Anthony Merante the Endorsed Republican Candidate for Yonkers City Council – District 6

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I’m honored to be the endorsed candidate of our Yonkers Republican City Committee. I’m so very grateful for all your support and thankful for the endorsements of our many great elected officials such as John Larkin Liam McLaughlin, Mike Breen, Gordon Burrows, Dennis Shepherd , David Tubiolo and many others. With your continued support we’ll be on the road to victory on September 12th!



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eHeziAnthony Merante the Endorsed Republican Candidate for Yonkers City Council – District 6

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  1. The Democats and Republicans in Yonkers have been hijacked by the Spanos and their operatives. The party leadership in both parties have been compromised and just do what they are told to do – or who to support. Thank God Pagano has decided to take the Spano’s on and bring back some usefulness to the Council.

  2. Another slime ball hand selected by Nick Tubiolo and Liam Spano. After Barbato and Larkin we can’t afford another yes man like Merante. New blood is needed. Anyone but Merante looks good to me.

  3. Bring it on Spano. Good luck trying to defeat Pagano in this race. It won’t even be close. Poor Merante thought it was his turn. But politics in Yonkers is being turned on its head this year. Should be fun.

  4. The Well Respected Republican Party Leaders have Spoken.
    It is Gospel.
    We cannot wait until the landslide.
    Will be a party like it’s 1999.

  5. Looks like the party has their candidate.
    That’s a lot of nails going into Yonkers Fire Local 628’s
    628 is running their candidate for all the wrong reasons.
    so ?
    That’s what you get for trying to play with the majors.

  6. Yonkers recognizes its quality citizens who
    step up .
    Thank You Anthony Merante !
    You are the man.
    We predict your landslide Sir !
    The Yonkers Fire Departments Candidate Pagano Says it all
    about insider corruption in The City of Yonkers.
    In fact it is scary !

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