32BJ SEIU Statement on Trump’s Pardon of Law-Breaking Ex-Sheriff Arpaio

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The following statement is attributed to Hector Figueroa, 32BJ SEIU President:

“Trump’s pardon of Ex-Sheriff Arpaio is a cowardly and disgraceful act spurred by the same racism and anti-immigrant fervor on display in Charlottesville last week. Even as the public reels after the fallout from Virginia, President Trump is sending yet another message that his White House supports those who abuse people of color and break the law with impunity.

“Ex-Sherriff Arpaio’s illegal arrests destroyed countless lives.  Not only did Ex-Sheriff Arpaio illegally round up residents because of the color of their skin, he refused to prosecute crimes against Latino children, making communities less safe by allowing perpetrators to go free. President Trump’s pardon show a disturbing lack of regard for the rule of law and American values.”


With more than 145,000 members in 11 states and Washington DC, including 4,000 members in the Hudson Valley, 32BJ is the largest building service workers union in the country


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eHezi32BJ SEIU Statement on Trump’s Pardon of Law-Breaking Ex-Sheriff Arpaio

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