Irvington Historic Main Street Celebration on Father’s Day Brings Descendants of Village Founding Fathers to Share Revolutionary War Tales

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Village, School, and Businesses Collaborate for Old-Fashioned Street Fair

VILLAGE OF IRVINGTON, NY — JUNE 3, 2017 — The Village of Irvington announced today the event line-up for the 4th annual Historic Main Street Festival, Celebrate Irvington, in the nationally recognized Irvington Historic District. This year descendants of two significant Patriot families, the Odells and the Dutchers will join the festival at a local Main Street business, DoctorMac. Russ Dutcher and Charles O’Toole will recount American Revolution adventures discovered through extensive family history sleuthing.

“I’ll recount for visitors Captain Dutcher’s probable link to a secret spy ring and also talk through how to use” Dutcher explained in a recent interview.   What is now Irvington, in 1777 was part of no-man’s land, and defending the tenant farmers here fell to young men like John Odell, a Patriot guide who George Washington relied on, and Captain William Dutcher, who became a leader in the local militia unit. Dutcher Street, named after the Dutcher family, is a narrow side street in the Irvington Historic District, intersecting Main.

Two guided walks and an old-fashioned trolley looping through the Village, sponsored by Sunnyside Saving & Loan and organized by the Irvington Historical Society, are both opportunities to learn from history buffs and locals about what makes Irvington today a unique small town and what brought famous names – Tiffany, Astor and of course Irving, to live here.

The Hudson River was a significant factor in the history of Irvington and new this year, Deputy Mayor Connie Kehoe reports, is the family-friendly Magical Wandering River, an original chalk-art sidewalk happening. Conceived by Nina Rossi, Art and Music Director for the Irvington Public Schools, and enthusiastically supported by parent volunteer Robert Firpo-Capiello, along with the regional nonprofit Riverkeeper, and small business owner Pia Salk of Found at 123 Main, the project will bring kids and community members together to learn about the history, ecology and artistic legacy of “the river that flows both ways.”

With the knowledge that on Father’s Day a variety of attractions, and lots of good food, can make for a fun day, local classic car and truck owners are joining Celebrate Irvington, providing photo ops for fathers, families and history lovers. Old cars are also “on display” in a Vintage Irvington film from 1972, shown in the Irvington Town Hall Theater, built in 1902.

The landmarked Burnham Building, the Irvington Library, will host the very modern live professional theater group See The Wish/Onstage, just steps from the Metro North train station.

For information on Celebrate Irvington, contact Karen Buccheri at Irvington Village Hall, 85 Main St., 914-591-4356 or Visit


eHeziIrvington Historic Main Street Celebration on Father’s Day Brings Descendants of Village Founding Fathers to Share Revolutionary War Tales

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  1. Any mention of the Native Americans who lived in what is today’s Irvington? After all, their land was stolen from them by those brave, fearless, illustrious Patriot families. Long before those families tamed the Westchester “wilderness,” Native Americans lived here and called the land their home. In fact, Native Americans had been here for a staggering 3,000 years before Verrazzano and Hudson “discovered” the place. Nothing says Father’s Day, though, like overlooking the atrocities of your forefathers.

    1. I’m very happy the way things worked out! Some forefathers never accomplished anything and generations that followed never evolved to produce anything worthwhile. They have spawned fruitless legacies and have been a drain on the resources of this world. They’re offspring are found in this country and in various parts of the world and are the most violent. Just remember the “Indians” came here from somewhere and conquered each other and fought each other. Religious wars, colonization, slavery, was the way of the world throughout history and will contibute in between times of relative peace. It was a time of exploration and conquering. I am proud of the USA to live in the best country in the world. Happy Father’s Day if you can find yours. I’m thankful for the way things worked out.

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