NYS Residents Demand Halting Spectra Energy’s AIM Gas Pipeline Construction After Spectra’s Massive Explosion By SUZANNAH GLIDDEN

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Learn more at www.SAPE2016.org

Learn more at www.SAPE2016.org

Suzannah Glidden

Suzannah Glidden

Request Completion Date of Governor Cuomo’s Risk Assessment

NORTH SALEM, NY — May 3, 2016 — Frightened New York residents reacted to Spectra Energy’s massive methane gas explosion April 29, 2016, on its nearby Texas Eastern pipeline in Greensburg, Pennsylvania, by calling on Governor Cuomo and President Obama to immediately halt construction of Spectra Energy’s Algonquin Incremental Market (AIM) pipeline and complete the NYS risk assessment.

On February 29, 2016, Gov. Cuomo announced that four New York State agencies, the Department of Environmental Conservation, Department of Health, Public Service Commission and Department of Homeland Security would conduct a risk assessment of the collocation of AIM’s huge 42” diameter pipeline adjacent to aging, troubled Indian Point nuclear power plant. There has been no mention of the study by the administration since February and construction of the pipeline continues. The Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC) rejected the Governor’s request for construction to be halted.

For three years, Spectra justified construction of the pipeline in this perilous location by stating that “they have operated safely for over 50 years.” Local residents feel that the most recent Spectra pipeline explosion shows that there is indeed great risk to the 20 million people in the 50-mile radius of Indian Point.

Suzannah Glidden, author of this article, and Westchester resident shared these thoughts of her own, “Even when Indian Point is closed, its highly radioactive spent fuel rods remain onsite making the risk too indefensible to allow AIM next to a nuclear power plant. Nowhere else in the country is a gas and nuclear energy collocation permitted so why here near New York City? Governor Cuomo’s risk assessment will undoubtedly prove its untenability.”

FERC’s project go-ahead for AIM was based on an egregiously flawed analysis not conducted independently but by the owner of Indian Point, Entergy, and signed off on by the Nuclear Regulatory Commission (NRC). Nuclear expert Paul Blanch has repeatedly pointed out that emergency shut down is not controlled locally but from Houston, Texas from where response time would be well beyond what is cited in the analysis. Furthermore, pipeline expert Richard Kuprewicz of AccuFacts states that the impact radius could far exceed the estimates provided by Entergy and the NRC.

Blanch and Kuprewicz have extensively studied the AIM project whose findings should be reviewed and included and who should be consulted in the assessment. Paul Blanch stated, “The risk assessment must be conducted in accordance with the Code of Federal Guidelines issued by the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) as specified in 29 CFR 1919.119 Appendix C. This is critically important.”

Rockland resident Gale Pisha said, “These federal agencies are doing the bidding of industry and are completely failing to protect us. The Governor of our state and President Obama must shut down this intolerable project while the NYS risk assessment is conducted. We await the assessment’s results.”

“Has the risk assessment been started and when is it going to be finished?” asked Putnam resident Jerry Ravnitzky. “The juncture of Indian Point and the AIM pipeline creates a prime target for terrorists. Was it just political posturing of Governor Cuomo or is he going to keep his commitment to conduct this risk assessment of putting the pipeline at Indian Point nuclear power plant?”

Spectra has long claimed it has operated safely in our area and that safety is their first concern but NYC resident Ling Tsou said otherwise. “Spectra has had many accidents and now this big one that could happen in our area. Look at their track record of 25 reported accidents on this same Texas Eastern pipeline that feeds into the Algonquin pipeline. Building a 42-inch diameter high-pressure AIM gas pipeline right next to the Indian Point nuclear power plant is a disaster waiting to happen. Spectra Energy, FERC and NRC are gambling with New Yorkers’ lives which is unconscionable. Governor Cuomo must honor his primary mandate to keep his constituents safe. He must have AIM halted and conduct the NYS risk assessment to study AIM’s potential catastrophic danger to all of us.”

Stop the Algonquin Pipeline Expansion (SAPE) is a grassroots organization with a mission to educate our fellow citizens and elected officials about the negative impacts associated with Spectra Energy Corporation’s Algonquin Incremental Market (AIM) Project. SAPE opposes the AIM gas expansion project because it may exacerbate climate change, endanger our safety and quality of life, contaminate water, air and soil, cause harm to domestic animals and wildlife, and threaten farmland and property values.

To learn more visit SAPE2016.org

eHeziNYS Residents Demand Halting Spectra Energy’s AIM Gas Pipeline Construction After Spectra’s Massive Explosion By SUZANNAH GLIDDEN

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  1. If union workers need jobs, then the unions should demand jobs for their workers that are safe and environmentally sound. Why put your workers and the community at risk for the sake of corporate profits? The bickering and animosity between the two camps is exactly what the corporate raiders want. Stand united and demand safe, clean, green jobs that benefit us and not them.

    1. Rich Union Rep.? I wish. Rich hypocritical NIMBY people that use gas everyday and attempt to kill any economic development , very likely. The only blinded zealots are those who spread lies about the facts of this project many of which come from the anti-pipeline crowd. What will future generations and this generation have with no way to make a living? Modern society has dangers. Every time you turn on your gas stove or plug in your computer, drive your car etc, you are taking a chance on technology. The facts show this project only improves safety of existing infrastructure. Our main issue is the people against this use lies and fear mongering to get the “sheep” to follow. It is wrong and should be stopped. We respect those that have concerns and stick to the facts.

    2. We agree to a point. But we still have to maintain and upgrade current methods of energy delivery until this can happen. We spent years and tens of thousands of dollars on getting wind farms approved only to be shot down by groups that couldn’t deal with the view. The renewable crowd needs to do some soul searching. We will build it if you approve it.

      1. You certainly raise a valid point regarding “not-in-my-back-yard” objections by some. The fact is that NIMBYism does block the spread of the construction of renewable energy infrastructure. It’s a valid critique. However, environmentalists have a valid point when they question Spectra’s highly troublesome safety record (see for example: http://www.miamiherald.com/news/state/florida/article31274615.html).

        As an outsider looking in, I’d be concerned about the safety of my union members working with Spectra. And common sense would suggest that running that kind of pipeline in close proximity to a school and nuclear power plant isn’t a particularly good idea. There’s no doubt that our union workers can build anything and can do it right. But corporations and energy companies have tremendous lobbying power and don’t give a damn about explosions, leaks, injured workers, or devastated communities. Their sole concern is maximizing profits, and environmentalists are right to be concerned.

        I still think both groups are two sides of the same coin. Better to find common ground and pit oil and gas against each other. Neither are the future of energy and neither care about jobs or the environment.

  2. The title of this article should not be “New York State Residents” which implies all of us. It should read “Angry minority of privileged people who believe in NIMBY above all else”.

    1. Your comment is belies utter stupidity. It is the backyard of 20 million people in the event of a pipeline leak or explosion. And the children in the school yard next to the pipeline who would likely be incinerated by the heat of a gas explosion-are they all privileged? Mr. Labor Local 754, I assume you probably benefit from being employed on the project. I know people in your union need work but to defend such a project where the lives are so many are threatened makes your position selfish and wrong.

      1. This project has been vetted since 2012. There are 2 lines running in the same place as we speak and have been for 50 years! This project upgrades the most vulnerable sections. It is not a far reach to say without this project, safety is less than what is currently in use. The facts are there.

    2. they are nys residents. write your own article and you can title it. angry? yes. minority? not even close. privileged, as in to live in the u.s. and have a say or as in rich union representative? believe in nimby above all else? that is a 3rd grader taunt at best. no, we believe that future generations have a right to live in breathable air, have clean and safe water, in fact, they should have a right to a future. unlike the knee jerk reaction of self serving sheep who are blinded to the fact there really are dangers from this pipeline and all pipelines.

      1. Rich Union Rep.? I wish. Rich hypocritical NIMBY people that use gas everyday and attempt to kill any economic development , very likely. The only blinded zealots are those who spread lies about the facts of this project many of which come from the anti-pipeline crowd. What will future generations and this generation have with no way to make a living? Modern society has dangers. Every time you turn on your gas stove or plug in your computer, drive your car etc, you are taking a chance on technology. The facts show this project only improves safety of existing infrastructure. Our main issue is the people against this use lies and fear mongering to get the “sheep” to follow. It is wrong and should be stopped. We respect those that have concerns and stick to the facts.

  3. This project has been vetted multiple times and the fear mongering, rich, enviro-terrorists have put out so much misinformation that it is bordering on illegal. Before we use the recent accident in PA, let’s find out the cause. The investigation that needs to be done is by JCOPE into who is funding the lobby for these alarmists and getting politicians to make calls for redundant studies that will take the food off of thousands of working families tables. This news release has the markings of news release the high priced Lobby firm Berlin Rosen. A favorite of the worst Mayor of NYC in 40 years, DeBlasio. We have always supported the WFP but if they are behind this, shame on them. They will feel the pain. SEIU? I hope not . They are killing privately funded union jobs with hundreds of local people relying on these checks since the project was approved multiple times. Shame on all political panderers that have jumped on this band wagon. This project is the best way to supply needed energy with the least impact on all areas. We live in a modern society and technology must be used to bridge the gap to the promised land of the left, renewable energy that is economically feasible.

    1. This project has never has an independent risk assessment and experts in the nuclear industry have objected to it citing gross miscalculations on the part of Entergy. Do your kids go to the school next to the pipeline? I bet not. No one will care WHY the pipeline exploded after a disaster as much as WHY WOULD ANYONE ALLOW IT TO BE CITED NEXT TO AN AGING, LEAKING NUCLEAR PLANT OVER CAPACITY WITH NUCLEAR WASTE? ALARMISTS? Are you paying attention at all? Pipelines have been spilling and exploding all over our country since this massive outbuild of gas infrastructure. Go talk to the people whose communities have been devastated by these accidents before you spew your ignorance. Fear mongering, rich, enviro-terrorists? We are none of those just citizens who care about safety. SHAME ON YOU!

      1. Pipelines do have accidents. If you look at the data, the vast majority are due to people doing illegal digging on ROW’s, damaging pipe and burying it. We accept the vetting process and train people to build these in a safe way. This particular project improves safety over what is there. If it were to be halted, you better have them remove the existing line or you are creating a worse situation. There is a process in place to make sure these are as safe as possible and we have to accept this process and the professionals that review it. It is how society works. The process was completed 100% above board so we accept it and we build it. We are happy to build wind, solar or any other project that the process allows. That is what we do!

      2. Apparently the NRC is not employing “experts” to asses the project. Their assessment is 100% independent from Spectra. More twisting of the facts that seems to happen on these pages. The vetting of this line has been 100% in the open and is posted on FERC’s website for all to see. The analysis of the “experts” you mention was shot down 3 separate times by different agencies. Read the docket. If we cannot trust the agencies we create to review all projects, how can we trust them if they rule in favor of your particular viewpoint as was the case with the NYS DEC and Constitution? In a modern society we have to follow the process and accept it once it has been exhausted. To be attacked by people like Mr. Salmon for accepting the rule of law is unfair.

      3. The fact is the group sape is part of a larger movement of people who have been lying to people for years now not just about the spectra aim project but many pipeline projects. They in fact use fear as a tactic as well as lies. Here are the names of some groups who do this along with sape: sane energy project, resist aim, food and water watch, Sierra club. That is just a few groups.

        You don’t appear to understand that spectra aim is not the only newly approved natural gas pipeline project nor does it appear that you understand what was already considered in the ferc docket for this project. That I’m guessing is a result of you getting your information soley from activists who regularly misinform everyone.

    2. the best way is to transition to renewables. here is a FACT you can not dispute with all of your rhetoric. u.s. utilities invested more in renewables last year than oil, coal and nuclear combined. any true union supporter would look at that and lead the labor movement into the renewables field and quit toadying up to the oil companies. what has big oil done for the unions? they treat their employees as short term wage slaves, working very long hours with very poor safety and health records. political pandering is taking the money of the koch brothers et al and granting their highly paid wish list. responding to actual voters is called democracy, unlike the wealth-centric current state we have, kleptocracy. enviro-terrorists are the rapaciously greedy oil companies who really don’t care who they hurt or what kind of future we leave for our kids, and those who believe their gospel of money is all that matters. let’s find out the cause. the cause is pipeline failure. it was not an act of God, as spectra is trying to imply. newer pipes are failing at an astonishing rate. larger sizes and higher pressure combined with a rush to finish mentality are endangering all of us. actually look at the fire in cuero texas. it was 3 years old and after almost a year of study? it was pipeline failure. actually look at the fire in pa. actually think about what would happen if that were turned loose next to a failing power plant with enough stored radioactive material to wipe out the entire n.e. area under worse case scenarios, and force the evacuation of large areas of ny. and destroy the river is the least damaging case. shame on all union officials who fail to see the opportunities in renewables and become spokesman for the oil companies. shame on all union officials who put the short term gains from a few jobs ahead of the welfare of the families, friends and communities of their actual members. or maybe, just maybe, look at the actual blast radius of a 42″ 1400 psi methane pipeline the one in cuero, which btw i could see burning from where i live, and notice the elementary school with in that radius at the indian point site. so a few jobs that are not sustainable, or our kids and jobs that will continue into the next century? being a reasonable adult the only answer can be stop aim.

      1. We see the opportunity in renewables and support them. The fact of the matter is, there are still millions of people that need to heat homes, and have energy to support society. Until renewables can replace gas, we must upgrade and improve the infrastructure that we have. How is that wrong?

      2. It seems a better use of resources to decommission IP than fight a gas line that actually is safer than the existing one. In reference to shaming union officials for fighting for jobs, that is what we are paid to doo. Maybe you can feed your family and have a roof over your head, but many in our ranks struggle everyday to meet those needs. We are not even talking about healthcare. Not sure of your age, but the 50 and under people of this country have paid and are in danger of losing basic needs. We need every job we can get to keep people fed and if it is a vetted, safe pipeline project, we must build it.

      3. Your fact on investment in renewables actually flies in the face of the messaging of the antifracking natural gas pipeline movement. The big news is that natural gas because of fracking is perhaps right now for the first time in us history actually beating out coal in producing electricity. The big news is that natural gas and fracking are not preventing renewables.

        Where are your facts on NY energy use and natural gas? How do you think NYC and state get that natural gas?

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