Candidate for County Executive Ken Jenkins Responds to President’s Decision to Withdraw from Paris Climate Accords

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Jenkins Pledges to Keep Westchester County in Accords

Ken Jenkins candidate for Westchester County Executive.

YONKERS, NY — June 3, 2017 — Ken Jenkins, candidate for County Executive, responds on Thursday, June 1, 2017th to news that President Trump will pull out of the Paris Climate Accords.

“This is a major setback in international efforts to combat climate change,” said Jenkins. “The question is not whether government ‘should’ work to deter climate change. At all levels, governments should be working to preserve and protect the environment for future generations to live.”

Jenkins has long been an advocate for establishing environmentally friendly policies in Westchester.  On the Board, Jenkins sponsored and passed legislation that requires County to use fuel efficient, emission reduced vehicles. He also enacted tax credits for those using solar power and sponsored legislation that puts Electric Vehicle charging stations all County parking lots.

“Even in my private life, I have worked to diminish my carbon footprint,” said Jenkins. “I drive a car that runs solely on electricity. My family and I have installed solar panels in our home, to take advantage of the greenest energy options. I have led by example on the Board of Legislators, as well as in my own home.”

New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio this morning announced his intent to keep New York City a part of the accords by executive order. Jenkins plans to continue to advance the environmental agenda of the Paris Climate Accords, even if the federal government pulls out.

“We must not let the federal government’s dangerous policies continue to put us, along with future generations, at risk,” said Jenkins. “I pledge to continue to honor the Accords, regardless of today’s outcome. I challenge County Executive Astorino to reject this horrible Trump plan and do the same.”



Peter Brown, Media Director, Jenkins for Westchester

eHeziCandidate for County Executive Ken Jenkins Responds to President’s Decision to Withdraw from Paris Climate Accords

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