Ken Jenkins, Candidate for County Executive Advises Astorino Master Plan is “Dead on Arrival”

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Jenkins Plans to Oppose the Bill at Every Turn

Ken Jenkins candidate for Westchester County Executive.

WHITE PLAINS, NY and YONKERS, NY — June 2, 2017 — Ken Jenkins, candidate for County Executive, expresses concern about Astorino’s newest airport restructuring plans:

“Astorino’s 5 year delayed airport ‘master plan’ has wasted enough taxpayer dollars,” said Jenkins. “$1.4 million later, and already the plan is flawed. Many of the plan’s projections are already out of date, and Westchester will have to spend more tax dollars to update it.”

There has been no word of the plan since 2013, when it was first announced. For all these years, the plan has been kept a close guarded secret within the Astorino Administration.

“All Astorino has done is delay plans to increase the Airport’s efficiency further,” said Jenkins. “This master plan, that took so long to construct, is out of date and requires a new plan to take its place. It conflicts with the terminal use agreement already in place.”

The Astorino administration has not commented on plans to submit the plan to the Board of Legislators for approval, as is protocol.

“The Airport Request for Proposal (RFP) process must be halted until an approved Master Plan is in place,” said Jenkins. “This plan is one we cannot move forward with. It does not have all the facts, and leaves too many unanswered questions.”




Peter Brown, Media Director, Jenkins for Westchester

eHeziKen Jenkins, Candidate for County Executive Advises Astorino Master Plan is “Dead on Arrival”

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