Statement by Yonkers Federation of Teachers Bargaining Team in Response on Mayor Mike Spano’s Call to Suspend Contract Negotiations

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Yonkers Federation of Teachers.

Yonkers Federation of Teachers.

YONKERS, NY — June 12, 2016 — Thanks to credible sources Yonkers Tribune has this morning received notice of a statement issued by the Yonkers Federation of Teachers Bargaining Team in response to Mayor Mike Spano’s call to suspend contract negotiations. Thank you sincerely for advising us so that this issue may be shared with the public.


YFT Contract Negotiating Team

eHeziStatement by Yonkers Federation of Teachers Bargaining Team in Response on Mayor Mike Spano’s Call to Suspend Contract Negotiations

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  1. As of today the YFT is asking that Paul Diamond one of the YFT Officers caught on video, stay in his position at the Union office. THe Journal News did not report that the Unioin is asking for that because if Diamond is removed from his VP position he has NO classroom to go back to. He is a certified French teacher and YPS doesn’t teach French any longer. Any other employee would be removed from their classroom or position put on special assignment and could face charges as per the NYS SAVE Legislation. In Bedford School Distric t 4 years ago three teachers , a nurse and a principal were fired for not reporting child abuse. A reporter of abuse is not a judge or jury they just report facts and NYS then investigates, either it is founded or not. Why is the Supt-Quezada not taking action it is his responsibility as head of the district to act NOT the Mayor. I guess deals are being made behind closed doors once again.

  2. Even when caught red handed on film by a credible nationally recognized investigated reporter, what do they do ?
    Lie-Deny- Lie- Deny- Detract the Reporter’s Credibility .
    Text Book Thieves.
    There is no place for them on the Tax Payers Dole.
    By the By ; What about the Yonkers Fire Dept’s Cover Up ?
    Same Tactics according to Hezi’s Great Reporting.
    Looks like Corruption is Systematic in the City of Hills.

    1. As far as the FD issue…Bob Sweeney is back now… maybe he’ll bring some discipline to that group…because there never was any…

      1. SweeneyBOB only cares about one thing or rather 200,000 things which are DOLLARS.

        SweeneyBOB is laughing all the way to the bank and he knows Spano couldn’t get rid of him now if he wanted to. Nothing controversial for SweeneyBOB this time.

  3. Disillusion? I was not disillusioned at all. I saw and heard two union officials attempt to cover up a case of child abuse. Where does the disillusionment occur? This is not about contracts, not about the DPW worker, not about the Spanos, not about other unions. This is about Puleo and Diamond giving advice to a teacher, (albeit a fake one), on how to avoid/cover up a case of abuse of a child. Period.

  4. All teachers know when you go to them, they ALWAYS speak in hypothetical. I now understand why, couldn’t understand that before. Come on teachers, you know!

    1. No, No and No. The journalist did not ruin the reputation of the YFT! Puleo and Diamond did! How do you not see this! He did not answer the questions for them. He just asked the questions and let them bury themselves. No conspiracy here, just the truth.

  5. As I mentioned below, the true colors of an individual is exposed by their actions when they think that they are not being watched or listened to by others. These ARE the true colors of the YFT leadership and should not be allowed to fester.

  6. You can slice and dice a tape three ways to Sunday, but at the end of the day Puleo and Diamond said what they said. It’s their words and their voices. No one put words in their mouths. You can’t misconstrue what someone never said. She cursed. She lied. He was in on a cover up and did not express any concern for the child. They both should have been gone already.

    And let’s say that the story is a complete fabrication. What does it say about the YFT that someone can gain entry to their offices and an audience with its leadership and convince them that he is a tenured public school teacher without any verification or proof? Any Tom, Dick, or Harry can just walk in off the street and sit down with the two highest reps in the YFT and shoot the breeze about hypothetical situations? You’ve got to be kidding me. What kind of dog and pony show is the YFT running? Diamond and Puleo make about $260,000 together and they don’t even know who they’re talking to? If they’re not dismissed for unethical behavior, fire them for stupidity.

    1. Are you fucking kidding me!!!!?

      It was Diamond that said “We can speak in theory” Which had this been a true story, would have put the piece of shit “Teacher” at immediate ease!
      Then went on and proceeded to advise said TEACHER how to manipulate through this “issue” (which lets not forget would have been RACIALLY CHARGED CHILD ABUSE, let alone theft of service and complete and blatant dishonesty)

      I am completely disgusted and appalled at how you asshole teachers continue to post here on this blog plainly speaking only to the act of a “fake story” and “How this was all untrue”!!!!
      But I am not at all surprised…..

      Because hey, apparently if a black kid has the shit kicked out of him by one of your colleagues, it’s probably his fault for letting it happen during contract negotiations right?…. Fucking sickening.

      I can’t wait to call out tomorrow for an emergency personal and say that my Grandfather was kidnapped by Cuban whores who jacked his cocaine and viagra, and we have to put it in as an FMLA leave, because I bounced on the last flight out to bring more blow to my boner jonesing Pop! ✍?

    1. You can spin this any which way you like. The truth is that Puleo and Diamond, at any time, could have ended the “sting” by saying or doing the right thing. Neither of them ever showed concern for the alleged abused child, only the abusive teacher. They were 100% wrong. For anyone to defend the Puleo/Diamond actions as contract leverage, they are in deep denial. People show their true colors when they do not know they are being watched or listened to by others. This, unfortunately, IS the true color of the YFT leadership and must not be allowed to fester.

  7. Pat Puleo must go! Loud mouth and a lack of professionalism is evident in the video. A terrible advocate for yonkers children.

  8. You guys are losing focus and anyone that thinks par should stay should go see a dr!!! Yes I’m a parent and I agree with what the mayor is doing!

    1. Egardless who sent the spy…as YFT Union Officers they did not handle the situation the correct way. If Puleo and Diamond would have responded correctly there would be no story or an investigation. Everyone is missing the point that administrators and teachers in School Districts have been fired for not reporting Child Abuse in a timely manner and have lost their pensions. All people are thinking is about how someone wants to hurt the YFT, it is a srong union and can not be broken but look at the facts.

  9. As a concerned parent of children attending YPS, I was mortified by the Puleo and Diamond tape, however; I will not rush to judgment. Yonkers Teachers have a right to bargain for contracts without being publicly harassed, and belittled by the likes of an uneducated Mayor. Mayor Mike Spano cares not about our children, but filling his pockets and that of his family members. NO teacher goes into it for the money. My child has been blessed by teachers that give a rat’s ass about them. I know for a fact some of their teachers work weekends and nights for free. I know for a fact that they spend a huge % of their pay each year buying things for their classroom and for their students that are not in the budget. My children have been blessed to have Teachers that work their butts off, and reach out whenever there’s a concern. I care about my children’s future, and so do their teachers. I value my children’s Teachers. If it were up to me, I would make sure they were paid on the same scale as high paying doctors and lawyers. Our Mayor needs to go back to school to at least learn how to spell words like “RESPECT and SUPPORT.” Teachers deserve respect and support, and although Mike Spano does not respect nor support them, I WILL and I am sure many other parents will do the same.

  10. I believe the mayor is correct. He is simply saying that he will not negotiate with pat and her team. Not that he won’t negotiate once a new team is in place. This women and that other guy need to go.

    I think we can all agree on that except pat.

    1. Let’s wipe the floor with dumbo Spano. Try running for County executive now Spano. Or Governor you dopie dreamer. Hah

  11. La-Famlia will take care of you
    Nicky says say nothing at all and dont end up like him a jaibird . Word is Mike is in to deep to alot of snitches dont worry were going to find out who set you up we will take care of it going to put are two best street crimes cops on them and show them who runs yonkers.

    1. Teachers…… lol.

      Proofread your letter….
      Realize it’s actually descriptive of a SELFISH Membership….
      And note how you speak TO “Yonkers” parents and its residents in that way because you ARE NOT residents, and as if you’ve been doing us A FAVOR doing your JOBS! (Which most know the majority of you are quite ineffective)
      Mayor Spano needs to set an example here and give the CSEA / 456 schools unit / and the YCA damn good contracts that they DESERVE and let the Teachers continue to destroy themselves!

      Regardless of whom this journalist is, his background and the way in which he pulled this off… Your TOP TWO EXECUTIVES spoke in a way that is APPALLING and SCARY, and also made it clear that had this been legitimate, THEY WOULD HAVE EXECUTED AND ASSISTED IN THE THE COVER UP OF AN AFRICAN AMERICAN CHILD BRUISED AND BLOODIED BY THEIR TEACHER!

      You ALL should be (I said “should be”, we all know that sadly you are not) ashamed, and most certainly KEEP YOUR MOUTHS SHUT, especially with regards to current negotiations.
      You have no legs to stand on…. Get in the back of the bus, sit down and SHUT UP!

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