Latimer Statement on the HUD Housing Agreement

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Senator George Latimer endorsed Democratic for Westchester County Executive.

WHITE PLAINS, NY — July 20 2017 — “What is being trumpeted as a great success would have actually been a success had this been announced in July of 2010, not in July of 2017. Seven years later, we reached the same end only to have lost millions of dollars of CDBG funds in the meantime that could have helped our municipalities and our residents. We created ill will without one shred of advantage to the County, primarily so that the County Executive could rail against the Federal government on Fox News, and broaden his political profile statewide.

“This is one more part of a cynical strategy of cleaning up the messes before an election. Opening up a portion of the Sprain Brook Pool after fighting any renovation for years; planning to destroy the Playland Pool without regards to the people who use it. If the County Executive did not face a tough re-election battle, does anyone think these matters wouldn’t still be unresolved?

“The HUD settlement is simply one more example of an Administration committed to a conservative ideology that is forced to accept a pragmatic conclusion to a mess of their own making.”


eHeziLatimer Statement on the HUD Housing Agreement

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  1. This guy has been around for 30+ years. Does he even have one actual “success” to trumpet? Latimer is a well spoken and somewhat likeable empty suit. This statement (along with Jenkins’) shows how tone deaf they both are. This was a big victory for Westchester.

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