WEIR ONLY HUMAN: A Letter to the President By BOB WEIR

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Bob Weir is a veteran of 20 years with the New York Police Dept. (NYPD), ten of which were performed in plainclothes undercover
assignments. Bob began a writing career about 12 years ago and had his first
book published in 1999. He
 also became a syndicated columnist under the title “Weir Only Human.”

Bob Weir is a veteran of 20 years with the New York Police Dept. (NYPD), ten of which were performed in plainclothes undercover
assignments. Bob began a writing career about 12 years ago and had his first
book published in 1999. He
 also became a syndicated columnist under the title “Weir Only Human.”

Dear Mr. President; how many more police officers must be ambushed by violent thugs before you use your considerable power to stand firmly in support of the law-enforcement community? After the brutal murder of 5 cops in Dallas you used the memorial service to promote your same old tired narrative that the police must do more to lessen tensions between themselves and the minority communities they serve. That storyline suggests that those 5 murdered officers were responsible for their own slaughter because they hadn’t done enough for the minorities in their assigned areas. What you should have said, that is, if you weren’t so obviously anti-police, is that police officers, especially in high-crime areas, are there primarily to prevent crime, but when that fails, their job is to come to the defense of innocent people who are being assaulted and killed every day in those violence-prone neighborhoods.

You could have said that cops have an immense task trying to bring a level of security to the terrified residents of those minority communities. In addition, you could have been honest about the fact that those residents want more, not less, police enforcement on their streets. You could have tried to identify with those innocent, hardworking residents who spend every waking minute wondering if they’re going to be raped, robbed or murdered by the thugs who roam their streets freely and resist every action taken by the police. Moreover, you could have said that those residents are too frightened to speak out publicly in support of the police because they’re likely to be targeted by those same thugs. You should have been the voice of those helpless victims instead of appearing to defend the criminals who prey on them and blaming the cops who protect them.

It’s easy to hypothesize about the training and tactics of law enforcement from the comfort of the Oval Office, or during a luxurious flight to a fundraiser on Air Force One. But, the reality is that each time a cop puts on that uniform he’s immediately thrust into that violent world and it’s tough to “lessen tensions” when faced with an angry mob hurling vicious epithets laced with threats of death. When he’s called to the scene of a crime and begins to effect an arrest he’s more concerned about his safety and the safety of those innocent people around him than he is about being a diplomat. Mr. President, please try to understand that no cop begins his/her tour of duty with intent to hurt anyone. Contrariwise, those involved in the criminal culture begin every day with the opposite intent.

Barely a week after the tragedy in Dallas, 6 more officers were gunned down during an ambush in Baton Rouge, Louisiana. At the time of this writing, 3 have succumbed to death. As the nation waited for your response, they hoped that you’d take a more aggressive stand against the murderers than you have so far. Sadly, all you did was reiterate the hackneyed, leftwing, anti-Second Amendment talking points about too many guns on the street. I’ll confess that I voted for John McCain in 2008. However, although I was disappointed when you were elected, I felt sanguine about it because I saw it as a great opportunity to usher in a new era of harmony between the races.

My optimism was short-lived when you accused a Cambridge, Massachusetts police officer of acting “stupidly” because he arrested a black professor during a confrontation after the officer was called to the scene by a neighbor concerned that a burglary was taking place. That was the first of many black/white police incidents in which you spoke publicly in favor of the black suspect, rather than the white officer. It was the beginning of a pattern in which you continually interfered in local police incidents, always siding with the offender against the cops. It has become increasingly clear that you came into office with a chip on your shoulder against white people. Inasmuch as it took millions of white voters to put you in that office it’s clear that your racism outweighs your gratitude.

In your diatribe at the Dallas Police memorial you lectured society for allowing “poverty to fester, so that entire neighborhoods offer no prospect for gainful employment.” You talked about increased funding for drug treatment programs and yadda, yadda, yadda. But, not once did you decry the vicious gang of thugs who think black lives matter only when a white cop kills a black thug during a criminal act. You never uttered a syllable against their public chants to “kill cops!” Furthermore, in a thinly-veiled attempt to further alienate the races, you invited those hateful savages to the White House, giving them a level of prominence that only encourages more violence toward police. You, Mr. President, have the blood of those murdered officers on your hands! With 5 months left in office, one can only wonder how much more blood will be spilled because of your vendetta against the country that fed, clothed, housed and educated you. The mythological Trojan Horse was nothing compared to you!
Bob Weir is a veteran of 20 years with the New York Police Dept. (NYPD), ten of which were performed in plainclothes undercover assignments. Bob began a writing career about 16 years ago and had his first book published in 1999. He also became a syndicated columnist under the title “Weir Only Human.”

eHeziWEIR ONLY HUMAN: A Letter to the President By BOB WEIR

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  1. Weir:

    “instead of appearing to defend the criminals who prey on them and blaming the cops who protect them”…

    “What you should have said, that is, if you weren’t so obviously anti-police, is that police officers, especially in high-crime areas, are there primarily to prevent crime, but when that fails, their job is to come to the defense of innocent people who are being assaulted and killed every day in those violence-prone neighborhoods”…

    “You never uttered a syllable against their public chants to “kill cops!””…


    “But your work and the work of police officers across the country is like no other. For the moment you put on that uniform, you have answered a call that at any moment, even in the briefest interaction, may put your life in harm’s way.”…

    “Like police officers across the country, these men and their families shared a commitment to something larger than themselves. They weren’t looking for their names to be up in lights. They’d tell you the pay was decent, but wouldn’t make you rich. They could have told you about the stress and long shifts. And they’d probably agree with Chief Brown when he said that cops don’t expect to hear the words “thank you” very often, especially from those who need them the most.

    No. The reward comes in knowing that our entire way of life in America depends on the rule of law, that the maintenance of that law is a hard and daily labor, that in this country we don’t have soldiers in the streets or militias setting the rules.

    Instead, we have public servants, police officers, like the men who were taken away from us. And that’s what these five were doing last Thursday when they were assigned to protect and keep orderly a peaceful protest in response to the killing of Alton Sterling of Baton Rouge and Philando Castile of Minnesota.

    They were upholding the constitutional rights of this country.”…

    “When the bullets started flying, the men and women of the Dallas police, they did not flinch and they did not react recklessly. They showed incredible restraint. Helped in some cases by protesters, they evacuated the injured, isolated the shooter, saved more lives than we will ever know.

    We mourn fewer people today because of your brave actions.”…

    “We know that the overwhelming majority of police officers do an incredibly hard and dangerous job fairly and professional. They are deserving of our respect and not our scorn”…

    “When anyone, no matter how good their intentions may be, paints all police as biased, or bigoted, we undermine those officers that we depend on for our safety. And as for those who use rhetoric suggesting harm to police, even if they don’t act on it themselves, well, they not only make the jobs of police officers even more dangerous, but they do a disservice to the very cause of justice that they claim to promote.”…

    “We also know what Chief Brown has said is true, that so much of the tensions between police departments and minority communities that they serve is because we ask the police to do too much and we ask too little of ourselves.”…

    1. Obama never criticized the criminal gang called black lives matter. I think Weir was saying that the president should have said that they are a gang who calls for the killing of cops. The law is supposed to protect people from violent gangs, instead, this president supports them. He even invited that vicious gang to the White House and encouraged them. What Obama said in his speech was just the stuff he always says about cops not acting properly. It must be hard to act properly when some thug is trying to take your gun and kill you with it.

      1. do all BLM protesters call for killing of cops? or is it just a few rouge elements in the group? I mean, there are a lot of BLM protests where no one gets hurt at all right?

        and before anyone yells at me, I don’t have a particular dog in this fight, I just see all over the blogs people b*tching that the president doesn’t respect cops and only used his dallas speech to tout racism, when the entire first portion of the speech touched extensively on the hard jobs cops have, what they sacrifice, and going into a tribute to each of the 5 officers individually. Just makes me wonder if anyone actually read the speech, or if they get their news from some partisan website that tells only half, or less than half of the truth. I think there is a lot of BS out there on social media, and unfortunately a lot of people believe the BS and then get angry about it.

        We have to stop yelling at each other and talk though some of these issues. I for one don’t believe that the president of the united states hates cops or supports violence against cops. And while I tend to agree that the majority of cop shootings are probably justified given the situation and training (every crook in the pen is supposedly innocent right?) – I am willing to consider that some aren’t and I am willing to listen to people explain why they feel they aren’t, and so is the president. What’s so wrong with that??

        If you read the text of the president’s speech, he is really talking about bring people together, and a lot of people just use it to tear us further apart. With that said, I am sure Bob Weir is a fine man. I read his articles hear often and I even agree with him on a lot of points. But on this one I think he missed the president’s point.

    1. I love the way Weir writes. He’s not afraid to tell the truth about the black racism coming from Obama. The bums who criticize him are the people who defend criminals. As a society we must decide if we are for law and order or for the criminals.

      1. We’re for law and order. Any cop who shoots an unarmed American should go directly to jail. Can’t have cops who are above the law running around killing innocent Americans. I look forward to Weir telling the truth about police violence, brutality, criminal conduct, murder of unarmed Americans, and increasing militarization in subsequent columns.

        1. The truth about police violence is that they only use it on thugs who are trying to kill them or some innocent citizen. You folks who love the criminals are the real problem in the country today. You will always support the bad guys over the good guys. That’s because you are one of the bad guys! Decent people reject your anti-cop message!

          1. Guess you must be living under a rock since you missed the police murders of unarmed black men, women, and children between the ages of 12-65 in 2015. How anyone can defend police who murder unarmed children or senior citizens is beyond me.

            Everyone should watch Philando Castile’s dying moments after being shot for no reason by a police officer while sitting in the passenger’s seat of his girlfriend’s car, which was pulled over for a taillight issue. The police officer murdered Castile in front of a 4 year old girl.


            That’s the everyday reality of police violence against black men, women, and children in the United States, and this kind of extreme violence by law enforcement against the general population, especially minority groups, is virtually unheard of elsewhere in the developed world. Responsible cops with consciences should speak out against this form of criminal violence by their colleagues. Instead, we get hacks like Bob Weir recycling platitudes about how infallible all cops are.

  2. Like I said early in this string, the guy calling Weir a racist is definitely an ex-con who’s been locked up so many times that he’s bound to hate the cops who put his ass in jail. He’s either a rapist or a child molester because those are the ones who get raped in prison by other inmates. When they get out they don’t take out their bitterness (and their soreness) on the cellmates who raped them, they take it out on the cops who put their damaged asses in a cell with a bunch of horny cons. Since they don’t have the guts to say anything to a cop’s face, they sit in a dark and dirty room and post their bitterness on the Internet. This guy’s probably wearing a diaper since becoming extremely anal as part of Mongo and Bongo’s cellblock harem.

      1. There will always be criminals and they’ll always hate the police. The guy who is arrested while holding a knife to a woman’s throat and raping her will always hate the police who stopped him. But the victim will always be indebted to the police for being saved from that rapist. The people who hate the police are the same ones who would like to be holding that knife to the woman’s throat. Thank God for the police who are there to stop them!

        1. And thank God for cameras, cell phones, and the internet to film and disseminate videos of police murdering innocent (usually black) civilians and in some cases covering up their crimes.

          1. The criminals are always the ones supporting the street thugs. When you read posts attacking cops you know they’re from rapists, robbers and murderers who hate the cops that get in their way.

  3. With all of the discussions over the past week you have never seen the black community admit to their own failure as a community-it is the same ole rhetoric of its everybody else fault not theirs.

    1. It’s funny: whites don’t talk about a “white community” meaning all whites across America, but they speak of a “black community” as if every black person in America is part of one community based solely on the color of their skin. This is a perfect example of racism and whites aren’t even aware of it, which is precisely the problem. But I’m happy to slip into your racist mode of thinking. Let’s talk about the white community’s theft of North America from indigenous peoples or the white community’s destruction and extermination of complex North American civilizations. Or we can discuss the white community’s penchant for enslaving Africans to work stolen lands. In fact, the white community reaped the benefits of slavery for over 300 years since the first slaves were brought here forcibly in the early 17th century. Or we can discuss the white community’s refusal for thousands of years to acknowledge woman as equals. After all, I never see anyone from the white community admit to their failure as a community. Stupid racist.

        1. Theft of land from indigenous peoples of North America? Yep, that happened. Last year the UN even criticized the US for doing it. Google it.

          Extermination of indigenous civilizations? Yep, that happened, too. Surely, you were taught about the Indian Removal Act of 1830, American Indian Wars, Sand Creek Massacre, Mendocino War, and subsequent ethnocide and genocide of native populations, among the many other horrors inflicted on the original inhabitants of this continent by Europeans.

          First slaves brought to “America” in the 17th century? Yep, the first ones were brought over in 1619 to Jamestown to farm tobacco.

          Equal rights for women? Well, technically, women still aren’t assured equal rights since the the Equal Rights Amendment still hasn’t been passed despite being proposed in 1923.

          Any inaccuracies? Prove it.

          1. The second civil war of 2017 where European Americans who HAD NOTHING TO DO with past wars take to arms and drive the unhappy, rabble rousing, tax draining, neighborhood ruining, crime committing minorities back to the Motherland that sold them to us for shiny objects!

          2. No, you are just missing all the parts of inhumane treatment of all people by all people. Targeting will cause hate, but you know that. By the way, I did not add the above and below statements.
            If we look back at every culture we will see the same.

  4. The main thrust of every piece by Weir: all cops are great, none can do no wrong, and we must bow down before them all. More of the usual drivel from this former NYPD pig – like a broken record.

    1. Those who hate cops are usually ex-cons who are bitter about being caught and sentenced to prison. Scumbags will always try to defend other scumbags. That’s why they’re called scumbags!

      1. Anyone who gives a pass to all cops all the time is not playing with a full deck. In more sophisticated language, he ain’t being objective (some might call him an extremist). But then why would he – he’s a former pig himself (blue wall of bullshit, etc., etc.)? I’m still waiting for Weir’s letter to the President about all of those unarmed black men and women killed by cops last year (there were over 100 for those of you counting), but I’m not holding my breath. But you got one thing right – scumbags will try to defend other scumbags. Can’t think of a more apt description of Weir’s syndicated column with his endless eulogies to cops.

        1. Like I said; scumbags will always defend other scumbags. The guy calling Weir a racist is undoubtedly an ex-con who has been ripping off the public all his life. He hates cops because they’ve been in his way when he tried to rape and rob his community. These are the skells that need to be fumigated from the streets.

          1. If anyone criticizes a cop then they must be a rapist or a drug dealer or a murderer, right? Sounds like the party line in the former Soviet Union or in China today (nice cleansing metaphor about fumigation, by the way – some Germans used the same talk about seventy five years ago). By your logic, I guess the YPD is full rapists and drug dealers and murderers since all of those commenters on this site who criticize the PBA, its head, and his goon squad are YPD keyboard warriors.

            As far as I can tell based on salary figures, the only people ripping off the fine citizens of this even finer city are the $200,000+/year golden boys of the YPD. And, given the City’s perennial budget deficits, I’d be happy to name names unlike Hezi, who whines about how the YPD is underpaid, underfunded, and underappreciated.

        2. Perhaps you can elaborate on the 100 people killed by police last year? Please fill in anything that applies:
          1. Resisting
          2. High
          3. Possesion of illegal firearm/pointing firearm
          4. Assaulting police officer/other
          5. Rioting
          6. Accidental

          Please be honest when filling out this questionnaire. Keep in mind also that being unarmed does not exclude a person from getting shot by a police officer if the officer believes there is a threat. Also, keep in mind the police rightfully shoot way more often than not. Try to raise children who know how to act, my kids will have to put up with the ones who won’t be taught anything and that sucks for the entire society.

          1. Criminals in the act of committing another violent crime are often killed by police. Of course, in the mind of the criminal, it was wrong for the police to interfere with their violent acts against innocent people. Check out what Sheriff David Clarke has to say about black lives matter. He’s a black man who has been in law enforcement for many years. He knows a gang of criminals when he sees them and he says that gang is nothing but a bunch of thugs! Thank God for decent people like Sheriff Clarke and Bob Weir for standing up against the criminals who try to stop the police from doing their job.

          2. No need to fill out a questionnaire. Serious people have done serious research on the issue.


            If you’re wondering why the link below is from a British newspaper, it’s because no one in the United States, not even the FBI or federal government, was tracking police shootings of unarmed American citizens until the Guardian stuck it’s nose into the topic.


            The truth does hurt. That might be the reason why so many people deny criminal police violence and defend police murders of unarmed black men, women, and children.

    2. Let me tell you something. I know Bob Weir and he is a first class guy and wants the best for this nation. He was a good cop, a great dad and a loving husband. The biggest difference between you naysayers and him is this: He protected this country and he loves it more than you. He is not a pig, like you are and you liberal progressive buddies. When all hell breaks loose, its people like you who call the police and expect them to lay it on the line for you. Shame on you.

      1. Bob wants the best for white America, especially if they are cops. Can’t recall him ever writing about any other subject, which puts him at the white supremacist spectrum of discourse. He loves white America. Can’t recall a kind word from him about black America. Thankfully, dinosaurs like Bob with retrograde ideas are, well, dinosaurs. The world has moved on. And this nonsense about genuflecting before cops is asinine. Yes, they have a dangerous job, but it’s their choice. No one forced them to be a cop, and they are well compensated, both financially and in terms of their status in society, for the work that they do. This notion that they deserve only blanket, unquestioning, uncritical support is sheer lunacy (actually, it’s the stuff of fascism). I never hear these arguments being made about ER doctors or coal miners or roughnecks or teachers in inner city schools. When you’re walking around with M4 carbine or driving around in MRAP via the DoD’s 1033 program, or when you’re shooting unarmed Americans, particularly black ones, then you’ve lost the memo to protect and serve.

        1. The people who support the thugs and criticize the cops are…guess who? The thugs who rip off their neighborhoods and resist the cops who arrive on the scene to stop them. These punks live off the working people in their areas and their worst enemies are cops. These are the lazy bums who can be found standing on the corner and looking for innocent people to victimize. Weir is right when he says black lives matter is a hateful gang of thugs. Obama was wrong to invite them to the White House because that makes them look like they’re right when they say kill cops. When Donald Trump takes the oath of office that filthy gang will be in jail.

        2. Obviously, you haven’t read Weir’s tribute to his friend and partner, Leroy Spivy. Until you read that keep your stupid racism to yourself.

          1. Surprise, surprise, Spivey was a cop, who just happened to be black. The only good blacks in Weir’s book are cops, isn’t that right Diana. “Gee, I can’t possibly be racist because I had a black partner on the force” – is that Bob’s get-out-being-called-a-racist card? Now point me to Bob’s writing in which he praises blacks (or even has anything positive to say about blacks) who aren’t cops. Blue wall of bullshit – it never ends.

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