Kaminsky Statement on Reversal of Silver Conviction

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Todd Kaminsky is a Democratic member of the New York State Senate, representing Distric

ROCKVILLE CENTRE, NY — July 13, 2017 — Former federal prosecutor, Senator Todd Kaminsky, released the following statement after learning that former Speaker of the New York State Assembly, Sheldon Silver’s corruption conviction had been overturned.

“For years we have been relying on federal prosecutors to bring the lion’s share of corruption cases against state officials,” said Senator Todd Kaminsky. “It is clear that — regardless of the eventual outcome of this matter — we can no longer afford to do so. It is well past time that our state legislature enact real anti-corruption measures and empower local district attorney offices to bring corruption cases. Voters have no doubt that corruption exists on all levels of government and today’s decision is one more striking blow to their faith in honest government — it is time for our state to step up.”

About Todd Kaminsky

As a federal prosecutor representing Long Island, Brooklyn and Queens, and as Acting Deputy Chief of the Public Integrity Section, Kaminsky took down corrupt elected officials who used taxpayer dollars to fund lavish lifestyles. His successful prosecutions include State Senate Majority Leader Pedro Espada, Jr., Congressman Michael Grimm, and Assemblyman Jimmy Meng

eHeziKaminsky Statement on Reversal of Silver Conviction

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  1. This is a disgrace. This is also why the peasants don’t believe justice is served. It is only for them and not for the rich and famous. Think Cosby now Silver.

    One way to curb corruption at all levels is TERM LIMITS. Didn’t see Kaminsky mentioning that.

    The law in this country is clearly just to squash the peasants.

    Can’t wait to hear what DeBlasholio has to say about this.

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