Statement Over Yonkers Federation of Teachers President Pat Puleo Video from Mayor Mike Spano

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Yonkers Mayor Mike Spano

YONKERS, NY — June 8, 2016 — “I found the content of this video to be disturbing and upsetting on many levels. I believe it warrants an investigation into the standard operating procedures of the Teachers Union’s leadership as it brings up questions of the improper safeguarding of our students’ well-being and potential theft of services.”


eHeziStatement Over Yonkers Federation of Teachers President Pat Puleo Video from Mayor Mike Spano

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  1. Knowing Ms. Puleo and being in her company for school business she is crass, vulgar and a big hot head screaming at anyone to try and intimidate them thinking everyone will back down. She has that tough reputation she brought 50-60 greviances against the District under the Pierorazio administration. Very few under Yarzulo administration because HE gave away the candy store to her worrying she probably bullied him and he kept her happy so he didn’t look bad. Now what is Quezada going to do with this tough gal will he back down too!
    Believe me everything you see is true this is who she is I have seen her in action. That doesn’t mean the entire YFT is like her and Diamond..devious and vulgar!

  2. If Pat Puleo is the best the YFT can do for a leader then no wonder the COY is in the shape its in as it relates to education.

  3. I agree with you unfortunately lots of people are so blinded by what they choose to believe. I spent most of my morning arguing this very same point of view with a few colleagues. I’m tired of everyone shitting on Yonkers and our school system and the government. If people don’t like it here, get the hell out! This is trying to derail issues that are serious and the whole “rebuild yonkers” campaign. Hope that the Mayor and the BOE can stay focused on getting funding from Albany and put this nonsense of a distraction aside. Totally bogus crap.

  4. hey Journalist concoction…I don’t know what clip you saw but it was not what everyone else viewed. It wasn’t O’Keefe who spoke in hypotheticals but Diamond, who was clearly covering his butt, or so he thought, by so doing. You morons are missing the point here. I don’t care one bit about O’Keefe or his tactics. He is not a government employee who was looking to cover up what they thought was a real child abuse incident. What is scary is that these two pinhead “educators” didn’t even have the brains to vet O’Keefe, and look to paint him as the villain, for ‘lying’, as Puleo stated in the 19 minute parking lot chat she had with O’Keefe when she was cornered. She was actually stupid enough to state that she referred him to their guidelines about the family leave issue, totally omitting that she was clearly telling him how to taylor his Mexican junket to fit those regulations. You are a schmuck, a jerk and a clown. In what city department do YOU work?

  5. Pat Puleo wrote the above to try to cover her ass. It is so obvious she herself is putting her SPIN to cover for herself as she did on snooze 12. SHE outright lied in that interview. The taped conversation is real, give me a break about the cut & paste routine. She is an outright slick liar. FACE IT PULEO YOU GOT BUSTED. NOW GET THE HELL OUT.

    1. Just wondering tuff guys why are you so afraid to bring the blow up doll ratt to city hall
      just ask the union hall pussys.

      1. Yes it true most cases in big citys takes about 4 or 5 years
        then the guilty party’s will talk take deal or do time.

  6. This whole “video” is exactly from the same school as police entrapment cases. It’s goading and this guy O Keefe is a right wing nut job.'Keefe

    That said it’s not very smart to not vet who comes into your union office. If I was a member of this Union I would want regime change all across the board.

    How about investigation all the other City Haul deals while your at it Mr. Spano, including the IDA. Didn’t think so.

    1. Regime, a very apt word for what it really is, eh? Unions are rife with this sort of corrupt behavior. Your trolling can’t hide it now! The people of the union have been outed as morally corrupt.

      1. What do mean “People of the union”? All union people? Or these two morons who got too big and teflon coated for their positions? As a union member who’s worked hard for a days pay (and there are plenty of others) I’m insulted! What would you like to have the Lord and Serf system? Ass#ole…..

        1. HEY STUPID…….There is nothing professional about your yft pres. The only LIAR here is Puleo. Nobody cares if the videographer is a fake. She is disgusting with zero professionalism, a real LOW CLASS STREET FIGHTER. She doesn’t belong having a thing to do with children. HOW DO YOU SAY ITS NOT TRUE, WHEN IF FACT THE WORDS CAME STRAIGHT OUT OF HER MOUTH. YOU ARE A MORON…

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