Yonkers Police Swear in 25 New Police Officers

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Newly assigned shields presented to individuals were sworn in on July 26, 2017th as Yonkers Probationary Police Officers.


YONKERS, NY — July 26, 2017 — The Yonkers Police Department proudly announced the hiring of twenty-five Probationary Police Officers:

Yonkers Probationary Officers being sworn-in on July 26, 2017.

P.P.O. Brian McCormack

P.P.O. Yocasta Azcona

P.P.O. Sean Berry

P.P.O. William Brusack

P.P.O. Trevor Buchanan

P.P.O. Timothy Callahan

P.P.O. Vanessa Capllonch

P.P.O. Ricardo Clerigo

P.P.O. Sean Duffy

P.P.O. Jayson Domenech

P.P.O. Matthew Flood

P.P.O. Aislinn Gormally

P.P.O. Patrick Gormally

P.P.O. Thomas Jackson

P.P.O. Nicholas Larrabee

P.P.O. Nicholas Leopoldi

P.P.O. Jason Manitsas

P.P.O. Sean McCormack

P.P.O. Peter Morreale

P.P.O. Desiree Perdomo

P.P.O. Thomas Sabol

P.P.O. Joseph Sica

P.P.O. Kyle Stefanik

P.P.O. Jennifer Vasquez

P.P.O. Alejandro Vieira

The addition of these new Police Officers will bring the staffing levels current with the City of Yonkers allocated budget of 614 sworn members.

Mayor Mike Spano and Police Commissioner Charles Gardner were present to swear in the new recruits, who will initially be trained at the Westchester County Police Academy. They will then receive additional training at the Yonkers Police Department Training Division, and upon completion of their training be assigned to a patrol command.





eHeziYonkers Police Swear in 25 New Police Officers

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