Yonkers City Council Democratic Caucus Issues a Joint Statement Over Mayor Mike Spano’s Proposed FY 2017-2018 Budget

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YONKERS, NY — May 30, 2017 — “As we continue to negotiate to pass the Mayor’s proposed budget for the City of Yonkers, we, the Democratic Caucus of the Yonkers City Council, feel that the proposed budget cuts for the Yonkers Fire Department and Yonkers Police Department are not in the best interest of the City of Yonkers.”

“It is imperative that we reinstate the positions within the Yonkers Fire and Police Departments that were eliminated in the proposed budget for fiscal year 2017. In the interest of public safety, these restorations would provide the consistency necessary to keep services at a safe, maintainable level in order to adequately respond to emergencies throughout the city in a timely manner. As Council Member Christopher Johnson states, “a budget is a document that shows your priorities. We need to make sure that preventing the loss of life and property is our highest priority.”

“As a growing city, it is so important that we staff our fire and police departments adequately. In a perfect world we would be adding manpower. Today, however, we demand that we at least keep both departments as they are, and not eliminate any positions”, added Council Member Corazón Pineda-Isaac. Minority Leader Michael Sabatino agrees that this is a good thing for the City of Yonkers and would like to see the fire and police department positions reinstated in the 2018 budget.”

Honorable Christopher A. Johnson Council Member, 1st District

Honorable Corazón Pineda-Isaac Council Member, 2nd District

Honorable Michael R. Sabatino Minority Leader, 3rd District


Yonkers City Council Minority Caucus Press R.elease

eHeziYonkers City Council Democratic Caucus Issues a Joint Statement Over Mayor Mike Spano’s Proposed FY 2017-2018 Budget

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  1. again, if YFD had the pre-1976 number of companies (13 Engines Co’s, 7 Truck/Ladder Co’s, and the 1 Rescue Company) responding from ‘within the City of Yonkers, to these 2 incidents, maybe, just maybe, that life could have been saved. But rather a critically needed Ladder Company was requested as part of Mutual Aid, from the City of New Rochelle to travel to the West Side of Yonkers, to respond to the 2nd Fire that day.

  2. 1. Where was Sabatino?
    2. Who set up this press conference?
    3. Never here these unions complain about taxbreaks until it effects them either in raises or personnel.
    4. Both council members think they are at the city council and are ill prepared to speak.
    5. How much did the fire cost to put out?
    6. How did the fire start?
    7. The developer should pay for the cost.
    8. Looks like the FD is poorly managed if they can’t handle more than one fire at a time.
    9. How come the union leader spoke for most of the video?
    10. If the council members feel so strong why don’t they offer up their salaries and benefits to plug the hole?

    1. Allot of loaded questions, but one answer for you is that the Yonkers Fire Department lacks the proper number of companies needed for such a growing city. In fact, YFD is at least 3 companies short of what they had back on January 1, 1976, which was 13 Engine Companies, 7 Ladder Companies, 7 Truck/Ladder Companies, and 1 Rescue Company. If YFD had this level of fire companies in the city, when the 2 fires broke out a couple of weeks back, one of which resulted in a fatality, maybe that life could have been saved. Yonkers had to request Mutual Aid to come all the way over to the West Side of the City to respond to the 2nd fire (which was where a life sadly perished), coming from the City of New Rochelle. This is totally unacceptable for a city of Yonkers growing size and numbers of buildings, age of buildings and growing population.

  3. No one cares about those 3 stooges. They are nobodies and will be forgotten. This is just hot air, that is all it is. They are in the pockets of Labor Unions.

    1. That is their job and they are well paid to do it. They took the job knowing full well the dangers they might encounter-no one twisted their arm-no tears here.

  4. Especially with the DOJ settlement with Yonkers PD. I dont think it would be a good time to be reducing police supervisor positions. Now that we have the democratic city council cauces response to the mayors proposed budget, What is the position of the republicans on the city council and the republican city council president regarding the Mayors proposed budget cuts to the fire department and police department? By the way I applaud the democratic caucus response to keep current staffing levels within YFD and YPD. I hope the mayor and city council can successfully work together to solve yet another budget shortfall.

  5. The Yonkers Minority City Council Dem:
    Johnson is going to be termed out and will lose to Brandon.
    Pineda is one foot out the door and Terreo shall beat her.
    Sabatino is washed up and termed out.

    Their press release means absolutely nothing. In two years( in Pineda’s case, Jan.1) these “honorable” city council members will be forgotten and be regarded as nobodies.
    BYE BYE Johnson, Pineda, Sabatino

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