn’t help him against a real cop. These are the Olsonettes pussies and thugs.

  31. Can you imagine the next time you happen to attend a meeting with the Yonkers PBA Union President Keith Olson and he happens to disagree with you and his fat ass invites you into the woods? Or to take a walk around the corner? Or maybe he will punch you when your not looking? That’s why you do not vote for a woodsman from moquette row.

  32. Listen I need some more favors so I can send out emails about what I did before the elections. No worries the Yonkers Police Officers forgot that I fked them on the contract already. They won’t know until they get injured and have to spend a lot of their own money to defend their injury. Wondering how we can do this.

  33. More than yours KO. Your the guy that had to sneak up on the guy in front of a bunch other cops. Your a weak pathetic liar and always be just that. Instead of talk about all these supervisors and other fine police officers you should try to really answer why your a dirty cop and will always be that. Now can you answer this for the good of your lying rat self. Did you or other not investigate a DD Captain? Or others? Did someone or something not break into the narcotics office? Did you or that other rat scumbag John Donaghy not conduct a criminal investigation at Dunwoodie? Did you or John not under the pretense of representing yourselves as Yonkers Police Officers not remove electronic equipment without any Police agency knowing or District Attorney’s Office authorization?
    We know you can’t answer these questions you weak pathetic soul because they are all true. Now as for balls rat face. you never had any? Look down and see if you have any. Remember you left them in Johnny Depp Mueller’s shutter? Your a walking liar that needs a fkin bath. Now stop picking on civilians you walking heart attack liar.

    1. Talk about balls Keith Olson? Ha ha ha ha. You should have put a leash around your Little Wayne brother in law went to meet up with another Yonkers Police Officer’s wife in Greenburg. Better yet pal you should have tide the all those police personnel files you compromised around his dog hangers.

      1. Why I will not be voting for Keith Olson. Keith has not brought anything but negativity to the uniform I wear and the City of Yonkers. It’s amazing how he is allow to punch others and not be called in and even questioned about it. I was at the Christmas Brawl and he intentionally started it. If he gets in again this shit about him won’t stop. The rumors about him and others are not just rumors. I am fairly new and most supervisors don’t like him and also confirm the things he’s done around the department.

        1. Heard their are some cars illegally parked on Ashburton Avenue. Are you going to issue the first one again KO? Don’t forget their is audio and video. You sounded great last time, but when we view it we always get a good hearty laugh the way you waddled up to the car. Lol lol . By the way do you still have your copy? We do? Lol lol. Is that discovery KO? Oh that right, that and the Westchester D.A. file is. Lol lol

          1. The new C.L.S.A President should be careful when Keith the rat comes scurrying into his office for cheese. Oh that’s right Zap, he already threw you under the bus in the Vera indictment. Remember when Quinn and Olson put all of Vera’s woes on the you and others. Get a good vest. You will be needing it. A word of advice always have someone sit in with you when Olson comes begging. Basically fk him Zap.

          2. For those of you that are not on the email list just remember to write in Rob Santobello on the ballot. Let’s send Keith Olson out to the fat farm or was it rat farm?
            Don’t give him another chance after the Firefighters got a better contract. You need to hold him accountable and send a message to the next PBA President.
            10 years for retro
            No more up front 25 vacation days
            Longer steps for pay raises
            Changed 207c to benefit the City
            Be smart and dump a sell out rat who got his sister a job and a car. Then he threw a political rival out for fighting and free speech.
            New start with Santobello’s who NEVER investigated another cop or went after civilians or C.L.S.A members. He never tampered with evidence or did searches without warrants. New face, no image , new start. Ask the injured guys about 207c. Call them and see who they are voting for?

          3. You do know your a public official right? A dirty filthy one too. So can you answer any of the questions? No, we didn’t think so. We rest on the questions for now. Should we call you the sneaker now? You did strike Rob right Keith? Still waiting for the petition to come around rat face. Remember your days when Tanglewood boys spanked you too. Is that why you sneak up when writing a summons or hitting another member?

  34. Heard the Keith Olson has been calling uncle nick for favors to hold his seat. If big house Nick wants to meddle in police business so be it. The smell of lobbying money is a good incentive. We bet Barry does give shit to Spano, Keith the rat Olson. Rob has more balls than you scumbag. Olson fuck the union members.

    1. As Humpty Olson was getting a glimpse at his next cheeseburger at the Mayor’s Ball, other union members with much bigger balls were outside expressing their constitutional rights of free speech and the right to assemble. Is that what you mean about unity Keith Olson? For most of you readers that don’t like to read comments posted one way or the other this is protected speech too. Well probably not in the City of Hills. The courts will back Barry’s right to assemble and protest. No doubt.
      Now finish your cheeseburger Keith. Grace is over. Ahh, you got cheese on your wind breaker, ain’t that just like you.

      1. What you don’t know is while 628 was peacefully protesting Spano had police paddy wagons staged to take as many fire fighters away as possible, but 628 showed nothing but respect to the officers on duty and no one was arrested, Spano pits Yonkers police against Yonkers fire fighters that’s the story

  35. my o my how people forget mullers parents did a commercial against mike,keith supported spencer pre primary my o my strange bed fellows than to boot keith mother fucks spano at meetings….lol only in yonkers

    1. This just in, the Feds investigate Keith Olson and others for official misconduct and civil rights violations. They say it was a 3 year investigation into members of the Yonkers PBA. Street informants have come forward with numerous complaints of civil rights. The Feds have been asking for jobs dating back to 2000.

  36. Before you have these DUMB Yonkers PBA union trustees tell you how to vote, stop and ask a variety of real supervisors what they think of the rat union prez. Most of them will tell you he conducts unauthorized investigations against other Yonkers cops and is not trusted by most. They will even tell you that most of the investigative articles written about the Olsonettes is spot on the money by the Yonkers Tribune. The people are real and their actions are unbelievable but sadly true. So the pain will continue until dirty cops are gone. So remember fats come from the front and ask for that helping hand. No need to sneak up on other cops in front of the Mayor. Who knows maybe you will see them in Federal Court. Lol lol

  37. Breaking news:

    Man on Shonnard Place, wearing tank top tee shirt Finds 500 pound man fozen in snow drift. Good Samaritan Joseph Galinski of the YPD secretary unit says man is Unidentified at this time but was found holding a clipboard and was wearing a sweater vest.

    1. Two questions; did that man smell of rotten cheese ass and did he have Wayne’s missing money? Hope they can thaw that 500 lb. Rat out. Heard the Firefighters refused to help.

    2. Betty can you thaw him with your dirty ass pants. While your at it go buy some mascara and perky up for the next meeting. You look like left over meat loft. Olson lies and you swear to it. Nice

    3. Maaaaaaaaa, I keep calling out these cops names just like you told me mama. Can I sleep in your bed tonight, I have the shakes from all those lies I tell. I think the Feds are coming for my books soon mama. Maaaaaaaaa are you listening? Don’t make me punch another cop or threaten another IAD supervisor. I can’t believe you made me send an email demanding for other union members to be punished for pushing the Getty Square Hobo. Mama do you have any cheese around.

    4. According to News 12 and quoting the Yonkers PBA Union President Keith Olson, ex police officer Neil Vera is the best of what Yonkers has to offer with hundreds and hundreds of lying awards. Talk about disorderly conduct and resisting unlawful search and seizure. Hmmm Fats, guess that why Pataky is the best. Ha ha ha.

  38. You have one thing right is that the Blue Truthers are never going away so long as your stinking ass is in office. Most of these precinct cops need to tell those dumb corrupt trustees to fuck off and vote for change. Write in Robert Santobello and look them right in the eye.. Don’t be scared of a small group of dirty cops. YPD members you got fucked by Olson for his seat against Montero. Olson thought by throwing out a political rival no one would run against him. I say Rob Santobello and stay with the Yonkers Tribune for the truth and actions of dirty cops. You truck guys just lost your desk man and other moves. Soon after Olson is in for another 2 years you guys are done. Remember Keith the rat Olson moved heaven and earth for that other lying scumbag rat John Mueller.

    1. Tell them shit bird union trustees to answer your radio call. Most of the union trustees and boards are raking in 25 plus hours of overtime. Keith ran to Nick to put a hold on the ESU transfers which will be here by the spring.
      You new guys lost vacation time and endure an extra year of waiting to get top pay. Meanwhile Olson’s driving around on your dime. By the way, when was the last time you saw Olson in the precincts. The only reason why you new cops know him is because he showed up to your swearing in. Big fkin deal, you took the test and now you dumb mother’s have to wait years before you get 25 vacation days. So show the city you have balls and vote Rob Santobello for real unity like the Firefighters have. God bless Barry you creep Keith Olson.

      1. To ALL uniform cops this is the site to stay with the latest actions of rogue cops like Olson, Moran, Pataky, and the wife beater Galinski. When guys like these can intentional lie to make a car stop, or gain access to search without a warrant and cover it with each others reports and statements then you have a rogue PBA. You members need to put Olson to rest before the Federal Government does. As for the City of Yonkers taxpayer you will be paying dearly to deal with all the pending Federal Law Suits. That rat is playing a dangerous game with Yonkers residents.

        1. seems to me majority of the members like the direction of the way pba is going and too think of having a member become a vp with less than7 years on the job makes me wonder is it possible they like getting fucked over by a sellout rat …..

    “Aka MINGY”

    We admire your balls to stand up to Keith, I could tell your heart is in the right place when you came into the 2nd. But honestly why bother. I really don’t think Keith is going to lose his position. Not because of cheating like switching ballots. It’s deeper than that. It’s never fair the way it’s done here. Keith will have his entire board manning the ballot boxes, it’s an intimidation game. Yonkers cops are the biggest cowards when it comes to speaking their mind. They will check the box for Olson because they know his Trustees are looking at them. Why would you want to be President to a bunch of cowards. You’re out of your mind.

    1. Lol. I’m a close friend and I said the same thing. Build your pension and let this shit PBA implode. More power to him anyways and balls goes a long way. People act like you need a law degree to run a union. All you need is a stand up guy with a decent board and a good lawyer is where you spend the money. The current president is a graduate of Saunders HS. Need I say more? Bottom line to this whole story is I don’t care if KO has a GED or a doctorate degree, the guy has fucked our PBA countless times yet the majority stay silent. In the end if the men and women of the PBA vote Keith in again, then they have spoken and can’t complain when he furthers his cause to destroy what past leaders have built.

        1. I was wondering when one of you rats would have nerve to ask that question. You tell us! Babe McAuley, Mueller and Moran already gave you guys the competitions Files years ago.

          1. True story, files were taken and compromise but what’s in your Keith? Moran?
            Just wondering which is worst keeping a suspect in a car, taking his cellular and keys and then searching his apartment or was that apartments Keith from you Dirty Street Crime Days. We looked up the jobs already from your street crimes lies. All pussies and rogue.

          2. Can’t wait when the Federal Judge looks for all those files you compromised. You were even caught looking through the District Attorney’s files. Yo ran background checks and license checks on your own members. All nice work for Federal Court. Who knows you may have time to pay Wayne and return some of the cell phones you took over the years. Next week we will be doing some research to help you remember. Please clean your self up Keith you look like a dirty rat. Also you don’t have to sneak up or ask to take a walk before you assault someone. Just come correct and we are sure to give you a helping hand. Hope you have some strong soap because you fkin smell dirty. Then again that how a dirty cop smells.

      1. No longer staying quite. We stand with Barry and the Firefighters. We will come forward as witnesses against Keith Olson and others when the law suits start or when the Feds slap a sticker on the PBA door. We will be waiting and listening.

    2. Yo KO they are right. We always lie on our reports. We even lied when Montero and Davis did the search warrant. Yo KO, the search warrant was real not like yours and Morans. Yo that she the man Morales hit on me man. She is like a ghetto rose. She another one, she is presence at a bar when a homicide goes down and she didn’t see anything just like she knows nothing what the fat man does. Outta here. I need some k2 man and another cop’s wife.

  40. Hahaha, speaking of shameful and more importantly embarrassing, has anyone actually noticed the demeanor and appearance of fat rat Olson? It must suck having to leave your sewer to campaign against “Mangy”, lmao. I guess when you need that healthy stipend to support your eating disorder you’ll do just about anything. One thing is for sure PBA members, a vote for Keith Olson is a vote for your funds getting looted. I’d rather have a sharing community resident run the PBA than that over sized rodent. Anyone remember John Gotti? Yeah, you idiots guessed right, the gangster that walked around like he was untouchable. Well when KO is mopping D block I hope Mueller and Moran are up to date with the protection money.

    1. Don’t get it twisted, Olson is not at all worried about the election outcome. The winning ballots have already been generated and stashed away. He’s just campaigning here and there to make it look good. The outcome had already been determined.

    2. Remember Keith when you label a lot of cops as rats? Remember when that drunk Viviano use to go by Jimmy and try to intimidate the Sgt. Well make sure the hobo steals a suit to wear to Federal Court. We would like to know what he meant. Jimmy gives you the finger and we protect our own against dirty cops. We all know where the bodies are.

  41. Anxiously awaiting the next Blue Truth article which will shamelessly and feebly attempt to sway the inevitable drubbing that that asshole Mangy is about to receive.
    Figuring Tuesday or so, but it won’t matter. YPD is sick of the Blue Truth. It will only point out the obvious once again and that is that Mangy is a part of it.

    1. The only ones tired of blue truth are the asshole Olsonettes for being exposed for the scum they are. Don’t get it twisted because you know none of you assholes are anxiously awaiting a new blue truth article either lol. Who are you morons kidding? You’ve been getting drubbed your whole pathetic lives.

    2. He is part of blue truth too. There is a lot of blue Truthers Keith. Again we most point out to you that if your dirty we are all blue truthers. You hang with Vera, we believe Santobello will bring real unity and change. We actually can’t wait for the next Yonkers Tribune article.
      Actually I like the one when Keith Olson punched another member in front of the Yonkers Mayor. We didn’t get to see the petition Vera and Pataky the constitutional godfather was carrying to remove your fat smelly ass.

  42. Just got word the owner of Castle Royale came to work today only to find an oversized rodent in his kitchen, eating all the Mayors leftover cheese platters.

  43. Sorry Yonkers Police members the class on how to conduct searches without warrants by President Keith Olson and Brian Moran was cut down to a couple of hours. In attendance were John Donaghy and Louieeeeee the liar. Supposedly Donaghy brought out the DVD from Dunwoodie and Moran brought the Files and cellphones of arrested suspects. Olson was on the phone trying to furlough Vera for a hands on demo. Olson supposedly video the whole demo and sent out emails telling on other PBA and CLSA members. No further classes will be scheduled until after the Tenor Federal lawsuit. We will keep all the YPD members posted. Thanks and as Olson always says strength in unity. That’s why Barry M. Is still fighting.

  44. Three cheers for Barry a real union leader. He was out in the cold tonight fighting for his members, while the fat scumbag fake union leader Keith Olson was inside sucking on cheese. The sellout was treated with real royalty and given a lonely table by the exit doors. Lol. We are assuming that the Spano’s didn’t want to see a long rat tail.
    YonkersPolice Officers wake up and dump the rat that sold you out. He harps on Rob Santobello’s intellect but Santobello didn’t put the shit contract together, nor did Rob divide the union with internal misconduct. Yeah fat boy you sure are a smart one. You are as sharp as your belly. A real high school grad. Rob Santobello would never sellout his members for that fake bought and paid for Chef Mueller. Another dick who couldn’t be transfered. Pussy boy. Face it Johnny boy your a 14b lab rat. You have reached your pinnacle by PBA cash to a lobbyist who is the Mayor’s brother. We hope that is legal. Using the association’s money to buy a spot, or do we call it lobbying money after a contract. Why didn’t you just pay Big House Nick for a better contract smart one?

  45. I was skimming through all the comments below and noticed that someone had a good question, which is why didn’t Robert Santobello just show up to get nominated instead of being a write-in vote? Didn’t make sense to me, it’s a lot harder to get people to write your name in the ballot and a lot easier to simply place a check mark next to Olson’s name. I think I know where Santobello is going with this. If it’s true that Olson plans to switch ballots while they are being transported to be counted as he’s been accused of in the past, then all Santobello needs is a handful of guys from each precinct to spell out Santobello’s name on the ballot and save their half of the ballot with the matching serial number. At the end of the election if it’s contested then it only takes a handful of guys to give Santobello their ballot numbers for him inspect their ballot. I pray that the handwriting on the write in ballots match up with those who wrote them. Not taking sides, I just hope it’s on the up and up. I’d hate to think that Keith Olson could be caught up in a crime. Not worth the risk Keith.

        1. Yeah yeah Donaghy, we know. Blah blah blah!!!! Why don’t you go take a long walk off a short pier bonehead. Take KO, Mueller, Moran and that other boneheaded labor lawyer Quinn with ya! It’ll save those morons a lot of embarrassment in federal court.

    1. Make sure you you don’t attend a rat party. The Yonkers PBA is no longer what it was under Charles Cola. The past six years have been under Keith Olson’s dirty hand. Look at him. The guy is a walking blimp with a scent of pig sweat. He needs a bath and some clean clothes. He is a diabetic nightmare. Will someone take him to the public bath house and hose him with some moth balls.

    2. Did you see Barry outside Keith? He didn’t give away his 207A and NEVER turn his back on any of his members. He is a real you leader that found his balls. We know you were walking around at the Mayor’s ball to see who you could punch.

    3. Mom, there is a bald headed drunk guy ringing our bell. He says he is a cop. Mom he parked on the grass and he is urinating on the side of the house. Don’t worry son, Dad is coming out. Mom tell him never mind, the bald headed guy stumble back to his car. Looks like a beer bottle fell out of the car and he is licking it. Oh it probably that low life drunk that Dad was talking about. Oh, the fat one or the thin one?

  46. You Cops should all read the article on the top of the site from a Yonkers Fire Fighter named Michael Ward “A scathing letter to the editor.”

    What Mayor Spano is trying to do to the Fire Fighters Medical contract “207a” portion is exactly what our Fat Corrupt Union President Olson GAVE away to the Mayor as a favor to the Mayor in order to get his buddy Mueller made into a Chief! What a pathetic fucking joke! Look for yourselves at our Medical portion “207c” of the contract Olson twisted on us! He fucked us!!!

    1. You just found out…lol seems like most members like KaYo way of bending over the membership for self gratification,as long as the trustees sell the kool aide it is what it is

    2. We know he fucked all the unions for his self gratification. Keith Olson is a moquette river rat with a 12th grade education. That’s why the membership is throwing the bum out.

  47. Please Mikey don’t transfer the truck guys yet. Wait until after my election. Come on Keith the Rat Olson, are late lectures getting you tired? What’s another lie or two to your members. You lied on the contract and the new cops loss their shirts. Why should they believe you now fat man. Take your buddy Neil with you. Does Vera know where Wayne’s money is ?

  48. Yo Keith, you have any blunts? The Firefighters are protesting today. Yo I can’t do the detail without da grass man. Hope they bring their wives.

    1. This is the Yonkers PBA Union President. Please give me another two years so we can continue to lie and set up others.
      Thanks so much Billy and Joe from my 4th Pct.

  49. Hey Editor

    I just read this and shook my head… The Editor sounds like you really believe that the YPD is gonna get to vote for the candidate of their choice, ha what a joke. That never happens in Yonkers union elections. The outcome has already been decided by Keith Olson and a handful of his slimy followers. The election is just a formality, as we speak Keith is plotting with his sewer rats how to pull it off again. They’re deciding whose gonna carry the ballot boxes in their own personal cars from each precinct and switch the ballots before meeting up at the fist precinct. It’s criminal what these cronies do for Olson. But somehow he gets away with it. I give Santobello lots of credit for wanting to fix the PBA but sadly the fix is in.

  50. I got to give you Olsonettes a hand, clap clap, lmao. I’m not a police officer, blah blah blah. Well you are definitely right, you are not a police officer, never were. Just a malcontent that EA passed the presidency too. First off, as Hezi always does his research so do the friends of blue truth, so let’s set the record straight. Secondly, stop bitching to Hezi Keith. The Mingy lawsuits you posted are still there. And you know what those lawsuits cost the City? Zero dollars and zero cents, that’s what they cost the city you fat crazy moron. That’s what we discovered with just a little research. And yes, Google is a friend, just not a friend of yours. Seriously, Google Keith Olson and see what comes up, haha. Now let’s dig deep into the lawsuits of your ass warts. Pataky’s paid out lawsuits alone could’ve solved the city’s budget deficits for the next 20 plus years. The rest of your warts lawsuits could’ve funded world hunger. As far as Mingy’s wife goes I don’t know her credentials. I will say if she’s anything like Mingy then I put forth this challenge, Mr. I’m not a police officer, lmao again. I would bet all that I own and borrow some more to wager. The wager is this, I would bet it all that Mrs. Mingy’s resume would knock your sisters resume out, the same way your trustee and the rest of you fags keep getting knocked out, lmao yet again. It’s funny when you post this nonsense because we are sharks and we smell your fear. Don’t be scured, you got Joe “wife beater” ski and Billy “lawman” or is it “lawsuit” Pataky at your side. How can you lose? Lmao yet yet again, lmao.
    PS, we will have Hezi send Neil some commissary you Bafoon!

    1. Well said and that’s something that fat union scumbag could never answer. In fact it’s all true and the sneak up prez should throw himself out of the union for fist fighting in front of Mayor Spano. Now you lying union low life union president don’t you have some truck guys to lie to. Fat dirty cop. Hezi has it right Keith Olson.

  51. Don’t forget the Yonkers PBA “search warrant class”. There is no fee and you get to practice in the PBA office on old cellphones that Brian Moran and Keith Olson took off arrested suspects. Hurry John Donaghy took three seats.

    1. 1oo Years of the PBA and 6 years of a dirtbag rogue leader. No need to join a dirty cop for the PBA. You won’t see any top people there from the State and County.

  52. Keith, you have any female employees to threaten today or ask to walk in the woods? Maybe you will black list another cop because he talks to another cop.

  53. Only low class is a fat fuckin dirty cop like you Keith. You couldn’t shine Charlies shoes. You were a fat fkin rat then and your a more dirtier cop today. No matter which way way the election goes, Rob Santobello has more credibility than you. Now don’t you have some apartment or cellphone to search KO? The members need to dump your grimy stinking fat odor. Take a fuckin bath you free roaming rancid rat.

      1. keith keep kader out of this plenty of members don’t like you he wants nothing to do with this, if he did don’t you think he would put out the video and tickets you gave him to media? especially the ticket you wrote where there is no record of it being turned in…lol. so keep fucking with him see where it gets you.

  54. I was on the board for several years in the 90’s. I know under Cola we went from 240K to 600K in our funds. Tim Ormond always read our financial statements at every meeting. Is than still being done and if not, why not.

    1. its a crime to mention such a great guy like Charlie Cola with a rat like Keith name in the same sentence,Charlie was a real man that stood up and fought for his union he never sold out. Man do I sure miss him a real true cop and a hell of a leader and real professional leadership skills, never drunk in public never hit a member never stole always showed us the books always got the best for us. I remember many times the arguments he had with spencer I barely had a year on and one day he invited me into his office he must have had ten guys in there they were all happy and talking when I walked in he made me feel like I was one of them and asked me if I was ok and help my self to coffee.I sure do miss him a real class act, so please guys in the name of God don’t mention a name like olson and cola two different men by far God bless Charlie

  55. Tomorrow morning is the second part of how to search “without warrants”. Class instructors will be Yonkers PBA Dirty President and Det. SGT. Brian Moran of the Detective Division. Because it is during the week special guess Neil Vera will not be there to provide perjury techniques. William Pataky may provide Yonkers car stop stories. False reporting will be given by Keith Olson and John Mueller. No certificates will be handed out. That’s the Yonkers PBA.

  56. Amazing one week after the best contract in the State Anthony Chiarella’s wife gets a job as director. Mother in law too. Nice KO

    1. mingy and ray didn’t sell out the union nor did they use the pba check book to buy jobs like keith did;
      48g to nick spano lobbying firm to buy chef muller 3rd floor plus protection
      worst pba contract he took and got his sister a job with in 2 weeks …NEXT….

  57. simply said you want change for the better WRITE IN ROB SANTOBELLO comes election day,and don’t worry we will watch the boxes this time.

    1. Go back into your cave and get your facts straight. Mingy was never an Olsonette. The only thing Keith raise is his tail to go shit in a sewer. Man you PBA members need to get your facts straight. This is the exact reason the PBA will never move forward. A guy like you rather smear good guys names because you think you know them rather than vote. Just stay home and continue watching the Khardasians or whatever it is you do.


    Montero v. The City of Yonkers, New York et al

    New York Southern District Court
    Judge: Kenneth M Karas
    Case #: 7:15-cv-04327
    Nature of Suit 440 Civil Rights – Other Civil Rights
    Cause 42:1983 Civil Rights Act

    Case Filed: Jun 04, 2015


    Parties (7)

    Last checked: Tuesday Dec 01, 2015 8:50 AM EST


    Edmund Hartnett

    Represented By

    Peter Alexander Meisels
    Wilson Elser,moskowitz Edelman & Dicker Llp(white Plains)
    contact info

    John Martin Flannery
    Wilson Elser Moskowitz Edelman & Dicker Llp (ct)
    contact info

    Lalit Kumar Loomba
    Wilson, Elser, Moskowitz, Edelman & Dicker, (wpls)
    contact info


    Brian Moran

    Represented By

    Peter Alexander Meisels
    Wilson Elser,moskowitz Edelman & Dicker Llp(white Plains)
    contact info

    John Martin Flannery
    Wilson Elser Moskowitz Edelman & Dicker Llp (ct)
    contact info

    Lalit Kumar Loomba
    Wilson, Elser, Moskowitz, Edelman & Dicker, (wpls)
    contact info


    John Mueller

    Represented By

    Peter Alexander Meisels
    Wilson Elser,moskowitz Edelman & Dicker Llp(white Plains)
    contact info

    John Martin Flannery
    Wilson Elser Moskowitz Edelman & Dicker Llp (ct)
    contact info

    Lalit Kumar Loomba
    Wilson, Elser, Moskowitz, Edelman & Dicker, (wpls)
    contact info


    Keith Olson

    Represented By

    Andrew C Quinn
    The Quinn Law Firm, PLLC
    contact info


    Police Association of the City of Yonkers, Inc.

    Represented By

    Andrew C Quinn
    The Quinn Law Firm, PLLC
    contact info


    The City of Yonkers, New York

    Represented By

    Peter Alexander Meisels
    Wilson Elser,moskowitz Edelman & Dicker Llp(white Plains)
    contact info

    John Martin Flannery
    Wilson Elser Moskowitz Edelman & Dicker Llp (ct)
    contact info

    Lalit Kumar Loomba
    Wilson, Elser, Moskowitz, Edelman & Dicker, (wpls)
    contact info


    Raymond Montero

    Represented By

    Clifford James Bond
    Clifford J. Bond, Attorney At Law
    contact info

    Michael Howard Sussman
    Sussman & Watkins
    contact info

    John A. Sarcone, III
    The Sarcone Law Firm, PLLC
    contact info

    Christopher Dale Watkins
    Sussman & Watkins
    contact info


    1. so it seems city of Yonkers is footing the bill for all defendants except Keith how much will this cost the membership? Can you tell the members at the next meeting?NOWAY

    2. The above sums up the whole low life existence of those three bums plus Edmutt Hartnut. That guy should get run over by a bus. Best of luck to the COY. COY will need it. God bless you Ray. Ride off into the sunset, only not until this case comes to a close.

  59. kayo why have you not under your leadership showed members our financial records?I mean at least once a year you should show what we started of with and at the end of year what we have left with list of expenses ????

  60. under current pba leadership ko simply terrible

    most retirements
    lowest moral
    most lawsuits
    most money spent by the rat


  61. almost 18 on the job only one case against mingy …. I say not bad considering
    pba trustees have less time and more lawsuits lets compare again mingy one lawsuit pba rogue club numerous…….lol

  62. almost 18 on the job only one case against mingy …. I say not bad considering
    pba trustees have less time and more lawsuits lets compare again mingy one lawsuit pba rogue club numerous–Excessive-Force-Lawsuit

    keith your office groomed rogue cops


    keith who drove the second car in to greenburgh

    Yonkers police face brutality lawsuit

    Eyewitness News

    WHITE PLAINS, N.Y. – —
    A man claims he was viciously beaten by police in Yonkers, and now he is suing them. “Something’s got to change, sooner or later,” said Rui Florim, who hopes a 20-million dollar civil rights lawsuit filed in White Plains will help spark that change inside the Yonkers police department.

    On May 18th, 2006, the 23-year-old came to the Tyrone house on Main Street in Yonkers. According to the lawsuit, an early-morning fight involving several off-duty Yonkers police officers spilled out into the street. Florim was forced to defend himself.

    Later that same day, Florim says two unmarked Yonkers police cars followed him after he completed his shift at Oporto restaurant in Hartsdale and forced him to stop.

    “They beat the crap out of him. Then they cuffed him to the rear, then they dragged him in front of the headlights, threw him in the back seat where the front seat cop put on black gloves and beat his face,” said attorney Jonathan Lovett.

    “Why me basically was the only thing going through my head. I mean I was more shocked than anything. I really couldn’t understand what was going on,” said Florim.

    Florim ended up at Saint Joseph’s Medical Center where doctors needed 70 stitches to close up his wounds. The emergency room report shows Florim’s request not to be discharged because he said, “They will kill me tonight.”

    Ultimately, investigators charged him with assaulting a half-dozen police officers. He was taken to the Westchester County jail. Florim said corrections officers there know he was from Yonkers. When he asked how they knew, he said they told him, “Anyone who comes up here and looks like you comes from Yonkers.”

    STORY BY: Joe Torres

    WEB PRODUCED BY: Bob Monek


      1. almost 18 on the job only one case against mingy …. I say not bad considering
        pba trustees have less time and more lawsuits lets compare again mingy one lawsuit pba rogue club numerous–Excessive-Force-Lawsuit


    Yonkers Police Officers Charged With Lying About Drugs to Obtain Search Warrant

    By Victoria Kim 10/21/14

    Dario Tena fell 30 feet to his death after Christian Koch and Neil Vera lied to a judge in order to obtain a warrant.

    Two former Yonkers narcotics officers were indicted on multiple charges earlier this month, including making a false statement on their application for a warrant to search a suspect’s apartment in March.

    In March, Detective Christian Koch and Officer Neil Vera told a Yonkers City Court Judge that drug dealing was taking place at the suspect’s apartment building. Based on this information, the judge granted a search warrant. When police raided the third floor apartment, the suspect Dario Tena went out the window, falling more than 30 feet to his death.

    Vera is accused of asking a witness to lie to investigators and submit a false written statement to police claiming he had purchased drugs at the location. Both men are charged with one felony count of perjury and official misconduct.

    A subsequent investigation by the Westchester County District Attorney’s Office led prosecutors to dismiss unrelated drug charges against 15 defendants in 12 separate cases that Vera and/or Koch were involved in. However, it is unknown whether the investigation determined that the men lied in other cases.

    If convicted of perjury, the officers face up to four years in prison. However, they were not charged in the death of Tena. Vera and Koch pleaded not guilty and have been released without bail on the condition that they surrender their weapons to Yonkers police.

    The head of the police union Detective Keith Olsen and nearly three dozen other Yonkers police officers attended Vera and Koch’s arraignment earlier this month in solidarity. “With a combined 20 years of police experience, they are the most highly decorated officers we have,” Olsen said. “For their entire careers they have been doing everything they can to keep our city safe and they deserve the benefit of the doubt.”

    Both men are due back in court on Tuesday.

    Please read our comment policy. – The Fix


    Dirty Yonkers Cops Convicted

    by Michael H. Joseph

    In a strange twist of fate, two Yonkers Police Officers pled guilty today to perjury in the Westchester County Court in White Plains. All to often in Westchester County, the prosecutors look the other way, even when faced with glaringly false testimony by police officers in both Court, in support of search warrants and in preparing accusatory instruments such as misdemeanor informations, supporting depositions and felony complaints. Criminal defense lawyers in Westchester know all too well, that police fabrication and stretching of the truth is rampant and that such misconduct often goes unpunished, which only encourages officers to repeat the conduct and sends the message to other police officers that there is no penalty for twisting facts. Our criminal justice system is based upon the underlying principle that justice is obtained through fair presentation of the facts and when police officers knowingly manipulate and twist facts or even when they fail to offer a full and complete version of what really happened, they cause the integrity of the process to be corrupted.

    Two Yonkers police officers were apparently caught so red handed in committing perjury in connection with an application for a search warrant that it was impossible to look the other way. Yonkers police officer Neil Vera pled guilty to two counts of official misconduct and detective Christian Koch pled guilty to perjury in the second degree. The charges were filed after evidence came to light that these officers falsified a search warrant application, in which the officers claimed to be looking for drugs. Apparently, in reliance upon the officers misrepresentations, a Yonkers City Court Judge issued a search warrant. In connection with a search that led the to the death of the intended target of their misconduct. One of the officers went so far as to ask another individual to lie to investigators and the internal affairs officers who were investigating the incident. More specifically, the detective asked an individual to falsely represent that he had done a controlled by of narcotics from the target, even though no such buy had actually occurred. The Yonkers police department has a reputation for being dirty and this is one more unfortunate example. Hopefully other officers will learn that they need to play by the rules.

    Obviously, our Westchester County criminal defense lawyers applaud the prosecution of these officers and can only hope that a dent in the corruption was made. At a minimum, these two officers will no longer be able to set up people and at least, these two officers will not cause any more innocent people to be sent to jail. They certainly deserve any punishment they get. Although at this point, it is not yet known whether they will actually see jail or just get probation, since it has not yet been publically disclosed as to whether the plea was made pursuant to a plea bargain, with a sentence promise. In any event, jail for these officers would certainly be appropriate, so they appreciate the severity of damage, they were trying to cause to a person’s life.

    Posted in: New York Criminal Law News Recap

    Yonkers sued over fatal fall during police raid

    Jonathan Bandler, 6:20 p.m. EDT July 28, 2015

    The family of Dario Francisco Tena announces a federal lawsuit against the City of Yonkers after he fell to his death from a third story window during a police raid at his apartment. (Video by Seth Harrison/The Journal News)

    Tena 1Buy Photo

    (Photo: Seth Harrison/The Journal News)

    Story Highlights
    Suit names city, police commissioner, deputy chief and eight cops who raided apartment

    Relatives of a Yonkers man who died during a drug raid filed a $20 million federal lawsuit Tuesday, alleging that his 3-story fall out a bedroom window was the result of an illegal police search and the failure of city officials to properly supervise the Police Department.

    Exactly how Dario Tena went out his apartment window during the March 21, 2014, raid at 141 School St. has not been determined. But the lawsuit contends that, because police lied to get the search warrant and failed to have an adequate tactical plan for the raid, they were complicit in his death.

    “This death remains a mystery because no law enforcement (agency) has investigated his death appropriately,” the family’s lawyer, Bonita Zelman, said at a news conference outside the federal courthouse in White Plains, where friends wore “Justice for Dario” T-shirts emblazoned with Tena’s photo.

    The lawsuit was brought by Maria Tolentino, Tena’s sister, and one of his sons, Sabiel Francisco Tena Valera, who were named last month as administrators of his estate. Tolentino lives in the Bronx and Valera, 21, lives in the Dominican Republic, where Tena was born and raised.

    Tolentino said the family wants answers and to prevent similar incidents in the future.

    TJN 0901 tenadeath 1 (2)Buy Photo
    A photo of Dario “Chichi” Tena hangs on the wall of Ricardo’s, a barbershop on South Broadway in Yonkers. Tena was friends with the owner. (Photo: Jonathan Bandler/The Journal News)

    “He was a good son, a better father, a wonderful brother. … We have many people who loved him,” Tolentino said. “My mother told me nothing that we do can bring him back, but she just wants justice.”

    In addition to the city, the lawsuit names Police Commissioner Charles Gardner, Deputy Chief William Cave — who signed off on the raid by email — and the sergeant, two detectives and five police officers who took part in the raid.

    Among those eight cops were former Detective Christian Koch and former Officer Neil Vera, whose lies on the search warrant affidavit led to their indictment for perjury. Both pleaded guilty this year and lost their jobs. Vera is serving six months of weekends in jail. Koch is expected to get eight weekends in jail when he is sentenced in September.

    The rear yard at 141 School Street in Yonkers, JulyBuy Photo
    The rear yard at 141 School Street in Yonkers. (Photo: Mark Vergari/The Journal News)

    Yonkers police officials had no immediate comment. The city’s top lawyer, Corporation Counsel Michael Curti, said Yonkers looks forward to “vigorously” fighting the lawsuit.

    “A thorough probe conducted by the Yonkers Police Department uncovered no evidence that would suggest any wrongdoing in relation to Mr. Tena’s death,” Curti said in a statement.

    Tena, 49, known as Chichi, was a former minor league baseball player. In addition to his son in the Dominican Republic, he has an 11-year-old son in Yonkers. That boy is not named in the lawsuit but would benefit from any settlement or jury award.

    Christian Koch
    Christian Koch (Photo: Yonkers PD)

    The raid followed a rogue drug investigation by Vera, a housing cop, who had a relative pass money along to another person to buy drugs at the third-floor apartment. But he and Koch claimed that they had gotten information from a confidential informant, who they never spoke with because the informant was imprisoned out of state.

    The target of the raid was a Ricardo Polanco, who had previously lived in the apartment. But authorities contend that Tena was selling drugs in the apartment that very afternoon and that cocaine and drug-packaging material were found during the raid.

    After Tena’s death, Vera also got another informant to lie to investigators that he had conducted controlled drug buys for the officer at the apartment.

    According to police reports recently obtained by The Journal News, Vera was the only officer who saw Tena in the apartment once the police busted the door. He claimed he saw him run down the hall and into a bedroom and that Tena, arms extended in front of him, dove out the window, where there was no fire escape.

    Tena’s family questions that account. Zelman, their lawyer, claims that the Westchester County pathologist who performed the autopsy suggested to her last year that the injuries — particularly a severe cut to the back of his head — were consistent with Tena falling backward out the window.

    The Medical Examiner’s Office initially ruled the manner of death a suicide in September. But it was changed to unknown circumstances a month later, six days after Koch and Vera were indicted on perjury charges.

    Neil Vera
    Neil Vera (Photo: Submitted)

    The lawsuit contends that Yonkers failed to implement many of the recommendations from a 2009 investigation of the police department by the U.S. Department of Justice. It also maintains that previous lawsuits brought against Vera, Koch and Koch’s partner, Dennis Molina, should have “put the Yonkers Police Department on notice of their serious misconduct and propensity to commit civil rights violations.”

    Zelman said state Attorney General Eric Schneiderman should review Tena’s death as a special prosecutor, even though a recent executive order by Gov. Andrew Cuomo for Schneiderman to probe police-involved deaths is not supposed to be used retroactively.

    1. Does anyone have any doubts about Keith Olson and his union board. Didn’t see Santobello name on any of these stories KO. By the way KO or Moran, who broke in to the Narcotics Office? What were you looking for? Files of course to help Vera out. All while the County was investigating them right cheese nip. Be careful politicians when your standing near a rat.

  67. Don’t be disappointed that change is coming. You really are worried that Rob will win the seat Keith. Throwing out fruitless allegations are just a sign of desperation to hold your seat so the City of Yonkers can transfer the truck guys in the spring and you pay St. Nick his lobbying money. Keith, you should have used that money to get a better contract, not to stop the temporally stop the ESU transfers. ROB FOR A NEW FACE.
    SANTOBELLO didn’t investigate other union members either.

    1. Did he steal any cops wives? I did so that is why they call me Little Wayne. Kiss it baby. No one is dirtier than scumbag Keith Olson.

    2. Any vote for Keith Olson will keep the department from moving in the right direction. It will give the City Two more years of dirty dealing.

        1. How does it go Pataky? Stop, search and arrest or slap first? When does probable cause come in or did it ever matter to people like you and KO. No rules huh, but hundreds and hundreds of awards. Yeah a oops cop alright.


      2 Yonkers cops named in 14 misconduct lawsuits

      Erik Shilling,

      (Photo: Mark Vergari/The Journal News

      James Jones had just left Nepperhan Community Center in Yonkers on Nov. 20, 2012, when he saw a city police officer he recognized: William Pataky.

      Pataky apparently recognized Jones, too, a 38-year-old ex-convict who is no stranger to law enforcement and was out on parole after serving more than a year in custody following a violent confrontation with officers in May 2010.

      But in this instance, Jones said, he was doing nothing wrong when Pataky screamed a vulgarity at him and then gave chase after Jones ran.

      Jim Bostic, the executive director of the Nepperhan Community Center in Yonkers, talks about the behavior of the Yonkers Police Department, March 28, 2014. (Video by Mark Vergari/The Journal News) Video by Mark Vergari/The Journal News

      When Jones stopped and put his hands in the air, Pataky kicked him in the face and called Jones a “black monkey” who “will not see Thanksgiving,” according to a civil lawsuit Jones filed. A gash on Jones’ head was later glued shut at the hospital; in October he won a $2,500 settlement, with Yonkers admitting no wrongdoing.

      Jones’ suit may sound like an ordinary case of police brutality against an officer who may have simply made a mistake in a tough job that many street cops say is relentless and thankless.

      But Jones’ case against Pataky is not an outlier. Many officers spend their entire careers without so much as a civilian complaint, but Pataky has been named in lawsuits in U.S. District Court at least six times in the past two years alone while another Yonkers police officer, Alex Della Donna, has been named at least eight times in the same period. Judgments or settlements in three additional suits against the officers prior to that totaled $227,000.

      Lawsuit: Yonkers cop used PCP arrest to coerce sex

      Cost: Yonkers pays nearly $3M in decade over police misconduct

      Documents: Read the complaints against Yonkers police

      Taken together, the lawsuits paint a grim picture of the officers’ behavior, suggesting that though the city’s police force has made strides since a 2009 federal report that faulted it for, among other things, not requiring officers to wear nametags, there remain a few officers who lawyers, residents and community advocates say continue to stray from procedure. Merely showing disrespect to one of these officers, they say, could get you arrested or, on a bad day, physically beaten.

      “Even by Yonkers standards, Della Donna seems to shine,” said Rose M. Weber, a lawyer for one plaintiff. “It’s incomprehensible to me that an officer with this many lawsuits against him is still on the street.”

      Another lawyer, Andrew Laufer, whose clients accuse Della Donna of illegally searching their home and arresting them, was just as critical.

      “There doesn’t seem like there’s any real accountability for any of these officers’ antics … They’d rather seemingly cover up corruption,” Laufer said.

      Yonkers police declined to say whether Della Donna, Pataky or any of its officers had been disciplined or fired for misconduct in the past 10 years. Della Donna has been the subject of Internal Affairs inquiries and numerous civilian complaints, and court papers reveal that one woman’s complaint was deemed to be substantiated, forcing him into the department’s Performance Monitoring Program.

      ‘Excellent cops’

      Della Donna, 37, and Pataky, 36, have won awards for their police work, however, and police and union officials defend them. In each lawsuit, the officers and the city have denied the most serious claims against them, and even after settling often do not admit any wrongdoing, as in Jones’ case.

      Keith Olson, president of the Yonkers Police Benevolent Association, said it was simply a paradox of police work that the officers who get most of the awards also attract the most complaints because they are the most active. He said Pataky and Della Donna were “excellent, excellent cops.”

      “I can’t think of (any complaint) that’s ever been justified,” Olson said. The stream of lawsuits and complaints hurt morale, he said, because “you want your active cops out there and you want them to feel motivated and protected.”

      “Even if you know the lawsuit is completely frivolous, it sets you back a bit,” he said.

      Joseph Pollini, a lecturer at John Jay College of Criminal Justice who was an officer and detective with the New York Police Department for 33 years, said that being active on the beat was no excuse for generating complaints.

      “It’s still up to the officer to conduct themselves in a proper fashion,” he said. “But a lot of times they go out and they get a John Wayne mentality.”

      Pollini acknowledged that force sometimes was necessary if a suspect was less than cooperative, but “the rule is, use the least amount of force possible.”

      For certain officers, he said, the equation might change for suspects who already have admitted to illegal acts or whom they have interacted with or arrested before. For those suspects, there’s less of a chance they ever report misconduct.

      “If (an officer) roughs him up, the probability is he’s never going to tell anyone. He’s committing illegal acts, he’s out there, he doesn’t want to tell anyone,” he said. Officers “are not going to talk to someone with a business suit like that.”

      Della Donna didn’t respond to requests for comment. A reporter who mistakenly went to Pataky’s mother’s house in search of the officer received a phone call from the officer minutes after leaving. Going to the homes of officers, Pataky said, “was not a good idea,” before adding that his department did not allow him to speak to reporters.

      TJN 0406 YONKERS Commisioner GardnerBuy Photo
      Yonkers Police Commissioner Charles Gardner was photographed in his office in Yonkers on March 5. (Photo: Carucha L. Meuse/The Journal News)

        1. Post

          I didn’t take anything down. If you posted, rather than complain, post it a second time. You will notice it is there. That is presuming you actually posted something.

  69. Keith, I don’t think I am going to search for you anymore. It’s getting too hot. Vera is doing time after taking our search warrant class. We should have never did the DD Captain like that. We even went after Pappas. I am done Keith. We are in Federal Court. Isn’t that enough?

      1. KO remember went you called all the supervisors names and insulted their families including sickness? We remember and we know we know we’re you buried your stories.

  70. Obviously Keith, there is no denying that you did some out right dirty deeds. Do the City of Yonkers and the Yonkers Police Department a favor and step down so the PBA can begin to heal again.

      1. Remember Detective Rob Santobello must be written in. Don’t be a sheep. You are police officers so take your ballot away from the box and vote like real elections. Scared of the person that is suppose to represent you? Then that is way you vote in Det. Rob Santobello. Remember is his a write in. Spread the word. No other unions back the moquette river rat Keith Olson.


    Rob Santobello has the courage and guts to take back the union and restore the integrity it once had, he has more awards, arrest and street time than our current leader, a true cops cop please vote for change vote for good vote for what’s right. Robert Santobello has over 17 years on and worked many more units than half the board,he under stands what’s broken and he will fix it.Lets give him a chance we have nothing to lose and don’t worry the elections will be fair this time all boxes will be monitored entire day no hanky panky so please members come out and support ROBERT SANTOBELLO

    1. Jesus Christ…..who wrote this, a 4th grader? I’ve read better English written by GMF. Mangy will get 30 votes tops. Lolololololol

      1. keith or his lackey why do you concentrate so much on grammar? this is not a test I wonder who read the new pba contract and said it was the best n the state? Now that guy was literate just ask any member going thru 207c now

  72. starring

    keith olson=the thief,master contract negotiator
    john muller=chef of the 3rd floor,no one likes him
    anthony cheetttaa=wife stealer wanna be a kiss star so bad
    brian moran=closet freak ,file thief
    babe mccaulley=drunk sugar rat,file fixer
    louie venturino=another drunk rat supporter liar
    Viviano Sr=4th pct drunk mascot
    Viviano Jr=pba office jerk off maste
    john donaghy=no warrant needed video stealer
    joe ski =wife beater
    billy pataky=the drug planter

    stay tuned for movie times and where to watch it….lol

    1. Rob Santobello at least sees enough is enough and has the balls to step up for the rest of you men and woman that have been screwed. See what the Firefighters think of your contract. Let’s see if KO tries to set up another union member. Dirty loser

    2. Keith Olson had his chance and has fail you miserably. He has been the cause of all the turmoil within the department. So why would you blinded followers listen to anything that comes from the lips of trustees like Pataky and Galinski. They are two union trustees that will try to tell you new cops who to vote for. Do not listen to dirt bags that lie on others. These two guys definitely need body cameras. Remember the Firefighters. They got way better. Olson got a City vehicle and his sister got her first job. Rob Santobello will find out where your money is being spent. Firefighters have millions. We have barely 460 if that. Ask how much the PBA gave Quinn thus far. Where are the legal bills. They must be made public and they will.

  73. Fellas it’s all a misunderstanding. Vote for me and I promise more negativity for the next two years. I also promise not to threaten civilians, punch cops, and do unauthorized investigations against cops. Oh yes, I won’t send John Donaghy to tamper and remove evidence. Ask that Louieeeeee the Liar if I lie.

    1. Actually Keith is going to stop his street thuggery and told his members that he wants another chance at a fresh start. Lol, lol and wants to work on the next contract too. Oh that right some unions are still without one. Unity by a fat rat union leader. Now come to our 100 years please free tickets. Support a dirty PBA board.

    2. dont forget the biggest bow job in the 4th aka the drunk hobo VIVIANO i wonder if he jerks off cheetaaa why does he get involved in buisness he has nothing to do Ray is doing his job he had no buisness asking ray anything especially drunk and off duty,than he writes illegal tickets to a buisness on ashburton ave forces the guy to open up his car parked legally by the and takes property from him??? i wonder why he is involved personally i think hei s a homo…….

  74. Congratulations Rob Santobello for stepping up, I am supporting 100% you have a lot of courage. I just hope you have your friends watching the trustees comes voting day.

  75. One thing about Santobello, he would never screw another member nor would he sell them out. He is a fighter in a good sense, but can defend himself too. Right Keith? He almost knocked you out like Gorbo did to you. Lol
    Now go peddle you dirty union flyer down on 125st. Maybe a crack head will show up with Wayne’s money.

    1. There has been reports of a large gray rat running from precinct to precinct begging and lying to keep his seat. Don’t be blinded by these union trustees that pay no dues and have tit jobs.

      1. please cheetaaa I need more over time I will do what ever you want I owe all the bars money in yonkers,look I will even go down to ashburton ave write illegal tickets and force citizens to open up cars and confiscate placard please cheetah ill do it please please….

  76. Rob will bring in a breath of fresh air to this stale union of ours, I am happy he had the courage and take a stand to fix what’s broken in our union, I just hope they don’t play around with the boxes like last time ….

    1. Remember KO how you begged the Mayor for your seat and accepted the changes to 207c? Barry said no. Santobello would have stood with the other unions. Remember when your phone went dead and you forgot this unity thing and wanted your seat so bad. Bottom line Barry and Firefighters did way better you fat rat union liar.

    1. unlike you SANTOBELLO did not sell out his union to get that job, nor did he pay 48g of PBA MEMBERS money did a lobbyist firm, next…………

      1. I’m not a police officer nor am I an employee of the COY…just asking a question that you haven’t answered. Is there NO chance for regular citizens to get ANY significant jobs in this city? I repeat: Assistant to a Commissioner? REALLY?

    2. At least his sister didn’t get her first real paying Director job a week after the unions concessions. He didn’t beg to keep his job nor did he fuck his union Keith Olson. Rat liar

  77. What a beautiful rat Keith Olson is. Almost a decade of dirty dealing and now he wants all City Officials to attend and support a dirty union. Maybe when you Judge’s show up he can punch someone in front of you or lime he did with the Mayor of Yonkers. Nice right! Hopefully you won’t be there standing with a so called union leader that does not believe in State and Federal laws or rights. That’s Keith Olson crew. That’s how his union trustee Neil Vera rolled until Olson’s lies could not protect their actions anymore.
    So come out you County Politicians and take your stand with a dirty cop. It most definitely will hurt your image.

  78. If Kader was, it is his right. After all the Fat man called for a ticket bliz on his place of business. Then that drunken Viviano threaten him with arrest to take back a CLSA placard. So is that the face of the Yonkers PBA under Keith Olson. Bottom line, Keith Olson and his PBA of the Yonkers Police Department is dirty. Everyone else in the department knows it, but is too scared to get involved. Hence, every person in New York or anywhere else has the right to express their opinions. Keith, is that how this started? You and your dirty cops went after Kader. Go to the County the report is there.

  79. Word on the streets is the diabetic boy wonder, Sugar Tits Olson, is looking for work. Maybe fuckboy Spano can get the ballbag a cozy $100K desk job like every other d-bag in the Yonkers friends and family network.

  80. We were sold out by Keith Olson. Ask local 628 why they made no changes to there 207A. Yonkers PBA leader needed his seat and begged to cut a deal for himself not the membership. Time to throw the blood sucker out.

  81. Because the Yonkers PBA Union President is a dirty cop and would black ball his supporters. Want to give all members a fair shot vote for change. Why is there a 6 year cop running traffic court there Chef Mueller. Can’t find a guy who worked the streets for about 10 years? Answer that Chef Mueller. That’s why there is an election to remove dirt from that stinking office.

    1. Hey rat face Olson, why did you sneak up on another member and punch him? That’s how rats roll right ? That’s the PBA current state. Lie and deny Yonkers PBA Union President.

  82. The time is now SANTOBELLO!! Rob is a good cop a cops cop.He has worked his entire career in the streets he knows what members want he is the man to fix what is broken thank you Rob for stepping up to the plate!

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