Summer Months Dedicated to Public Works Improvement
By Mayor MARY C. MARVIN, Esq.

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Mayor Mary C. Marvin, Esq.

VILLAGE OF BRONXVILLE, NY — July 18, 2017 — No longer the quiet period for Village Government, the summer months are now dedicated to public works improvements, with the most disruptive activities planned for the least congested times in the Village.

All of the following will commence at some point during the coming weeks with the goal of substantial completion by Labor Day.

85 Pondfield Walkway and Stairs
In collaboration with the adjacent property owner repairs will be made to the area as it is an important conduit from Garden Avenue parking to our stores and professional offices.

Sewer Relining Project
Set to begin in August, the Village’s principal trunk line for sanitary sewer will be relined from the intersection of Pondfield Road and Route 22 all the way to Meadow Avenue including a section under the Bronxville School.  Concurrently, we have submitted a grant application to the State as after researching we believe we qualify for funding to help off-set the full cost.

Kensington Road
The completion of the road and streetscape improvements in the area will be dependent on the exterior completion of Villa BXV.  Curbing, landscaping and existing sidewalk repair will extend to Beechtree Lane.

A raised landscaped island will be added at the Sagamore Road/Kensington Road intersection for better ease of passage for both cars and pedestrians.  Of importance, we do anticipate the sidewalk on the Villa BXV side completed for walkers in time for the opening of school. After this work is completed, sections of Sagamore and Kensington Roads will be repaired accordingly.

Road Repaving
In conjunction with the completion of the FEMA flood mitigation project, sections of Midland Avenue will be repaved as well as Crows Nest Road and Village Lane.   Money and time permitting, Fordal Road would be next on the docket.   Notices will be delivered to affected homeowners outlining the days and length of disruption so one can plan accordingly.

If your street is not on the year’s list, all requests are catalogued and reviewed yearly for placement in the queue.

Phase II Downtown Lighting
New lamps will be added in the Kraft Avenue parking lot – many of them teardrop in shape – as well as in the environs of the West Side traffic circle.

Phase I Residential Lighting
We have begun testing new LED lighting on Oriole Avenue between Orchard and Woodland and welcome your feedback (look for labels on the light posts identifying the new fixtures).  The residential upgrades will only occur after an extensive testing period and in consultation with neighborhoods. At project’s end, the Village will save 33% in electrical costs on a yearly basis not even factoring in the significant decrease in maintenance.

FEMA Flood Mitigation Project
Coming in on time and budget, public right of way portions will be completed in the next two weeks, thus freeing the school district to begin work on their property.

Comprehensive Plan
The Village is preparing to solicit Request for Proposals (RFPs) for planning firms to assist us in revamping out Village Code to reflect the needs and realities of 2017, both on the commercial and residential levels.  Chief among concerns on the residential side are the preservation of trees and historic structures, teardowns, reviewing size of additions vis a vis lot sizes and duration time of projects.  On the commercial front, chief concerns include the balance between retail merchandise stores vs. service establishments and the revamping of the approval process for the opening of any new businesses.  Bids should be in hand by fall.
Department of Public Works Building
The Trustees will be reviewing proposals to upgrade facilities on Palumbo Place.  Never updated since being built in 1942, our DPW structures are woefully inadequate for 2017 needs.  As example, most of our intricate equipment must be stored outside due to space limitations decreasing their average life span by almost 50%.

Retail Mix and Marketing Committee
The committee is in full swing with all constituent groups a part of the discussion.  Sub-committees include Communications, Business Outreach, Marketing, Signage and Streetscape and Parking.  It is a very positive collaborative group that I am confident will produce results.

Metro-North informed us that painting will begin in about four weeks on the South side of the underpass followed by a repainting of the two covered walkways down to the street underpass, the surrounding canopies and railing and even the station building itself.  This is the start of what we hope will be the first in a series of improvements to the station area.

Village Cameras
Finally, as point of clarification, our Village cameras are NOT red light cameras. “Red Light Cameras” can only be used for red light enforcement with a civil penalty to the registered vehicle owner.  Our cameras are surveillance only except for extremely rare occurrences involving vehicle and traffic law violations where the driver can be positively identified by the footage.

Again, any residents directly affected by any of the above projects will be contacted directly.

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Mary C. Marvin is the mayor of the Village of Bronxville, New York. Share your thoughts by directing email to .

eHeziSummer Months Dedicated to Public Works Improvement
By Mayor MARY C. MARVIN, Esq.

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