Yonkers PBA and Yonkers CLSA Intend to Make America Great Again

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The Hezitorial Telling

PBA President Keith Olson Undermines the Men and Women in Blue by His Written Instructions and “Commands” as Noted on Yonkers PBA Stationery Herein

The Blue Truth

YONKERS, NY — -August 30, 2017 — Leave it to Yonkers PBA President Keith Olson to steer the men in blue to do what he alleges will be best for the Men and Women in Blue even if it skirts conduct demanded of them to each abide. While those who wear the uniform of blue with pride and knowledge of the law will they be misled by following the instructions they are asked to conform to by PBA President Keith Olson?



Read and see the absentee application form link below and you will appreciate how inappropriate the directives you have been told are not on target…


The link noted above is the one referenced by PBA President Keith Olson n which he instruct the union membership to leave boxes #6 and #7 blank for now. The takeaway is that the person filling out this form, should he/she not mark items #6 and #7 as required, that individual will be submitting an incomplete and therefore invalid form which is not what is required. Nowhere does the form authorize the exclusion of any items be allowed to be submitted partially, that is incomplete, and /or specifying the document be allowed to be submitted with #6 and #7 unchecked. The suggestion that the form not be completed by the person filling out the form in its entirety suggests that another person will complete the form and that would not be in compliance with the instructions or the intent of the the law. It is an uniformed inference by someone not qualified to render a legal opinion with this regard as it is not in compliance with the law. Did Olson write his directive after gaining legal counsel from the Quinn Law Firm or another legal counsel? The Yonkers Tribune doubts it. The Yonkers Tribune does suggest before anyone ascribes their signature to the application form they are aware their employment with YPD may be in jeopardy. Those who have intent to sign the document, whatever their rationale, may Bebe wise to first find out if they are legally permitted to follow the “commands” given them and if the YPD, Yonkers PBA and Yonkers City Hall can maintain their employment should higher courts deem their conduct not in compliance with the law as noted. Were Olson to have any gravitas over this legal issue, he would have gotten legal counsel to ascribe their name to this “command” by PBA President Olson.


It is necessary that Yonkers Police Officers be aware that while the Hatch Act is a federal law, it applies not only to individuals employed by an agency in the federal executive branch, but also to individuals principally employed by state, county, and/or municipal executive agencies in connection with programs financed in whole or in part by loans or grants made by the United States or a federal agency, e.g. the City of Yonkers and the Yonkers Police Department. Directives from the Yonkers PBA and/or the Yonkers CLSA cannot “command” anyone of those union members to engage in partisan politics as “commanded” by PBA President Keith Olson in his email directives to the union membership(s). He even instructs those that accept his directives to not check off two boxes in an application that attests they were witnessed in being signed before a specific person when any or all of these applications are dropped off with an unknown person who cannot attest to any of the applications having been ascribed before him/her!

The Hatch Act prohibits those municipal officials subject to its provisions from, among other things: (1) using their official authority or influence for the purpose of interfering with or affecting the result of an election or nomination for office; (2) directly or indirectly coercing, attempting to coerce, commanding, or advising a state or local employee to pay, lend, or contribute anything of value to a party, committee, organization, agency, or person for political purposes; and (3) running as a candidate for public office in a partisan election, that is, in an election in which any candidate represents, for example, the Democratic or Republican party.

Additional information on the Hatch Act, the OSC, and the MSPB can be found on the following website: http://www.osc.gov/hatchact.htm.

Finally, one should emphasize that municipal employees who wish to be politically active may also be subject to restrictions imposed by their local municipal laws. The Hatch Act does not supersede nor negate the need to comply with additional restrictions imposed on municipal employees by their respective municipal laws. In New York City, for example, the political activity of a City public servant whose duties are in connection with a federally funded program must comply not only with the provisions of the Hatch Act but also with the provisions of the City’s laws, including those found in the City’s Conflicts of Interest Law. Many municipalities in New York State have similar restrictions on the political activities of their officers and employees. Yonkers Tribune would have asked Yonkers Inspector General Brendan McGrath about this “command” but we are aware he isn’t not in Tonkers but is expected to return next week sometime.

Violations of the Hatch Act can produce serious consequences, not only for the individual employee but also for the municipality. Municipal attorneys are thus well advised to instruct their clients about the provisions of the Act and the need to comply.

Who will be collecting the forms? Why have their names not been divulged?

Note that the Hatch Act does not permit political solicitation.

In what manner did Yonkers City Council President Liam McLaughlin, Esq. help the YPD?


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eHeziYonkers PBA and Yonkers CLSA Intend to Make America Great Again

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  1. KO did you ever apologize for assaulting another member in front of the Mayor? Well at least you and your friends didn’t search his car and house.

  2. You forgot to mention that he also used Internal Affairs personnel to intentionally investigate anyone Olson thought was connected with reporting internal misconduct. Now that is this dirtbags call for unity.

      1. Yes maybe then the department can rid itself of rogue cops from the Yonkers PBA. Look up the trustees that went down to IAD. They no longer are employed. They would tell Olson every last word you said. So what do you think they would say?

  3. 1. deceived his members and gave away 207c protection
    2. continues to lie to City politicians and new police officers
    3. conducted unauthorized investigations with the intentional perjury of members of the CLSA
    4. threatened members of the department and civilians
    5. conducted warrantless searches of city offices, files, computers and vehicles
    6. tampered with police evidence
    7. tampered with personnel files
    8. assaulted members of the department
    9. harassed civilian females
    10. tried to throw out members of his association based on all misleading and false information.
    11. raised cash money for members that were either stolen or went missing
    12. used rogue supervisors to intentionally commit perjury against others based on their rank and relationships with union officials
    13. used members of the Yonkers Police Department to conduct intentional targeting of civilians
    the list is long and no where will you find the word unity. The Yonkers PBA needs to show Olson the door before the DOJ shows him the steel door.

    1. The entire Yonkers PBA board needs to be investigated and taken over by the appropriate authorities because Yonkers can’t clean it up on its own.

  4. The YFT should remember that the Spano’s used the PBA and the CLSA to support Phelan in a race that was none of their business. Remember that when you go to the polls.

  5. Hezi, good response since Olson has not address anything at any given time. I would like for him to admit that he personally threatened and gave a local businessman parking tickets because he thought he was connected to the articles. Then he along with John Mueller continued to harass that person. He then had a drunken Sgt. threaten to arrest him if he did not unlock his car and give property that was not his to him.
    How about answering that or any of the other acts first KO, you rogue union police officer.
    There are plenty of cops that can check your answers Keith so talk to Quinn first.

  6. Make sure you get those ballots to me. I need this so we don’t spend money on body cameras. I can’t be caught threatening and fighting with civilians. Also, our trustees and others can’t get caught searching without warrants. Can you imagine if they were worn in Greenburgh? Vote Liam for more of the same.

    1. I-Know-All-You-Fools

      SEPTEMBER 4, 2017 AT 10:32 AM

      So Hezi…. Is this a screenshot off you or YOUR sources iphone?… Or is it the City Paid VERIZON SERVICE IPhone that was given to DETECTIVE Olson for Police Business?…

      1. As you must have surmised after almost two decades, I do not reveal my sources, whether they be those you suggest, myself or otherwise as that would me betraying my sources and I would not not, could not, nor will not go there. I hope that comports to your sensibilities.

        P.S. I was suffering some issues posting this comment. Also, the reason for my posting your comment is because I noticed I had two articles, the original posting and a duplicate. I took down the duplicate which only had your one comment appended, and this one which had 53 plus the one you wrote and my response.

        I suspect it is my service provider that has caused the glitch rather than my cellphone.



  7. what did you get promised? Did Liam and the Spano’s tell you they are going to open the contract to fix 207c, and give the new rookies back their 25 days vacation? Then again why would they have to do it? This email really demonstrates that Olson does not care about the law because Khader is too clean for Keith Olson.

  8. It really is irrelevant what the coppers union says.
    We all know most of the coppers in Yonkers
    are not from here. They have never lived here and
    they never will live here.
    THEY DO NOT VOTE HERE !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Residency is a laughable insiders scam.
    The insider perpetrators just use an address.
    Because they are insiders they get the blind eye to their deed.
    Same goes with the DPW and Fire Dept.
    So, Who gives diddly squat what the coppers union says.
    Just Drop the Bomb or Move the Hell Away.
    Can’t Beat em join em

    1. KO can I give you my ballot at the Yonkers Brewery? I left the two boxes blank for you to fill out and deliver to Liam’s Headquarters. Thanks pal, Any chance I get into the DD now that your girl is running it?

  9. Talk about merit and seniority, hmm. They just put a do nothing zero suck up Spano Golf outing loser. Pat just made Captain and rats on all other Captains and PBA members. He has way less seniority than any other Captain. He never did any real police work since he paid for his outing fee to walk next to Mueller. Unless your an Olsonette better off doing bare bone minimum.

  10. The union members of this city got zero from Liam. Keith Olson’s sister got a job for his sister, a nice heavy duty truck, and got his sweetie Jon Mueller to refuse a transfer order and then lie about a beerfest in the 4th Pct. All losers and liars. So make sure you shake hands with these thugs or you can be set up with charges or thrown out of the union for saying what is right. Ask Monte.

  11. Liam and Mayor Mike cut the rank -and-file PBA and CLSA members’ benefits. They never cut Keith or Tommy’s.
    Keith, Tommy, their families, and their loyal followers (including the puppet) got cars, jobs, gold shields, OT, etc. So why wouldn’t they back Liam? Gotta keep the gravy train rolling.
    Consider merit? Might have to actually ask for, then read, a cop’s record. Easier to be told by City Hall who gets a good gig and who spends 20 years chasing the radio.
    Members who wreck their department cars are grounded; only the special ones are given another one to wreck. Fall down the stairs and get injured while working?Better comply with 207c rules. Unless you are nursing your injury at a Christmas party with the Mayor. Or you endorse Liam or whoever the Spanos tell you to.
    These endorsements are valuable to everyone – except the members.

    1. Total recall you hit it right on the head. Double standards. Overtime, gold shields, cars, aND promotions for all the Liam and Spano suck ups. Eat a Nick Spano con cheeseburger and they overlook crash city vehicles and all internal misconduct for the chosen elastic waist man, Keith Olson the worst union leader in the history of the Yonkers Police Department. He also gets the most corrupt award too. Now go back to having that snake Moran putting files together on other cops, while you have your boys break into the narcotics office.

  12. What kind of politician would seek an endorsement from a rogue leader like Olson. The facts are that Liam has never supported the Yonkers Police Department. His record is clear for all to see. Funny how the low down PBA and the puppet CLSA is supporting a guy who actually cut their benefits.

  13. Just wondering if the Yonkers PC will order a complete internal investigation into the email? Hope the Khader campaign will file a official complaint outside the city.

  14. The Yonkers Police Department is running on dirty oil since Olson took over in 2010. Since then many internal crimes have been committed and ignored with the Spano political interference. Seems like the lobbying cash is worth more than a professional ethical PD. No wonder they don’t want body cameras.

  15. Yes, citizens definitely don’t want those costly body cameras, they’d much rather spend money on… litter cameras.
    Union endorsements stop meaning something years ago, and this is the reason why. Having union leadership tell members who is best for them without providing actual reasons, rather political leanings.

  16. Cut funding and OT?
    Helped get a contract?
    Saved 207c?
    Increased the size of YPD?
    Created new specialized units?
    What exactly has Liam done to classify him as a friend of YPD?

    1. Liam and those old cronies like Olson have consistently hurt unions. It was Keith Olson that offered up the housing unit and sat back while they peeled unit after unit. Now he violates the Hatch act. Keith Olson is a dangerous man to the community and others. Look at what he and others have done to others by committing perjury, stealing police files, threatening civilians and other police officers alike.

  17. some of you veteran police officers need to band together with a team of lawyers and take your association back from the likes of a perjurer like Olson and the old guard politicians who own the PBA and CLSA.

  18. Besides the police unions which other unions in yonkers have or will endorse Liam?


    Liam is no friend of ANY union in Yonkers or outside of Yonkers. Liam should enjoy this endorsement because it will be the last one he ever gets before he gets blown away on Election Day.

    1. and for free placards for Rubbo and friends and family. Now drink up my fellow union workers, while we wait for our current politicians to give us our retro pay. Thanks 207c Olson

      1. All the people the Olsonette’s label Blue Truthers are lying right KO. Meantime you and that weirdo Chef Jon Mueller thought you had it all figured out. You can’t set up civilians and cops anymore.

  19. Time for the Spano- Liam union leader to be voted out. Oh, that’s right you cops can’t beat duplicate ballets. So let the Yonkers PBA President fill in the blanks for you.

  20. Liam’s been on the council for almost 15 years in total. How many more cops are there than there were wh n he first got on the council? That’s right. There are LESS cops now. Sounds like a good reason to endorse a “good friend” of the police. SMH

  21. The Yonkers PBA should remove Keith Olson as the PBA President. It seems the only thing he can attract is bad press. The PBA needs a fresh face who will not be involved in dicey situations.

  22. You have to be kidding me with this e-mail a so-called Union President sends out to sworn Police Officers telling them who to vote for and also telling them to leave a couple lines blank, they will be filled out later by Liam McLaughlin’s people. The audacity! He also says that he has “pored over the list of all registered Conservatives and Independence voters and will be personally reaching out to you.” Voter Intimidation 101 folks! Looks like the Rogue Union President is at it again “fixing elections.” He’s gotten really good at it. He has taken his local Police union elections tampering act on the road and now is brazen enough to tamper with actual city-wide Government elections. This Union Thug should be behind bars, God willing.

    1. Before he goes behind bars he has to still pay his court order legal fees to Monte as ordered by the New York State Court of Appeals Second Circuit. All New York Cops should look it up and read all about Mr. Olson and his board. You decide

    2. If you read the entire email that Keith sent out you’ll notice that in the beginning he preaches how important it it to keep a Republican Majority (namely Liam McLaughlin) because they’ve been so good to us. Then at the end of the e-mail he lists the candidates we should vote for and among the list he has: Wilson Terrero (a Democrat) and Carmen Goldberg (a Democrat). So which is it Keith? A little confusing, please explain…

      What Keith was really trying to say is that Liam McLaughlin has done nothing for us as City Council President so we should vote for him to keep the Republican Majority right?…. So where does the Terrero and Goldberg enforcement fall in? They are Spano ass-kissers and can easily be bought as Terrero already has been paid for. Remember Terrero lost his City Council seat years ago because he sold out the people of Yonkers in order to give Mayor Mike an automatic YES vote on everything that came before the City Council. So the people voted Terrero out and Mayor Mike gave him a “do nothing” tax payer job at 20 South Broadway. And now Keith Olson wants everyone to vote for him for what reason?? It can’t be for the reason Keith states, he’s not a Republican. Hmmm, something fishy here folks. I smell a Big Rat up to old tricks, don’t be blindly led by this crook.

      1. to Liar and Hypocrite…

        Not disputing or commenting on your opinion of KO. But, I want to note to you that there are no Republican challengers for County Legislator seat Carmen Goldberg is running for nor is there one for the 2nd district Yonkers City Council race – Terrero v Pineda. Hence, there is really only a Democratic choice. Forget the minor lines. That is another issue. The Republicans don’t even make a pretense of putting up a candidate for those seats. Whoever wins the primary for those seats is the defacto winner in November.

        1. To KO, err “Non Agrresion” writer, you’re skating over the point that was being made. Keith makes it seem like he’s endorsing Liam McLaughlin simply to keep a Republican majority when he clearly has ulterior motive…. that’s the point.

  23. Yonkers isn’t Safe with a gray rabid river rat union leader telling his membership how to vote. Keith you gave them a bag of shit contract and stripped them of much needed benefits for a rat $ 72,000 dollars starting pay which if they are lucky will make maybe an average or $125,000 after 20 years of service for a family of four.

  24. There should be no room for politics when it comes to law enforcement. It has disgusted me, how union leaders in Yonkers have become so politicized. The likes of “so and so” (revised by the editor) give politics a bad name. Instead of protecting the workforce, they are protecting themselves.

  25. Just ran down the street and got hurt while performing my duties. Keith Olson do I need a lawyer for arbitration, and when do I start using my own vacation time? Now which rep. is picking up my Khader the Democratic nominee vote?

  26. The Yonkers PBA and the CLSA are cheap date endorsements. Funny how all the other bigger unions endorsed Mike Khader. Why would anyone vote for any Spano or a Liam type. Maybe Pagano will use Olson and then distance himself from the rat union leader who sold the other unions out.

  27. Liam and the republican majority have done nothing for workers or labor unions. That’s why the AFL-CIO has decided to back Liam opponent Mike Khader. With the exception of Tony Pagano this list is the exact opposite of which candidates the AFL-CIO is supporting in Yonkers. Could all of the other unions be wrong? I doubt it.

  28. Keith Olson the perjurer is at it again. First he sold other union leaders out, and cut himself a deal to keep his seat against Monte. The cost was 207c and the new members have to wait longer for pay and vacation steps.

  29. Hope the Feds are listening and watching the dirtiest union leader in the City. Can I give my vote to my union rep. Joe Ski….. or Billy the planter of young people? Will they fill in the boxes later Keith?

  30. Make the Yonkers PBA and CLSA Great again and get rid of Keith the ” perjurer ” Olson. Now you new cops make sure you give your votes for Liam to your PBA rep. Vote for Olson so he can fk you new guys again.

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