Letter to the Editor: McLaughlin and the Yonkers Federation of Teachers
By Anonymous*

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*Anonymous is known to Editor-at-Large Hezi Aris. The name is withheld to protect their identity from retribution and/or dismissal.

Yonkers Federation of Teachers.

Yonkers Federation of Teachers.


YONKERS, NY — April 23, 2017 — You recently published an article about Pat Puleo and the charges dropped against her. Within that article you explained that Liam McLaughlin asked Alyce Phelan to create a slate to run against the current executive board at the YFT.

All information in that article was factual.

Alyce Phelan and her slate have been speaking out against Pat Puleo and the YFT, alleging that they have not received election rules and procedures and have been denied access to YFT retiree addresses.**

** Editor-at-Large Note: Alyce Phelan’s Letter is posted at the end of this letter even though Phelan’s letter was written in April 20, 2017. I have a limited amount of time and only learned of that letter yesterday.

Thankfully, Ms. Puleo and the YFT have email documentation that is contrary to these allegations. Members of that slate receive the same documentation as members of the Unity Leadership slate.

Dan Murphy of the Yonkers Rising (a Spano/McLaughlin publication) has recently written an article using Alyce Phelan and some of her co-slate members’ photos. The article states that Ms. Puleo was rewarded by getting elected to a NYSUT delegate position- a position she has held for many years.

Alyce Phelan denies any involvement. Yet, she recently sent a letter to Ms. Puleo congratulating her on her “new” position at NYSUT. Coincidental? No! Phelan/McLaughlin are behind the article. Tom Phelan, Alyce’s husband even posted on the Reform Slate’s Facebook page, congratulating Puleo. Why is he involved? We all know it is because his close friendship with Liam was the reason behind Alyce running for YFT president.  Alyce Phelan may have been a building representative for a few years, but has not been involved besides that in the Yonkers Federation of Teachers activities or committees. Again, coincidental? No! More evidence that Liam asked her to run in order for him to gain control of the Yonkers Federation of Teachers in his attempt to have the YFT rescind their intentioned endorsement of Khader and to instead do Liam’s bidding.

Also, the 2017–2018 school calendar has been released. Interesting that while all of this political wheeling and dealing is happening, that the teachers end up with one of the worst calendars they’ve had in years. Clearly influenced by Spano/McLaughlin.

Election day remains a day that students will attend school. It is well-known that Liam does not want that to happen because he feels that parents, possibly minority voters, will drop their students off, vote and probably vote Democrat. Keep your eyes open to see if the Yonkers City Council passes the calendar as it exists. Liam will probably say Election Does requires having the schools closed for safety reasons.

That being said, it’s also interesting how there is no more overtime for the Yonkers DPW workers since the Teamsters have come out endorsing Khader.

Allegedly quite a few members of the Spano family reached out to dissuade Teamsters Local 456 from endorsing Khader. Odd, since both Mayor Mike Spano and Khader are Democrats. Or are they? Seems like Mayor Spano has spent an awful lot of time with his friend Liam McLaughlin, Republican.

** Alyce Phelan’s letter to YFT President Pat Puleo received through a third party, neither Mrs. Phelan nor Mrs. Puleo as delineated below:

President Pat Puleo
Yonkers Federation of Teachers
35 E Grassy Sprain Rd # 501,
Yonkers, NY 10710 April 20, 2017

Greetings President Puleo,

I would first like to thank you for your service to the YFT and wish you the best of luck at your new NYSUT position of the ED for District 15 & 16. As you are aware I am running for the vacated position of President of the YFT in the upcoming election. During my campaign I have asked you for information regarding retired member’s addresses, the election process, past election practices, election rules governed by the YFT constitution and by-laws and other information regarding the upcoming YFT elections. Your response to my inquiries was “put it in writing” and as a member in good standing in our union here are my questions.

On March 9, 2017 there was meeting of YFT building representatives and there was no mention of the upcoming elections, vacancies, nominations or the date of the election.


The question is who came up with May 16, 2017?

A group of YFT members who are campaigning for various positions sent a political letter to retired YFT members with their addresses provided by the YFT President. I asked to be availed of the same list of addresses so I could send a letter to retired YFT members to solicit their votes. I was told that I had to make an appointment after business hours, an executive board member had to be present, that I had to supply my own literature, envelopes and stamps.
The questions are what time and date did the other group make the appointment after business hours? Who was the executive board member in attendance? Did they also pay for their envelopes, stamps and literature? Can they provide receipts?

Recently a retired YFT member wrote a letter endorsing members of the YFT running for the upcoming election.
The questions are how did he get the mailing list of retired member’s addresses? Was it the same protocol that I as a dues paying member had to follow? There are several retired YFT members who would love to write letters in support of me and my campaign for president, how do they get access to the retired mailing address list?

I am running for president and obtained the requisite amount of signatures (20 YFT members) to have my name be placed on the ballot. I am running with other YFT members and we are on a “slate” together. Every member I am associated with also got the requisite amount of signatures to be placed on the ballot. There is another “slate” of candidates who got one sheet of signatures for their entire “slate”.  When we drop off letters in teacher’s mailboxes our “slate’ should be individually entitled to a letter each because we got put on the ballot separately.

The question is when the YFT produced a list of eligible candidates for the upcoming election and it was grouped into the “Unity Slate” and the “Reform Slate”, however, the ballot does not group the candidates the same way? Why?

I am requesting the most up to date roster of all YFT members eligible to vote for the upcoming May 16, 2017 election.

I am requesting the most up to date building representative roster for every BOE facility.

I am requesting the most up to date roster of all YFT members who are eligible to vote in the May 16, 2017 election by building.

What is the YFT definition of a member in “good standing” in regards to being able to vote in the upcoming May 16, 2017 elections. I would also request a list of all members in “good standing” and a list of members not in “good standing”.

Thank you so much for your time and consideration. Please respond to my questions in writing by Monday, April 24, 2017.

Alyce Phelan

eHeziLetter to the Editor: McLaughlin and the Yonkers Federation of Teachers
By Anonymous*

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  1. Phelan/Clifford/Coyle and the rest of that bankrupt crew have nothing to offer the YFT membership except repulsive articles from that filthy rag Yonkers Rising like the one I found in my mailbox today. Shame on them all. They couldn’t lead a fucking jug band. I can’t wait to vote tomorrow. And someone someone PLEASE run against Alyce Phelan for building rep.

  2. Wow this is some day in a he Phelan house !!! One article about Tommy , and how he fucked over his entire Union for a Take home car and a promotion, and now it comes out that he spent all your money on a bullshit trip to PR. You assholes in the PD get what you deserve.
    Now let’s just see is the Teachers Union is as stupid as the Police and elect ALICE. YOU SHOULD ALL BE ASKING YOURSELVES ” Alice, who the Fuck is Alice. “. Well that’s simple she is the wife of Tom Phelan and let’s not forget the brother of in law of john Phelan who is also on the Liam & Spano tit. He is employed by the City to do their outside legal work. If ONE teacher votes for ALICE you get what you deserve. It’s time to cut Liam head off. Bye Bye Liam. Not even the Irish Like You.
    This teamster ” IS NOT WITH LIAM “

  3. Let’s see, several of Phelan’s team were asked to leave by the principal.
    One was written up several times for being lazy, the other is frightening to everyone around them children and adults fear him. Another team member is in the rubber room tossed our of the class and needs a job. There’s your reform YFT team, not worthy to lead.

  4. No experience, no merits, vp and your reform crew already gave allegations against them for improper actions. It’s embarrassing.

  5. I have a bad feeling about this gal, her VP Clifford is lazy horrible person, and her whole team is full of disgrace. This is no Union leader. She doesn’t have the know how or leadership qualities. This one is sneaky and nasty. The letter just further justifies that. This horse face Philly will sell her soul and everyone under the bus!

  6. Teachers listen up ! Alice Phelan will sell you down the river just like her husband did to his membership. Shoved disability giveback down their throats , telling them it was the best they were going to get and they would lose on arbitration. Then lo and behold YFD got same deal without the giveback and HE got the plum $$ assignment as detective. He sold out supervisors for his own benefit – just like the rest of the board who were all given nice jobs. Don’t fall victim to same scam. The Spano’s sure know how to buy people off.

  7. True, true, true! McLaughlin held up the Teachers contract to attempt to elicit an endorsement by them- illegal.
    Teachers have yet to see the financial portion implemented. People that are running at McLaughlin’s behest have been saying no money until new leadership- obvious.

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