Ken Jenkins, Candidate for County Executive, Denounces Astorino’s HUD “Victory”

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Almost a Decade of Waiting, and Millions of Dollars Wasted, is No Victory

Ken Jenkins candidate for Westchester County Executive.

WHITE PLAINS, NY and YONKERS, NY — July 18, 2017 —County Executive Rob Astorino announced today that Westchester County has met, after no less than 10 previous submissions, a requirement in its ongoing affordable housing agreement with HUD. In his statement Astorino said it ““is vindication for Westchester and our local municipalities that it is a victory won on facts, on principle and on persistence.”

“This man has no shame,” said Jenkins in response. “After wasting time and valuable taxpayers’ money for years, he calls this a victory? It’s embarrassing. Our Democratic majority leader, Catherine Borgia said it right when she said ‘11th time is a charm’.”

The fight started under the Obama administration, which claimed that the County’s zoning laws were racially exclusionary. Since then, Westchester has failed to pass the test when it comes to affordable housing developments. Just recently, Westchester could have been subject to losing hundreds of millions more because of Astorino’s mismanagement.

“Make no mistake: another way to say what the Obama administration is ‘racially exclusionary’ is, ‘racist’,” said Jenkins. “And importantly, our policies didn’t change. The administration did.”

Many assume that a newly-appointed HUD executive, the former event planner for President Trump, had something to do with Astorino’s 11th-try success. Jenkins took it a step further.

“There’s no question about it. Trump’s party planner had something to do with it. Astorino and Trump are buddies, that’s well known. And we can all rest assured that affordable housing is the last thing on their minds as they tee off the 17th hole at a golf course that cost $800 a round. This is simply another instance of Rob wasting our time and money, and calling it a victory.”

“We have to remember,” said Jenkins. “Astorino’s submission took almost ten years later. He wasted millions of dollars wasted. And we all pay the price.”  We have finally passed a milestone to comply with the HUD settlement made in 2009.”

Jenkins went on to explain that although there is finally a HUD signoff that the statement and plan must now be approved by the federal judge overseeing the implementation of the Housing Agreement. Jenkins said, “Assuming the Judge approves and after all that Astorino did to avoid compliance, it will be hard to trust him to actually implement the contents of this document……I will be watching.”



SOURCE: Peter Brown, Campaign Communications Director

eHeziKen Jenkins, Candidate for County Executive, Denounces Astorino’s HUD “Victory”

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  1. “they tee off the 17th hole at a golf course that cost $800 a round. ”

    Well Ken the Taxpayers didn’t pay the $800. However the Taxpayers would have to pay $675 PER Hour to a politically appointed Housing Monitor if HUD hadn’t accepted the County’s submission, but your in favor of spending hundreds of thousands perhaps more than a million in taxpayer money to an appointed pol.

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