HEZITORIAL REALITY: It’s Not What You Know, It’s Who You Know By HEZI ARIS

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Charicature of a younger, better looking Publisher / Editor Hezi Aris.

Charicature of a younger, better looking Publisher / Editor Hezi Aris.

The dotted lines that connect people and circumstance and employment prospects and positions in Yonkers traverse time and circumstance. No matter how it is defined, the apron strings do not wear thin no matter the expanse of time.

With respect to the above, please consider the Yonkers Office of Emergency Management (Y.O.E.M.) and City Hall’s still unannounced departure of Director Cory R. Hartman. Hartman is being cast aside for the almost three-decade long loyalty and friendship that continues to thrive with the retired Mamaroneck City Police Officer, former York State Assemblyman Louis Mosiello, jewelry store owner, and the allegedly “hush, hush” place to hang about until other employment could be arranged. No hassle for the likes of former New York State Senator Nick Spano and present Yonkers Mayor Mike Spano. Abracadabra… Louis Mosiello’s son Mike Mosiello, a one-time, four-year veteran of the Yonkers Police Department, in the post of a Yonkers Police Officers, is designated to succeed Hartman as the new Director of the Yonkers Office of Emergency Management. After a decade and a half not employed as a Yonkers Police Officer one must wonder if this “new” responsibility will require little effort, but instead embolden Mike Mosiello’s pension for years hence. The position of Y.O.E.M. Director is said to be full time. The remuneration has been requested of Yonkers City Hall and will be appended herein if/when received. Time will reveal whether Director Mike Mosiello will conform to the the full-time demands of the position, whether he has the expertise to manage the responsibilities of Y.O.E.M., or if this position will require on the job training.

Next, we move to the realm of Yonkers Human Resources Commissioner Carlos Moran. For lack of another term, Christine Dodge, new to the responsibility of Acting Deputy Commissioner at Yonkers Human Resources and one-time colleague of Lenny Spano, son of former Westchester County Clerk Leonard Spano and Executive Director and CEO of the Westchester School for Special Children has been moved up the food chain for who she knows. Her previous “qualifications” had her working in a secretarial capacity for the lying, vindictive, and inept former Yonkers Human Resources Commissioner Paula Redd. Dodge will earn $90,000 annually.

All that can be said is that times they are a changing NOT.

eHeziHEZITORIAL REALITY: It’s Not What You Know, It’s Who You Know By HEZI ARIS

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  1. Ms. Dodge also has a relative working with Finance Dept. Taking exams with the City is a waste of time and money. I’m telling you from experience. The jobs go to their friends and relatives. Very corrupt mayor.

  2. You people are only jealous because you can not get one of these jobs. Stop calling for a federal investigation you sound like fools. The Mayor can appoint anyone he wishes to any job he wants. If they are not qualified breaks no federal laws. All politicians put people in jobs they are familiar with. So stop you crying no federal law broken here.

  3. Hey Spano, My 90 year old grandma needs a job badly. Can you make her Water Commissioner like that double-dippining thief, you had to pay to leave and then you re-hired, your ex-clerk, Alvarado? Love, Preet

  4. i agree with hottie. he is HOT, but that whole floor is full of good looking guys. they should make a calendar for 2016. i want to buy a dozen

  5. There really are some smart guys on this thread. I think I actually lost brain cells reading some of these comments. Get a job and do some work people. Leave the real jobs to the big boys.

  6. Since he was caught with his dick in hand while writing nasty emails about blacks, Latinos, gays, and women former Pelham Manor police chief Alfred Mosiello (Louis’s brother) is looking for work. There’s gotta be a nice 6 figure salary for racist Al somewhere in Yonkers.

    Can’t forget about hit-and-run psycho Jodi Mosiello, former Yonkers City Council Candidate and Louis’s cousin.

    Lower Hudson Journal news, NY
    By Ernie Garcia
    October 22, 2008
    [Excerpts] A former City Council candidate is suing the city and her ex-husband, charging they ruined her reputation after her arrest during a domestic dispute. Jodi Mosiello, also known as Jodi Faulkner, ran unsuccessfully last year on the Democratic line against Councilman John Murtagh… On Sept. 24, Mosiello filed her lawsuit in the state Supreme Court against the city; her ex-husband, Paul Faulkner; and his friend John Darcy. She seeks unspecified monetary damages for malicious prosecution stemming from a Sept. 28, 2007, arrest at her home, where she was arguing with her then-husband. Mosiello, 36, an attorney, was arrested on a charge of second-degree harassment, a misdemeanor. The charge against her was dismissed less than a month later by a City Court judge. “The plaintiff has been caused to suffer severe embarrassment in the community where she lives and where her family lives, severe emotional distress as a result of the arrest and charges and being required to defend said charges in a public forum, that the plaintiff’s standing in the community has been altered by publicity concerning said charges,” Mosiello’s claims in her lawsuit… Last year’s harassment charge and the resulting court case forced Mosiello to curtail her campaign and miss a debate against Murtagh just a month before Election Day. The lawsuit alleges that Faulkner, her husband at the time, conspired with John Darcy to tell Police Officer Charles Carroll that Mosiello struck him. The lawsuit also claims that it was Faulkner who verbally abused and pushed her, prompting her call to police. Faulkner, a Yonkers firefighter, did not return a call seeking a response to Mosiello’s allegations. Darcy could not be reached for comment. Mosiello’s lawsuit also accuses the Yonkers police of negligence. “The aforesaid arrest of the plaintiff by the police officer Charles Carroll was based upon the false and unbelievable allegations made by defendant Paul Faulkner with insufficient inquiry by officers of the city of Yonkers Police Department into such false allegations and without probable cause or provocation,” the lawsuit says… [Full article here]

    Article from last year:

    The Journal News, (Westchester County, NY)
    Len Maniace and Rebecca Baker
    October 2, 2007
    Jodi Mosiello , the Democratic candidate in the Yonkers City Council’s 5th District, was in City Court yesterday facing a harassment charge based on a complaint filed by her husband. Yonkers City Court Judge Michael Martinelli set a nonjury trial for Thursday on the charge of second-degree harassment, a misdemeanor. Mark Garretto, an assistant Westchester County district attorney, asked Martinelli to dismiss the case against Mosiello , but Martinelli reserved a decision on that request. The charge against Mosiello , 34, follows statements by her husband to police that she had pushed him and scratched his neck, Yonkers police Lt. Diane Hessler said yesterday. Police were called to the family home at 4 Bradford Place in Yonkers at 5:20 p.m. Friday. In court yesterday, Mosiello ‘s attorney, Nicholas Maselli, called for a special prosecutor in the case, saying the District Attorney’s Office would face a conflict of interest because Mosiello also had filed charges against her husband, Yonkers firefighter Paul Faulkner. It was unclear whether the complaint to which Maselli referred involved the same incident or a different incident. “My client is the victim,” Maselli told the court. He later described the charges as “phony allegations” and added, “It’s a he-said, she-said case. We need to get this resolved as soon as possible.” Martinelli denied the motion for a special prosecutor. Mosiello , who was charged under her married name, Faulkner, was held by police overnight until her arraignment Saturday at Yonkers City Court. Hessler said the overnight stay was mandatory procedure for domestic complaints. A first-time candidate and a lawyer in private practice, Mosiello recently lost the Republican primary in the 5th District to incumbent Councilman John Murtagh, whom she faces again in the November general election. She is a cousin of former Assemblyman Louis Mosiello . Asked later how the harassment charge might affect her candidacy, Mosiello said that seeing her two children, ages 3 and 6, was her first priority. “I’m not even thinking that far ahead,” she said.

  7. Hezi… What’s the matter; did you get threatened off your original description of the new Human Services promotion? Just check with anyone who knows them and they will tell you exactly what the relationship is….. and describing them as Colleagues is just too funny…

  8. Remember one of Mike Spanos main campaign promises?….. He promised he would not appoint his own family members to city of Yonkers jobs. And what did he do? He appointed many of his family members in city jobs. Hezi please do the research, the Spanos are multiplying like roaches in government appointments. They don’t all have the Spano last name so you have to do a little digging. He’s got lots of nephews on city payroll. He’s a fat phony.

    Remember the other campaign promise? He said he was getting rid of city owned take home cars? What a joke. There is about double the amount of take home cars and huge SUVs now compared to when he took office. What a lying sack of shit!

  9. They were gonna dump Kevgas there after Lesnick left. Spano made Judge Gaffney’s wife Deputy Commissioner there when Kevgas turned it down. Neither one had any experience in Emergency Services. Gaffney worked at Botanical Gardens in the Bronx. Spano is sickening and shameless with his patronage. Now they made that arrogant, immature, inexperienced, no interpersonal skills, twerp, ET, Commissioner of Constituent Services. Sad. Spano only only interested in getting his family and friends jobs and to hell with rest of his constituents. Where is Preet?

  10. Hezi,

    Is it true or could you find out if Nick Spano is hosting a $2500 per person fundraiser for Hillary Clinton. Got the info from a reliable source

    Isn’t he a Republican?

  11. What does Yonkers Office of Emergency Management do in between the crises in a “50 Family Building”, which occur so often is this megalopolis known as Yonkers.

    Answer; NOTHING except collect a check and build up a pension.

    This service could be carried out by existing departments and personnel. No seperate Office needed.

  12. Ok waste waste waste. This is a waste of my time. I actually don’t care enough about politics, Yonkers or any of this to continue. Not my city not my problem.
    Good night all!

  13. So you think that it would be smart to eliminate the Office of Emergency so that the next time some random building of 50 families in Yonkers has no heat those adults and children can just go sleep on the street and freeze?

    Clearly no one here really knows what this department does. How about we research that before we start throwing stones.

    1. YFD, YPD, YDH&B, Red Cross, DSS, etc, etc, etc.

      Duplication is waste. Waste is Patronage. Patronage is Politics. Politics is Government. Government is a Waste when it thrives on duplication and patronage.

      Don’t be STUPID

  14. Very simple.

    Just eliminate the Yonkers Office of Emergency Management. It is an unnecessary office that does nothing.

    Then again, which politician in Yonkers would ever consider efficiency over patronage.

    To hell with you taxpayers.

  15. How is Michael Mosiello not qualified? He has a college degree, an ran several businesses.

    As far as Hartman I feel he was the biggest mamaluke illiterate chooch I’ve ever seen.

  16. Nothing is ever on the level in Yonkers! This bloated mayor Spano is more corrupt than any previous mayor. He appoints a jeweler with no experience at all in dealing with any crisis, or any management experience, and he puts him in charge of the largest city’s Emergency Management??? Really??? Nice job mayor mike! I’m sure the fact that this jewelers father is a close friend of mayor Mike had nothing to do with it. You are a bloated phony!!!

    1. Keep going after disabled Yonkers firefighters mike, the Spano name just keeps getting-worse, mike what’s your goal to out do nick and do more then4 years in the federal pen, your doing one hell of a job good luck and bye bye when preet comes to town, game over

  17. Yonkers is in deep $hit without Cory Hartman. Just wait until there is another fire or natural distaster… Yonkers residents will see very quickly what it means to have once had a professional with integrity and expertise and to now have someone who might be a nice guy but doesn’t have half of Hartman’s experience. Congrats to whoever gets Hartman on their team – whoever they are, they will be in good hands. Good luck to Yonkers – you’ll need it.

  18. Keep handing out those $100k+ patronage jobs to people who should be making minimum wage. That’s why Yonkers will always be fourth-rate backwater and laughing stock of Westchester where no serious people would ever consider living and raising a family. You want half wits, criminals, and knuckle dragging thugs running your city? You’ve got them in spades, folks.

  19. Is this the same Mousiello, that held Mikes, assembly seat, when Mike worked for Patricia Lynch to lobby for the Ridge Hill project. Lou was just a place holder, holding SpaNO’s seat while Mike played both sides of the community pretending to be a stay at home Dad. Pulleeaaasseee.

    Isn’t that also the Patricia Lynch that lobbied for the red light cameras?

    Hezi, can you ask them all please why are these jobs not advertised and open to all since they are taxpayer paid jobs. All civil service jobs paid for by the taxpayer, should be open to all, so that we actually get people qualified for the job, and not this usual patronage friends and family shit.

  20. One can’t help but wonder why Hezy never brings up the fact that the Yonkers city clerk got his pregnant girlfriend a job as executive director of the IDA! Making 100K a year, But a former co-worker of another Spano that already worked for the city gets a promotion and right away there’s the bombshell story hezy can’t wait to write!

  21. Cory Hartman was an appointee of the Amicone administration. A nice guy, but inexperienced at the political hardball played by the Spanos. Expendable because one of the “friends and family” needed a job.

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