Special Meeting of the Yonkers City Council Regarding Mayor Mike Spano’s Proposed FY 2017-2018 Budget @ City Council Chambers at 7:00pm Tonight

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Watch the Yonkers City Council Agenda for tonight, June 1, 2017 regarding Mayor Mike Spano’s Proposed FY2017-2018 Budget at the http://www.yonkersny.gov/government/city-hall-tv at 7:00pm tonight.



eHeziSpecial Meeting of the Yonkers City Council Regarding Mayor Mike Spano’s Proposed FY 2017-2018 Budget @ City Council Chambers at 7:00pm Tonight

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  1. Don’t be fooled by the B.S. from City Hall – tax rate under the cap? Look at the “other” increases. Homeowners get screwed again! The few will pay for the masses, without accountability. Remember, in November, throw the bums out–

  2. I see that on Wednesday they were giving away the store at the IDA. It’s amazing no one on the council was complaining about the huge amount of breaks and giveaways there. It was sickening to listen to most of them on the council talking about the tax certs and a need for fairness and equality and a reval. None of them talked about the unfairness of giving all these rich developers these huge and unfair and unequal tax breaks. They never mention these issues.

  3. Rubber stamped budget. Usual nonsense about Albany not providing a fair share and a lot of hot air. A couple of no votes. Johnson votes no to most items and was unsure at times whether he was voting no or yes.
    Different year same old tax increases.
    The republicans just raised our taxes and most of the democrats did too.
    Johnson was a hold out. I guess he would tax us up the ying-yang if he was in power.

  4. Isn’t the city required to hold public hearings on the budget, guess its business as usual, leave the taxpayer out of the loop.

    1. They did hold the required 2 public hearings but it doesn’t matter. They do as they are told and pontificate like they are actually advocating for the taxpayer when they cast their votes. Worst is Larkin. With three jobs for his family members he is telling you how is is trying to do his best for you, the taxpayer. Give me a break. They just greatly increased most of the license fees in this city – peddler, home improvement business, flea market vendor, etc. etc. etc. The most laughable one is the increase in the application fee to take civil service test. As if the general public actually has a chance in hell of actually being appointed to a job!

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