America’s Continuing Enduring Debt – To the 42nd Rainbow Division of World War I, Today, and Tomorrow!

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VILLAGE OF BRONXVILLE, NY — August 7, 2017 —Alan Sands, filmmaker of a new TV Miniseries which chronicles the heroism of the young men of the 42nd Rainbow Division during World War 1 attends the Westchester On the Level radio broadcast that airs this Tuesday, August 8, 2017, from 11-11:30am DST in “America’s Continuing Enduring Debt – To the 42nd Rainbow Division of World War I, Today, and Tomorrow! By ALAN SANDS” for those who served in the U.S. Military over the last 100 years. Listeners can hear the broadcast “”Live” or “On Demand” using this hyperlink. This  is a precursor to the special reception that will be conducted under the auspices of the Bronxville Women’s Club on Saturday, August 12th.

They are no longer with us, the American boys and girls – most in their late teens of the WWI lost generation – which chronicles the heroism of the young men of the 42nd Rainbow Division during World War 1 who fought valiantly and successfully to save Europe in World War I, inspiring The Greatest Generation to save Europe a second time in World War II.   But they still teach us, and not just about war.

They teach about American peace and unity – lessons long untaught.  And no group teaches more poignantly than the 42nd Rainbow Division.  Have not heard of them?  You will.  Pause with me to understand what we owe, to whom, why, and what that debt imposes on us.

One hundred years and four months ago, America reluctantly entered World War I.  As that war’s centennial captures our attention,  the 42nd Rainbow Division epitomizes both how America fought that war, and how America once healed racial, social and Civil War wounds.The lessons taught by the 42nd Rainbow Division are profound, and as timely now in peace as they were timeless then, at war. “In their Division they found unity.”

This fierce American division chronicles the heroism of the young men of the 42nd Rainbow Division during World War 1. The 42nd Division was composed of National Guard units, from 26 states and DC drawn from across America (like a Rainbow), including some northern and southern regiments that 55 years prior had been killing each other, in our American Civil War. No American division was more feared by the Central Powers in World War I, and none was more unified.

How did this happen?  How do we celebrate what they did?  And how do we replicate their extraordinary example of personal and mutual resolution, fortitude and unity?  How do we build on the strength of the 42nd Rainbow Division’s example, in our own trying times?

The answer to those questions is why for the past three years I have been totally dedicated to my own personal mission, to research, draw tight parallels, write and then produce an historical, dramatic, live action, TV Miniseries” that lays out, for the first time, how and why this unique band of American warriors did what they did, with such valor and insight.  This TV Miniseries is being created for release in late 2018, near the centenary of the signing of the Armistice Agreement ending WWI. The Miniseries project has the full support of “The United States World War One Centennial Commission.”

But the real story is bigger than wartime reflections, or even a riveting Miniseries.The real story is this: America must remember who America is.  This unique division resolved to “overcome” what plagued their wider culture, to use the force of that resolve then to help a Nation they all loved win a war none wanted to fight.  And set to, and they did it.

More to the point, they broke a mysterious code – the code of unity.  They consciously replaced learned hate and mistrust with deep respect and brotherhood, submerging seemingly powerful ethnic and regional differences to unite as Americans, and to fight as one for liberty and freedom on the battlefields of France in 1917-1918.

Their place and moment in time, like their ability to break this critical code, stands as tall today as in any conflict for which that famous division is remembered. My intentions are to offer this TV Miniseries as a living Memorial to the proud World War One generation who put love of country, sense of duty, and honor first. To understand the present one needs to take a step back into the past which will give us a path to follow for the future. In my opinion World War One was the most horrific event of the 20th Century which changed our world forever – This is why I would like to invite you to standup and be counted to join me and other patriotic Americans in Bronxville, NY, on August 12th, to see, hear and understand in greater detail how and why this famous piece of American history must be – will be and should – be remembered.

That event is the kick-off for a remembrance of the 42nd Rainbow Division and their heroic place in our shared history, but also the start of a larger nationwide campaign to remember and celebrate the young, uncompromising, brave and generally unsung hearts – that have made America what we are, the soldiers, sailors, airmen and marines who have stood up for us, for our freedom and ideals, in all wars since World War One which was supposed to be “the war to end all wars”. This campaign won’t stop at our borders and will then travel internationally under the umbrella of “US Cultural Diplomacy” being offered as an “Educational Peace Initiative” to schools, colleges, and universities all over the world.

We celebrate those who have worn the uniform and do today, who have regularly and willingly risked their lives, and who did that – and do it still – for us.  This will start a national grassroots campaign to commemorate what makes us, as idealists and as one nation, powerful, grateful and indebted.  As the Centennial of World War I sweeps across our nation, our biggest debt is – just to remember.  Accordingly, please join me and a raft of notable speakers, patriotic musicians and dancers at the historic Bronxville Women’s Club, in Bronxville, NY, on August 12th, for an evening of poignant history, good food & drink, and fine company. We were and we are one nation, and no group reminds us more – than the 42nd Rainbow Division.  That evening is theirs – and perhaps, after this evening, you may share my view that our debt is eternal.



eHeziAmerica’s Continuing Enduring Debt – To the 42nd Rainbow Division of World War I, Today, and Tomorrow!

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