Anthony Merante Questions Whether Tony Pagano is Running for Union President or for Yonkers City Council?

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YONKERS, NY — September 7, 2017 — Tony Pagano, running in the Republican primary for Yonkers City Council District 6, boasted in a Yonkers Rising article about his relationship with municipal unions. he said, “Yes, they are my special interest and will be my priority if I am elected. I think they know they’ll have a strong voice in City Hall if I get elected.”

“I think Mr. Pagano, who has a long history of heading unions like the fire fighters and the “Hillary supporting” AFL-CIO, is either sadly ill-informed or confused noted Anthony Merante, the Republican endorsed candidate for the 6th Council District seat. “City councilmembers represent the residents and taxpayers of the district not the labor unions. While we all are grateful for the work by city employees there is not an endless supply of money. And it is the taxpayers who pay the bills” continued Anthony Merante. “It appears that Mr. Pagano will push for higher taxes to satisfy his special Interest. This is not surprising since it is unions inside and outside of Yonkers who are financing and running his campaign. So, yes, he will owe them big time,” emphasized Mr. Merante.

“Yonkers is facing many fiscal challenges. We have to do more with less. Our city’s taxpayers are already carrying a huge burden, especially our seniors on fixed incomes. In order for Yonkers to succeed, we have to make our schools better, rebuild their outdated buildings, and fix our aging infrastructure,” said Anthony Merante. Mr. Merante further added, “I certainly have a tremendous respect for our city workers and value their service, but I’m not about to give them a blank check and then pass on a huge bill to our taxpayers. I think Republican primary voters have a clear choice. Tony Pagano has made it clear that he will protect his union benefactors and will do their bidding at City Hall. I will stand up and protect Yonkers taxpayers.”

Anthony Merante is a CPA, a local businessman, husband and father of two. He is the endorsed candidate of the Yonkers Republican Party. He is seeking his first elective office.

A lifelong resident of Yonkers, Merante, 56, is running on a platform of holding the line on property taxes, increasing public safety with greater community policing, improving and rebuilding Yonkers Public Schools, and upgrading city services for a better neighborhood quality of life.

Anthony Merante is a 30 year resident of Yonkers, He graduated Saint John’s University with a Bachelor of Science in Accounting and has been a Certified Public Accountant since 1987. Mr. Merante is also a member of the New York State Society of CPAs. He is a Yonkers businessman and runs Anthony J. Merante CPA, P.C. He is also Co-Owner and Vice-President of Westchester Kitchen & Bath, Inc.

Anthony and his wife Yolanda have been married for 33 years. They have two children, Anthony Jr. (22), Gianna (16), and their dog Snoopy Rudolf. The Merante children attended Yonkers public schools and the family attends Annunciation–Our Lady of Fatima.

Over the years, Anthony Merante has demonstrated passion and dedication to his community. He has been President of the Sprain Lake Knolls Civic Association for 7 years and a member for 20 years. He served as a former Treasurer of First Precinct Community Council and spokesperson for Yonkers Education Advocates. He is a member of the Enrico Fermi Educational Fund and is treasurer for the Yonkers Columbus Day Celebration Committee. Anthony has been active in the Yonkers schools as a former member of the Patricia DiChiaro Elementary School PTA and the Yonkers Middle/High School PTA. He has been a supporter of law enforcement as a volunteer at Annual Police National Night Out.

FB: @Merante2017

eHeziAnthony Merante Questions Whether Tony Pagano is Running for Union President or for Yonkers City Council?

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  1. I see all the Merante supporters are on the attack..all two of them…Never heard of this guy,but now he thinks he can be a leader and speak for me.Just what I want, a wimpy,little rubber stamp.I want a person who has an idea of his district and can make things happen.Imagine this Merante character sitting on the council,breaking out his crayons n abacus. What a joke…doing the bidding of the powers that be…promise me when you lose and you will..go away and stay away..politics are for tough minded people who know the game,not stuttering whimps..oh who can add 2 plus 2…Get out and vote, 6th district…..its your decision to smart and vote even smarter..cant have this guy representing my neighborhood (He never walked in)….you don’t want him representing yours..scary, people like Merante,actually believe they have a finger on the pulse of the constituents of the 6th..make him go away already..Tuesdays the day

  2. Merante claims to be a smart businessman and touts his role as VP of Westchester Kitchens & Baths. If I were the President of that company I would fire your ass and try to distance myself from you as quickly and publicly as possible. Not only are you going to lose your failed campaign for a seat on the City Council but then your business will be shunned and boycotted shortly after the elections. You may be a CPA but you have no business or political common sense. Just a big mouth and no brains.

    1. Merante, keep up the good work.
      Pagano can get into his dumb guy bully modes
      and so can his supporters.
      People know and all are talking.
      Time to rid this town of these antics from the frantics.
      The Landslide she’s a commin baby !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. Is it just me, or is that friggin’ dog mentioned in every press release? I feel like he’s going to sneak into the race at some point.

  4. This is hilarious, a guy who can use a calculator versus a guy who can put out fires. All the while, the young guy going against both of them is probably picking out his office furniture for January.

  5. I’m a lifelong Republican. The Republican party in Yonkers is run by Quislings. Look at our State Assembly seat. The party put up a candidate that dropped out on the day that registration to run closed. She then was rewarded with a job from the Democrat Mayor. In the next Assembly election the Yonkers Republicans didn’t even run a candidate. So Yonkers has a two term Democrat Assembly woman who NEVER ran against anyone for the job!

    If the Yonkers Republican party is backing Merante then you can bet that he is part of a backroom deal with the Democrats.

  6. As a home homeowner and republican in the 6th district , I feel that I can put up any lawn sign I want whether it’s democrat or Republican . Originally Mr. Merante had my support until he sent a stupid mailer to my house informing me that Pagano was running {which I had no idea } and even bashing Khader, and Scott. If I was Pagano, Scott, or Khader I would cut a check to Merante for spreading the name around. I met the Republican party leaders regret endorsing you with your pathetic post. Smh

  7. Got a flyer in the mail from Codder today. Noticed Spano was the only democrat not endorsing Codder.
    I guess then Spano will be endorsing Lame as they are both republicans. Just saying.

  8. What the big deal he supports khader .
    Its not like the red head is supporting pagano
    Isn’t the point of city council to work in a bi partisan.
    Merante sounds like an idiot
    Time for transparency

  9. Does Pagano even have a High School GED? Can he even read a budget? Can he read period. He’ll be a puppet for Barry like he was for Spencer and Amicone. Two other geniuses who cost the City millions. Keep on electing losers till you destroy Yonkers. Merante is a smart, straight up guy. He won’t bend over for Barry, Keith and the other bloodsucking extortionist ! He has my vote.

    1. He’s already bent over for Liam / Spano! You want more of the same vote for Merante ! I saw him last night. He was lost in his own delusional ego! I kinda felt bad for him. He is in way over his head and really has no business running.

  10. In one sentence, it says Merante is 56, and a lifelong Yonkers resident, in the next he is a 30 year resident….This guy will be a rubber stamp and do whatever Spano wants…He says Pagano will give away the store??? Pagano is running for councilman, not mayor, he can’t singlehandedly give away the store..

  11. As a loyal republican for many years…Pagano is the right choice.
    Only dems bash each other…Liam know’s Pagano is the better choice…but being the puppet he is, he’s siding with loud mouth Merante who replicated loud mouth Larkin.
    What is it with the 6th district? You bash the city and think that qualifies you to be a councilmember? We’ll see what the voters have to say!
    Pagano has the full support of my Family and Friends…Tony, may i suggest you work with Khader, the both of you can help each other>

    1. Pagano is the right choice??????????????????

      Ha ha ha hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha!

      Oh my GOD! Are you serious?????

      Merante is a boob as well…….

      I’m writing in my vote for Micky Mouse!

      They both SUCK!!!!!

  12. Merante actively sought the endorsement of ALL of the Yonkers municipal unions. Now that he didn’t get them he’s choosing to vilify them. That’s not leadership. That’s sour grapes.

    Shame on you Mr. Merante.

  13. I hope the constituents of the 6th district don’t get hoodwinked by this Merante character.He has no credentials..oh wait he can add 2 plus 2…he is spineless and has no idea what’s involved to represent the 6th. We have an opportunity here to have a strong voice who is relentless.Why would you not want Tony as your councilman.Mr Merante swears Tony will do 628s beckon calls..well if you know Tony ..that aint happening..he will do whats best for the city and most importantly for the 6th..Get out and vote..and enjoy having the best representative the 6ths has had in a long ..long time.All Merante has is old school politics..oh and he can add 2 + 2..probably = 5…

    1. LOL. Piggy will turn on the unions just like he did before. Don’t forget “there will never be a woman on the job as long as I am commissioner”! How did that work out with the justice department

  14. A higher taxes my ass Yonkers taxes are probably the lowest in Westchester, and taxpayers have paid police and fire. It’s the same old story with all you wannabe politicians.

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