Merante Releases First Campaign TV Spot For Yonkers City Council Race: “It’s All About You!”

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Television commercial focuses on his campaign theme “It’s All About You”

YONKERS, NY — September 5, 2017 – “My campaign is all about protecting Yonkers taxpayers, delivering quality of life services, and improving our Yonkers public schools,” stated Anthony Merante, a local businessman and CPA running for City Council in District 6. Mr. Merante is the endorsed candidate of the Yonkers Republican Party. He will be facing challenger Tony Pagano in the Republican primary on Tuesday Sept 12th. “I will be the taxpayers’ CPA, reviewing the city budget, and checking spending to make certain that taxpayers’ hard-earned dollars are not being misspent,” added Merante.

“Yonkers is up against a multitude of fiscal challenges and I know with my business and financial background that on the City Council I will be an asset to Yonkers’ taxpayers,” said Merante. “Mr. Pagano’s career was predominately as head of the Yonkers Fire Fighters Union, the same union that the Journal News exposed for misspending 10 million dollars of taxpayer funds meant for indigent firefighters and their families. This union is now under NY State investigation. Is this an example of how Tony Pagano will manage our tax dollars on the City Council?” asked Mr. Merante.

Tony Pagano was absent in the community for years. He’s been recruited by current fire fighter union head Barry McGoey who is orchestrating Democratic campaigns including his sister’s (Meave Scott) campaign for the 4th District Council seat. Donations from union organizations from outside of Yonkers are filling their campaign coffers with thousands of dollars. So how will Tony look out for taxpayers when he’s beholding to “Union Boss” Barry McGoey and his union benefactors?”

Dee Barbato, manager of the Merante campaign, said, “Republican voters have a clear choice. Anthony Merante’s skills and knowledge are what the City of Yonkers needs. With respect to Tony Pagano, if my house was on fire I would call him because he knows firefighting. However, Anthony Merante as a CPA understands budgets and finance. And that’s what Yonkers needs right now.”




eHeziMerante Releases First Campaign TV Spot For Yonkers City Council Race: “It’s All About You!”

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  1. Funny ad. Cannot fathom how any of the promises he is making could ever come true in Yonkers.

    He is a friend to all. What we need is someone who will hold the schools accountable. We need a pay freeze for about 10 years in every dept.

    Overtime needs to be stopped forever.

    We need to get rid of the cars.

    So much to do and nobody with an axe that is needed. sorry anthony, you will not change anything.

  2. pagano may not know a debit from a credit and… for sure he dooes’t know a=l+c. Merante does. he may not be a bean counter but in all my years of dealing with him, if that can says 239 beans, he’ll count em an if its short, he’ll know . who cares really who can count better? you can bet in the end if the beans are gone no c. p. a who was elected is going to say anything .the city budget is public information and i’ll bet you not more than 1 percent of the population in this city have any idea that a half wit with a minimal understanding of finance is in charge of a billion dollar corporation. only in America. Palermo politics. straight out of southern Italy

  3. This article is science fiction at best. Dee Barbato use to *7$& Pagano for his endorsement. Pagano and the yfd have done more to help Republicans get elected than the party itself! (Fact) Pagano’s 20 yrs as union president, if he was spending money illegally, I think the countless state and federal audits the union went through would have revealed it. Merante may be a CPA, but how many city budgets has he done? Pagano has done about 10 and never once went over the budget he was allotted. He has a firm knowledge of the city’s overall budget and knows how to save the taxpayers money. Merante is the only Republican running that is PRO CHOICE and PRO STRICTER GUN LAWS. Merante is a rubber stamp for the powers to be! Pagano is controlled by no one with the exception of the taxpayers of Yonkers!

  4. Typical bullshit … he’s too close to Larkin, Barbato and Liam = recycled candidates. Vote Matt for Yonkers.

    No political ties . Just a citizen looking to make a difference.

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