Warburton Avenue Construction Sites – Health and Safety Issues

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1177 Warburton Avenue Close-up.

Mr. Martin Ginsburg
Ginsburg Development Companies, LLC
100 Summit Lake Drive, #235
Valhalla, NY 10595

CC: Mayor Mike Spano, Council Member Michael Sabatino

Re: Warburton Avenue Construction Sites

Dear Mr. Ginsburg:

As a Greystone neighborhood resident, I am growing increasingly frustrated with unsafe conditions at your construction sites on Warburton Avenue in Yonkers. With this letter, I am providing written notice of my complaints and requesting that your site managers do a better job of exercising leadership in being a good neighbor and consider a re-focus on safety and environmental concerns for our tranquil riverside community.

The recent destructive fires at River Tides South Tower and 1177@ Greystone are only part of my concern, but they certainly highlight the dangerous conditions that threaten the health and safety of your employees, neighbors, and emergency first responders. It would be helpful if there could be some updates for neighborhood residents, as to the cause and evaluation of these events, including, what if any, new safety measures are being implemented to prevent future fires.

I am also particularly concerned about construction operations that impact pedestrian and vehicular traffic. Frequently, I have observed site employees/contractors, infringing on the nearby public space at the north and south ends of the River Tides site. Parking in non-designated spaces by the bus stop at the south tower, and at the north entrance, block views, creating unsafe conditions to enter the street, and for thru traffic.

Yesterday, there was a large delivery of Styrofoam insulation that was stored on the fence line of River Tides South Tower. This is unsafe for several reasons. 1) It was stacked so high, it created a barrier to safely viewing oncoming traffic, when exiting my building. 2) As you well know, this material is highly flammable. It should be stored away from public access. On the fence line it presents a high risk for accidental fire, or a vandalism type occurrence. 3) The National Bureau of Standards Center for Fire Research identified 57 harmful chemical byproducts that are released when Styrofoam burns, including known human carcinogens like Benzene.

These 57 chemicals make Styrofoam the fifth largest creator of hazardous waste. The recent fire at River Tides caused a measurable release of these toxins, most immediately affecting the residents of my building. Further, during unpacking and installation of this fragile product, large amounts of it are dispersed into the environment, littering our neighborhood with tiny pellets of toxins.

I hope you will address these health and safety concerns for everyone who works in, visits or lives in the Greystone neighborhood of Yonkers.


Eduardo M. Hernandez



NOTE by Editor-at-Large Hezi Aris: This letter was sent to me on Tuesday, May 23, 2017 yet only published today, May 28, 2017. I overlooked its arriving in my email box and I am most sorry that it did not get posted on the day of the arrival. I am sincerely sorry! ~~~ Hezi Aris

eHeziWarburton Avenue Construction Sites – Health and Safety Issues

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  1. Tower crane arm was always left on top of sidewalks and street when not in use. Very surprised the City approved of that but it’s Yonkers.

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