Destruction Turns to Construction at the Bedford Playhouse

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The Bedford Playhouse dates to 1938 and was a live theater for many years.  The auditorium was split to make two movie theaters.

The Bedford Playhouse dates to 1938 and was a live theater for many years. The auditorium was split to make two movie theaters.

BEDFORD, NY — February 12, 2016 — Even before the first crocus appears, construction crews are preparing to spring into action later this month at Bedford Playhouse. The demolition has cleared the way for the renovation that will turn the treasured old theatre into a cutting edge community gathering spot for moviegoers and kaffeeklatschers.

President John Farr and his team have put the work of transforming the Playhouse into the very capable hands of Kevin Brenner, Board Member and Chairman of the Renovations Committee. As President of Brenner Builders in Bedford Hills, Kevin brings the expertise and experience required to manage the thousands of details involved in bringing this huge project to a successful completion.

“Each day the plans become more and more exciting and more and more real,” says Kevin. “For instance, we just picked out the theater seats. And because we’re going to be a community center, one of the most important things is that the seats are comfortable.”

Kevin routinely works with architects, consultants, contractors, landlords and planning boards, and, in this case, he will be overseeing the remodeling being done by Lasberg Construction Associates, based in Armonk.

“I’m very excited to be working with Lee Lasberg, who grew up in the area, and who has already done work in the Playhouse building and has experience with the architects, Stephen Tilley, Architect.”

And with Kevin at the helm, Board Chair Sarah Long says she is confident the project will move forward as planned.

“Kevin is an unbelievable asset to the Bedford Playhouse… our ‘go to’ person for getting a job done. He has a wonderful ability to bring very complicated discussions into focus and to create understandable action plans that even a layman could follow. His straight and affable style make working with him an absolute pleasure.”

Kevin and his family live in Pound Ridge and the Playhouse was their preferred movie house for years. So, as he looks ahead to January 2017 and the projected opening of the new Bedford Playhouse, Kevin shares his excitement and his expectations.

“It’s not going to feel like a multiplex, it’s going to feel like an old time theater. We’re setting up the café and playhouse for people to be comfortable. It’ll be a place where you can sit and lounge, have a cup of coffee and gather with friends or have a meeting. You’ll feel at home and be able to enjoy drinks and light fare, and there’ll be great internet service. I can imagine people saying ‘why don’t we meet at the Playhouse for lunch.’ And of course, you’ll be able to enjoy great movies with great sound, great seats and great picture quality – an all-around high-quality experience.”

The mission of Bedford Playhouse, a not-for-profit organization in Bedford, NY, is to provide a vibrant cultural and social destination dedicated to screening the best films for discerning adults and families, as well as providing a community hub for socializing, special events, and educational programs relating to film and the arts.

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