Firefighter Espoused Killing Yonkers Firefighter’s Alongside Whom He Slept

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Threat to Life and Limb Expressed in Facebook Posts

Yonkers City Hall Abdicates Responsibility to Employees’ and Residents’ Safety

A Hezitorial Telling

Charicature of a younger, better looking Editor-at-Large / Radio Host Hezi Aris.

A Facebook posting by a Yonkers Firefighter came to Yonkers City Hall’s attention in February 2017. The posting was deemed “racist”. That Firefighter was within days admonished for his posting and docked 75 day’s pay.

Yonkers Mayor Mike Spano was quoted by spokeswoman Christina Gilmartin at that time as saying, “I’m outraged. This individual has discredited and disrespected our wonderfully diverse city and our Fire Fighters. He should be ashamed of himself.”

International Association Fire Fighters (IAFF) – Yonkers Local 628 President Barry McGoey advised that the alleged misconduct was a personnel matter and he could not comment on it at that time.

Yonkers Tribune has of late learned of an incident regarding another Yonkers Fire Fighter that seems to some extent analogous to the telling above.

The Yonkers Fire Fighter worked in a local Firehouse. When his Facebook postings were discovered and thereafter became known to Mayor Mike Spano, Yonkers Fire Commissioner Robert F. Sweeney, and I.A.F.F.-Local 628 President Barry McGoey it was agreed that the Firefighter would be moved off-the-line from his former Firehouse for additional vetting. While no one has specifically admitted to be aware of the incident which will be quoted further into this telling, each has permitted the clock to tick along for months’ time without any conduct on their part to dissuade a replication of such biased conduct by the same individual or among others who may be emboldened by what some have described as racial bias and hatred. Their collective silence puts into question their ethical standard in a city of diversity whose demographic transformation demands earnest sensitivity to the harm that may be exacerbated by their individual and collective bias. On the other hand, it may also be an opportunity to create a standard by which future situations and circumstances are uniformly judged and administered with equanimity rather than by political influence, connivance, and / or prejudicial outcome.


The anonymous FF (Fire Fighter), whose identity is kept under wraps by the Yonkers Tribune so as not to abridge his rights, wrote the following on his Facebook pages, since taken down: “Just waiting on the race war… a civil war should be coming anytime now within the next 3+ years… It can’t come soon enough.”

“^^^^ Its exactly what we need and choosing a side doesn’t include color, anyone is free to choose to side with his/her opposite color. Either way people need to be killed.”

Someone else commented to the above post by the anonymous FF that reads: “That is the most ignorant thing I have saw on FB (Facebook) in a while. You win the prize.”

To which the anonymous FF retorts: “Just as ignorant as your racist tag team.”

Continuing, the FF writes: “The USA has a lot of hate and we need a legally sanctioned war to allow both groups to kill as many participant from either group to come to a conclusion. The bloodier the better.”

The FF concludes by writing: “2 sides …with or against…either way kill or be killed even if its the guy who sleeps next to you.”

Editor-at-Large Note: The quotes taken from Facebook are replicated with every error that may or may not be recognized by the reader, e.g. spelling, grammar, etc. They are all posted as they were seen on Facebook.

The FF in question was taken out of Fire House 14 approximately two months ago and moved to the Yonkers Fire Headquarters. He has been assigned a job. He did not suffer any loss in pay, as did the first FF that had posted a bigoted posting on Facebook. And have Yonkers Police Officers so been admonished.

Which begs the question if their is a standard by which circumstances may be judged to conform. What are the set parameters and what punitive measure will be assigned? Or will medical attention be judged the prudent corse of action commensurate to the issue in question so as to mitigate drug use, steroidal use, opiodal use, inebriation, what have you. Will attention, study, or retraining be prudent and affective?

It would seem a two-month evaluation is prolonged, but it is not known by Yonkers Tribune if there are mitigating issues that have caused the evaluation process to take this long.

This most recent case may have extenuating circumstances for its duration. While protective of the individual who wrote what he did on Facebook, and being removed from his Firehouse so as to permit his fellow Firefighter’s from fearing for their lives when asleep, does the bias against fellow Firefighters likewise extend to the general populace? Will the FF be OK among the general public? Psychological evaluation and final determination must be concluded. The sooner the better. Let us not forget that the City of Yonkers will be held responsible by a public who may seek litigious action should the individual in question mentioned herein cannot maintain his composure among those he may pursue a “race war”.

A call to Fire Commissioner Robert F. Sweeney did not gain a callback? A call to Yonkers City Hall received no reasonable response. Yonkers Local 628 President Barry McGoey was not contacted knowing that this issue is a personnel issue to which he cannot respond because the issue at hand is still in the process of evaluation.

There were individuals who know who they are that have afforded this reporter some salient issues to which I became more sensitive and thereby more balanced in this telling. Were more in Yonkers willing to take that one chance to communicate, we may all reach greater respect for one another, an elevated outcome to issues of visceral concern, as well as a learned discourse among a community wanting acknowledgment of the roads they travelled.

The takeaway is quite simple. Standards of conduct must be devised that gives every individual who works for the City of Yonkers a delineated and defined protocol that defines what is expected of them, how they must conduct themselves, the dress codes that they must adhere, what is permissible to be expressed and what is not, as well as knowing what repercussions will be suffered if not adhering to the culture and expectations of those employed. These standards must be codified so as to weed out those who do not abide by the standards to which they are expect to conform.


The last question is how much more time can be risked to evaluate how much long before this issue is resolved? And if Yonkeristes will ever learn the outcome even without knowing the name of the FF in question. The individual is not in question as he suffers his own demons. At issue is whether this telling will bring about a lesson or lessons from which all Yonkersites may grow a better future.

eHeziFirefighter Espoused Killing Yonkers Firefighter’s Alongside Whom He Slept

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  1. Hezi why not tell us all why a YPD Police Chief was demoted to Captain? Word is he was beating up his girlfriend, has an order of protection against him and has been caught many times doing some really bad things.
    If you have any integrity you will find out what’s going on over there.

  2. Pagano is cooked well done. He is a long time politician serving as Commissioner of the Fire Department under John Spencer and then Union Head. Merante is not a career politician. Merante will steamroll Pagano in the republican primary. It will be a blow out. Pagano has many republican and conservative enemies that he made as a Union Head that reside in District 6. His days of screwing fellow firefighters when he became Comminisoner and then Union Head will not be forgotten. Merante will bring fresh ideas

  3. Hezi,
    The whole job is dirty. This is why they sweep everything under the rug.
    People in Glass Houses Cannot Throw Stones.
    Federal Government has to step in. Yonkers is in Crisis.
    Look at the last two Fire Commissioners that Came Up Through
    The Yonkers Ranks !
    What else do you need to know.
    A Heaping Pile Of “STOOL.”
    That Do Nothing…………..

    1. Speaking of doing nothing, why are F.D. guys who claim to be injured out on sick leave for 5-6 years and still on the payroll??? Any other job and you would be let go?? Why is this Mayor Mike???

  4. The City of Yonkers is stuck in warp time. We are still trying to figure which brother runs which dept, or which is the real Mayor. Either way they have to go. If your a Spano kiss ass you can break laws. If your not you get the full dose of lies piled up on you.

  5. What if the firefighter who called for the “Race War” and the killing of the men “Sleeping next to him” was White? What would happen to him?

  6. Spano wins again
    and again lots more dirt to come there been a story about a Sexual predator coming soon just a story.

    1. Spano hires in the name of diversity, Barry represents in the name of unity. So I don’t know what game you’re watching.

  7. To the cowards at station 14…… I call you Cowards because thats what you are…… YANKO PEREZ threatened to kill YOU……This was not a JOKE….. These were threats made by him to YOU GUYS ON SOCIAL MEDIA .. It is really simple work w him and take a chance that he KILLS YOU…… How the fuck could you allow that to happen…. You don’t want to be killed than stay home and let the department finally do their job….. every round their should be 7 guys on OT……. They didn’t take one day away from YANKO THE KILLER…. PROVE TO THE MEN ON THIS JOB THAT YOUR NOT COWARDS AND SHOW US AND THE DEPARTMENT THAT YOU WONT PUT UP WITH THIS GUY GETTING DUMPED BACK W YOU. IN THE REAL WORLD HE WOULD “NEVER” STEP A FOOT BACK INTO FIRE HOUSE, POLICE STATION, OFFICE JOB ETC. LETS SEE WHERE YOU STAND…..

    1. I agree. I cannot understand why the City would allow this lunatic back into the Firehouse after he threatened to kill the men sleeping next to him!!! This is insane. Are the people in charge stupid??? If it was my son or daughter I would tell them to call in sick. Who’s responsible if this a-hole has a bad day and does decide to kill someone? What will the powers that be say then?!? Will they say to the family of that firefighter, “We didn’t know?” BECAUSE YOU DID! IT WAS RIGHT IN YOUR FACE! AND IT WILL BE YOUR FAULT!

    1. Why not? What did the City Politicians do for 456. Every day the Spano’s use non union workers. Too bad Hezi can’t put up a rat blow up for these career politicians.

      1. This website has a lot of traffic with great interesting articles just because the articles aren’t favorable to your views doesn’t give you permission to attack the advertisement.

      2. The politicians over the last 30 plus years have given you the best f—king firefighter contract in the county paid for by stupid yonkers taxpayers like myself you ungrateful whinny loser.

        1. Did you know that the Yonkers Firefighters did not receive a cost of living increase for over 6 1/2 years under the Spano administration? Do you know how many of my friends have died or been critically hurt serving the City of Yonkers? How much is that worth to you and your family? How many friends and family have you had to bury sitting behind your desk? Who do you call when your son or daughter stops breathing? Waiting for answer.

  8. Based on the anonymous FF’s extremely bizarre comments it is clear that he has serious mental health issues and perhaps even poses a threat to others. I’m not saying this should be a criminal issue since America locks up too many people already, but he needs professional help (which of course is non-existent in this country). What a shame to see someone, especially a public servant, filled with such twisted, racist, hate-filled, misanthropic views. White supremacist views, especially ones that espouse extreme violence, should be denounced by everyone and have no place anywhere in the world.

      1. Was the FF white or black? I think the commenter made a reasonable assumption that he’s white given the racial composition of the YFD. If he is white then he’s spouting classic white supremacist views about a race war.

    1. What I don’t understand is how a firefighter who is guilty of making a racist joke can get docked 75 days of pay and have his benefits taken away, but a firefighter who calls for a “race war” and threatens to “kill the man sleeping next to him”, have no disciplinary action. Very strange. The only conclusion I can come up with is that he must be related to Mike Spano. Or it’s personal. Why else would there be a different standard?

  9. The hypocrisy of the situation is laughable. Mayor Mike Spano was quoted as saying, “I’m outraged. This individual has discredited and disrespected our wonderfully diverse city and our Fire Fighters. He should be ashamed of himself.” Has everyone already forgotten that Mike’s crooked brother, Nick Spano stole from the City and had to do time in jail for tax evasion? Is he not “ashamed” of his brother?!? While the firefighter who posted the bigoted remark online is guilty of being offensive, he did not break any law or threaten anyone’s life.
    As a father of a FDNY firefighter I am appalled that a man would threaten the lives of his brother firefighters. How can this man still have a job after threatening his co-workers? Who is liable if he decides to follow through on his words? Mayor Spano? The YFD?

  10. I personally know both these firefighters. One is a senior firefighter who has worked in the busiest fire district for twenty years and has done volunteer work throughout his entire career. He made a distasteful joke and was docked 75 days pay as well as having his city health benefits taken away from him and his family. Not to mention the embarrassment of media attention.
    The other firefighter called for a “race war” and threatened to kill brother firefighters “in their sleep.” !!! He had his vacation time taken from him. And the FD will have to catch him up on the OVERTIME he lost during his “sabbatical”. I would like to ask if the people in charge would feel comfortable having this man sleep next to their son or daughter?
    How does this make sense? The only conclusion I can come up with is a lack of backbone and leadership from the Spano political machine. Forget about making decisions that are best for the City of Yonkers. The Spano’s make decisions that are best for the Spano’s. Like many tax payers in Yonkers, I think it’s time to elect some leadership with the interests of the City in mind, rather than professional politicians with their own agenda.

  11. Once again all of this starts at the very top and by example. You cannot expect higher standards if those who are your bosses do not expose a proper etiquette.
    As of the killing. The guy must have watched “the purge” on TV one too many times.

  12. They abandon about 4 or 5 firefighters that are in the same boat. Are yonkers fire personnel being trained right? It would see they aren’t and pretty funny that Barry gets a pass on this as it’s a personnel matter? Wouldn’t that same pass be given to the Mayor as well as Commissioner?

    This makes no sense. Where does Barry stand on this issue and many more?

    Enough with the BS! These firefighters think they can get away with anything because Barry protects them and makes sure these stories don’t see the light of day.

  13. Just look how many minority’s are on City payroll then go outside your door and look around if you live in Yonkers see what iam saying lol.

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