Yonkers Runs on Dunkin Donuts – Getty Square Store Opens Under Sub-freezing Conditions By HEZI ARIS

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YONKERS, NY — January 19, 2016 — Mother Nature invited cold temperatures to Yonkers and kept the thermometer in the mid-teens and yet the blustery winds made it feel like the temperatures where in the single digits. Getty Square, the central hub for initiating bus routes and connecting to others was funneling the bone chilling gusts in a cyclonic fashion. There was no place to take cover, until that is that the passengers awaiting their specific bus realized that the Getty Squarre Dunkin Donuts had delivered on its promise, that is to open soon. Indeed it was open; no fanfare. The familiar coffee cup and the aroma captivated many to the warmth of the store, it’s friendly attendants, and the welcome respite from Mother Nature’s wrath. Everyone knows that America Runs on Dunkin. Luckily, so do those who traverse the environs of Getty Square. And please save me one of those French Crullers, my favorite.

eHeziYonkers Runs on Dunkin Donuts – Getty Square Store Opens Under Sub-freezing Conditions By HEZI ARIS

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  1. The employees in this Dunkin Donuts have to be both strong and brave! There are people selling also doing drugs in plain site, loud music and drunkin parties many are there the whole day. The employees often afraid to say anything scared of retaliation. Zero policy presents, they do the best the can under these conditions.

  2. This is by far the WORST Dunkin Donuts I have ever been to!!! . They close the store at night before hours and pretty much whenever they want to. The co-workers are very rude and you cant even complain to the manager because she just as rude as the co-workers! I’ve seen her be rude to customers that showed her nothing but respect. I have been to many dunkin donuts and I will not be going her anymore nor will I recommend it to anyone else!

  3. This dunkin donuts is the slowest store I have ever been to, I see more people leaving out, than coming in, because of the lines. During morning rush hour they need more people, and those who can get your order and have you out the door catching your bus. Not making it to get your coffee or what ever and leave empty handed, so you won’t miss your bus.

  4. What Sabatino missed a free coffee?
    This must have been a “soft” opening the mayor would not have missed ANOTHER photo op and an opportunity to increase his waist! I am sure Breen will add to his waist at the official opening also.

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