Yonkers Police Department Plagued by Arrogance and Shades of Racism

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Having Forgotten How to Stand Up, Yonkers Timidly Stands Back Seething with Frustration

The Blue Truth Saga Continues Unabated with Even Greater Complexity

Charicature of a younger, better looking Editor-at-Large / Radio Host Hezi Aris.

The Yonkers Police Department (YPD) has for too long been plagued by a wide array of internal issues, many of them stemming from and instigated by the cemented relationship of the Yonkers Police Benevolent Association (Yonkers PBA) and the Spano Administration. As the Yonkers Police Department and the current cadre of Yonkers politicians look askance, remaining aloof and silent over the administration’s heavy handed and failed directives, the YPD’s ability and capacity to function has been effectively undermined as it has become less and less effective in its mission to protect life, limb, and property.

The Blue Truth

The Yonkers Police Department must clean up pre-1960’s conduct and culture that survives to this day. Among police circles in the know, as opposed to the politically connected albeit clueless “know nothing puppeteers” the issues needing to be expunged from YPD’s methodology are challenging to say the least. Alleged reports of tampering with evidence, perjury, assaults, and the targeting of Yonkers Police Department personnel and civilians that Yonkers PBA President Keith Olson deems are not on board with his interests can no longer be permitted, even if emboldened by “protection” from Yonkers City Hall.

Over many years and with every enabling step along the way, Yonkers PBA President Keith Olson has seemingly bred contempt for the rules and regulations as he has scoffed at adhering to the conduct demanded of him and others, fueling a debauched arrogance that Yonkers cops can get away with anything. He has used union dues and the Quinn Law Firm to tally his dirty deals, e.g. assaulting other members, targeting civilians, and trumped up charges against other police personnel who have spoken out against his “dirty deeds”. Olson continues to be emboldened by the support he enjoys by Mayor Mike Spano, and the Spano entourage of Nick, Johnny, Lenny, and Joey Spano. PBA President Olson has been said by many people in the know to have used police members’ cash to navigate around current Police Commissioner Charles Gardner, as well as around New York State laws. Olson, and current Police Chief John Mueller have colluded against anyone they perceive as a whistleblower, or connected with those that don’t agree with their bullying style antics of policing. Mueller is like a chameleon who expresses varying shades of what many describe as off balanced behavior that may suit his momentary goal that has likewise shown him to be deficient in being a “leader” even by its most simplistic definition. Mueller is another Spano lackey who will do and say “ANYTHING” to the community in his quest to be promoted to Yonkers next Police Commissioner. There are reports from people in the know that on more than several occasions current and retiring police personnel have questioned Mueller’s emotional stability to effectively be a “leader” of the Yonkers Police Department. The Yonkers PBA believes that targeting and throwing members out of their association is the “new wall of silence”. Olson and others have used these fear tactics along with the sycophants that make up the PBA Board of Directors.

Yes, the Yonkers Police Department is recognized to be adrift on Yonkers city streets what with the blood of innocent civilians hurt, maimed, and even killed by the hands of rogue cops, with one of the dirtiest police unions standing at the ready poised to do anything it takes to further their political agenda with Yonkers City Hall. Where are the members of the New York State delegation: NYS Democratic Conference Senate Leader Andrea Stewart-Cousins, Senator George Latimer, Assemblyman J. Gary Pretlow, and Assemblymember Shelley Mayer? The “get along to get along crowd of self serving political representatives have gone “mute” on issues that matter, while over pertinent concerns they remain silent, except for too often promising to deliver what they cannot or never intend to bring about. It is simply talk devoid of planning or action. Touting false promises seems to be the most recent “winning way” by which they each, to one degree or another, wait out the clock that has undermined Yonkersites for 70 years. Has anyone forgotten that during this election cycle, as all in the past, and unfortunately likely to continue into the future, that making “nice, nice” with PBA President Olson may lead to a coveted endorsement by the PBA as well as the even more important largesse of cash?

Insiders report that Yonker’s ivory tower is a crumbling mess. Yonkers City Hall has undermined the efficacy of Police Commissioner Charles Gardner relegating the PC only by title. Police Commissioner Gardner has been directed to keep his hands off certain individuals that have had complaints filed against them. Insiders in the know have named both Lenny Spano and John Spano influencing and directing the inner workings of the Yonkers Police Department and to have allegedly bought off the Yonkers PBA and the Yonkers Captains, Lieutenants, and Sergeants Association (Yonkers CLSA) with positions, cars, and protection against internal charges. Meanwhile CLSA leadership is non existent. CLSA President Det. Lt. Christopher Sapienza is on some wine tour while the command staff of the department is held hostage by Yonkers City Hall. Yonkers Tribune has learned from people in the know that supervisors are incredulous over how blatant the collusion to undermine the YPD has become with respect to Yonkers City Hall’s conduct. Each supervisor for one reason or another is afraid to speak up because the collusion between the PBA BOard and City Hall is so tightly connected they are likely to lose their standing, even their job, if they are found to hold any posture other than what they are permitted to express. Retribution  is a reality. In fact, several executive board members are blatant Spano plants and allies giving Yonkers City Hall direct access to all CLSA business and activities, holding everyone  hostage to the collusion. It is worse than most people can even imagine. Welcome to Spanotown; the very place that has not yet even complied with the corrective conduct demanded of the YPD by the U. S. Department of Justice.

The Yonkers Police Department needs to cleanse itself before the community can trust it. What was once regarded as an exemplary police department among the nation, a job respected and decent, has been transformed into one of internal corruption and political interference? Internal Affairs is adrift due to no commander at the helm. The Detention Facility has not had a commander for almost a year; leaving only a subordinate in charge.  The Yonkers PBA has forged a “pay as you go” relationship. Chiefs are now promoted after the PBA gives annual lobbying cash to none other than former NYS Senator and now lobbyist Nick Spano.

The City of Yonkers Police Department is a mess. God bless the uninformed Police Officers who just want to do his/her eight hours and not attend what may be perceived as a Yonkers PBA clan rally where Olson has members spread out with scripted questions for anyone who they perceive are not one of them. Yonkers cops say that most members do not attend such meetings for fear of being intimidated and ostracized.

It has also become evident that the pickings are slim for upper positions within the YPD as only PBA loyalists are getting nice, “do nothing” positions. Sources advise that current YPD Communications Spokesperson Sgt. Dean Politopoulis is one of those Olson loyalists. Which begs the question why Politopoulis chose to say that the Yonkers Police Department is one of the best jobs in the State while he was passing out surveys to the community for their input fully knowing the sentiment on the street is contrary to “his deluded” reality.

The job is so divisive that not one union representative, or Detective Division Supervisor even bothered to show up to acknowledge three Black Police Officers who served the Yonkers Police Department and its community honorably at their recent retirement party. You would think that just one Detective Supervisor would have had the respect, sensitivity, as well as the courtesy to stop by and thank each of those who retired for their service to Yonkersites and the YPD.  One can only infer that PBA Pres. Olson’s not attending the retirement party was an affront to all Yonkersites, but even more so to those Police Officers of color. No amount of Stop & Shake quackery can expunge the demeaning and disrespectful conduct by PBA Pres. Olson over his lack of attendance at the retirement party

Olson’s conduct demonstrates the deep divisions that exist within the Yonkers PD among its Black and Hispanic membership. It is evident that segregation is thriving to unfathomable degrees under the Yonkers PBA and its board.

Yonkers Tribune is thankful to those retirees for their service and those who had the sensibility to attend their retirement farewell. Counted among those who attended was Yonkers Guardians Association President Ret. Sgt Paul Hood, and Yonkers Police Commissioner Gardner. Newly appointed Police Chief Joe Monaco along with his entire Detective Supervisory Team did not bother to show up. Yes, the division is deep and cops loyal to the rogue PBA leader are getting extra traffic overtime, while OTHERS who don’t drink the PBA Kool-Aide swill get leftover scraps or nothing at all. Those Detectives and current Detective Supervisors should hang their heads in shame for not supporting their own. Such is the face of the Yonkers PBA and the state of affairs from within.

If that were not enough, the department has been plagued with arrests and more reports of police misconduct to date.

Insiders in the know report that the sudden and recent shuffling of all the Yonkers Police Chiefs was brought about by an alleged incident that was kept under wraps for months while police were probing an incident involving a Yonkers Police Chief against whom an Order of Protection was issued against him on behalf of his wife. That probe resulted in an overnight shuffle of all the current police chiefs and the demotion of one of them to the rank of Police Captain.

The Yonkers Police Department General Order issued on July 26th to be effective 12:01am July 28, 2017, Number 50-17 reads as follows:

Deputy Chief Frank C. Cariello  assignment… From Field Services Bureau to Support Services Bureau BUT reassigned again as per document below…

Deputy Chief Timothy Hodges assignment… From Investigations Bureau to Field Services Bureau

Deputy Chief John Mueller assignment… From Support Services Bureau to Investigations Bureau


It is obvious that the Yonkers Police Department cannot police others if they cannot police themselves. Where else can a union representative wear two hats; one in Internal Affairs, and the other colluding with members at union meetings. You decide if anyone can get protection, or justice, under such a dynamic of conflicts of interests.

The City of Yonkers is is being pushed and cajoled often by fiat and threat of retribution. Its citizens cannot imagine these circumstances and conduct as it is permitted to continue in their name; but they are most definitely permitted. If Yonkersites were deluded in the past, they are in the know now. All Yonkersites desire to support our local Police Officers, but not the cancer of culprits that exist among and within the City of Yonkers Police Department.

Perhaps as Yonkerites await NYS State Assemblymember Shelley Meyer’s promise of $276 million for the Yonkers Public School District, she can speak truth to power with respect to the YPD. Her silence speaks volumes to her lack of interest and disrespect to the people of color in Yonkers. It is worse than sad that Hispanic, Black, White, Yellow and Red bigotry continues unabated among each community and between these groups encouraged and enabled by Yonkers City Hall. The non-aggression pact has served her well while Yonkersites have gained nothing but promises undelivered by her.

The pickings for professional police leadership within the Yonkers Police Department are slim because merit and seniority are no longer valued currency among Yonkers City Hall acolytes. Police Commissioner Gardner is surrounded by Spano and PBA henchmen who continue to undermine the system each and every day. It is time to create a political demeanor that serves the public interest with new faces that have the guts and integrity to clean up the Yonkers Police Department. The days of segregation and fear are over.

eHeziYonkers Police Department Plagued by Arrogance and Shades of Racism

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  1. Saw that your blue truth articles have not scared away
    the candidate Pagano from accepting the PBA endorsement.
    Pagano the Zaleski-Spencer-Amicone, insider.
    Well Hezi ,
    Now You Know.
    Now We Know.
    Vote Merante,

  2. Ever notice that Yonkers PBA President has never denied anything except his deal he made with the Spano’s to save his seat.

  3. Don’t be so sure. They do all of their homework first.
    To snare a dirty Union leader like Olson who uses union cash to buy positions and favors from dirty politicians it takes time and plenty of man hours to see the connections.

  4. A long time ago, a cop I knew told me that Yonkers was a training ground for the feds, who sent new agents here to see if they could find the corruption.
    I laughed at him then, but as time has passed, the politicians have become even more brazen and corrupt. Yet the feds have only been able to snare a few. And the YPD/DOJ agreement is a feel-good joke.
    Makes it seem like the feds ARE ignoring Yonkers. They don’t have any problem finding Mount Vernon. Doesn’t look like the DOJ will be coming to drain the swamp any time soon.

  5. Hope the next Mayor dumps all of the Olsonette’s and brings in an outsider with contacts with the Feds or at least reads the agreement that Spano signed. We still don’t see how to make a complaint against rogue cops like KO in the lobby of Headquarters. The agreement is still open for inspection at anytime from the DOJ.

    1. Maaaaaa, I think I lost my 10 followers. I can’t find any new guys that believe me ma. Maaaaa, I think I am going to have to threaten some skinny civilian again Maaaaaa. I have to find new cops to lie with me maaaa. Maaaaaa, do you believe me? Noooo

    2. Now make sure you new Jacks vote for me or I will have some of my boy’s set you up. Then I will find out what you said at Internal Affairs.

  6. If one tenth of all these blue , red , and Nolan Family truths are true.
    The Federal’s have got to be all over this place.

      1. Who put the file together against the Det. Capt. Keith? Was it your best search warrant teacher or that Dunwoodie tampering fool Donaghy?

    1. When the Feds do land, we hope they take those City Hall enablers. They have protected guys like Olson because of political cash and lobbying cash.

  7. I saw Barney Fife on patrol in Getty Square yesterday.
    At first I thought they were filming a remake movie.
    No worries. There was no wind blowing off the river to
    push him around.

    1. Just remember YPD members, Keith Olson is a Spano lackey. He and the CLSA are the only two unions that stand with the Spano’s.

    1. Is the Yonkers PBA going to pay their legal bill that was ordered by the New York State Court of Appeals Second Circuit, Montero v Yonkers PBA? or is that in the safe with Wayne’s cash too? Please don’t punch anyone KO.

  8. All I need is two more years to hump my membership. Don’t worry Mike I send a lot of PBA emails saying how good this job is. Not one is questioning the 207c I gave away or the Quinn cash cow. Now let’s make the City crooked again and make my man Jon the Joker Mule puller.

    1. The Yonkers PBA is looking for new trustees and board members.
      Candidates must be able to perjure themselves and not challenge Olson.

      They must be willing to carry and sign petitions without reading them.

      They must be willing to threaten civilians and ticket them.

      They must also be willing to ask scripted questions when the large guy wearing the long tee shirt nods at them.

      Most importantly they must be able to run the 50 yard dash with a 10lb cheeseburger.

      1. It was the guy who bragged about beating one skinny guy up in Greenburgh with six others at a union meeting. Now let’s eat, my sugar is low.

    1. Monaco is working the crowd , but it won’t matter because the clock is ticking for the Spano Clan and the Olsonette’s.

      The Yonkers Police Department is at an all time low. They need more knowledgeable professional people which are few and far between. If they are not crashing cars, they are on Facebook telling everyone they are on Xanax. If they are not doing those things, they are doing nothing but padding up to say goodbye from the Yonkers nightmare.

    2. The one that sucked Liam’s Irish tea bag. Don’t know why because the guy is not her rat who never worked the street, but played golf at the Spanoville outing.

    1. What’s not true KO? You punching another cop while out injured or you trying to say your house plant Fernandez was working a recall…

  9. Keith, where is the petition against Monte? Did you mail that check yet? What was the decision again? 4-0 for Monte and ” Free Speech”.

  10. Does anyone know if Keith Olson threatened to beat up any civilians at this year’s summer bash? We heard the city set up barriers blocking the entrance to the woods.

  11. Call the Federal Garbage Patrol and tell them to pick up that sick lying union thug. He is bad for Yonkers and bad for anyone in office.

  12. Seth the cop
    AUGUST 8, 2017 AT 11:23 AM
    Mr. Jeff Meyer

    I’m a life long resident of Yonkers and have been a Yonkers cop almost 10 years. Trust me when I tell you that Hezi Aris hasn’t even scratched the surface. There is so much more underhanded,conniving, backroom dealing, strong arming done on a regular basis that it’s almost hopeless. You have a union president that sells out the members rights to the Mayor, and in return the mayor gives Olson free reign to screw cops and get his buddy’s promoted and transferred to cushy positions within the department. The Commissioner is basically non existent, he has his hands tied by the Mayor. You’re right that 90 percent of us cops do a great job, but when the union president and the mayor are co-conspirators morale is very low, and yes hopeless. I’m sure from your vantage point in Tuckahoe things look rosy in Yonkers, not so my friend.

  13. It is disheartening to see what the Spano’s did to the Yonkers Police Department. They acted in concert with Keith Olson and others. They are guilty of suppressing internal corruption and not holding those involved accountable. They allowed others to distort facts for there own interests and continue to do so. All Yonkers Police Officers and civilians should record and report any acts of unethical behavior. It will protect each and everyone of you at some point.

  14. Hey Mr. Sparta NY, since your so worried about a crooked city, how about reading Dario Tenor v City of Yonkers. If you act fast you will be able to read it before Keith Olson sends one of his Detectives to steal it. Hurry before a trustee steals it .

  15. What did you think, that the Yonkers PBA President’s bullying actions would go unchecked or unreported? Maybe the Spano’s and the bosses should have blown the whistle long ago. Now those of you want to stop the reporting of rogue cops. Not likely. The Yonkers Tribune has it right. The politicians should have let Gardner do his job instead of tainting justice.

  16. Hezi,
    What’s the whole story behind that Chief’s demotion? Why does he have an order of protection against him and why did the PC keep it “under wraps?”
    For once, try telling the truth.

    1. It would seem you do not trust me to tell the truth. Even so, I infer that you do. Since you are aware of the circumstances you need not corroborate through me what you believe I would not truthfully convey. I don’t do fishing expedition. thanks for playing. Alas your ploy leaves you clueless. had I wanted to share the information, I would have shared it. The individual did not need to be revealed because it would have no bearing after the fact. one can only hope it was a learning experience for him as well as others, perhaps even you. now you know! It may also be of value you consider asking a Police Officer that you trust to share the facts with you. Good luck!

    2. Don’t be a hater for reporting about a Police Department union that has terrorized citizens and it’s membership and doesn’t care about laws. Olson’s actions are what brought this reporting to light. Should dirty cops and politicians not be held responsible for their actions? Think not? No one is above the law, not even a cop.

  17. Hezi, don’t wait for Keith Olson or anyone of his plants to go on the record. Maybe he still can give Dean the nod to change the surveys of what Dean said, was the best dam job in the world.

  18. Do you search civilian and other cops property without warrants? Yes…all the time
    Have you or other union members committed perjury?
    Yes, all the time like we did against Monte
    Have you or others taken or tampered with police evidence? Yes, that’s what we do best…..objection
    Did you not target or threaten any civilians? No
    No further questions at this time. Remember your still under oath Mr. Olson.
    Who is next Moran or Donaghy?

  19. Come join a department where the Yonkers PBA President Keith Olson and his thugs can threaten civilians, target them with summons and committ perjury on paper.

    1. been hearing your bluster for yyyyyears already. shhhhaaaadup stupid. you sound like an old washed up boxer whos past his prime.

    2. Keith, you better hope they don’t come in because you and others will be the top class story. Your no different than your good friend Neil Vera. You even got caught searching for files in the District Attorney’s Office. Keith who broke into the narcotics office? The Attorney representing Tenor already knows what they were looking for.

    3. I have my $300 for the overtime shot. Who wants to sell their shot? KO did your push Mahoney to pay for his five years of pension building in the traffic unit?

  20. The Yonkers Police Department is running like a bus. One day Johnny Spano is in charge, then the next its Lenny, while Nick drives around with a Yonkers cop splitting a nice juicy wedge probably paid by the Yonkers PBA President’s lobbying Johnny Mueller cash.
    Now I hope your new laundry shirt carrying driver is not like the last one. Nick did he post bail yet?

  21. If you want to chime in Sparta NY, first read and learn about Yonkers first. The City of Yonkers is known as one of the most corrupt cities in Westchester County as well as the entire State. Obviously your a ghost writer attempting to derail some pretty concrete facts. You say the sources are not credible but never take the time to fact check with anything or internal police complaints, civilian complaints, and officers arrest for perjury. The list is long if you want to check your response before posting it.
    Now why don’t you check and track down some actual people that have been affected and see what they say about the Yonkers PBA President and others.
    I would ask you to call the Yonkers PBA President and ask him if he wants to go on the record first. Enjoy chopping wood there Olsonette.

    1. How shameful that not one union representative attended the retirement party for these officers. As Keith Olson walks around shaking police officers, remember he has thrown out members for free speech against him and others, he punched and verbally threatened other Yonkers Police Officers, and gave away his memberships’ benefits like 207c and more,to give his sister a job and to hold his seat for re-election. He has also used the Quinn Law Firm against other police personnel. So why should you continue to pay dues? If there is a dispute between a member and ANY member of the board, guess what? The board and the dirty lying union President gets Quinn. Time to dump a Spano bottom feeder. Ask around and get educated about your rights.

      As for you veteran police officers, you really should step up and take back your association and open the books.

  22. Hezi, you seem to be really passionate about this topic, which leads me to believe that you care. But I gotta say that a lot of your passion is overshadowed by the tremendous amount of easily-triggered people who post comments here. Someone can make an honest observation, and it seems that they are quickly followed by a snowflake who gets upset because they don’t like critical responses. Now logic says those people are most likely disgruntled employees who aren’t happy in their current assignment, or generally not the trustworthy type to begin with. And if THOSE are your sources, you should try and interview a different group of police personnel, because if your agenda is to create change, it aint working, and that’s a direct reflection of the people feeding you info. Maybe you need to concede that sources aren’t as credible as you think they are.

    Sparta, NY

    1. The sources engaged in verifying the circumstances noted over the last 4 years have been validated through many. They are not disgruntled or angry. They have each validated fact after fact. The facts are irrefutable. The circumstances that have been thrown under a rug and not scrutinized will soon arrive at a point that much more will be revealed. everything in good time. The tactics as well as the attacks may be changing slightly now because many recognize that the public is watching and legal remedy is not too far off. A lot will be recognized before the end of the year that many hope to avoid but cannot hide for the reality or the facts. The sources are on target and City Hall knows the telling in on point as well. I suggest everyone chill. The facts and circumstances cannot be diminished by stalling, or creating alternative facts. Stay tuned.

  23. Helthaler made 275000!!! How did this happen? Why does any Capt need to bad OT?
    Mueller will take advantage of this and will keep undermining Gardner until he is pushed out which was his agenda since becoming DC. Garner get some balls man and at least go out like a man!!!

  24. Say no more Mr. Keith Olson. Not one board member for you to show gratitude toward three Black Officers that served their community. Shame on you

  25. Just another example of how Olson is bad for its members. He gave away 207c and backs rogue cops that lied repeatedly to get search warrants. Good reporting, we all knew the sentiments of the Yonkers PBA against its Black and Latin members. Add up Det. Ken Davis traffic shots to anyone on the Yonkers PBA board and the sum sure smells like overtones of separate and divided.

  26. Good Job !! Hezi,
    You have been a major source of TRUTH.
    The so called Yonkers experts must have their own agenda.
    Otherwise why would an out of town person want to follow Yonkers ?
    I do not live in Yonkers but I shop at Cross County.
    Weird and Getting Weirder…….
    Wait Until The Fed’s Step In……….

  27. All this administration does is sweep scandals under the rug. If it were any Joe Schmoe that was in a domestic dispute with his wife and arrested he would most likely lose his job or if you work in the COY you know the saying well if you f*** up, you move up. I wonder why Capt Cariello isn’t being promoted. Why isn’t he being thrown in the radio room and rubber gunned like all of the other losers that the YPD accumulates. It used to be a spot that no one wanted, but it came with respect of being a newly made LT. However, like previously stated it is like the rubber room used by the board of ed for the teachers and principals that are on time-out because they punched another little boy in the throat during a Christmas party or changed test answers to make the school look like it was performing better; come to think of it it’s like the brass and CompStat. A big circle jerk where they lie about the numbers and skew them to make themselves look better. Now the radio room is just a dumping ground for all the rats not wanted, and one had gotten into an agrument with the chiefs and commissioner. We have cops and a LT not fit for duty but they all go to the radio room and collect normal paychecks as ones that actually do their jobs and not refuse orders. Remember folks it’s all smoke and mirrors. P.S. I heard Capt Cariello will be the 5pct Capt so he can still pad his pension and you know his boys in the ivory tower on the third floor will allow him too.

  28. The YPD is in a shambles from the top down.
    PC Gardner has always been the consummate “yes” man, so he does exactly what the Spanos tell him to. If he had any balls, he would have refused to make the insubordinate Mueller a chief, especially after he tried to take his job.
    The chiefs are also political lackeys. Promoted when there were no vacant positions (Mueller 4th chief), spending no real time at the captain’s rank before moving up (Hodges), and engaging in a long-term course of unpunished inappropriate behavior.

    Many of the bosses are good test takers. They read the book, but have little relevant police experience. They have been “lucky” enough to avoid jobs in places like patrol, the jail, and the radio room while coming up through the ranks. They don’t know much about the way things really work. The people who work for them think the boss is an idiot, but comply with their orders to avoid disciplinary action.

    Morale is non-existent. Some cops want to be cops, while others are executives. They are there for the pay and benefits, and they are looking to do as little work as possible until they can get their plum assignment or a hiding place. Most of the time they get these jobs because they have “steam”, not because they are qualified. After being passed over for jobs they are better qualified for time after time, your good cops become disgruntled, marginal employees.

    Add in 2 unions whose leaders put their own interests ahead of their members. Dysfunction from top to bottom, caused by political interference from City Hall, and aided and abetted by YPD’s leadership. The problems in the YPD will never be resolved as long as the Spanos are in power, and their “friends and family” members are entrenched in the YPD.

  29. They start beating and shooting each other and family members to death any day now. They won’t be able to keep that hush hush

  30. Mr Aris,
    I don’t live in Yonkers but I can say that I am usually in south west Yonkers about 4 days a week. I don’t read the YT as much as I use to since 99% of the comments are anonymous which is a personal turn off. I have had numeous interactions with the YPD and frankly I always come away impressed by their professionalism and willingness to help. The YPD is by far the largest PD in WC and as the case with any PD large organization you will always have a few foul balls. However, your blanket indictment of the YPD is very much unreasonable. Charges of racism, systemic corruption are always devoid of factual evidence. Remember, we are talking about a city the size of Rochester, NY which functions with about 200 fewer police officers. I am certain that the overwhelming majority of YPD Officers are as professional as they come. I would also bet it is one of the more diverse PD in WC. You even criticize the stop and shake initiative. I mean you are damned if you reach out to the community and you are damned if you don’t. Finally, I must say that your unusual obsession with Detective Olson borders on the bizarre. I don’t know Mr. Olson. However, you have so much anger against him that you act as though he stole your prom date. I have a great deal of respect for a free press. It’s a pillar of democracy. I just believe that your reporting on the YPD and its “alleged” issues are unbalanced and irrational. Strive for balance, facts and reason.

    Jeff Meyer
    Tuckahoe, Ny

    1. I have to say that I too echo Mr. Meyer’s sentiment on this particular article. Mr. Aris, while I’ve heard that you have an agenda regarding these PBA/CLSA issues, I try reading your material with an open mind. However, the more I read your articles, the more I get the impression that no matter what this city and/or department does, you will always put a negative spin on it. To compare it to a more national spectacle: its almost like you’re CNN, who backed a failed candidate, and you’re now spending all your time trying to discredit any and everything about the current administration simply because you don’t like the fact that your side lost. Now, back on the local level, while I personally don’t know what your obsession is with this particular issue, I would suggest that you try to come to grips with the fact that your articles have, in fact, changed nothing. It might be time for a new strategy.

      1. R. Petrillo you must smoke the same thing Jeff does. Maybe you need to talk to some real decent people in the know. Maybe you need to read Montero v the Yonkers PBA, New York Court of Appeals Second Circuit. Then call Olson and ask him to have his cops search your house and vehicles without warrants. Lol

    2. Well said, and true.The BLM tone to this editoral is a tad disconcerting.

      Editor-at-Large Hezi Aris’ inquiry regarding this comment. “Does BLM stand for Black Lives Matter?”

    3. Jeff, stay in Tuckahoe because your ranting is just that. It is empty with no knowledge of Yonkers. I am from Yonkers and I can tell you, that you do not know a lying union rat like Olson and his band of lying cops. How about getting your facts together and present them to the people in the know. Better yet why don’t you drive through Yonkers and say something about Olson and sees if they don’t search your house or car Jeff. Maybe you should call the Yonkers Tribune with your facts.

    4. Mr. Jeff Meyer

      I’m a life long resident of Yonkers and have been a Yonkers cop almost 10 years. Trust me when I tell you that Hezi Aris hasn’t even scratched the surface. There is so much more underhanded,conniving, backroom dealing, strong arming done on a regular basis that it’s almost hopeless. You have a union president that sells out the members rights to the Mayor, and in return the mayor gives Olson free reign to screw cops and get his buddy’s promoted and transferred to cushy positions within the department. The Commissioner is basically non existent, he has his hands tied by the Mayor. You’re right that 90 percent of us cops do a great job, but when the union president and the mayor are co-conspirators morale is very low, and yes hopeless. I’m sure from your vantage point in Tuckahoe things look rosy in Yonkers, not so my friend.

  31. The Detention Facility has always had a Commanding Officer. Check out the organizational chart on the coy website. That statement wasn’t true. Capt Cavorti was at the Detention center as CO and then was transferred to the 4th. Then Leahy went to the 1st and Itzla went to the Detention facility as CO. Where he is going now that D/C has been demoted to Capt and assigned as the Detention facility Commanding officer, so it has always had a Captain CO.

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