Mount Vernon Outcome Over School Board Trustees and Budget Vote Outcome Emboldens Focus and Move Over Upcoming City Council and Comptroller Races

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Mount Vernon City School District President Lesly Zamor.

Thank you all for your participation in our recent election for the School Board Trustees and Budget vote.  Voting is the only place our true voice can be heard, our desires can come true and our representatives held accountable.  We’ve started a movement that will make our lives better here in Mount Vernon; not just for some of us, but for all of us!

Thank you all, for understanding our worth.  We are a precious and loving city with amazing assets; so close to the world’s greatest capital.  For those that let developers take our land cheaply and not pay their fair share of taxes for decades because they say we can’t do any better, let them know that we value our city and we know our worth. When we stand together, we are a force to be reckoned with and we can accomplish great things.  We all want to see our children prosper, our city beautiful and clean, our investments appreciate, our businesses thrive and our quality of life rich with joy, peace and happiness!

Thank you, for breaking the chains that have kept us bound, submissive and blindfolded for decades.  They told us that we did not know better and that the things they did were good for us, while clearly they prospered and we did not.  Our beloved city has fallen into ruins.  Sewers broken, roads and bridges closed and failing, our brothers and sisters unemployed, our neighborhoods silenced. But we found our inner strength, we saw a little light, and ran towards it; out of the darkness that kept us up at night!  We will no longer accept the status quo.  We heard the voices that sound like ours, saw the people with aspirations like ours, felt the wind that have lifted our souls, our spirits …and we took action!  We have started a movement of like-minded citizens that want to see Mount Vernon prosper.  We want our children to get the best education at the lowest cost to tax payers, the crime and litter to stop, our neighborhoods safe, our homes to have value again, and we want our businesses back.

Thank you, but our work is not yet complete.  We are only in the first round and yet there are more rounds to win before we can truly declare victory and stand proud, our heads high, atop this “shining city on the hill.” Our recent victory in the school board election felt so right and so good, but we cannot rest here.  We have proven that we can do this.  We have the energy, the drive, and the purpose! It is time that we help rebuild our city.

So we march on… on to the City Council and on to the Comptroller’s race.  We must not confuse those that are in leadership positions with that of being leaders. We must replace the status quo with competent and visionary representatives that will not take us for granted.  Our new representatives will be accountable to us.  They will listen to us.  They will act on our behalf, as our representatives and not as our rulers!  It is safe to come out now, because now you are not alone! We will win for our families! We will win for our children, our friends, and our neighbors!

We will win for a great Mount Vernon!!


Lesly Zamor is Mount Vernon City School District President.

eHeziMount Vernon Outcome Over School Board Trustees and Budget Vote Outcome Emboldens Focus and Move Over Upcoming City Council and Comptroller Races

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