A Blessing in Disguise?

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Bill Nuckel was a recent candidate for Mayor of the City of Yonkers.; he was endorsed by the Republican Party.

YONKERS, NY — September 27, 2017 — A teen, 18-year-old Frank Valencia of New Rochelle, who allegedly shot Yonkers Police Officer Kayla Maher on Monday, September 25th, had been set free the week before after weapons possession charges in The Bronx.

According to The Bronx District Attorney, Valencia had been released by a judge a week earlier in a case involving his possession of a semi-automatic handgun, 300 rounds of ammunition, plus a machete, and a set of brass knuckles.

Cops found the weapons on him when they stopped him on May 31st outside a White Castle on Fordham Road in The Bronx.

Because Valencia was 17 at the time, Judge George Villegas of Bronx Supreme Court gave him a sweet deal at his September 20th sentencing in which he received only probation and youthful-offender status.

“We objected to the plea being offered, because we would never have offered a non-jail deal in this case,” said Bronx District Attorney Spokesperson Patrice O’Shaughnessy.


A spokesperson for Judge George Villegas responding to News 12 Westchester said, “While I can’t comment on a sealed case, Judge Villegas, exercising his judicial discretion, granted the defendant youthful-offender status based on the facts and circumstances before him and the defendant’s past record.”

What 17-year-old do you know who has an unregistered semi-automatic handgun, a machete, and brass knuckles rolling around in their car?

Valencia missed a court date in New Rochelle earlier Monday, September 25th where he was to answer to a claim of threatening his father. The accused had a .40-caliber Glock in his hand when Yonkers police responded to the call of a suspicious vehicle.

If anything good can come from this situation, a killer was taken off the streets before he could do any deadly harm because you can see by his actions – he was out to kill.

And maybe Judge Villegas should be charged as an accomplice with Valencia and the second suspect, Jerry Reyes? He has certainly undermined the public’s confidence in the integrity and altruism of judges.


eHeziA Blessing in Disguise?

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  1. Million Dollar Question ?
    What or Who were they stalking on a quiet side street in Yonkers ?
    They were armed to the teeth !
    They threw down, right away! Why so trigger happy ?
    WHY ? WHY ? WHY ?
    was it a hit ? a robbery/burglary ?
    also; Who called on them ?

  2. I am sorry I did not vote for you! You are right. This Judge should be held accountable. It’s to bad that it wasn’t the Judge that was harmed or his family. I am sure his thinking process would be different moving forward.

  3. Judge George Villegas should be held in contempt for his reckless actions… Keith Olsen, keep applying heat to this issue, don’t let up…One of your own was almost taken away….

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