Lecuona Defends Supporters as Democratic Primary Draws Near

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Democratic Mayoral Candidate Milagros Lecuona Defends Her Supporters in Court Today as Democratic Primary Draws Near

Voter Suppression is Just the Latest Political Trickery in White Plains by the Incumbent Mayor

White Plains Mayoral Candidate Milagros Lecuona.

WHITE PLAINS, NY — July 31, 2017 — Common Council Member and Democratic candidate for White Plains mayor Milagros Lecuona headed to court today to defend the signatures of those who petitioned to get her on the ballot for the Democratic Primary on September 12th as her opponent sought to suppress their voice.

Lecuona’s campaign team collected triple the necessary 912 signatures needed to get on the ballot for the September 12 Democratic Primary. Some 2,700 signatures, despite Roach’s obnoxious robocall begging voters not to sign Lecuona’s petitions.

Watch the video here: https://youtu.be/iy0pYdhOzpY

“Instead of doing his job managing the City of White Plains, (Tom) Roach is focused on trying to suppress the voices of thousands of voters. He could have accepted the legitimacy of the Lecuona campaign, instead he and his lawyers are disenfranchising citizens, many who are from communities of color, for petty reasons such as a voter noting “WP” as their city, instead of “White Plains,” despite the fact the unique identifier of their ZIP code clearly identifies the voter’s intent,” explained Lecuona.

“I launched this campaign to bring voice to those in this city that haven’t had their voices heard by the current administration.  An administration under my leadership will seek to include and respect our residents instead of shutting them down,” Lecuona advised

Lecuona is a proud Democrat, a Common Council member for the last nine years, a Democratic District Leader and an active member of the Hispanic Democrats of Westchester.  She is running on a slate with Alan Goldman, Michael Kraver and Saad Siddiqui whose petitions have also been challenged.

Beyond the thousands of supporters that have shown their trust and support in Lecuona she has been endorsed by the Hispanic Democrats of Westchester, the Northeastern New York Carpenters Union, the Professional Fire Fighters of White Plains, the Westchester and Putnam Labor Council, the White Plains Retired Uniformed Fire Fighters Association and several White Plains community leaders.


Web: milagroslecuona.com
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Twitter:  @MilagrosLecuona

eHeziLecuona Defends Supporters as Democratic Primary Draws Near

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