White Plains Mayor Roach Dismissive of Condemning Democratic Party Chairman Tim James’ Disturbing Comments

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Milagros Lecuona candidate for White Plains Mayor.

WHITE PLAINS, NY — June 9, 2017 — It was on Thursday, June 1, 2017, when Common Councilwoman Milagros Lecuona issued a statement condemning White Plains Democratic City Committee Chairman Tim James for an email he sent to the City Committee entitled “Sticking Together”. In that email, Democratic Chairman Tim James falsely asserted that Common Council Candidate Alan Goldman was anti-immigrant.  In her previous statement, Councilwoman Lecuona called on Mayor Roach to set politics aside and to stand with her in calling upon Tim James to resign from his position as Chairman of the White Plains Democratic City Committee. Mayor Roach instead chose to not responded, believing his faux pas would blow over, despite White Plains’ more lightened standard of decorum. His silence reveals his lack of sensitivity to community sensibilities to which he is not interested to oblige. What defines his ethos?
“I asked the Mayor to put politics aside, and to stand with me in asking Tim James to resign,” said Lecuona. “What Tim said was callous, offensive, and completely out of line. Mayor Roach has not responded. In his silence, Mayor Roach has sent a loud and clear message that he will talk the talk on standing with immigrants, but clearly he won’t walk the walk.”

Lecuona continued, “I am an immigrant who had to watch the heartbreak of her own child go through the deportation process. What Tim said goes far past politics, and it is time that the Mayor stops doing the political thing and does the right thing.”

Lecuona is an immigrant from Spain who moved her family to White Plains in 1987 to pursue their American dream. A trained architect and urban planner for the last 35 years she has served on the White Plains Common Council for the past 9 years. During her time in office Lecuona has taken on powerful interests on behalf of the people of White Plains.  Entering public service was a natural progression given her lifelong community involvement.  She has been the recipient of multiple recognitions and awards.


Lecuona for Mayor



SOURCE: James Herrmann, Media Spokesman, Milagros Lecuona for Mayor

eHeziWhite Plains Mayor Roach Dismissive of Condemning Democratic Party Chairman Tim James’ Disturbing Comments

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