In Memoriam: Rest In Peace Neill S. Tyndal, Jr.

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In the name of the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit… Amen!

The Yonkers Fire Department just lost a brother due to 911 related illnesses.

The Yonkers Fire Department lost another brother due to 911 related illnesses last year.

It seems that The Yonkers Fire Department is loosing 1 disabled fire fighter per year.

Someone, somehow, please tell me how these men are faking???????

Try walking in the shoes of the other disabled Fire Fighters before the “Keyboard Commando” gets the better of you!

If I could go back in time.

I will give you EVERYTHING I have if you can take the pain from my body.

I will give you EVERYTHING I have if you can take the cancer from my body.

If you could see the faces of my loved ones that I am lashing out to during “The Pain Times”, you would consider serving me a Kevorkian Cocktail.

Don’t you DARE lump all of the disabled Fire Fighters in with the very small percent of the questionably disabled Fire Fighters throughout this nation.

I do not need recognition, insults, nor praise. I just need to be pain free, cancer free, psychologically free of demons, surgery free, and drug free (another potentially fatal outcome of opioid pain mitigation… drug addiction.)

I will not even mention weight gains for some and losses for others.

Everybody has a clock. Some tick faster then others.

Tell me where it says that I should give a flying F**k what anybody thinks or tries to investigate.
Just what I need though…. More stress for me and my family caused by bureaucratic imbeciles who haven’t a clue as to what they are doing and are egged on by the likes of you, the “Keyboard Commando”.

F***ing shameful.

R.I.P. N.T.


Neill S. Tyndal, Jr. a recently retired member of the Yonkers Fire Department died after battling a 9/11-related illness.

Neill S. Tyndal, Jr. was 48 years old. He was born in The Bronx on February 5, 1969. He was the son of Neill, Sr. and Mary Jane, husband of Rosemarie (nee McNeill), father of Matthew and Neill, brother of Anthony and John (and his wife, Catalina) and uncle of Angela, Jacqueline, Anthony, Jr., John Michael, Jayden and Sophia.

In his free time, he enjoyed boating with his children, as well as riding his motorcycle.

In lieu of flowers, memorial donations in his memory may be made to the Ronald McDonald House –

A funeral mass was held on Monday, September 25 at 10:45 a.m. at St. Barnabas Church, 409 East 241st Street, in The Bronx; Interment followed at Gate of Heaven Cemetery, 10 West Stevens in Hawthorne, NY.

The family was present on Saturday, September 23 from 7 p.m. to 9 p.m. and will be present on Sunday, September 24 from 4 p.m. to 8 p.m at F. Ruggiero & Sons, Inc., 732 Yonkers Avenue in Yonkers, NY.



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eHeziIn Memoriam: Rest In Peace Neill S. Tyndal, Jr.

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  1. I was there on 9/11. You were there too Neill. You came back; again and again. To do what you did best; to help… and to make people laugh with your humor and raise the spirits of the many sad. God kept you around for 16 more years to give us great memories, great pranks and jokes. You were one of a kind my old friend. Then God needed to bring you home; perhaps to extinguish some sadness and fires up there, to lift spirits with your humor and incredible strength I’m sure. And, all know that you’ll be watching over your family and friends from high above us all.
    Goodbye old friend…. thanks for the memories….
    Mike Cal

  2. Liam McLaughlin the Shameful Opportunist!
    SEPTEMBER 25, 2017 AT 10:26 PM
    What a shameless opportunist you are Mr. McLaughlin!! First you show up at our Fire Fighter Brother’s wake for a “photo Op” knowing you had no business at all being there, you’ve done nothing for our Bravest except attempt to steal our benefits. And now I turn on News12 and see you at the scene of a shooting of a Police Officer! Didn’t you and that bloated Mayor Spano take away or diminish the Finest Line of Duty Medical Benefits (207c)?? How dare you use a tragic Police shooting for a “Photo Op!!” You shameless piece of shit.

    If you weren’t trying to be re-elected this November you’d be at a bar laughing it up with former Mayor Spencer talking about how stupid us Yonkers voters are! And shame on you Mayor Spano for turning this tragic Police shooting into a Political event by bringing your buddy Liam to a crime scene. You’ve never done that before. You two look desperate, we can see through you! Very desperate move! Can’t wait till you’re both out of our lives.

  3. Unlike the police unions, the fire unions would not agree to changes to 207a in the last contract. The firefighters had to be punished for standing their ground, so City Hall went after disabled firefighters. Petty and disgraceful.
    I hope the firefighters beat City Hall again; and if 207a comes up in future contract negotiations, they refuse to change it.
    Picking the pockets of disabled firefighters is wrong. Those who have tried should rot in hell. All the money in the world cannot compensate men like Neill Tyndal for their pain, suffering, and ultimately premature death. R.I.P.

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  4. Mike Spano has cronies and girlfriends of cronies in big salary jobs all over the city. And he tries to pay for it all on the backs of the real workers and disabled firefighters. Then he has the nerve to show up at a funeral for one of those guys who he has been pick pocketing from? Despicable.

  5. Good morning Hezi:

    While I am honored that you “re-posted” my words, I do feel that you inadvertently did N.T., my post, and me a great disservice by putting my words in it with your obituary of N.T.

    By that I mean, it can be construed that I am using the death of a brother as a means to further an agenda while making political hay rebutting someone’s ridiculous post to an issue that greatly affects me and the disabled fire fighters WHO ARE STRUGGLING EVERYDAY TO HOLD THEIR FAMILY (AND SH*T) TOGETHER!!!!!!!!!


    I assure you (and whomever is reading this), this is NOT THE CASE!

    I would not be that gauche!

    We are all decent men in the YFD. Sure, we all have our quirks, idiosyncrasies and questionable acts of tom foolery from time to time, but in the end, we HELP people in need, in a stressful time, in an emergency, and so on and so forth. We freely put ourselves in harms way to help those in dire need.

    That is (was) our job. A job we freely took with no delusions of grandeur. We knew the risks. But we also knew that, God forbid we got hurt, the COY will have our backs. Our families and ourselves will have a security blanket!

    Guess what?

    Mike Spano F**CKED the disabled fire fighters! Plain and simple. He would rather pander to the special interest groups then his own work force. A work force, incidentally, that can make that turd (Mike Spano) shine like a diamond in the public’s’ eye.

    But instead of supporting his work forces, he came in with hired guns to slash and burn. To divide and conquer. (The policy of maintaining control over one’s subordinates or subjects by encouraging dissent between them……..)

    Moral in ALL of the departments in Yonkers is at an ALL TIME LOW (unless you are part of the “FRIENDS AND FAMILY” network) and every Civil Servant is looking over their shoulder for their Spano Replacement or The Spano Spy.

    He has spies everywhere!

    I am no longer proud of my city…………

    Hezi: I cannot find the article for which my original post was employed (as a reply to a comment that I STRONGLY disagree with.) Where did it go?


    Firefighters have shorter life expediencies than the average population and are three times more likely to die on the job, due to inherent risks, physical and mental stresses, and exposures to toxic and carcinogenic compounds released in smoke. (source: US Bureau of Labor Statistics, University of Cincinatti.

    But other than that………………………………..

  6. None of the active guys can/will do it but I wish the retirees would walk over to Mike Spano and explain to him he’s not showing respect when he shows up for a funeral after he has been taking money away from sick disabled firefighters

    1. Spano showed up!

      What a two faced phony POS!!!!!!!!!!!!

      I have nothing but disdain for that entire family……..

      From hell’s heart, I stab at thee…

      For hate’s sake, I spit my last breath at thee…


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